Plant the Love with these Gifts for Garden Lovers

Plant the Love with these Gifts for Garden Lovers

Whether they love to garden as a hobby or they have the nicest manicured lawn in town, they are going to love these gifts for garden lovers. These gifts for garden lovers will help them to plant and grow anything their hearts desire! From tools they can use in their garden to fun gifts for yard lovers, there’s something for everyone on our curated list of gift ideas. Garden lovers come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities. Whether you are buying something for your grandmother or your elderly neighbor, they are sure to love whatever you pick out from this list.

Special Gifts for Garden Lovers

Find the most useful gifts for gardeners with our gift guide! Choose from decorative items, grow kits, baskets for gathering veggies, and so much more! What to add in a few more items to sweeten the pot? Then, throw in a packet or two of seeds with any of these gift ideas.

Watering Pot Flower Custom Spring Garden Flag

Watering Pot Flower Custom Spring Garden Flag: good gifts for gardeners

We just can’t get enough of these festive garden flags. What makes this flag even better is that it can be customized with their last name. This flag tops our list of the best gift for garden lovers. A sweet way to show the gardener in your life how much you care. 

Welcome To Our Backyard Garden Flag

Welcome To Our Backyard Garden Flag:  gardening birthday gifts

Gardens and backyards are a place to gather with friends and family for a good time. This stunning design says it all! They can place this flag anywhere in the outdoor area around their house and everyone will know they are welcome there for a good time. 

Welcome Honey Bee Gnome Garden Flag

Welcome Honey Bee Gnome Garden Flag: garden tool gifts

We can’t get over how cute this gnome garden flag is! Gardens and gnomes are just a perfect match and the bee and pot of honey just sweeten the deal. While garden flags are at the top of our list of best gifts for garden lovers, this is a favorite. 

Butterfly Welcome Spring Garden Flag

Butterfly Welcome Spring Garden Flag: gift for garden lover

Help them to create a warm and welcoming walkway into their garden with this beautiful, decorative garden flag. Filled with bright flowers and happy butterflies, this piece of garden decor is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. This a simple and affordable gift any garden lover will love. 

Watering Pot Flower Spring Garden Flag

Watering Pot Flower Spring Garden Flag: top gifts for gardeners

Garden flags make a great addition to any garden decor. This flag features a rustic watering can be filled with flowers and a cute little bird just taking it all in. This unique design will make an eye-catching piece in any garden. 

Red Original Scissors

These original red scissors make a wonderful, functional gift to give to any garden lover. A gift that shows true flexibility in the garden and the kitchen. Whether they are chopping up herbs or pruning shrubs, this gift provides a comfortable grip for long-term use. 

Garden Tool Set

This classic garden tool set-tops our list of best presents for gardeners. Whether they are turning up dirt from the last season or they are working on planting seedlings, they are always going to be thankful to have these tools on hand. A sturdy gift that’ll last for years. 

Euphorbia Lactea Dragon Bone Cactus

If they already have a lot of houseplants, consider getting them a rare and super cool-looking cactus. While these are easy to care for, they look stunning! These are great plants to stick in a very sunny window as they like to have lots of light. 

Composting Kit

When it comes to gardening accessories, having something to compost kitchen waste and use in their garden makes a great gift. Not only does it help to reduce odor during the composting process, but it is also stylish. A functional gift that they can keep on the counter. 

Plastic Raised Garden

Gardening isn’t a hobby for the weak. Be sure that they are saving their back with this raised garden bed. A great place to start with tool gifts for garden lovers. This is a versatile gift that can be used outside and indoors to start and grow a garden. 

Outdoor Compost Tumbler

Composting is a great way to not only reduce waste but also to feed their garden and plants. If they don’t already have one, make sure to get them this tumbling composter so they’ll have the healthiest plants around. This is a must-have top gift for gardeners. 

Soil Test Kit

The quality of the soil that they plant has a lot to do with the health of their harvest. While this gift is more for experienced gardeners, anyone who loves gardening is sure to appreciate this quick and easy gift. Enough to test the soil throughout the season. 

Steel Folding Pocket Knife

Whether it’s slicing up a quick snack or pruning a branch, this folding knife is sure to come in handy. This is a simple garden lovers gift that is both functional and lovely to look at. They won’t have to worry about sharp objects with their folding capabilities. 

Solid Maple Shaker Rack

Be sure that they can keep all of their tools and gardening clothing organized with this durable rack. A quick and easy gift to give anyone who loves gardening, this will quickly bring together any unorganized space. A great addition to a garden shed or garage. 

