45 Gifts for Hikers to Make Adventures More Exciting

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • April 27, 2020
45 Gifts for Hikers to Make Adventures More Exciting

Hiking and camping are becoming more and popular nowadays as many people start wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and turn to nature to get some relaxation and downtime. If you know someone who enjoys hiking, you might be looking for a present for them for any kind of occasion. Birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, or even special days like Father’s Day – any event where you might be thinking of gift ideas for hikers can leave you stumped because you don’t know what to buy. This list has some of the best gifts for hikers, including hilarious gifts, useful gadgets, unique products, and affordable hiking gifts that you can buy, regardless of your budget.

Gifts for Hikers Under $25

When looking for gifts, most people will be operating on a budget. Here are some hiking gifts for him that you can get under $25.

gifts for hikers - bracelet

Nexfinity One Survival Paracord Bracelet


Hiking gear is a great option for presents, and the Nexfinity Paracord bracelet has all the necessities any hiker would need to make their trip work, which makes it a good choice as a hiking gift.

Price: $13.99

gift ideas for hikers - scope

Ultra-Light Mini Monocular Pocket Scope


This mini pocket scope is compact, powerful, and ideal for taking along on any hiking trip. If you’re looking for gifts for hikers, this is a must on your list!

Price: $19.95 

gifts for hikers - glasses

Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men


Sunglasses may not be your first thought when you think of hiking gifts, but a pair of polarized sunglasses can go a long way for someone who spends that much time in the sun!

Price: $18.99 

Bear Bell with Magnetic Silencer


Any kind of hiking gear makes for great hiking gifts, but this one also keeps your hiking friend safe from danger by alerting them of animals’ presence.

Price: $5.43 

gifts for hikers - gps tracker

4G LTE GPS Tracker


A GPS tracker is a must-have for any hiker, especially if they’re going out with other people. This 4G GPS tracker makes for a perfect hiking gift and helps you with your goal for practical wanderlust.

Price: $19.99 

hiking gifts for him - backpack

ZOMAKE Lightweight Hiking Travel Backpack


The right backpack can do wonders for any trip, so what better backpacking gift than this one? Being lightweight and water-resistant, this bag can make a hiking trip much easier.

Price: $18.99 

gifts for day hikers - protection

Hammock Bug Mosquito


Say goodbye to bug bites! This mosquito net lets any hiker keep out all those pesky bugs while they rest on their trip, which makes it a suitable addition to the list of gifts for hikers.

Price: $17.99

Travel Folding Trekking Hiking Pole


Any kind of hiking gear would usually make a great gift, but a hiking pole, which makes the entire process so much simpler would be appreciated much more by a hiker!

Price: $22.88

Hiker Micro Crew Cushion Sock - Men's


Hiking can be tough, but searching for hiking gifts doesn’t have to be! These cushion socks will protect anyone’s feet from all that trekking, making it a great gift for a hiker.

Price: $20.65 – $23.00

Cool Hiking Gadgets to Keep Them Safe

When hiking, safety matters a lot. Of course, you’d want your hiker friend to remain safe on their trip. Here are some hiking gifts that will keep any hiker safe in the wild.

gifts for hikers - first aid kit

First Aid Kit


A first aid kit is a necessity for every hiker, to make sure that their hiking trip doesn’t result in any problems, making it a good option for a hiking gift.

Price: $11.99 

Price: $34.99

World's Toughest Emergency Blankets


When your friends go hiking, you would want them to stay warm and comfortable, and these blankets will help them do just that! An essential part of any adventurer’s emergency survival kit, these blankets make for great gifts for hikers. 

Price: $21.95

good gifts for hikers - survival emergency kit

Survival Gear, Emergency Camping Gear


If you’re looking for extreme hiking gear to get as a present, your search ends with this emergency kit! Equipped with all the tools anyone would need on a hiking trip, it makes for a great present for hikers.

