60 Best Gift for Girlfriend That are Thoughtful and Cute for Every Occasion (2023)

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  • May 12, 2023
60 Best Gift for Girlfriend That are Thoughtful and Cute for Every Occasion (2023)

Looking for the best gifts for your girlfriend? Check out this gift guide full of cute and thoughtful girlfriend gift ideas to wow her and express your love. Your partner will be surprised and delighted with any of these popular picks.

Best of all, they are ideal for every occasion and any budget. Whether it’s her birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or your anniversary, you’ll find the most special gifts for her. Check it out.

Top Gifts to Get Your Girlfriend

Gift for girlfriend: Custom One Heart Map Art Canvas Print
Lucky Copper Penny Key Chain
You’re My Purrson Mug
SOUFEEL Film Roll Keychain

Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend

Looking for a birthday gift to surprise your girlfriend this year? You’re in luck. Check out these gift ideas and you’ll find something she’ll surely love.

1. A Heartfelt Plaque

unique gifts for girlfriend - photo plaque

When I Say I Love You More Photo Plaque


This desktop plaque is a photo gift that your girlfriend will cherish for years to come. You can customize it with your names and a photo that reflects a special, meaningful memory in your relationship. This is one of the best gifts for the woman you love.

2. For Your Long-Distance Lover

Cute gifts for girlfriend - Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me Throw Pillow

Hug This Pillow


Are you guys in a long-distance relationship? Get a memorable gift for her to hold when she’s missing you. This unique pillow won’t replace your sweet hugs, but it comes pretty close! Personalize it with cute pictures to complement the heartfelt message on it.

3. A Meaningful Collage

Meaningful gift to get for your girlfriend - my favorite love story collage

My Favorite Love Story Collage


The print will be a perfect gift that you can give your girlfriend. Just update 3 photos of the moments in your relationship and you’ll have heartfelt wall art decor that your lady will surely cherish!

4. A Star Map for Her Date of Birth

birthday gifts for girlfriend - star map print

Happy Birthday Star Map Print


This star map shows the exact alignment of the stars when she was born. This print is a perfect choice for your girlfriend. Simply add the place and the date of birth, and you’ll have the special gift to make her feel loved and treasured on the occasion.

5. For A Girlfriend with Seamstress Passion

gifts for girlfriend with seamstress passion - sewing mug

Any Day Spent Sewing Is a Good Day Mug


For a girlfriend who is with seamstress passion, this mug can make the best gift for her. Your amazing sewer will now enjoy a cup of coffee in style. Perhaps you’ll get some cute handmade goodies from the receiver as a “thank you.” Wouldn‘t that be nice?

6. Best Way To Say “I Love You”

Custom Handwriting Jewelry

Handwriting Jewelry


This one’s for the incurable romantics out there. A handwriting bracelet is a unique way to impress your pretty babe. This girlfriend’s jewelry will always have a special place in her heart no matter what. If you make mistake and upset her, this bracelet is also the best apology gift!

7. If She Always Gets Cold

girlfriend gifts for her - to my girlfriend blanket

To My Girlfriend Blanket


The moment she walked into your life, the world became different. If she means the world to you, then don’t waste a minute telling her so. This blanket is specially designed to be given to your lover on her birthday or as a just because gift. Also, it’ll make a fantastic couple’s gift!

8. For Girl Who’s Crazy About Music

Apple AirPods 3rd generation

Apple AirPods

$169.00 – $179.00

Go big or go home, boy! Get her a pair of AirPods so she can musicalize her day everywhere she goes. They’re a bit on the expensive side, but they’re worth every penny! She’ll think of you with every song she listens to!

9. A Cute Mug to Enjoy Her Coffee

Best Gifts for Girlfriend: I Would Be Lost Without You Custom Photo Mug

Custom Photo Mug


This mug is ideal for any occasion. Customization is super easy, and you can give your girlfriend a thoughtful gift for everyday use!

