30+ Gifts For Horse Lovers That They Will Adore (2021)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • May 10, 2021
30+ Gifts For Horse Lovers That They Will Adore (2021)

Pet lovers love to customize things that remind them of their pets. While choosing a gift for a cat mom or dog dad is relatively easier, shopping for gifts for horse lovers can be a bit tricky. Thanks your stars that you have landed on this article as we have brought to you the best and inspired gifts that you can get for your friend who is a horse lover.

A Great Horse Will Change Your Life Custom Photo Canvas Print - gifts for horse lovers

Custom Photo Canvas Print

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“A great horse will change your life.” What an interesting quote for an exciting gift. Horseback riders and owners have been raving about it for a while.

It’s understandable because this photo canvas print is one of the best products for young horse riders.

What makes it unique? It allows the owner to fall in love with their pet every single day.

Custom Photo Collage Pillow

Nothing beats the unique warmth of a personalized gift that has all the funny pictures of your friend. Get this enthusiast pillow for your horse rider’s mom, customized with her favorite pictures of her horsey. She will adore the gift and promptly use it as house decoration.

Custom Photo Mug

Another great idea for ceramic gifts is a personalized mug with a photo of you and your equestrians. The mug comes in two different designs with the text is “Just a girl who loves horses”. You can custom photo on this mug which will become unique gift for horse owners

Horse Necklace

One of the best gift items for horse person is a piece of jewelry. This particular woman jewelry in shape of a horseshoe is a good choice for your BFF or sister or partner who is horse lover. The elegant necklace will look great with both formal and casual outfits and elevate your look.

horse sock - horse lovers gifts

Crew Socks

If you’re looking for a funny gift for racing horse lovers, you should get something that is comfortable and help you bear the cold winter. The set of durable crew socks makes a great horse gift idea for women who want to up their winter style. They look great with your casual outfit and are extremely comfortable.

Musical Jewelry Box - gifts for horse lovers

Musical Jewelry Box

For people who want to get an inexpensive gift for their equestrians, this musical jewelry box is a cool option. This spacious box will let all girls keep their jewelry items. It comes with a twirling horse that looks great. The box has a great design and will be loved by whoever will get it. Now, you don’t have to worry about misplacing your studs or pendants as you have a great box to keep your valuable items in.

travel bag - horse lover gifts

Personalized Travel Bags

Have you been searching for cool horse gift ideas to no avail? Thankfully, this bridle bag is here to save the day.

It’s specially designed for practical-minded equestrians. It’s probably the appreciated gift ever!

Custom Handmade Plushie - gifts for horse lovers

Custom Handmade Plushie

Who said that funny horse-themed gifts are only for horse owners? Even though your mom doesn’t have her own horse, surprise her on Mother’s Day with a mini plushie.

The best thing is that this gift is handmade, giving it a customized touch that most products lack. Don’t be too surprised if it becomes her favorite!

Pink Prancing Horse Vinyl - gifts horse lovers

Pink Prancing Horse Vinyl

Wall décor gifts are also great for horse lovers as they can decorate their room or other room with wall art that reflects their choices and liking. The vibrant pink color looks great. The horse vinyl also makes a horse riding gift for young girls who love horses and ponies.

hat cap - gifts for horse lovers

Hat Cap

Another awesome equestrian gift that you can get for horse people is the hat cap. On the front of the cap, there is a great phrase that says ‘Barn Hair Don’t Care’. It is perfect for women who love horses and wouldn’t let anything come in between their passion and them.

bookmark - gifts for horse lovers


A bookmark is one of the themed gifts for college students who are horse lovers and book lovers. This unique handmade bookmark in shape of a horse is a great way to show off your love for these majestic creatures. The bookmark has a unique design and will look great when it is kept in any book.

pillow - gifts for horse lovers


Our equine friends will love those holiday gifts that can let them show off their love for particular creatures. And when it comes to horses, you can be as creative as you want to. This elegantly designed pillow is the epitome of creativity. Great for young girls, the throw pillow can be used as a house décor item. This DIY kit is also a great option for families to sit together and participate in any activity.

Leather notebook - equestrian gifts

Leather Journal Notebook

There is something mysteriously attractive about notebooks that cannot be explained in words. This beautiful leather journal notebook is a practical horseback riding gift for people who love horses. It is ideal for writers, cartoonists, poets, creative designers, etc. On the front, it has a beautiful image of the horse. It makes a great birthday gift and lets the recipient use the diary to jot down the things that are close to their heart.

Plush Creations - gifts for horse lovers

Plush Creations

For young girls who love these majestic creatures a lot, these plush toys are an ideal option. These toys are made from high-quality material and are great for promoting fine motor skills in children and engaging them in creative and imaginative play.

These toys are lightweight and can be carried easily – wherever the kids go. These plush toys are cool for preschool kids who are crazy about these fantastic beasts and can’t get enough of them.

For the next birthday of your young horse rider get this creative set of plush toys and surprise your little one with a gift that they will cherish forever.

 Appaloosa Print - gifts for horse lovers

Appaloosa Print

If choosing unique gifts for women is so tricky, searching for horse-themed gifts is even more challenging.

This print has a big and elegant painting of the horse, which looks jaw-droppingly gorgeous. The print is great for wall décor and you can easily hang it in your bedroom or in the hallway.

The painting comes in a wooden frame, which is durable and ensures that the painting remains harmless.

Lantern light - gifts ideas for horse riders

Lantern Light

An innovative Mother’s Day gift, the lantern light is great for people who want to decorate their homes with something that is old-fashioned yet equally elegant.

