29 Best Gifts for Dancers That Will Make Them Twirl With Delight (2021)

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  • September 25, 2020
29 Best Gifts for Dancers That Will Make Them Twirl With Delight (2021)

If you’re looking for gifts for dancers in your circle, you’ll love the idea of giving them personalized ones.

Check out these gift guide for all ages and all genres, such as hip hop or ballet.

They’re unique and cute gifts for adults and children. 

If your girl enjoys dancing, give them a gift after a recital dance, graduation, Christmas, or another occasion.

Besides, we also have some meaningful gifts to your dance teacher.

Young or old, there’s a gift for everyone here!

(Prices change frequently, so they could be slightly different from what we mentioned at the time of publication)

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Custom Canvas Print - Gifts for Dancers

Custom Canvas Print

You can combine several pictures into one on a personalized collage canvas print. Then, give this meaningful gift to a buddy who started as just being a fellow dance team member but is your best friend now. Besides, it can be a perfect gift for their birthday or after a big dancing performance. This gift is also perfect for your dancing instructor, and the entire crew can chip in to honor their dancing teacher.

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Photo Mug - Gifts for Dancers

Photo Mug

Your little dancer girl will love having a customized photo mug with her picture on it. Choose a picture of her when she’s in her dancer costume and is in mid-pose. You’ve probably captured several precious moments, hence giving you many options to choose from. On her birthday, you can give her this unique gift. She’ll cherish it forever and can use it to decorate her desk with or use it as a drinking mug.

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Dance Bag - Gifts for Dancers

Dance Bag

Sparkle and shine is the best way to describe this beautiful dance bag. Your little girl can use it to carry her things when she goes for dance class. Tweens will also love this gift. The dance bag isn’t just pretty to look at, but it’s also functional, which is what makes it the perfect dance gift. This bags also make for great holiday gifts.

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Bag Tag - Gifts for Dancers

Bag Tag

Whose bag is that? No one will be asking this because they’ll already know, thanks to the personalized bag tag with their name on it. Dance instructors before a dance recital can buy bag tags for the entire dance team as a way to encourage them and bolster their confidence. It’s a cheap and affordable gift to give regardless of the dance form. Whether it’s hip hop, ballet, jazz, or contemporary, give them a bag tag.

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Water Bottle

Water Bottle

After you dance your heart out, you need water to hydrate yourself and get back in dance mode. If dancing is your teenage girl’s passion, give them a water bottle that conveys their love for dance. Searching for gifts for teenage girls? You’ve found it! Moreover, you can even give the bottle to your group of friends, so you’ll all match. The water bottle is an amazing gift to put under the tree during Christmas.

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Garment Bag - Gifts for Dancers

Garment Bag

Do you have a little ballerina in your family? If you do, give her this beautiful and charming garment bag. She can use it to place all her ballet shoes, clothes, and other accessories. It’s one of the most thoughtful gifts for dancers. Your little girl will be over the moon when she finds out that she has a garment bag dedicated to her dancing hobby.

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Dance Teacher Art

Dance Teacher Art

Say thank you to your dance teacher with this wonderful and personalized dance teacher art. Your dance instructor has motivated you when you couldn’t nail that move and gave you the confidence to give your best performance at the dance recital. She has been there for you when you needed their kind words. Now, it’s time to tell them how thankful you were for everything.

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Stretch Band

Stretch Band

The stretch band is for ballet, gymnastics, and other dance activities. It’s a thoughtful birthday, graduation, and holiday gift. If your girl has a stretch band, but it’s time for an upgrade, this stretch band will do a topnotch job in helping your girl stretch and perform. Surprise your loved one with a stretch band on her special day. She’ll appreciate the gesture.

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Onesie - Gifts for Dancers


When one or both parents are dancers, the only dance gift that makes sense to give to the toddler on their birthday is a cute little onesie. It doesn’t have to be a gift. You can get an onesie for your little dancer. Since you’re a gifted dancer, your child may be too. You can even do a photoshoot where you’re in your dance clothes with your baby in their cute little onesie.

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Leg Warmers

Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are a stylish and fashionable gift to give to your girl. These cool leg warmers will ensure they don’t lose their grip while dancing. However, even girls who aren’t into dancing would love to receive leg warmers as a gift, especially during Christmas time, to keep them warm and cozy. It’s a cool gift to give regardless of the occasion.

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Jewelry Stand - Gifts for Dancers

Jewelry Stand

What makes this jewelry stand, such as hit with teenage girls? The jewelry stand is shaped like a beautiful and elegant ballerina. What girl wouldn’t prefer hanging their necklace, ring, and earrings on this stand? If you were looking for sweet 16 gift ideas, we just gave you a fantastic one. It doesn’t matter if you’re the birthday girl is a dancer or not, as most girls will like hanging their jewelry on a unique stand such as this one.

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Dance Mom t-shirt

Dance Mom T-shirt

For dance moms cheering their boys and girls from the sidelines and taking them to every dance rehearsal and recital, their dedication and commitment to supporting their child’s ambition and passion needs to be celebrated. You can give the dance mom in your life the dance mom t-shirt. Your mom will look so cute wearing it. Give them this dance gift to see them smile.

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Hair Kit - Gifts for Dancers

Hair Kit

If your little girl is a dancer, you need a hair kit to keep everything in one place. This hair kit will come in handy during her recital dance performances. When they have a hair emergency, you can pop up the hair kit and make her hair on the spot. You can personalize the hair kit with her name as well. She can take it with her to rehearsals as well.

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Does your teenage girl take notes during dance class? Is she always writing down the steps of the dance she needs to practice at home or her schedule down? Does she create dance steps to different songs herself? If you said yes to one or more of these things, you need to give your little girl this cheap and beautiful notebook.

