30+ Best Gifts for Dog Moms and Their Furry Friends In Your Life 2021

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • October 14, 2020
30+ Best Gifts for Dog Moms and Their Furry Friends In Your Life 2021

Dogs really are man’s best friend, more like woman’s best furry friend. Dog moms know just how much love their canine companion can give them so they give it back in a big way. A furry baby can bring so much joy and love into your life, so why not show them all the appreciation you can with some small gifts? Help the dog mom or fur mamas in your life out with this list of best gifts for dog moms.

You can get these great gifts on Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthdays or any other special occasion to make fur mama’s day, oh and of course make the day of her precious pupper. Here’s the list:

Practical Dog Mom Gifts

If you are looking for the best gifts for dog moms, look no further than our list of practical gifts pups. This list embodies everything a practical mother would want for her furry baby.

dog mom gifts: canine DNA test kit

Unique gift for dog lovers

Dog DNA Test Kit for Breed and Ancestry Information


Get all the information you need about your pet with this full DNA test kit to test the dog breed. Gift this to the dog mom in your life this Christmas so they can find out everything they need to know about their canine companion.

Price: $79.99 

gifts for dog moms - dog breeds

Breeds: A Canine Compendium


This is a charming guide to over 100 dog breeds on over the world, each depicted in a beautiful watercolor and accompanied by a description. This colorful book can be useful gifts for dog owners to know more about their fur baby.

Price: $16.69

useful gifts for dog moms: dog training accessories

Dog Training Pouch


If the dog lover in your life is always on the go with their pet, gift them this all-inclusive dog treat bag. It has everything they need to be on the go with that pup, from a portable snack bowl to training tools.

Price: $13.99

personalized dog gift: custom dog mat

Personalized Dog Mat


This personalized fur baby gift is not only super comfortable for man’s best friend but would also put a smile on the dog owner’s face. Gift this on any special occasion to show them that you are thinking about them and their beloved pet.

Price: $19.95

gift idea for dog moms: dog jerky treats for their puppers

Premium Healthy Dog Jerky Treats


Which dog doesn’t like treats? Gift this doggy jerky to the pet owner in your life that enjoys the meaty cheat themselves. They can enjoy their snacks while their pupper enjoys theirs! These are great gift idea under $10.

Price: $9.99

practical dog mom gifts: dog travel bag

Top Dog Travel Bag


Have a traveling dog mom in your life? Gift them this airline-approved dog travel bag so they can have all their essentials in one place. This dog lover will never forget anything behind!

Price: $39.99

gift for dog moms: dog love charm bangle

Alex and Ani Prints of Love Expandable Bangle Paw Print Bracelet


On her birthday, show the dog momma you know her best by gifting her this beautiful paw print bracelet that features all the names of her fur babies. Every time she looks down at her wrist, she will remember the true love a pet can give.

Price: $25.00

cute dog mom gifts: dog dessert plate

Dog-a-Day Dessert Plate


This beautiful dog art dessert plate is as perfect as dog mom gifts go. Its vibrant colors and artistically painted dog would make a great addition to any china cabinet.

Price: $14.00

heartwarming gifts for dog mom: gift book "Devoted: 38 Extraordinary Tales of Love, Loyalty, and Life With Dogs"

Heartwarming gift book

Devoted: 38 Extraordinary Tales of Love, Loyalty, and Life With Dogs


Give the great gift of unlikely friendships and extraordinary dogs shared through wonderful stories in this book. The best dog mom you gift this to will be inspired I’m left in tears with the heart-wrenching stories portrayed within these pages.

Price: $13.51

unique gifts for dog lovers: dog camera with treats

Treat-tossing Dog Camera


If you are looking for gifts for dog moms who love to travel or are out of the house a lot, look no further then this treat-tossing HD camera-equipped device. Both, the canine companion and the dog mom will thank you for it. 

Price: $198.98

dog mom gift: portable dog water bottle

Portable Dog Water Bottle


This one’s for the thirsty pooch on the go. His dog water bottle is leakproof, lightweight, and all-around practical. It can carry 14 ounces of water and is completely BPA free; perfect for walks in the park or along the beach.

Price: $10.99

unique gift for dog lovers: diy homemade dog treats kit

Make Your Own Homemade Dog Treats Kit


Are you looking for gifts for dog moms they like to get their hands dirty? This homemade dog treats kit will get the pet lover in your life in the kitchen and cooking for her pooch in no time.

Price: $24.99 

funny gifts for dog lovers: pooping pooches calendar

Pooping Pooches Calendar


This gag gift is still practical because it’s a calendar! It features hilarious pictures of pooping pooches with the 2020 calendar. Put a smile on the pet owner in your life’s face by gifting them this on their birthday.

Price: $16.99 

barkbox subscription - gift idea for dog moms

BarkBox Subscription - The Best Toys & Treats Every Month


This is one of the great dog lover gifts that keeps on giving. Subscribe your favorite canine mom to this monthly treat and toybox for her best dog. She’ll get the best toys I’m treats right at her doorstep every month.

Price: $15.95

Personalized Dog Gifts

Pet lovers love displaying their affection for their furry friends all over their homes and lives. Give them any one of these personalized gifts so they can add to their ever growing collection.

funny gifts for dog lovers: custom dog portrait canvas print

Custom Pet Portrait Canvas


Give your best dog mom a dog art painting of their pet depicted as a historical figure. It’s cute, it’s funny and it would make a lovely addition to any wall in their home!