Solitary Bee Hive

Bees are great for the environment. They help to pollinate flowers which helps in our overall food production. Make sure any solitary bees that are flying around have a place to rest with this cool bee hive. This is a must-have on our gift guide for gardeners. 

Wooden Herb Scraper

Have you ever tried to pick rosemary off of the stem? It’s not an easy job. So make it easier with this stylish, wooden herb scraper. Made from durable hardwoods, these are great for harvesting their seeds and are so much easier than using a cutting board. 

Hand-Carved Seed Storage Box

Every avid gardener knows that you should always keep a stash of heirloom seeds on hand, just in case. This is among the great gifts for garden lovers! Easily store all different types of seeds in this durable wooden box. Or beat them to it and fill it with a variety beforehand. 

Cotton Cargo Pants

While this item might look out of place, we assure you, it’s not. Make sure that the gardener in your life can hold all the tools and seeds they need with 13 functional pockets. This cotton and spandex blend fabric is tailored for women and will get the job done. 

Herb Drier Rack

There is nothing more satisfying than growing and harvesting your own food. This hanging contraption easily holds herb bundles for drying. This makes great gifts for small gardens while also doubling as decor. From roses to rosemary, they will be keeping this full throughout the seasons. 

Personal Hydroponic Garden

What happens to the garden when it gets too cold outside? Bring it indoors! This one tops our list of gifts for people who like to garden. Although it has a higher price tag, it is certainly worth it! They will be able to grow microgreens, herbs, and veggies year-round!

Garden Colander

With this garden colander, you can easily pick and rinse your produce all in one go. A durable yet flexible harvesting container that is sure to get a lot of use. They will be able to collect, carry, and clean their veggies whether they’re at the market or right out back. 


This is the best and most functional wheelbarrow you can find. The durable design and smooth ride are great for working outside all day. It is like the multipurpose tool that every gardener needs. Haul mulch, move leaves and get some leverage for heavy plants to save their back.

Gardening Gift Box

Have a gardener in your life but not sure what exactly to get them? Check out this gardening gift box. This is one of the best gardening presents and so simple to give. It includes seeds for some very stunning candy cane zinnias. A true beauty. 

Garden Trowel Earrings

You know they are a true gardener when they are wearing garden-themed jewelry. These trowel earrings are just so cute and would make for perfect gardening birthday gifts. Whoever you give these to is sure to love them and will get compliments every time they wear them. 

Personalized Gardening Apron

While Grandma might love to get her hands dirty in the garden, she would prefer to keep her clothes clean. This apron makes a lovely Christmas gift for garden lovers. You can also personalize the apron for Grandpa, Mom, Dad, or anyone else. It even comes with a free gift bag!

Enjoy Our Garden Stepping Stone

Stepping stones are another great way to decorate the garden. While you probably don’t want to step on this one, it would make an inviting way to enter their garden. Add a little sparkle to their day with this bright gift idea. Don’t forget to check out the other designs. 

Gardening Basket

Every serious gardener needs a basket! This antique-styled basket is perfect for carrying tools, produce, and even fresh flowers. They will be able to easily harvest the fruits of their labor with this useful gift. The adjustable handle allows for easy carrying and storage. 

Block Printed Insect Mushroom Shaped Pillows

Do you know what else you can find in a garden? Snails, mushrooms, and moths. Get your gardener inspired to grow things with these printed and shaped pillows. Choose from one of three designs or both for a fun accent piece to their home. 

Gardening Time Wind Chime

Windchimes are such a great item to add to a garden. They sparkle and make pleasant sounds as the wind blows through them. This wind chime includes a retro garden tool design that is perfect for hanging up around the garden. Even better, you can take inspiration from this and DIY it!

Woodland Ornaments

Gardeners also tend to like woodland-themed items and other things they can use to decorate their gardens and houseplants. This little terrarium is a magical piece of fairytale nature decor. They can easily hang these charms from their Christmas tree or use them to decorate their garden. 

Bird Legs Plant Stand

Most plant stands are pretty boring but not this one! This is one playful plant stand that looks like bird legs. Strong enough to support even large and heavy plants, this won’t easily tip over like some other, cheaper plant stands. A fun and creative statement piece as well. 

Tough Stuff Collection

Gardening and taking care of houseplants can be very different. Although they require a lot of the same tools and knowledge, keeping houseplants can be a little more difficult. Unless you get these durable and adaptable plants. They can work on keeping these ones alive while they can’t garden during colder months. 

Butterfly Garden Kit

Butterflies really love certain types of flowers. Help your favorite gardener lure them in with this gardening gift specifically meant to bring those beauties around. Their garden will be bursting with bright and colorful flowers and butterflies eager to spend time there. 