10. For Girl Who Cares For Her Lips

thing to buy for your girlfriend - Dior Addict Lip Glow

Dior Addict Lip Glow


You don’t need a specific reason to make a small gesture for your significant other. A high-end lip balm is a great place to start. It’ll enhance the natural beauty of her lips and keep them soft. This luxurious surprise gift for girlfriends is almost like a double agent working for you! How cool is that?

11. For Your Active Girlfriend

girlfriend gift idea - Walking Shoes

Walking Shoes

 $23.99 – $44.99

You know your pretty baby would walk more than a thousand miles just to be with you. That’s why she’ll need this comfy yet trendy pair of shoes. Making her happy is very simple! Just get this nice present for your love. It’s perfect if you’re running out of birthday gift ideas for her!

12. Best Me Time Gift For Her

gifts for girlfriend - Bamboo Extendable Bath Tray

Bamboo Extendable Bath Tray


Giving her a bathtub caddy is the best way to tell her “welcome back home” after a long day! If you need a last-minute present to make her happy, get this item right away! With this gift idea for girlfriends, she’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the bubbles or a glass of wine. No more getting everything wet!

13. A Zodiac Jewelry

Jewelry gifts for girlfriend - Astrology Zodiac Necklace

Zodiac Necklace


The stars tell us this is the perfect birthday gift for your girlfriend. Such an attractive piece of jewelry will be hard to top for years to come! If you’re looking for an affordable gift for your sweetheart, search no more! Any girl will love a beautiful zodiac necklace in rose gold!

14. For The Girl Who Likes Personalize Everything

Personalized Jewelry Box

Jewelry Case


If you’ve already given her more jewelry that she can wear, get her this cute case to store it. It’ll look gorgeous in her room! Such a creative present for her is bound to make her heart melt. Personalize it with her name, and voila! You’ll have a small meaningful gift she’ll treasure for life!

15. A Sweet Hint for Her

things your girlfriend loves: Love Knot Earrings

Love Knot Earrings


Are you dying to tie the knot, but the woman can’t take a hint? Maybe these lovely gold earrings will do the trick! They make great girlfriend gifts to wish her a happy birthday. If you’re looking for something meaningful, this special gift for her won’t go unnoticed!

16. Best Way To Get Things She Always Wants

girlfriend birthday gifts: Sephora Gift Cards

Sephora Gift Cards

Price: Vary

Finding amazing girl gifts is so easy sometimes! If your lover is a makeup junkie, this might interest you! It’s a known fact that girls love shopping for high-end beauty products. A gift card from this store will make her day, for sure!

Best Gifts for Girlfriend

Finding a good gift for your girlfriend can be a challenge. Don’t worry. Here is the extensive list of the cutest and sweetest gift ideas ever. Check it out.

17. For The Love Of Your Life

Gifts for Your Girlfriend: Love Is A Wonderful Thing Custom Photo Collage Blanket

Love Is A Wonderful Thing Blanket


Make her cool days warmer with the memories of your love. Grab your favorite pictures of your most romantic moments and use them to personalize this comfy throw. Want to know what makes this gift for girlfriends so memorable? It’s the fact that it has you all over it!

18. A Reminder of Your Love to Her

thing to get your girlfriend on Christmas - P.S I Love You plaque

P.S I Love You


This desktop photo plaque ensures that your partner always knows how you feel about them. Upload your own photo, add a name, and you’ve got a stunning present for your girlfriend.

19. For Your Sentimental Girlfriend

Christmas gifts for girlfriend - Ornament

An Ornament


This sweet tree ornament makes a terrific Christmas gift idea for your girlfriend. It’s a cute gift that’ll sweep her off her feet. When you declare something as a “first,” it means that you expect more to come! This small stocking stuffer is a creative way to remind her you’ll be there to celebrate for years!

