42 Best Wedding Gifts For Groom To Impress Him (2022)

  • BY Simon Smize
  • January 1, 2022
42 Best Wedding Gifts For Groom To Impress Him (2022)

Let’s talk about gifts for the groom to get him on his wedding day.

With our undivided attention to the bride, we often forget that the husband-to-be deserves a little love too. Let’s give the groom something special to celebrate his upcoming wedding. After all, it’s also his big day!

The bride can chip in with a quick gift exchange the morning after saying, “I do.”

Now the groom’s friends, the best men, and the groom’s parents will have no excuse!

Read on for the fantastic and meaningful gifts for grooms. From traditional to practical and personalized wedding presents, you’ll find something to sweep him off his feet.

Wedding Gifts from Bride to Groom

1. Star Map And Spiral Song Lyrics


You might not be able to give your husband the moon and the stars. However, this custom star map and spiral song lyrics print is the next best thing! Personalize it with that special song that makes both your hearts sing. Then, add your wedding date and see how the sky looks like on your big day.

2. Black and White Song Lyrics on Photo


Your brother is getting married and you want a wedding gift he will surely love? Search no more! This meaningful wall art is a perfect choice. Simply pick their favorite song and a picture to make it memorable.

Pocket Watch - morning gifts for groom

3. Pocket Watch


Time is the most precious thing a man can ever ask for. Remind him you both have plenty of it with this traditional piece. When it comes to wedding gifts for men, a pocket watch never fails to impress. It’s a small yet significant gesture to celebrate your upcoming marriage. Your groom will be able to tell with precision the exact moment when he said, “I do.”

4. Heart-shaped Song Lyrics Blanket


You’re signing up to sharing your lives for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. What difference does it make if you share this present as well? This blanket is an inexpensive yet meaningful wedding gift for the groom from his wife. It’s a special way to commemorate their wedding day. May what God has joined together cuddle forever under this comfy throw!

5. Hello – Will You – I Do Map


This is the best present you can get your husband on the wedding day. Simply add your names and the locations of your first met, engagement, and wedding. The result is a beautiful and high-quality map canvas print, a meaningful gift that your husband will cherish for years to come.

Cufflinks - groom gifts

6. Cufflinks


Wedding jewelry is an all-time classic. It’s a bold touch that helps polish any look. These customized silver cufflinks can be his “something new.” They make fantastic groom gifts he can wear to his big day. Engraving them with his wedding date is a good idea to make them much more meaningful. This way, they can forever remind him when his “happily ever after” begun!

7. Custom Song Lyrics Pillow


Marriage means always having someone to help you hold your head high when you’re feeling low. However, when your spouse has other businesses to attend, these creative groom presents can definitely step in for a sec! With this adorable personalized suede pillow, you’ll never feel lost. It has your most meaningful and favorite song! Use it to find your way all-around your newlywed home!

8. To My Husband Photo Plaque


Looking for sentimental gift ideas for the groom? Check out this meaningful plaque. You can customize it with your wedding image. It also comes with two background colors: Gray and Wood.

Dolce and Gabbana - gift for groom

9. Dolce and Gabbana


If you’re looking for a special present for your new spouse, how about a new signature fragrance? Have him smelling amazing on your wedding morning! This manly scent is the perfect little something for your groom. After all, this luxurious men cologne is for “the one.” It’s a fantastic gift for a married man, even if he only tied the knot a few hours back.

10. We Tied The Knot


Looking for a meaningful wedding gift for your husband to keep around for a long time? This wall art will be the best. Add your photos, your wedding date, and your names to make it more personal.

Cigar Humidifier Box - groom gifts

11. Cigar Humidifier Box


Over the decades, cigars have been traditional wedding gifts for grooms. Help the future husband keep his in mint condition until he decides to smoke them. Elegant and durable, this leather case is the perfect surprise for the cigar lover in your life. It comes with a stainless steel cutter and a reliable three-torch lighter to complete the kit. He’ll surely feel overjoyed by this wedding gift.

Fishing Lure - gift from bride to groom

12. Wedding Socks


As the wedding day approaches, the last thing we want is for the future husband to get cold feet! Help him keep his toes warm (and hopefully move towards the altar) with these cozy pairs of socks. They make a funny groom gift from his bride that’s also romantic in its own way. All jokes aside, we’re sure this hilarious gesture will remind him why you’re a catch.

Photo Collage Mug - groom gift from bride

13. Photo Collage Mug


Here’s one creative gift from the bride to her future husband. This personalized photo collage mug will keep his heart and beverages warm with love. It’s a perfect gift idea for his first coffee as a married man. Such a unique present is ideal for keeping old memories alive as you build new ones! It’ll surely have a special place in the cupboard and on his mind!

Wedding Gift Notebook - wedding gifts for groom

14. Wedding Gift Notebook


Is your fiance constantly telling you he has enough reasons to marry you that he could write a book? Now’s a good time for you to write yours on paper. This unique groom present will absolutely surprise him. It might end up turning into a sentimental gift for your groom.

