40+ Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Grandma to Show Her Love (2021)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • March 26, 2021
40+ Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Grandma to Show Her Love (2021)

Are you searching for the perfect gifts for your grandma?

A grandmother is an important figure in anyone’s life. She’s the one who shares that special bond and love with you and sends you home with freshly baked cookies to warm your stomach after a difficult day.

Nana is caring and thoughtful, so it’s only fair that when a special occasion arises for her that she’s given a gift that she’ll love. However, sometimes choosing a gift that does her justice can be difficult.

Gigi deserves the world and you need to find a present that reflects how much you care about her. That’s where we come in to help, with our handy list of gifts for grandma. From sentimental gifts to homemade presents, we’ve got you covered.

Whether choosing a gift for Christmas, her birthday, or  Mother’s Day, these ideas are sure to put a smile on her face.

nana gift - custom photo canvas print

Photo Canvas Print


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Show granny how much you care with this photo canvas print. Whenever she sees it hanging up in her home, she’ll think of you. Just make to sure choose some flattering photos of both of you. You can edit the canvas with her title as well.

thoughtful gift for grandma: long distance friendship lamp

Long Distance Friendship Lamp


Want to feel connected to your grandparents? Light up her smile with this long-distance friendship lamp. Wherever you both are in the world keep in touch with these pretty in-sync lamps.

Photo Coffee Mug


Celebrate the holiday with this photo coffee mugs. Add the year to make it a special treat that she’ll love sipping her morning tea and coffee from.

Generations Necklace


Let the world know the bond between your grandmother, her daughter and her granddaughter is unbreakable! This gorgeous minimalist silver necklace is a must-have birthday or Mother’s Day gift for your special women. 

grandma gift: sewing station

Sewing Station


Does your gigi love to sew? Then she’ll appreciate this sweet stoneware sewing station to keep her kit together, complete with a pin cushion topper. Not only is it useful, but it will look fabulous sitting on her desk too.

grandkids make life grand photo collage for grandmother

Photo Collage Blanket


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Granny will know you’re thinking of her every time she snuggles up on the couch with this photo collage throw blanket. Simply choose your favorite photos of her and her grandkids and have them printed on this warm and snuggly blanket.

gifts for grandma: gnome sponge holder

Gnome Sponge Holder


Now she can keep her sink tidy and organized with this adorable gnome sponge holder. After all, everyone likes a bit of company while they scrub the dishes, don’t they?

Photo Collage Pillow


Even though you live far away from your granny, it is not impossible to send her some hugs. Let her know that how much she is loved by her little grandkid with this photo throw pillow. Put on the best photos and you’ve got a gift to pass through the ages.

christmas gifts for grandma: poncho cape

Poncho Cape


Keep her warm this winter with this fashionable poncho cape. With many trendy designs and colors, there’s bound to be a style she’ll love, making it one of the most versatile gifts for her.

Price: $27.80

gift for grandmother: calming lavender heat pillow

For Her Wellness

Calming Lavender Heat Pillow


Pop this calming lavender heat pillow in the microwave for two minutes and an aromatic lavender fragrance will infuse from it. The soothing scent will help anyone snooze, especially grannies who have trouble sleeping at night.

gift for grandma: hanging heart vase

Hanging Heart Vase


What better way for granny to present her flowers than with this beautiful hanging heart glass vase? It will look stunning dangling from anywhere in the home, from the kitchen to the lounge. Fill it with her favorite blooms for bonus points.

gifts for grandmothers who have everything: porcelain lily ring holder

Porcelain Lily Ring Holder


Nana can display her rings in style with this elegant porcelain lily ring holder. Featuring a spindle for holding rings, the dish will look beautiful sat on any dresser or desk.

gifts for grandma: gardener's tool seat

Gardener's Tool Seat


Is your grandmother green-fingered? Then she’ll appreciate this handy gardener’s tool seat. Not only does it provide room for gardening tools, but it also works as a seat for when she needs a rest from all that digging.

gift idea for grandma: isotoner terry clog slippers

Women's Slippers

ISOTONER Women's Terry Slip In Clog


These Isotoner slippers will keep grandma’s feet warm and snug this winter season. Featuring foam cushioning and plush material, they’re one of the perfect gifts for grandma during the colder months.