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20. For Your Hoodie Stealer

sweet gifts for girlfriend - Personalized Blanket Hoodie

Personalized Blanket Hoodie


So you’re not single anymore. Are all your hoodies disappearing from your drawers one by one? Get the love of your life one of her own! If you’re looking for ideas to surprise your girlfriend this winter, don’t hesitate! Make this cozy oversized sweater more special by adding her pet’s face! She’ll look rad, and you’ll feel glad!

21. If Your Girl Never Misses Her Dance Class

girlfriend gift ideas - Leggings with Pockets

Leggings with Pockets

$24.98 – $29.98

Girls adore leggings. The ones with pockets are the best! They’re the most useful gifts for a dancer that you could ever get for your girl! Put them on your list of stuff to send your girlfriend if you want to make her day!

22. For Your Girl Who Can’t Keep Warm

gifts for girlfriend - Quilted Winter Puffer Coat

Quilted Winter Puffer Coat


Baby, it’s getting cold outside! Get your favorite girl this cozy and stylish Jessica Simpson puffer coat to keep her warm this winter. It’s a must-buy gift for girlfriends in the wintertime. The love of your life will undoubtedly spend the holiday season flaunting it! Plus, she’ll look beautiful on her snowy dates with you!

23. For The Girl Who Often Gets Stressed

gifts for your girl: Oil Diffuser

Oil Diffuser


Like many of us, your girl certainly needs a breather from such a hectic year! Let a brand-new oil diffuser be her secret weapon for days full of relaxation! This stress-relief gift will be the best present for your girlfriend. You’ll probably end up getting one for yourself as well!

24. If She Never Has Enough Time To Get Ready

Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush

Hot Air Brush


This styling tool tops all beauty products on any girlfriend gifts guide! It will come in handy when she’s getting ready for a girls’ night out or a special date with you! She’ll always look cool and trendy thanks to this girlfriend gift idea!

25. The One Big Gift

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch

$230.00 – $270.99

It’s a known fact love makes us do crazy things. Like buying a girlfriend such an expensive tech gift! Don’t worry, though. We’re not judging. After all, there are gifts for your girlfriend to fit any budget. If you’re ready to splurge on your pretty lady, get her a gold rose Apple Watch. She’ll be impressed!

26. For Your Beloved Yogi

gifts for girlfriend: Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat


This workout accessory is the perfect yoga gift for her. Don’t let it slip away! Get her this simple mat that’s sure to keep her feet on the ground whenever they need to be. She’ll surely appreciate the gesture!

Cute Gifts for Girlfriend

Your girlfriend loves something cute but meaningful? We’ve got your back. From romantic gifts to lovely skincare products, our gift ideas will help you score some brownie points with her.

27. Best Personalized Option for Her

Gifts for Girlfriend: Custom Star Map and Location Map Canvas Print

The Night Everything Changed Wall Art


There are hundreds of cute gifts to get your girlfriend on your anniversary! But this piece of wall art is one of the strongest contenders, for sure. Such a lovely present is perfect for girlfriends who like creative ways to preserve their memories. Let her know where your heart stands with this adorable canvas map!

28. For Your Queen on Her Birthday

unique thing to get your girlfriend - On This Day A Queen Was Born Mug

On This Day A Queen Was Born Mug


This collage mug has all the qualities to be a perfect birthday gift for your girlfriend. It has separate slots for photos where you can upload your best and most memorable images.

29. Best Romantic Gift

girlfriend's gift - Photo Desktop Plaque

Love You To The Moon And Back Plaque


Love letters have nothing on this cute guy. It’ll be the perfect reminder of how much she means to you. If you’re looking for creative gift ideas for girlfriends, you can stop the search right now! This personalized print will look beautiful in her home or office.

30. If You’re in a Long-Distance Relationship

sweet gifts for girlfriend - I Wish You Lived Next Door Custom Mug

I Wish You Lived Next Door Mug

$26.95 $9.99

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, this mug would make a great gift for your girlfriend. It can be personalized with names. It’s a meaningful gift that can express your love and let her know how much you miss her.