Eco-Friendly Vegetable Markers

Make sure they have a good way to label all of their herbs and favorite veggies with these eco-friendly garden markers. Get them a couple stakes with things you know they already planted and a few more new items that might want to try out this year. 

Natural Riverstone Bird Bath

Gift them and the birds with this shallow pool, aka bird bath. Beautifully handmade, the birds around their garden will flock to this beautiful Riverstone bird bath. With a compact design, they can easily place this bird bath anywhere around their garden. 

Rabbit Ear Succulents

These rabbit ear succulents are just the cutest thing ever! A type of bonsai plant, these guys are hearty and difficult to kill, which makes them ideal for novice gardeners. With just a bit of care and attention, they will have some succulents in no time!

Ceramic Hanging Planter Set

You can bet that they don’t have a hanging planter like this one! This stylish planter is great for mini plants and succulents. A casual way to add a bit of unique flair to their garden or indoor houseplants. Everyone that sees it will ask them where they got it. 

Hummingbird Rain Gauge

What better way to increase their garden experience than with this hummingbird feeder. They’ll have those little beauties buzzing around in no time with this colored metal feeder. Easily place it in front of a window or right in the garden for a beautiful statement piece. 

Clementine Oriole Feeder

What is a garden without a few different types of feeders to bring in the wildlife? This clementine oriole feeder has a simplistic design and is simply beautiful. The hanging chain makes it easier to place it in a lot of different places. A fun and functional garden decor. 

Succulent Plant Box

Give a gift that keeps on giving with this succulent plant box. While you can get them just one box, why not get them something that will give them a beautiful selection of houseplants each month for the next 12 months. Choose from succulent or cactus varieties. 

Culinary Herb Seeds Collection

Herbs are great for gardeners of all abilities. You can’t go wrong when giving these gifts for gardening lovers. These heirloom and non-GMO seeds will be sprouting up in no time. It even comes with a book that includes all of the information you could need for caring and harvesting the herbs. 

Harvest Basket

Does the gardener on your list have the most divine veggie plot you have ever seen? Then they certainly need this harvest basket. The perfect size to pick their latest harvest. Made from real wood and constructed with reinforced wire, this basket is sure to last! 

Garden Tote Bag

This garden tote bag is perfect for carrying around power tools while building things for your garden. A rugged tote, which makes it great for both men and women, and an efficient way to keep everything organized. Make the gift even better and stock it with a couple gardening tools. 

LED Grow Lights

Trying to find the perfect sunny window can be difficult for indoor plants sometimes. Make sure that they keep all of their house plants long lasting with this LED grow light. While other grow lights can actually deliver too much light and kill the plants, this one is just right! 

Herb Shears

When it comes time to cut the herbs, all you need is this adorable little herb cutter. What better way to show someone how much you love them than to show them that you support their hobby from seed to table. A unique pair of shears you can also display. 

Garden Double Brooms

These sweepers are handmade and are available in different color choices. A useful gift for a garden shed or indoors. They would also make a great gift to hang up as a decoration in a greenhouse or other gardening area. A truly unique and one of a kind gift idea. 

Stirrup Hoe

If you are looking for gifts for garden lovers that will help them to put together the perfect yard, then look no further! Whether they are trying to dig up weeds or create a footpath through their garden, the double-sided hoe has a patented push-and-pull action for less work. 

Kill Your Lawn Tee

Kill Your Lawn Tee: presents for a gardener

People are all too concerned about having that perfect looking lawn. Well, there’s a movement to kill your lawn and plant native plants instead. A perfect gift for anyone that would rather see wildflowers in their yard than pristine blades of grass. 

Sting Suction Tool

Sting Suction Tool: best gift for gardeners

Every hobby has its fair share of “workplace hazards.” Gardeners often deal with hot days and annoying bugs. Be sure that they can stay safe with this sting suction tool. Easily remove insect venom from bees and other critters. A chemical-free tool to help alleviate itching and swelling. 

Watering Can

Watering Can: gardening gift ideas

Watering cans are a great functional gift for any gardener or house plant lover. But what makes this watering can so different? Its stylish design of polished copper and its unique shape are statement piece. Rounding out our list of gift ideas for garden lovers. 

More Gifts for Garden Lovers

No matter the time of the season, they are sure to appreciate these gifts for garden lovers. Whether they are perfecting their perennials, pruning their poppies, voting on which veggies to plant, or cultivating a large herb garden, they’re sure to love any one of these gift ideas. 



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