45 Unique Gifts for Grandpa on Father’s Day that He Will Definitely Love

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • April 22, 2020
45 Unique Gifts for Grandpa on Father’s Day that He Will Definitely Love

Grandfathers play a very special part in most people’s lives. After raising children of his own, grandpa gets the chance to relax and have some fun with his grandkids. When the time comes to grab the right gifts for grandpa, you may feel stuck on what type of present will best capture how you feel.

Thankfully, we have picked these following fantastic ideas for you. These gifts work for his birthday, Christmas, and especially Father’s Day.

Whether you grab something practical or a personalized gift, your papa is sure to get a kick out of some of these fun and sweet gift ideas. Let’s check it out!

fill in love journal - gifts for grandfathers


What I Love about Grandpa Fill in the Love


The relationship between a granddaughter or grandson and a grandfather is both lovely and cute. This Father’s Day get this memorable love journal for your grandpa and let him know about the things you love about him. 

Price: $11.77

gadgets for grandpa - turntable with speaker

Turntable with Speakers


Does gramps have stacks and stacks of records stored all over his home and collecting dust? Help him relive all of his favorite music by gifting a turntable with speaker. This is a great way for a grandparent to teach a grandchild about classic tunes.

Price: $44.99

papa gifts - tshirt

Funny Grandpa Shirt


For the grandpa who knows how to fix everything, this silly shirt could be the perfect fit. Make him smile with a present that helps remind everyone who the fix-it guy in the family is and how important that role is!

Price: $12.50

echo show 8 gadgets for grandpa

Gadgets for grandpa

Echo Show 8


The Echo Show takes Alexa to the next level. This gadget can help grandpa with everything from watching his favorite television shows to video calling his grandkids wherever they might live.

Price: $89.99

new york times custom birthday book

New York Times Custom Birthday Book


Running a bit behind and desperately seeking last-minute gifts for grandpa that don’t feel rushed? A New York Times birthday book beautifully reprints newspapers from the day your grandfather was born and is perfect when you’re running low on time. 

Price: $99.95

glass holder

Glasses Holder


Is your grandpa always desperately trying to locate his reading glasses? Instead of watching this scene unfold time and time again, use your gift to solve the problem. A holder for his eyeglasses is one of the more practical gifts for grandpa that he’s sure to get a lot of use out of.

Price: $18.00

custom photo canvas - personalized grandpa gift

PAPA Custom Photo Canvas


Nothing cuts to the heart quite like a photo. If you want grandpa to feel special when he opens his Father’s Day gift from you, consider a gorgeous sentimental custom photo canvas that includes a personal touch and some hand-selected favorite pictures.  

Price: $46.95+

neck massage pillow

Neck Massage Pillow


A sore neck when you reach a certain age can be more of a serious issue than a casual annoyance. To reduce the odds of grandpa feeling terrible, think about a neck massage pillow that helps him work out knots and feel invigorated. 

Price: $39.98

gifts for grandfather - baseball game

Baseball Game


Baseball is a game that has been adored and admired for generations. If gramps is a big fan of this classic American pastime, a handcrafted travel game is a wonderful gift idea that he can play or display however he’d like.

Price: $50.00

gifts for papa - brainteaser puzzles

Brain Teaser Puzzles


For the grandfather who likes to keep his mind sharp, brain teaser puzzles are a perfect fit. These complicated puzzles will have him scratching his head to find the right solution.

Price: $19.96

Muscle Rub


Sore muscles come along with age. Help your grandfather relax a bit with muscle rub that provides a deep comfort to his aches and pains. 

Price: $18.00

gift ideas for grandfathers - blanket

Fleece Throw Blanket


Is your grandpa always mentioning that he’s a bit chilly when he’s at home? A fleece throw blanket helps to keep him nice and cozy whenever he’s experiencing a chill.

Price: $39.00

gifts for great grandpa - coasters

Whiskey Stones


For the man who enjoys a nice stiff drink now and again, whiskey stones are a great fit. If he’s someone who appreciates quality liquor, these stones are great gifts for grandpa.

Price: $27.36

bbq grill tool set

BBQ Grilling Tool Set


Many men take pride in the fact that they know how to perfectly grill a piece of meat. If this is true of grandpa, then some grilling accessories are a great idea. With this grill tool set, you can give your pops a whole new way to kick things up a notch.