31. Say Love From Your Heart

things to give your girlfriend - Love Throw Pillow

Love Throw Pillow


This pillow will always remind your girlfriend of how much you love and care for her. You can edit the message and upload your pictures. Then, she’ll have something to cuddle when she misses you.

32. Sweet Way To Say “I Love You”

Romantic gifts for girlfriend - heart shaped ring

Love Heart Ring


If you love her, you know what to do! A heart-shaped ring is the ultimate romantic gesture. It’s a way to be there with her in spirit everywhere she goes. Get this lovely piece of jewelry as a cute present on any occasion.

33. If She Loves Getting Flowers

sweet gifts for girlfriend - Flower Subscriptions

Flower Subscriptions

Price: Vary

Beautiful flower arrangements are not exclusive to Valentine’s day! They’re a romantic gesture for all special occasions. Get your other half all the roses she deserves with this subscription. It’s one of the best gifts to buy your girlfriend these days. She’ll surely be the envy of the neighborhood every time a new bouquet arrives!

34. A Heartfelt Card

gifts for your girlfriend - Thinking Of You Cards

Thinking Of You Cards


If you just can’t get her out of your head, say it loud and clear! Now it’s your time to get sentimental with this love gift. Express all of your romantic thoughts and feelings on this adorable laser-cut bamboo card. It’s undoubtedly one of those beautiful appreciation gifts for her to get overly excited about!

35. For The Cat Lover

stuff to buy your girlfriend - Cat Face Wallet

Cat Face Wallet


This wallet is a simple gift idea for girlfriends who have it all! Give her an amazing accessory to keep her hard-earned money safe in style. It’ll show her that you’re listening and that you know what she likes. Such a cute gift idea makes a fantastic present for the cat lover in your life!

36. If Your Girl Is A Chocolate Fiend

thing to send your girlfriend - Chocolate Biscuit

Chocolate Biscuit


No serious guide on things to get your girlfriend could be complete without this delish present. It’s a classic Valentine’s Day gesture that never gets old. However, it also makes the perfect random gift for her. Nothing says “I love you” louder than a box of yummy chocolates. Get it for a stay-in date night, and enjoy!

37. For The Perfect Weekend Activity

girlfriend gift ideas - Picnic Basket for Two

Picnic Basket for Two


This sweet present looks straight out from your favorite rom-com! When in doubt, pack a picnic for your girl. You can take her to enjoy beautiful sights at a picturesque park. She’ll love such a lovely gesture! Look no further for sweet things to do for your girlfriend. We have a winner idea right here!

38. If She Loves Music At Date Night

best simple gift for girlfriend - Bedside Lamp Bluetooth Speakers

Photo Night Light Custom 3D Lamp


Looking for the best gift for a girlfriend who has trouble sleeping? You could sing her lullabies, but here’s a better idea. Buy her this creative lamp with a Bluetooth speaker. It’ll play her favorite tunes until she dozes off. Personalize it with your picture and get it for her.

39. Creative Way For Her Skincare Routine

stuff to buy your girlfriend - Character Sheet Masks

Character Sheet Masks


Every girl wants some “me” time. Help her make the best out of spa day with the cutest “just because” gift. A brightening sheet mask kit is a small gift for your girlfriend to enjoy as she relaxes at home. Every envelope comes packed with hydrating ingredients that will leave her already perfect skin glowing!

40. If She Has a Good Sense Of Humor

Good Gifts for Girlfriend: Name Definition Custom Mug

Funny Name Definition Custom Mug

$26.95 $9.99

This mug can be behalf of your words to say what she is like when she is with you in one of the most fun ways. A surprise gift like this can be the perfect gift for a girlfriend with a sense of humor. She’ll giggle with every sip!