grandma gift idea: glass bird feeder

Bird Feeder

Glass Bird Cafe


Welcome a host of beautiful new birds to her garden by gifting her with this stunning and artistic glass bird café feeder. Fill it with birdseed or hummingbird nectar and watch the garden become a bird lover’s paradise.

nana gift: echo show 8

Echo Show 8


Keep nana entertained with the Echo Show 8. Not only can she watch her favorite movies and TV shows, but she can also use the Echo Show 8 to connect with family and friends who also have the Alexa app or an Echo device with a screen.

gift for grandma: actual engraved fingerprint necklace

Actual Fingerprint Necklace


Grandma can carry a piece of you around with her every day with this adorable engraved fingerprint necklace. Not only is it a sweet memento, but it also looks great and is available in gold, silver, or rose gold.

present for grandma: Personalized Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Holder

Engraved Kitchen Utensil Holder


Crafted from bamboo, this stylish and useful utensil holder will look fabulous sitting in her kitchen. Buy the holder on its own or go for the full package with the utensils included.

best gift for grandma: my life story - so far journal


My Life Story - So Far


Take nana on a nostalgic journey with this life journal. In the book, grandma can jot down her life’s experiences, wisdom, and relationships. Maybe one day she’ll let you read through it too.

best grandma ever photo ornament

Photo Ornament


Looking for Christmas gifts for grandma? Then this photo ornament is ideal. Find the perfect snap of you all to hang from the Christmas tree this festive season.

personalized gift for grandma: custom handwriting pin brooch

Handwriting Pin


Transform your handwriting into a unique pin or brooch for a gift that’s sentimental and thoughtful. Write your name so granny can use it as a special brooch that she can wear at any time.

grandparents gifts from grandchildren: "knock knock what i love about you - fill in the love" book

Fill in the Blank Journal

Knock Knock What I Love about You Fill in the Love


Make her smile by filling in this love book for her. With fill-in-the-blank lines and pages, you can show nana how and why she’s so special to you with this sweet memento.

grandma gift idea: family tree photo frames

Family Tree Picture Frames


Surprise her with this unique family tree photo frame. You can hang up to 12 pictures onto this family tree frame. Just pick the best photos of her, with grandpa, her grandkids, or perhaps the dog as well. She will love this one for sure! 

grandma gifts: spa gift box

Spa Gift Box


Take the spa to your grandma with this thoughtful at-home spa gift box. Featuring a lavender candle, rose-oatmeal bath bomb, and a mint-lime lip balm, give nana the chance to relax at home with this soothing and calming box set.

grandma gift idea: electric slow cooker

For the Homechef

Hamilton Beach Electric Slow Cooker


Does your grandmother love to cook? Encourage her to make delicious food for you by gifting her with this Hamilton Beach slow cooker. You’ll be eating well for weeks!

personalized gift for grandma: my family cookbook

Cooking Journal

My Family Cookbook


Speaking of cooking gifts, want to learn of some of her best recipes? Gift her this My Family Cookbook, and maybe if you’re lucky she’ll write them down to share with you one day.

photo gift for grandma: photo engraved wooden keepsake box

Photo Engraved Keepsake Box


Make her heart melt with this wooden keepsake box. Customize it with your photo and text to make it a truly special memento for nana to store her favorite belongings in.

nana gifts: the quilt hand-painted figure

Willow Tree "The Quilt" Figurine


This peaceful and sentimental sculpted figurine is sure to make any new grandma smile. Sculpted and hand-painted, the ornament will look beautiful sitting on the mantlepiece to signify the birth of a new grandchild.

personalized grandma gift: personalized kitchen apron

Customized Apron


Grandma will love cooking even more with this apron. Choose from the apron colors and pocket printing to design her a style she’ll adore. You can also change the text and add the perfect quote that will suit her.

unique gift ideas for grandma: glass jellyfish bells

Glass Jellyfish Bells


Is your she the creative type? Then she’ll adore these artsy and novelty glass jellyfish bells. This is certainly the right gifts for the grandma who has everything. Inspired by the ocean near the artist’s Florida studio, these stunning bells will look great in any contemporary home.

bag and purse set for women

Bags and Purse Set


This elegant bag and purse set looks stylish with any outfit. Featuring zipper closures and durable material, it’s efficient and secure too. Your nana is bound to be the most fashionable lady in town!