Beer Growler - gifts for groom

15. Beer Growler


With all the stress from the wedding, when do the bride and groom exchange gifts? It can be at any time, really. However, you might want to wait until the honeymoon to give him this cool growler. It’s the best present to make your beer-loving husband-to-be happy. He’ll be able to keep his favorite brew cold and bubbly and bring it with him wherever you guys go.

16. To Have To Hold From This Day Forward


Perfect as a wedding for from bride to groom, this sentimental wall art will constantly remind your husband of the promise in your wedding vows. You can customize this canvas print with a wedding picture. Also, add the names, and the wedding date to make it more personal.

Leather Journal - gifts for groom

17. Leather Journal


Planning your wedding day is a very stressful time in life. Journaling is a cheap way for your groom to relax. Get him a beautiful leather notebook where he can write all his thoughts and feelings. With the tension out of the way, he’ll be able to stay in the moment and enjoy the ride. This item makes a fantastic engagement gift for a groom who needs some “me time.”

Duffle Bag - gifts for husband

18. Duffle Bag


If you’re planning a short escapade with your fiance before the special day, he’ll need this cool wedding present. A custom duffle bag will help him carry his personal must-haves for the trip. He can also bring it along on your honeymoon or an impromptu vacation! Personalize it with his initials for an extra touch of thoughtfulness. He’ll proudly take it everywhere he goes from now on!

Men’s Storage Box - groom presents

19. Men’s Storage Box


It’s hard to shop for a husband-to-be who was it all. But, wait a minute. What if you get him something to safeguard his most valuable treasures. This wooden storage box will hold his wallet, keys, and watch. Such a luxury item is an ideal gift for a groom that likes to stay organized. Besides, where else would he keep all of his other favorite groom gifts?

Beard Care - groom gifts

20. Beard Care


Every guy who can grow facial hair takes special pride in it. That’s why a grooming kit might just be the most thoughtful present you can get for him. Help your future husband keep his glorious beard neat for his big day. This handy gift set has all the self-care essentials he’ll need and more! It makes a useful bachelor gift for a groom that loves looking his best.

Wedding Gift for Groom from Friends

21. Always And Forever Wedding Monogram


If an image says more than a thousand words, imagine how much a photo collage can express! This beautiful print tops the list of wedding gift ideas for grooms that like small gestures. Customize it with 6 pics and the name he and his wife both share for a personalized touch!

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22. Mr. And Mrs. Desktop Plaque


We know the newlywed’s hearts must be pretty full right now. However, they surely have a little space for such a lovely keepsake. This custom desktop plaque makes a great best man gift to the groom as well as the couple. Personalize it with one photo and the day they became husband and wife. Let the lovebirds decorate their new nest with this adorable present.

Tie Clip - gift exchange for groom

23. Tie Clip


The wedding morning is the perfect time for a gift exchange between the groom and his groomsmen. The presents don’t need to be too fancy or big. A brilliant idea is getting each other matching engraved tie clips with a personalized message to celebrate his huge milestone. These small stainless steel accessories make a memorable gift for grom. The design puts a modern twist on a traditional men’s attire piece.

24. Mountain Wedding Mug


This mountain wedding mug is a personal way to celebrate the big day of your friend! It’s a thoughtful and touching gift that’ll make any drink even sweeter! Let the smiles and coffee flow with this piece that’s sure to please!

Wood Flask - wedding gifts for groom

25. Wood Flask


A flask is a present you’re not likely to find on the couple’s registry. However, it’s a cool gift for a male friend to calm his nerves before he ties the knot. He’ll surely thank you for such a practical pre-wedding gift idea. Fill it up with his favorite drink. This way, he can take a sip for courage on his way to the main event!

Sunglasses - gifts for groom

26. Sunglasses


It’s time to let the happy couple enjoy their honeymoon. But before the newlyweds embark on an adventure, let’s hook them up with the essentials for their trip! These fabulous sunglasses make a great groom present from the best man. They’re one of those groom gifts with years of use ahead. Luckily, these specs are unisex, so the bride can get a matching pair as well!

Bedside Lamp Bluetooth Speaker - gifts for groom

27. Bedside Lamp Bluetooth Speaker


This clever item is excellent for the guy who’s obsessed with tech. A bedside lamp with a Bluetooth speaker? Think about it. He can dim the lights and play some music to set the mood for the wedding night! It’s a pretty neat present from his groomsmen. However, it also makes a rather straightforward wedding gift for a fiance from a bride-to-be that knows what she wants.

Groom Survival Kit - groom present

28. Groom Survival Kit


Does the best man buy the groom a gift? The answer is yes, yes, a thousand times, yes! However, the present must never disappoint. It needs to be something to show his favorite pal that he’ll always have his back. This groom gift box, for example, has everything the husband-to-be needs to get through his wedding day. It’s a perfect last-minute surprise that will surely come in handy!

