30+ Must-Have Gifts for Expecting Dads (or New Dads) in 2022

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • March 25, 2022
30+ Must-Have Gifts for Expecting Dads (or New Dads) in 2022

Are you trying to find the best ideas to surprise an expectant dad for Father’s Day or his birthday? Look no further; these gifts for expecting dads will turn any pregnancy announcement into an exciting event for a father-to-be.

Celebrate a first Father’s Day like never before and make it the most memorable event for this new dad. A baby’s arrival is set to dazzle. What are you waiting for? With these awesome presents, this guy can finally face fatherhood like the man he truly is!

Shop Trending Gifts for Expecting Dads this Father’s Day!

Gifts for Expecting Dads

1. Baby Swaddle Blanket Set

baby shower gift for dad: Baby Swaddle Blanket Set


Are you looking for a baby shower gift that’s useful and heartwarming at the same time? Let a new father welcome his offspring home in style. This birth can’t come soon enough!

2. Daddy Est.2022 Mug

gift for first time dad: Daddy Est.2022 Mug


Surprise an expectant father on his birthday with a personalized mug. This gift for a soon-to-be dad will go to good use when the little one makes an appearance. Coffee is a lifesaver!

3. Book for a New Dada

dad to be gift: Book for a New Dada


This book for a first-time dad is all about the joys of parenting. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the best gifts for expecting fathers. Nothing beats the moment a daddy hears his baby say, “dada.”

4. Custom Ultrasound Canvas Print

gift for expecting dad: Custom Ultrasound Canvas Print


Make your birth announcement the best experience ever. Even unborn babies can express love. If you’re looking for unique Father’s Day gifts for a dad-to-be, this print is your answer!

5. Pregnancy Announcement Keychain

expectant father gift: Pregnancy Announcement Keychain


A keychain that shows off what’s growing inside that baby bump is perfect for a new father. Celebrate an upcoming special occasion with a cool birthday gift for this first-time dad.

6. Sonogram Desktop Photo Plaque

soon to be dad gift: Sonogram Desktop Photo Plaque


When an expectant dad lays his eyes on the sentimental message on this photo plaque, nothing else will matter. Show this man that life is good with one of the most heartfelt Father’s Day gifts from the bump. 

7. New Dad T-Shirt

gift for soon to be dads: New Dad T-Shirt


When a present from a wife looks as cool as this, a man knows how lucky he is. When it comes to expecting dad shirts, you’ll never go wrong with a tee daddy can wear all day long.

8. Baby Bodysuit

gift for expecting dad: Baby Bodysuit


Talk about a cute onesie with a funny message splashed across it! The most awesome dad-to-be gift ideas are those that get him excited about what’s to come. His new drinking partner is here!

9. Wine Glass

gift for new dad from wife: Wine Glass


Is your man going to be promoted to daddy soon? Allow him to enjoy his favorite whiskey in elegance with one of the coolest gifts for expectant fathers. He surely has an excuse to celebrate now!

10. Diaper Bag Backpack

gift for future dad: Diaper Bag Backpack


Trying to find the most practical gifts for a father-to-be? The real men of today put in their share of work when it comes to the baby. Help daddy be the best with this awesome backpack.

11. Dad-To-Be Tumbler

cool gift for expectant dad: Dad-To-Be Tumbler


Here’s a father-to-be gift idea that’s stylish and useful. Anything related to coffee is perfect for new dads. They’re going to need a dose of caffeine after being up all night!

12. Custom Photo Mug

fathers day gift from unborn baby: Custom Photo Mug


Among all the Father’s Day gifts for a daddy-to-be, this mug ranks high on the list. That’s not surprising – when a coffee cup comes in such a cute design, you can expect sunshine all around! 

13. Dad Hat

gifts for expecting dads: Dad Hat

from $23.42+

This father cap matches any outfit, and that makes it one of the greatest expectant dad gifts out there. Give your husband the chance to tell the whole world how lucky he is! 

14. Baby Carrier Jacket

gifts for expecting dads: Baby Carrier Jacket


Nothing is more exciting for a soon-to-be-dad than the prospect of carrying his baby wherever he goes. When first Father’s Day presents look this good, there’s no reason to dress any other way!

15. Pregnancy Reveal Spoon

gifts for expecting dads: Pregnancy Reveal Spoon


A pregnant wife dreams of the day she surprises her husband with the best news in the world. Make her vision a reality with fantastic gifts for future dads, just like this heart-warming spoon! 

16. Picture Frame from Baby Bump

gifts for expecting dads: Picture Frame from Baby Bump


Engrave an ultrasound to turn it into a keepsake that will make your husband the happiest he’s ever been. Out of all the childbirth gifts for dad, this is one he’ll proudly display on his desk!