Price: $41.99 

hiking gift ideas - lightweight

High Stream Gear Foldable Hiking & Trekking Poles


While there are many options for hiking poles to choose from, these foldable ones are not just more convenient, but also strong enough to keep you stable, making them perfect as hiking gear gifts.

Price: $45.95

gifts for hikers - flashlight

Headlamp, Headlight


While there are many options for hiking poles to choose from, these foldable ones are not just more convenient, but also strong enough to keep you stable, making them perfect as hiking gear gifts.

Price: $17.99 

hiking gear gifts - steel emergency

Strike Fire Starter with Emergency Whistle


When hiking, you might need to start a fire to cook or just to stay warm at night. This fire starter helps with that, while also acting doubly as an emergency signal that comes with a whistle as well.

Price: $13.95

gifts for hikers - sleeping bags

Emergency Sleeping Bag


For more extreme hikers, you may be worried that they remain safe in harsher conditions or while they sleep, making this durable and protective emergency sleeping bag a good option as a hiking gift. 

Price: $19.95

backpacking gifts - purifier

Personal Water Purifier for Camping


Without an adequate supply of water, camping and hiking can be quite difficult! This water purifier can make sure any trip is easy and comfortable.

Price: $81.99

Garmin GPSMAP 64st


When hiking, it is easy to get lost. By getting this map for your friend as a hiking gift, they’ll be able to make sure to keep on track and will be safer on their trip.

Price: $249.99 

Appalachian Trail Gifts

The Appalachian Mountains are a popular choice as a hiking spot, with many Americans heading out onto the trail for their hike.

gifts for hikers and campers - map

Appalachian Trail Map


This Appalachian Trail map makes for a great hiking present for people who frequent the trail for their trips.

Price: $39.00+

Appalachian Trail (Elevation) Coffee Mug


While they might not necessarily need it while hiking, this mug of the Appalachian Trail can be a wonderful gift for hikers who would like a memento of their hobby.

Price: $18.95

The Appalachian Trail: Celebrating America's Hiking Trail


Hiking along the trail is great, but it’s also helpful to read about other hikers’ experiences and get more information about the trail, making this book a good option as a hiking gift.

Price: $32.99

gifts for hikers - game

The Appalachian Trail Game


If your hiker friend can’t go hiking right now, they can at least play this fun game! One of the best gifts for hikers who enjoy the Appalachian trail, this game is educational and fun at the same time.

Price: $94.99

The Appalachian Trail National Park T-shirt


What better gift for someone who hikes along the Appalachian trail than a T-shirt about it? Not only does it become a memento, but they can also wear it while hiking to make the experience a bit more fun.

Price: $28.14

gifts for hikers - stamped cloth wrap

Appalachian Trail Stamped Cloth Wrap Bracelet


Hiking as a hobby doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fashion too! This bracelet will add to the hiking style, making it a great gift for hikers.

Price: $15.65

Roan Highlands Appalachian Trail Cuff Bracelet


Speaking of style – this cuff bracelet has a vintage Appalachian map on it, which looks funky even from a distance! You don’t need to be hiking to wear this bracelet, either.

Price: $32.37 

Fun Gifts for Hikers

Not all gifts for hikers need to be super practical. Sometimes you can even get hiking gifts that make the hiking experience more fun.

gifts for hikers - hammocks

Hammocks Brand Gear Outdoor


This perfect hammock setup allows your hiker friends to relax for a while in the middle of their trek, and while they may not want to invest in it themselves, it makes for a great affordable hiking gift.

Price: $37.95 

We're on Mountain time can cooler, camping can cooler


Everyone wants a nice cold drink after a long day of hiking, and this can cooler makes that possible! Not only does it look nice, but it’s also affordable and a great gift for hikers who love the outdoors.

Price: $8.45

gifts for hikers - tumbler

Hike, Take A Hike, Camping Tumbler


If you’re up for a bit of humorous sarcasm for your gift, this tumbler has a great pun and becomes a good addition to funny gifts for hikers.