Whiskey Decanter - wedding gifts for groom

29. Whiskey Decanter


A well-respected man loves a good whiskey. Help the future newlywed store his favorite reserve with this glamorous decanter. A beautiful set like this one is fit for any home bar. It’s definitely an appropriate housewarming present from friends that gives you a solid excuse to gather often. Groom gifts like this never end up at the back of the closet, that’s for sure!

Ornament - gifts for groom

30. Ornament


Even with all its craziness, 2020 can get in the way of a couple who’s set on their goals. These quirky ornaments are a reminder that love conquers it all! They make fun groom gifts from friends to those who’ve weathered the COVID-19 storm. Personalize them with the lovebird’s wedding date and celebrate their victory! These hilarious keepsakes make great stocking stuffers for newlyweds this year!

Multi-Tool Kit - wedding gifts for groom

31. Multi-Tool Kit


There are many types of wedding gifts for all tastes and budgets. This one’s perfect for the fixer-upper groom-to-be. Give it to him as a neat bachelor party token. You can even engrave a fun message on it. This clever present will make him feel like he has an entire toolbox in his pocket. It’s small enough for him to take it everywhere! He’ll love it, for sure!

Cooler Chair - groom gifts

32. Cooler Chair


Best friends who chill together, stay together. Your pal’s marriage is not the end of an era. You can still hang out and have fun! This best man gift for grooms who like camping will be an excuse to organize a weekend trip or two! It would make a perfect last-minute present if you missed the deadline for the registry. You can get a matching one for yourself too!

Underwear & Socks - gifts for groom

33. Underwear & Socks


From the day you become a husband, whatever’s inside these boxers belongs to the missus. No pressure, but it says so right there! And in all caps for those who claim they have bad eyesight. This hilarious set of matching underwear and socks may not be an appropriate wedding gift from the best man. However, it’ll make such a funny present coming from the bride.

Poker Set- gift for groom

34. Poker Set


They say that those who’re lucky at cards are unlucky in love. For a guy that’s about to get married, that’s highly unlikely. Let the happy lovebird enjoy the best of both worlds. Give him this cool set on his wedding day. Or better yet, have the fun start early – poker groom gifts would make any bachelor party legendary. We wouldn’t expect less from the best man!

Unique Groom Gift Ideas

Poem Canvas Print - groom gifts

35. Poem Canvas Print


Every stable marriage starts by establishing some basic ground rules. We found a heartwarming way of setting them up. This unique print is a sweet reminder of how things should always be. It’s a perfect gift for your husband on your wedding night since it’s particularly meaningful coming from his bride. Such a lovely groom’s gift idea will forever hold a special place in his heart!

Handkerchief - groom gifts

36. Handkerchief


Weddings tend to get a tad sentimental. Everyone can be crying as they laugh one minute and laughing as they cry the next. Either way, there are bound to be lots of happy tears involved, for sure! This special groom gift will have him ready for the whirlwind of emotions! Personalize it with a heartfelt message to make it the perfect token from the mother of the groom!

T-Shirt - groom presents

37. T-Shirt


You don’t need to buy an unusual item to make an original present. Sometimes the simplest of things can be pretty unique. This graphic tee for him will turn heads whenever he wears it! It’s a sweet wedding gift for grooms who want the world to know their current relationship status. Let it be the first piece of clothing he wears as a married man!

Wallet Card - wedding gifts for son

38. Wallet Card


This cute knickknack is living proof that sometimes the smallest things in life become our biggest treasures. If you’re looking for the perfect keepsake for a son on his wedding day, search no more! This stainless steel card will become by far the most valuable item in his wallet. The engraved message from his dad and mom will get him a little sentimental every time he takes it out.

Golf Ball - gifts for groom

39. Golf Ball


If your favorite golfer just made a hole-in-one in life, this present is right for him. Celebrate the best move he’s made yet by giving him this beautiful set of printed balls. They’re perfect for a thematic bachelor party, as they’ll showcase who’s the man of the hour! Skip the registry and get him this original groom gift. We guarantee he’ll love it right away!

Fishing Lure - gift from bride to groom

40. Fishing Lure


If your favorite fisherman just tied the knot, present him with this thoughtful wedding gift. It’s a small gesture to congratulate him on his upcoming marriage. If there were such a thing as a groom registry, this fishing lure would undoubtedly be in it. Remind him that, even though there’s plenty of fish in the sea, he’s found the one! It will hook him!

Bottle Opener - gifts for groom

41. Bottle Opener


Are you looking for marriage gifts for men who like sports? Give this useful bottle opener to the groom who’s obsessed with the ball game. At plain sight, this cheap knickknack might not seem all that special. However, the wood from its handle comes from an authentic bat somebody used at an actual game. Maybe his favorite player even touched the same piece. How exciting!

Money Clip

42. Money Clip


A stainless steel money clip is a compact option to safeguard his hard-earned money. Don’t be fooled by its small size. You can give it great meaning if you engrave it with a quote and his wedding date! It makes a fantastic groom gift from his wife. However, it can also be one of the best gifts for a groom from his best man!

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