Price: $49.95+

cute gift for dog moms: dog mom sweatshirt

Dog Mom Sweatshirt


These stretchy and comfortable sweatshirts would look great hanging in the closet of a dog momma. Wrap it up and gift it on her birthday so she can wear her love for her pup loud and proud!

Price: $10.99 – $22.99

mother's day gift from dog: custom photo mug

Custom Photo Coffee Mug


This gift is just perfect! It has a personalized message from the pooch and a precious photo portraying a fond memory! It’s sure to put a smile on mom’s face as she drinks her morning cup!

Price: $22.95

heartwarming gifts for dog moms: custom photo canvas print

You Left Your Paw Prints On My Heart - Photo Canvas


This is thoughtful gift to reminisce memories between fur mama and their fur baby. This is a heartwarming paw canvas print with a lovely message that will bring a tear to any pet owner’s eye!

Price: $39.95+

personalized dog gift: personalized dog collar

Personalized Dog Collar


This sturdy dog collar is a perfect gift for any occasion. The dog lover in your life will appreciate your thought for their bestie. Customize it with the dog’s name on the sturdy metal buckle and choose a fun strap to add a little flare.

Price: $44.95

personalized dog gifts: custom pet socks

Custom Pet Socks


If you are looking for the best personalized gifts for dog moms, look no further than this adorable custom pet socks. Get a photo of your best dog mom’s pup and have it printed on some comfy socks; these make the perfect Christmas gift.

Price: $18.99

personalized dog gifts: custom dog bandana

Personalized Dog Bandana


How cute do dogs look with bandanas on? That’s right, adorable! So why not gift this personalized dog bandana to your favorite canine companion?

Price: $15.50+

Personalized Dog Gifts: Personalized Dog Christmas Ornament

Personalized Dog Christmas Ornament


Make Christmas a little more special this year with Christmas dog lover gifts. Get this personalized ornament for her tree; just pick a photo of her cute dog and get it printed on an ornament that will shine brighter than the rest.

Price: $16.95

unique gifts for dog lovers: sculpted keepsake box

Sculpted Hand-Painted Keepsake Box


If you are looking for heartwarming gifts for the dog moms in your life, look no further than this sculpted hand-painted box. It features a beautiful sculpture of a cute dog and her mom in a warm embrace on the cover.

Price: $21.95+

funny gifts for dog lovers: funny door mat

Bunch of Big Ass Dogs Funny Doormat


Dog owners are often as silly as their dogs. So, if you are looking for funny gifts for dog lovers, this doormat will be just that! It warns outsiders to be aware of what lays beyond the door of the pet owner’s house, but does it in the most hilarious way!

Price: $40.00

gift for dog moms: Custom Pet Dog Puzzle

Custom Best Dog Puzzle


Pick a cute photo of her dog to gift it to dog lover in the form of a puzzle. It not only features her pup but also gives her something fun to do on her nights in.

Price: $12.05+

dog mom gifts: pet photo necklace

Unique dog mom gifts

Your Pet Photo Necklace


Are you looking for the best personalized dog gifts for owners? These beautifully crafted personalized necklaces are engraved to portray the pet owner’s dog without a fault. They make a lovely gift on any special occasion.

Price: $39.50+

dog mom t-shirt: all my kids have paws

Dog Mom Paw Print T-shirt


This funny T-shirt features a message that all dog moms can relate to. It shows how important their fur baby is to them, and it’s done on a fashionable and comfy shirt with a small paw of a pup!

Price: $18.99

DIY Gift Ideas for Dog Moms

Is the dog mom in your life also super creative? If she prefers to get handmade gifts over anything else, these DIY dog mom gifts are perfect for her. So get crafty and make her one of these to surprise her and make her day.

diy gift idea for dog lovers: ombre dog leash

Dip-Dyed Rope Dog Leash


Dog leashes and accessories can be expensive, especially when they look as good as these. Just get your hands on a basic leash and dip-dye at home to make this Instagram-worthy leash for a beloved dog mom!

gift for dog moms: diy treat jar

Diy Treat Jar


These DIY dog treat jars would make a perfect give away for other dog moms at a doggie birthday! They’re easy to make and you’ll have tons of fun doing it too!

baby gifts for dog lovers: diy knit dog toy

DIY Knit Dog Toy


Make a gift for the dog mom in your life who doesn’t trust the store-bought toys! She will really appreciate the craftsmanship and the meaning behind the toy itself; and, of course, her pup will love it too!

gifts for a dog mom: DIY dog bed

DIY Dog Bed


These big and fluffy dog beds make a perfect gift for big and fluffy dogs. They might take some time to make, but it will all be worth it when you are rewarded with tons of licks and cuddles.

DIY dog mom gift: ombre dog feeder

Upcycled Ombre Dog Feeder


If the pet lover in your life has a Pinterest-worthy home, why not add something for her dog to help her space look that much more picture ready!? This dog feeder is super easy to make and will definitely win you some brownie points!

cute gift for dog lovers: no sew dog scarf

Easy homemade dog mom gifts

No Sew DIY Dog Scarf


Keep your friends loving canine warm through winter with this super easy to make, yet super chic pom pom scarf!

diy dog mom gift idea: diy dog coaster

DIY Photo Coasters


Get crafty and create these dog coasters with a dog mom’s favorite photos of her pooch. She will be able to display her love for her pet whenever guests come over!

We hope you found gifts for dog moms in your life on our list! We included some funny, some sentimental and some practical gifts to make sure there is something for everyone!

Hopefully, the pet owner and her canine companion love what you get them, no matter what you choose.



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