Price: $26.95

grandpa gifts - foot massager

Foot Massager


Standing on his feet all day can definitely take a toll on your grandpa. This foot massager is the ideal way for him to feel a sense of relief when he comes home.

Price: $55.99

beer gift basket

The Beer Advocate's Gift Basket


A grandpa gift basket is perfect for the beer aficionado in your life. When you need gifts for beer lovers, variety is always the way to go.

Price: $169.99

personalized ornament for grandpa

Grandpa Established Photo Christmas Ornament


If you need Christmas ideas for grandpa, an ornament is a classic fit. Every Christmas while decorating the tree, he’ll remember the feeling he had when his grandchild was born. 

Price: $16.95 

tshirt - great grandpa gift

'The Best Dads Get Promoted to Grandpa' Shirt


This Father’s Day, why not be a little bit creative with your gift? For the grandpa of a toddler or grandpa-to-be, this T-shirt with ‘The Best Dads Get Promoted to Grandpa’ on it will be a super cool gift for the papa. 

Price: $14.99+

beard comb - gifts for papa

Grandpa's Beard Comb


Facial hair does uplift your overall look. And grandpas love to experiment with their style. So, if your gramps dons a beard, you should think of a practical gift for him. And for that, a beard comb will be ideal. 

Price: $16.00+

fathers day gifts for grandpa - tumbler

Funny Grandpa Tumbler


If gramps likes to travel with a hot cup of coffee as he goes about his day, a tumbler is a very practical gift idea. Grab him a travel mug with a clever message and make his errands a bit more enjoyable as he chuckles with every sip.

Price: $31.04

wishkey glass

Grandpa Est. Whiskey Glass


When a first grandchild is born, it’s normal to celebrate with a drink. Give a new grandfather a  personalized whiskey glass and cheers to your family’s future. 

Price: $19.99+

frame wall decor

Photo and First Grandson Poem


Sentimental gifts are also treasured forever. If you are looking to make the Father’s Day even more memorable, get one of the personalized gifts for grandpa. While you can find many products that check your requirements, this picture frame with the “First Grandson” poem will be a good choice.

Price: $29.99

grandpa and grandma photo desktop plaque

Grandma and Grandpa Desktop Plaque


Another great holiday idea when you need gifts for the new grandparents is a photo desktop plaque. Help grandma and grandpa remember the joy of this experience with a gift they can proudly display.

Price: $24.95 

father's day gifts for grandpa - letter book

Letter book

Treasured Passages: A Letter Book Between Grandparents and Grandchildren


There are things that are best kept between a grandpa and the grandchild. If you have some grandpa stuff that you want to preserve somewhere, get this special gift either for his birthday or for Father’s Day. 

Price: $29.50

personalized grandpa gift - family member signpost

Personalized Family Member Signpost


For a family that lives all across the country, a customized signpost is a wonderful gift. The sign features their names and how far apart each member of your family lives while tying the whole group together in a gorgeous display.

Price: $125.00 – $200.00

best father's day gifts for grandpa: engraved cutting board

Engraved Cutting Board


For the grandad who enjoys cooking, an engraved cutting board is the way to go. Kitchen gifts for grandpa are a great way to send a thoughtful message with your gift.

Price: $16.96+

gifts for grandpa - keychain

Personalized Grandpa Keychain


Fishing is an activity that countless people grow to appreciate as they get older. If grandpa enjoys time alone out on the water, you may want to consider personalized gifts for fisherman. A customized keychain is a great way to incorporate his favorite hobby into your gift.

Price: $22.49+

personalized grilling tongs spatula

Personalized Grilling Tongs Spatula


If grandpa is always grilling on nice days, then tools are a wonderful gift to consider. Personalized tongs and spatulas help him enhance his grilling experience.

Price: $22.56

Personalized Record Wall Art


Does grandpa absolutely love music? Customized upcycled record wall art made from one of his favorite albums is a fantastic way to give a gift that surprises and delights. Bring this unique personalized gift for him and make him even happier. 

Price: $120.00

custom grandpa grandma mugs

Grandpa & Grandma Est. Custom Mugs


A very sweet and simple gift your grandparents is a customized mug. It is also a great gift for new parents who are just experiencing the joy of being grandparents. Make every hot drink a comforting experience by including the perfect message on your mug.