Price: $19.96

gifts for a hiker - mug

Camping Mug


This mug will remind your hiker friend to pursue their interests whenever the opportunity arises, and by taking this mug along, they’ll even remember you by!

Price: $12.68

Electric Lighters Rechargeable


This waterproof lighter is perfect for the cooking and camping that you have to do along your hiking trail. It’s one of the unique hiking gifts for your hiker friends.

Price: $13.50

gifts for hiking lovers - adventure awaits

World Bucket List - Adventure Awaits - Scratch Off Print


If your friend is an avid hiker, this scratch-off bucket list can be a wonderful present for them to count down their remaining adventures.

Price: $31.45

gifts for hikers - engraved compass

Engraved COMPASS


Keeping track is important while you hike, and this compass makes for the perfect hiking gear to help you do so. You can also engrave it to make your present more personal. 

Price: $22.49+ 

good gifts for hikers - boot

Composite Toe Side Zip Work Boot


These lightweight hiking boots make for great presents for hikers because they are comfortable and make the hike so much easier.

Price: $105.66 

gifts for hikers - shockproof

Monoculars Scope Compact Portable Waterproof


These monoculars provide a great view and allow you to pick out your trail easily, and you can play around with them even if you’re not hiking.

Price: $39.66 

Hiking Gifts for Dogs

Many hikers often take their dogs along with them – whether for the company or to keep them on the trail. If you’re looking for good gifts for hikers, you might even consider getting something for their pets.

gifts for hikers - wax

Musher's Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax


Hiker’s dogs can get tired too! By using this paw protection wax, your pets’ paws remain safe in any conditions.

Price: $12.99

Ruffwear Quencher Dog Bowl


This lightweight option makes sure that your dog will get their food and water wherever they go, and you won’t have to worry about clunky food bowls either.

Price: $14.95

gifts for hikers - dog boots

Dog Boot


Hikers are not the only ones who need hiking boots! Your dogs do as well! These dog boots will make sure that your dog’s feet remain protected, and they can run around easily.

Price: $35.99

gifts for hikers - ruffwear

RUFFWEAR - Approach Pack


If you plan to backpack outdoors with your pets, you can give them this saddlebag that lets your dog help you out in carrying your essentials! It becomes a great gift for hikers.

Price: $79.94

dog harness

PetSafe Deluxe Car Safety Dog Harness


While traveling to the trail in a car, you want to make sure that your pet remains safe and comfortable in the backseat. This safety harness lets you do exactly that, making it an excellent present for hikers.

Price: $25.95

gifts for hikers - backpack

Sport Sack | Dog Carrier Backpack


Your pet can get tired, and you can help them out while you backpack outdoors by letting them sit in this dog carrier. It becomes a wonderful gift for hikers who go hiking with their pets.

Price: $69.95

hiking gifts for him - pet tag

Personalized Pet Tag


This personalized dog tag makes sure that no matter where you go, your dog can be identified as yours, and if in cases of separation, you can be reunited later. The personalization gives it an extra touch too.

Price: $14.07

Whistle 100-04203-00 Go Explore/The Ultimate Health + Location Tracker for Pets


Keeping track of where your pets go in the wild outdoors can be important, and this location tracker will let you do just that! If your hiker friend’s pet can be adventurous, this is a great gift for them!

Price: $64.90

Hurtta Extreme Warmer Dog Winter Jacket


Hiking in the cold can be fun, but if you are hiking with your pets, you want to make sure they’re warm too! This hiking jacket can be a perfect gift for hikers who want to go adventuring with their pets in the cooler months.

Price: $98.00 

Looking for good gifts for hikers can be tricky, and making sure they’re practical and interesting at the same time can also be a challenge. This list was made with this in mind, so if you buy your hiker friend a present from here, they’ll be sure to love it!



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