41. Funniest Socks She’s Ever Had

funny gift for girlfriend - I Love You Personalized Socks

I Love You Personalized Socks


Let her know she’s got you at her feet! Personalize this unique pair of comfy socks with your cute face all over them. This funny present is a thoughtful gift perfect when you’re on a low budget but still want to make a lovely gesture! It’s one of those gifts for your girlfriend that will definitely make her laugh!

42. If Your Girl Is A Plant Lover

Macrame Plant Hangers - gifts for girlfriend

Macrame Plant Hangers


Scoot over crazy cat ladies! There’s a new fad in town! Who wants an indifferent fluffball in the house when you can have beautiful plants? At least they won’t scratch! This lovely present for your girlfriend will have her walls looking extra pretty. Next time you’re home for Thanksgiving, you’ll walk right into the jungle!

Sentimental & Thoughtful Gifts for Girlfriend

Want to impress your girlfriend with something from the heart? You come to the right place. We put together a list of thoughtful and sentimental gift ideas for your girlfriend. And don’t worry, they suit every budget!

43. For the Girl Who Completes You

sweet gifts for girlfriend - You Are The Missing Piece To My Heart

You Are The Missing Piece To My Heart


This plaque is perfect for all loving couples who have found the missing pieces of their hearts. It is a romantic gift for your girlfriend who entered your life and completed you.

44. A Wall Art About Togetherness

Perfect Gifts for Girlfriend: My Favorite Adventures Always Include You Map Art Custom Canvas Print

Map Art Custom Canvas


This wall art is a romantic gift for your partner. It plays on the sentiment that regardless of where you are physical, your togetherness and bond keep you going. You can customize it with 3 to 5 locations and your names.

45. A Cute Way To Define Love

gifts for girlfriends - Life Is Better With You Custom Pillow

Life Is Better With You Custom Pillow


If you’re looking for something to express how you feel in this relationship, this pillow is an excellent birthday gift to give. Any better birthday gifts for your girlfriend? We doubt it.

46. If Your Girlfriend Likes To Sleep In

cute things to buy your girlfriend - Silk Pillowcase

Silk Pillowcase


Who says you don’t get to be a knight in shining armor? If you want to protect your babe, start with her delicate face and luscious hair. Let this special appreciation gift do the job for you. A fancy silk pillowcase is one of those gifts to get a girl who loves always looking pretty.

47. Thoughtful Gift For Her Day

gifts for her on period - Hot Water Bottle with Soft Waist Cover

Hot Water Bottle with Soft Waist Cover


Spoil your pretty girlfriend at that time of the month too! Yes, it’s 2022, period gifts are a thing! This cheap hot water bottle will show her that you care and want her to feel well. Plus, it’s adorable! If you get this as a gift for a girlfriend, you’re doing it right! Good job!

Pro tip: You can even make it more meaningful when making it by yourself. Check out our cute homemade gifts for her for the instruction.

48. For Your Sentimental Sweetheart

nice gifts for girlfriend: 100 Things I Love About You

100 Things I Love About You

$8.39 – $14.40

This heart-touching book is one of the most adorable gifts we’ve ever seen. If you’ve run out of ways to say “I love you,” this gift will surely help you out. It’s completely customizable, so it’ll have that handmade vibe even when it’s a store-bought present! She’ll definitely cherish such a thoughtful tiny gesture!

49. Best Thing To Relax In

Heart Pattern Pajama Set

Heart Pattern Pajama Set


Home is where the heart-pattern pajama set is! Right? Help her stay cozy in style with the perfect new addition to her sleepwear. This comfy gift for girlfriends is ideal for surprising her on a special occasion. It tops the list of female presents that’ll definitely get you an invitation to watch a movie and chill!

50. For Her Dry Skin

selfcare gifts to buy for your girlfriend: Lightweight Body Oil

Lightweight Body Oil


If her skin is as dry as the Sahara desert, get her this amazing Neutrogena body oil! It’s a low-budget present that’ll go a long way. This useful gift for girlfriends is perfect for care package ideas. Throw in a few more self-care items, and she’ll be in for a treat whenever she gets it!