17. New Dad Gift Box

gift for expectant father: New Dad Gift Box


Help a first-time dad prepare for the big upcoming change in his life with a gift basket. Fill it with expecting father gifts that are sweet and will definitely go to good use.

18. Dad and Baby Matching Shirts

soon to be dad gift: Dad and Baby Matching Shirts


With these best gifts for expecting dads, your husband will never complain about having nothing to wear. He’ll be looking forward to dressing up in this unique outfit. Twinsies! Get that camera ready!

19. It’s Time to be Daddy Mug

pregnancy gift for dad: It’s Time to be Daddy Mug


Being a father evokes such a funny feeling at times. Offer a lucky man your congratulations with the cutest Father’s Day gift for expecting dads. With this mug in hand, watch him anticipate the grandest event of his life!

20. New Dad Kit

funny gift for expectant dad: New Dad Kit


In the market for useful presents for new dads? This future daddy will appreciate this token gift as it comes with some life-saving tools. Keep his sanity in check with this fabulous kit.

21. Dad 2022 Pillow

gift for dads to be: Papa Pillow


How about a cool pillow as this year’s Christmas gift for a new dad? Alternatively, make it a birthday present to give him comfort in his new endeavor. Anything this soft and huggable is always good.

22. Daddy Diaper Tool Belt

gift for dad to be: Daddy Diaper Tool Belt


If your guy is good with his tools, he’ll know how vital this survival kit is. Baby showers aren’t complete without some useful presents for these lucky dads-to-be. Changing diapers will certainly be a breeze now!

23. Future Dad Socks

present for new dad: Future Dad Socks


Keep an expectant father warm and cozy with socks that will delight even the grumpiest of men. These unique gifts for new dads will bring a whole new meaning to happy feet! 

24. Daddy-To-Be Valentines Card

Valentine gifts for expecting dads Daddy-To-Be Valentines Card


When presents for expecting dads come paired with this Valentine’s Day card, they immediately become extra meaningful. Daddy won’t be able to control his tears when he reads the loving message in store!

25. Luxury Scented Candle

gift for expectant father: Luxury Scented Candle


Celebrate any special occasion with a charming scented candle that adds a romantic glow to ordinary evenings. As far as gifts for new dads from moms go, this precious item is hard to beat.

26. Christmas Ornament

christmas gift for expecting dad: Christmas Ornament

from $21.95

The best first-time-dad Christmas gifts are all about items that hold more value than gold. Hang this keepsake on the tree and keep the memories of pregnancy fresh in your minds for years to come.

27. Personalized Twin Pregnancy Bump Blanket

thoughtful expectant father gifts: Personalized Twin Pregnancy Bump Blanket


Twin babies equal twice the happiness for the expecting dad. Make sure he knows how much he’s loved with a sweet blanket. Bet he can’t wait to cuddle with his little treasures!

28. A Little Wish for a New Daddy Bracelet

small expectant father gift: A Little Wish for a New Daddy Bracelet


Celebrate the man that will hold your child’s hand like it’s the most precious jewel in the universe. Your husband will never forget his first gifts from the unborn baby. Make this simple yet meaningful bracelet one of them!

29. Ultrasound Necklace

first fathers day gift from unborn baby: Ultrasound Necklace


Hang this pregnancy gift around a guy’s neck and he won’t have a need for more jewelry. It’s the most touching Father’s Day present for expecting dads. This way, his baby will always be close to his heart.

30. This Guy is Going to be a Dad Photo Desktop Plaque

personalized gift for first time dad: This Guy is Going to be a Dad Photo Desktop Plaque


Wondering what to get expecting dads for Father’s Day? With this plaque, a man’s first Father’s Day will be the most memorable occasion of his life. Nothing will even come close! 

31. New Life Sculpted Figure

gift for new dad from wife: New Life Sculpted Figure


When it comes to first Father Day gifts, you want them to be mementos that never go out of fashion. Here’s a thoughtful little sculpture that everyone will fall in love with. Check out how lovely it is!  

32. Can’t Wait to Meet the First Time Dad Mugs

gift for expecting dad: Can’t Wait to Meet the First Time Dad Mugs


These mugs are perfect for a soon-to-be father. It’s time to let him know that pretty soon, things are going to be very different around here. Just imagine how excited he’ll be!


Ready to Wow a New Dad?

There you have it – the best gifts for expecting dads anyone can imagine. Show this enthusiastic and excited dad-to-be that countless wonderful moments are in store. Fatherhood is finally here!



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