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Bracelet - Gifts for Dancers


If you need some ideas for gifts for sister, why not give them this wonderful bracelet to wear. The bracelet communicates their love for dance. Tweens don’t have to be a dancer to get this bracelet. It’s a cute bracelet that any girl would love pairing with her everyday clothes. You can also buy two bracelets, one for you and one for your buddy.

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Candy Bar Wrapper

Candy Bar Wrapper

Sweeten your mouth before the dance competition for good luck with chocolate-covered in candy bar wrapper. The candy bar wrapper is easy to place on the chocolate. It’ll be a delicious treat to give out to your dance student and her dancer friends after the dance performance ends as well. If you’re hosting a dance-themed celebration before the competition, decorate the table with chocolate wrapped in this beautiful pink wrapper.

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Dance Legging - Gifts for Dancers

Dance Legging

The dance leggings are for people of all ages, including 7 years olds. If you’re a dance mom and your child is a dancer, you can get a pair for you and her both. The perfect time to wear them is during the holidays. Along with the other dance-themed holiday gifts, you can give your child dance leggings as well. You can create a Christmas card with you and your daughter wearing matching leggings.

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Ballroom Dance Tote

Ballroom Dance Tote

This is one of the cutest ballroom dance totes you’ll ever come across. The ballroom dance tote is an excellent gift for an adult. You can even give it to your child. The best part about this gift is that you don’t have to be a dancer to love it. You can give it to someone on their birthday, graduation, or some other occasion.

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Ballerina Earrings - Gifts for Dancers

Ballerina Earrings

These cute ballerina earrings will win your heart. If your teen has been dancing and learning ballet from a young age, she’ll love flaunting these earrings when she’s around her friends. She may even want to buy it for her best friend. The earrings will sway back and forth when she dances. These elegant earrings will go with every outfit.

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Christmas Ornament

Christmas Ornament

The personalized holiday gift will look exquisite on your Christmas tree. The Christmas ornament is a great way to say thank you and appreciate your dance instructor. If you’re looking for retirement gifts for teachers, give them an ornament. Each year, they can put it on their tree and be reminded of you each time they look at it hanging from it.

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Musical Jewelry Box

Musical Jewelry Box

When you give your little sister a musical jewelry box for her birthday, you’ll be the cool older sister. If your sister likes to collect jewelry and needs a jewelry box, give her one that plays music when she opens it up. When she opens it, there’ll be another surprise waiting for her— a cute ballerina dancing to the music. This box will be the favorite gift for your little dancer.

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Foot Massager - Gifts for Dancers

Foot Massager

Do you know what a dancer wants when she comes home after a dance competition? She wants someone to massage her aching feet. She wants to sit and relax while her feet get pampered. There couldn’t be a more thoughtful gift to give than a foot massager. When you come home from dancing, you can surprise her with a foot massager.

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Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

If mom, dad, or both are dancers, they might want their little girl to follow in their footsteps. You can give your toddler a ballerina teddy bear. Even if they don’t turn out to be dancers, a stuffed teddy bear is still a great gift to give to them, as it’ll always remind them of their parents. If you know a couple who has just given birth to a baby, a teddy bear will make a good addition to their nursery.

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Spirit Candle - Gifts for Dancers

Spirit Candle

Are you trying to come with unique stocking stuffer ideas for girls? If you are and you can’t think of any, we have one for you. You can stuff your baby girl’s stockings with a spirit candle. What makes this spirit candle special than other candles? This candle represents the spirit of dance through cast iron sculptures of a dancer hidden inside it.

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Photography Books

Photography Books

Photography books capture the beauty and elegance of ballerinas from all over the world. This gift is more for an adult than a child. If you have a friend or family member who performs ballet, you can give them photography books for their birthday. It’s difficult to think of a gift for an adult, but a photography book filled with fascinating pictures of dancers just made gift giving easy.

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You can give every dance team member of the cheer dance squad with a personalized keychain. It’s a memorable senior graduation gift. You can get a keychain for the entire squad, handing it out to them at the end of the last dance competition you’ll have as seniors. If you’re a partner to a dancer or cheerleader, you can give it your senior to put it on their bag.

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Ballerina Pillow - Gifts for Dancers

Ballerina Pillow

We love the unique ballerina pillow because it sparkles. The sequined pillow reveals a picture of a ballerina and your sister’s name when you slide your hand across it. This is what makes this personalized pillow so unique. You can give your sister the ballerina pillow for Christmas or their birthday. They can use the pillow to decorate their bed.

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Cosmetic Bag

A teenage girl who is also a dancer needs a cosmetic bag to store her makeup. The bag is available in several styles, such as an animal performing pole dance. They can take the compact cosmetic bag everywhere they go, as it doesn’t take up much space. You can buy makeup and put it in the bag before you give it to them. This is one of the best friend gifts to give to your friend. No rule says that you can’t get this cosmetic bag for yourself.

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Night Light

Night Light

The personalized night light is a fantastic gift for your little girl. The night light features a ballerina in the spotlight. The light shines through the dancer to light up the room. It’s a nice dancing gift that can be given to any dancer. If your baby girl uses a nightlight and takes dance classes, this ballerina night light is the perfect gift to give her.

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Did you like any of these wonderful ideas for gifts for dancers?

Ballet dancers will love to receive these personalized and thoughtful dance gifts.

You can give a gift on their birthday, dance competition, and holiday such as Christmas.

With so many ideas for gifts, you’ll always know what to give them on special occasions.

Your gifts will always be the best in their book, as they came from your heart.



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