Price: $18.95

thoughtful gift for grandpa: weighted blanket

Best seller

Weighted Blanket


Another thoughtful gift for your grandfather is this comfy weighted blanket. One of the best grandfather gift ideas, the blanket is a practical gift that will be in your grandpa’s use for a long time that will make his sleep even better. 

Price: $62.90

Kindle Oasis


From his grandchild, your grandpa will be expect a tech gift. If he enjoys reading and is a bookworm, why not get him a kindle on which he can access the books he loves.

Price: $249.99

grandpa gift: deluxe wet shave kit

Deluxe Wet Shave Kit


A very practical gift for your grandpa. If he prefer the classic way to pamper his facial hair, this wet shave kit is quite a thoughtful gift to get for your old man. 

Price: $60.90

tech gift for grandpa: echo dot 3rd gen

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart Speaker


Don’t want your grandpa to roam around the house doing unimportant stuff? Let Alexa take care! This awesome tech gift is a perfect Father’s Day or birthday gift for your grandpa. 

Price: $29.99

cool gift for men: google nest hub max

Google Nest Hub Max


Just because you are staying away from your granddad doesn’t mean that you don’t worry about him. To always stay connected with your grandpa, get this amazing tech gift for him this Father’s Day. 

Price: $229.99

Beer Jelly


Something different for your papa so that he can bring some variation to his breakfast? Get this scrumptious Beer Jelly for your grandpa. 

Price: $30.00

personalized grandpa gift: personalized golf ball marker

Personalized Golf Ball Marker


If your grandfather is a fan of golf, you should look for unique golf gifts. In that regard, a monogram golf ball marker tops the list. This personalized grandpa gift can be customized with his name and a sentimental message.

Price: $55.00

best gifts for grandpa: wool slippers

Extra-Depth Wool Slippers


Grandparents normally complain about swollen feet. If your grandpa has the same complaint, get this wool slippers to provide him maximum comfort. 

Price: $34.30 – $74.14

personalized grandpa gift: personalized chess set

Personalized Chess Set


A chess game can be a cool Father’s Day gift idea for grandpa as well. Get a chess set for your grandpa so that he can have some fun competitions  with his grandchildren on their next visit. The personal details make this gift even more special!

Price: $29.99+

unique gift for grandpa: classic car book


Classic Car: The Definitive Visual History


If your grandpa is an old-school, die-hard car lover, get him this book now. This cool book is one of the great gift ideas for grandfathers. It features more than 1,000 photos of those cool classic cars and 2 prints for framing as well.

Price: $23.20

gifts for grandfather: globe whiskey decanter set

Globe Whiskey Decanter Set


Let him enjoy his drink in style. For a grandpa who is a wine lover, this elegant whiskey decanter set etched with the globe and world map will be a great gift from his grandson on his birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day. 

Price: $50.87

grandpa gifts: a fleece bathrobe

Fleece Bathrobe


It’s better to give a useful gift to your grandpa. Another thoughtful gift in our list is luxurious fleece bathrobe for your grandpa. 

Price: $29.95

Fishing Accessories Kit


If fishing is his favorite sport, then gift him this useful fishing accessories kit. Including up to 187 pieces of fishing accessories like hooks, sinkers, your grandfather will surely appreciate this kit.

Price: $23.99

Grill Smoker Gift Set


Who doesn’t love to eat the smoked meat cooked by grandpa! We all do! For grill enthusiasts, this is a useful grilling gift for them. These quality wood chips will make his smoked meat smell even better.

Price: $60.00

fathers day gift for grandpa: grandpa hat

Grandpa Hat


An inexpensive and last-minute gift that you can get for your grandpa this Father’s Day is a Grandpa Hat. Get one for your dearest gramps! This hat can work as a clever pregnancy reveal gift as well.

Price: $16.99

unique gifts for grandpa: ancestrydna testing kit

AncestryDNA: Genetic Ethnicity + Traits Test


Do you want to know what your great great great-grandparent did for a living? Your great-grandfather or grandpa will be interested in knowing his family’s history as well. So, get this amazing and creative gift for him and discover your family history together.  

Price: $119.00

There is literally nothing we can do to pay back for love and care that our grandparents show us. They are the rocks on whom we can depend quite easily. In all our thick and thin, they’re there.

We hope that our list of gifts for grandpa helped you choose a perfect and thoughtful one for your grandpa. So, bring a smile on your Grandpa’s face by giving him any of the gifts mentioned here.



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