personalized grandmother gifts: cutting board with engraved recipe

Cutting Board with Engraved Recipe


Does your grandmother have a classic recipe she uses to impress the rest of the family? Have it engraved on this bamboo cutting board so she can read it as she chops her vegetables ready to prepare the dish.

gift ideas for grandma: cat eyeglasses holder

Cat Eyeglasses Holder


Does nana wear glasses? Does she like cats too? Then she’s sure to appreciate this cute hand-carved kitty glasses holder. No longer will she have to fumble around looking for her specs – they’ll be sitting in the same place every time.

engraved wooden recipe box

Engraved Recipe Box


Gift grandmother this handy recipe box so she can scribble down her favorites to keep in a special place. No longer will she have to rummage through tons of old recipe books – all her best recipes will be in one easy-to-access spot.

gift for new grandparents: custom keychain with baby's photo

New Grandma Keychain


Mark the beginning of a new role in life with this touching keychain. Include a photo of the new grandchild, along with his or her gemstone.

gift idea for expectant grandma: family name necklace

Family Necklace


Gran can carry around all her grandkids’ names with her by wearing this special multi-name necklace. Choose from silver, gold, or rose finishing for a design that she’ll love.

diy photo gift for grandma: photo calendar

DIY Photo Calendar


Make her smile every day by gifting her this DIY photo calendar. Simply use a selection of cute photos of the grandkids to mark each month of the year.

diy photo gifts for grandma: grandma photo album

Photo Album for Grandma


Again, who doesn’t love the gift of special photos? Create this funky photo album for grandma and fill it up with some of her favorite family snaps.

unique gift for grandma: child's handprint clay jewelry dish

Child’s Handprint Clay Jewelry Dish


Want more cool handmade gift idea for granny? Help your little one craft this handprint clay jewelry dish for an adorable homemade present that will melt granny’s heart. It’s super easy and fun to create, so you can make an afternoon out of it.

homemade photo gift for grandma: DIY heart shaped photo display

Heart Photo Display


Create a heart montage out of favorite family photos for a sweet artwork to hang up on grandparents’ wall. It’s a super easy and affordable project which offers a great final gift.

diy gift for grandma: Glowing Photo Luminaries

Glowing Photo Luminaries


Ready to get crafty? Try your hand at making these glowing photo luminaries so she can see her special family members glowing any time she likes. They’ll look great sitting on the dining table for an atmospheric dinner.

grandparents gifts from grandchildren: diy salt dough fingerprint keyrings

Salt Dough Fingerprint Keyrings


Another easy-to-make and sweet handmade keepsake are these salt dough fingerprint keyrings. The little ones will love making them just as much as she will love receiving them.

diy gift for grandma: essential oil diffuser necklace

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace


Any woman will smell great with this hand-crafted essential oil diffuser necklace. Make the necklace chunky or streamlined, depending on nana’s tastes in jewelry. All you need is some cord, lava stone diffuser beads, craft beads, scissors, and essential oils.

nana gift : DIY pom pom photo frame

DIY Pom Pom Picture Frame


For a unique photo frame, grab some pom poms to make this colorful and funky frame. Be sure to choose a nice family photo to pop in for granny.

diy gift for grandmother: diy heart handprint canvas

Heart Handprint Canvas


Another crafty present for the kids to help make is this heart handprint canvas. Create a colorful heart using the grandkids’ handprints and it will look great hung up in the lounge.

diy gift for grandma: wood photo transfer

Wood Photo Transfer


Display one of grandma’s favorite family photos beautifully with this wood photo transfer. You’ll be left with a crafty and elegant photo frame that will brighten up any wall or desk.

practical gift for grandma: felted wool cactus pincushion

Felted Wool Cactus Pincushion


If she loves sewing, then she’ll appreciate this handmade felted wool cactus pincushion. While it may be tricky to make, the result is a fabulous looking pincushion that wouldn’t look out of place being sold in an arts and crafts store.

While all these gift ideas for grandma are meant to take her breath away, don’t forget that the secret to winning your her heart is to drape the gift with utmost respect, love and affection!

Whatever you decide to go for, we’re sure grandma will be touched and will love her gift. Happy shopping!



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