51. For Your Homebody Lady

gifts for your girlfriend: You're My Person Scented Candle

You’re My Person Scented Candle


Dare to say “I love you” by setting the mood with this scented candle on a special day. Burn the passion flame and surround her with your choice of fragrance from the shop! It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a new girlfriend, for sure! Let your woman know what she signed in for!

52. If She Needs Time To Relax

good presents for girlfriend: Bath Bomb Gift Set

Bath Bomb Gift Set


Care package? Please! If you’re looking for a real way to spoil your girlfriend, turn it into a self-care package! This cute and cheap gift set is exactly what she needs to unwind after a long day. With all those stressful thoughts out of the way, guess who she’ll have in her mind? That’s right!

53. For The Girl Who Loves Sweet Things

best gifts from boyfriend: Love Letters of Great Men

Love Letters of Great Men


Now, here’s a nice gift idea. Are you at a loss for words whenever you see her? You can borrow some lines from the most romantic letters ever written! Get her this book to express your undying feelings for her. It’s perfect as a “just because” gift or to surprise her on a special occasion!

54. For Your Active Girl

gift ideas for your girlfriend: Gym Bag

Gym Bag


Already thinking about new year’s resolutions for 2022? This duffel bag is the perfect thing to get to help bae keep hers! It’ll look great with her workout outfits. Plus, it’s big enough to fit all of her equipment and personal stuff. This gym essential tops the list of trendy gifts for her in 2022.

55. Sweet Things To Do Together

gifts for girlfriend: 100 Dates Scratch Poster

100 Dates Scratch Poster


Looking for something special for her? We’ve got you covered! Get this practical last-minute gift that keeps on giving! This scratch poster is genius! Buy it for a new girlfriend as a first gift. Then sit back and relax as you both get to enjoy its many creative date ideas together! You’ll have a blast!

56. Best Gift For Her Taste Preferences

nice gifts for girlfriend: Coffee Subscription

Coffee Subscription

Price: Vary

Bring the coffee shop into her home with this handy subscription. It’s a random present for coffee lovers that she would highly appreciate! It’ll give variety to her morning routine. She’ll surely be thrilled to explore those new notes on her daily cold brew! If you’re seeking small gifts for your girlfriend just because, look no further!

57. For Your Wine-drinking Girl

thoughtful gift for girlfriend: wine subscription

Wine Subscription

Price: Vary

She can choose any taste based on her palate. Then this month wine-delivery will send a section of bottles straight to her door. How cool is it! Get a wine subscription card and let her have something cool to wait for every month.

58. For Your Girl Who’s Always Looking For Keys

girlfriend gifts: Tile Pro

Tile Pro


If you never want to lose her, give her a Tile Pro! All jokes aside, this small gadget will help your love keep track of her things with no effort. It’s the best gift for her if she’s always with her head above the clouds. Such a simple present will make her life much easier!

59. For Your MasterChef Lady

presents for girlfriend: Cooking Class

Cooking Class


Are you in a relationship with a girl whose cooking has you thinking she could be the next MasterChef? Then this might be the perfect gift for her. It’s also an excellent idea for a romantic date night. You can both follow the steps to make delicious food, and then have a lovely dinner together! How fun!

60. When She’s Far Away

girlfriend gift ideas: Distance Means So Little When Someone Means So Much mug

Distance Means So Little When Someone Means So Much


This custom mug can surprise your long-distance girlfriend on all special occasions. The best thing about this item is that it’s simple yet extremely meaningful. Express your love and let her know how much you miss her.

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As you can see, finding great gifts for your girlfriend is a piece of cake! We’re sure any of these items would make her happy just for coming from you. So don’t sweat it! There’s no need to get her the moon and the stars. Even the tiniest gesture should do!



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