At first, this lantern light will seem to be an unusual gift, but once you lay your eyes on it you will see how beautiful it looks and how practical it is.

custom horse photo - gifts for horse lovers

Custom Horse Photo

The cruel and unfortunate reality is that nothing lasts forever. The friends that you make may leave you and the pets that you adore may say a tearful goodbye. There are things that are not in your control.

One of the personalized Christmas gifts for Grandma who is a riding lover is a custom horse photo. This photo is in the shape of the horse, which is drawn with the help of the pictures of the horse that your Grandma loves.

It has a great saying that goes: ‘No heaven can heaven be if my horse isn’t there to welcome me’. This photo print pays tribute to the horse that has left the world and allows its owners to keep its memories nearby.

horse candle - horse gifts.jpg

Equestrian Candle

One of the perfect gifts for friends and family, an equestrian candle is a brilliant gift for people who like horses.

With equestrian gifts, you don’t only show love for the horse lover in your family, but you also tell them that you appreciate their choices and you want them to be happy.

Such gifts are a great way to tell your friend that they hold great importance in your life.

Wall art - Gifts for horse riders

Wall Art

Are you looking for the best Christmas gifts for mom? Are you considering to get some wooden gifts so that she can use it as wall décor in your house?

This wooden horse wall art is a great and creative gift that you can get for your mom who happens to be a horse lover. The images of the horse are arranged in such a manner to make a Christmas tree.

cutting board - gifts for horse lovers

Cutting Board

If you’re in search of equine gifts for cook and home chefs, this customizable cutting board is indeed a funny option.

The sturdy and durable cutting board has a great horse design that will be adored by all horse owners.

beer glass - fun gifts for horse riding lovers

Beer Glass

For friends, it is better to get a funny gift. This great beer glass has a fascinating and interesting message. It says: keep me stable.

It is a funny jibe at the people who are horse race lovers and love beer to the core as well. You will love this great-looking glass in which you can enjoy an icy cold beer while watching your game.

rocking horse - gifts for horse lovers

Rocking Horse

Horse-themed baby gifts are a great way to instill the love for horses in kids. This rocking horse is a great gift for toddlers and preschool kids. Your kid will have a great time with the horse and love spending time on their rocking horse.

Custom horse sign - Best Gifts for Horse Lovers

Custom Horse Sign

A decorative horse item that you can get especially for couples is a heat sign made out of two horses. This delightful horse décor will add more color to your home and elevate its aesthetic.

shot glass - gifts for horse lovers

Shot Glass

One of the unique gifts for horse lovers is this awesome shot glass. The unique gift will make all horse lovers who will come galloping to get the shot glass and use it!

Happy Retirement Card

Looking for a retirement present for your horse lover friend? We’ve got you covered. This retirement card is equal parts sweet and funny. She’ll surely love it!

Wooden Decor

This personalized vintage style wooden décor item is one of the best welcome gifts that you can get for horsemen. The elegant décor item will allow horse lovers to use a unique welcome sign out of their house. This handcraft wooden décor is made from high-quality materials that ensure that the décor item remains useful for a long time.

couple gift - gifts for horse lovers

Couple Gifts

These exciting unique Valentine’s gifts for her are great items that you can get for your partner and let them know that you love and appreciate them. A high-quality couple gift, this piece of jewelry boasts a great design.

mug - horse gifts

Cute Mug

Equestrians gifts are a great way to show appreciation to your friends who are horse lovers. These mug gifts with a picture of the mini gift also come with an interesting message that says: ‘I work hard so that my horse can have a better life’.

t shirt - gifts for horse lovers

Beautiful T-Shirt

A beautiful and attractive gift that you can get for horse owners is this cute-looking and elegant T-shirt. On the shirt is the following phrase: Just A Girl Who Loves Horses. You can wear it on your way to the stable.

Appaloosa Horse Family - equestrians gifts

Appaloosa Horse Family

This toy set of a horse family is one of the best teenage gifts that you can get for anyone who loves horses to the core. This gift set has great quality and comes in inspired design.

Crochet Amigurumi Pony - gifts for horse lovers

Crochet amigurumi pony

One of the cute-looking handmade cowgirl gifts is this set of ponies. Young girls who love horses will adore this gift set. It looks great and is made from superior-quality material. You will have a great time using them for house décor.


When you’re choosing holiday gifts for your mother, you have one thing in your mind: that the gift has to be exceptionally great. This adorable scarf with a horse-pattern design is a great gift that you can get for your mother who will look lovely with this scarf on.

Personalized copper

An adorable graduation gift for a horse lover is this personalized copper keychain. This awesome gift will remain with the person for a long time. It allows you to give it a personal touch by adding the name of the recipient. This cool gift is great for people who have just graduated or for any other special occasion.

saddle - gifts for horse lovers


For an avid equestrian, dressage gifts are a great option. This personalized saddle cover is the best for a horse lover who occasionally goes on horse riding. It has great quality and is perfect for long-term use.

wine rack - gifts for horse lovers

Horseshoe Wine Rack

If you’re looking for a gift for horse riders, it’s better that you choose a gift that is useful. A wine rack horseshoe is among the best men gifts. They are practical and comes with a long and impressive useful life, becoming a favorite of horsemen.

grooming kit - gifts for horse lovers

Grooming Kit

The first thing that you will think about when choosing a gift for horse lovers is a grooming set. These horse goodies are a great way to give grooming sessions to those majestic beasts. It has everything that you’d need to keep the horses in great condition.

tie - gifts for horse lovers


A unique and relatively cheap gift that you can get for horse lovers is this tie with the picture of racing horses. This silk tie looks exceptionally great and is going to elevate your overall look. At formal gatherings or at some horse-themed parties, you can wear the tie with confidence.

So, did you like our list? It is surprising that there are so many options for gifts for horse lovers. Surprise your friend or your sibling with these amazing and thoughtful gifts and let them know how much they mean to you.



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