The 25 Best Christmas Gifts for Dad from Daughter (2021)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • August 20, 2021
The 25 Best Christmas Gifts for Dad from Daughter (2021)

Are you searching for unique gift ideas for your dad this Christmas? If so, you’re not alone! Looking for the perfect gift for a dad from daughter is difficult on any occasion. Sometimes, he seems to have everything already! But we are here to help you.

In this article are the best gifts that will instantly light him up. When opening the present, he will realize how much thought you – his favorite daughter – have put into making his holiday season more special!

Unique Gift Ideas from Daughter to Dad

to me you are the world canvas print from daughter to dad

“To Me You Are the World” Photo Canvas Print

A custom-made sentimental collage on his will be a sure-fire way to stir up those heartwarming, good old memories. Select the best of your pictures with your dad and give him one more reason to smile about on his special day.

Father Daughter Star Map Print Gift for dad from daughter

Daddy Star Map Print

The love between father and daughter knows no distance, and this unique personalized star map print is the best gift to show it to your dad. The star map shows the actual views of the sky when and where you were born, making it a meaningful gift for your dad’s birthday.

Sound Wave Art Custom Print Dad Gift from Daughter

Sound Wave Art

Capture your voice and turn it into unique sound wave art! It’ll be impossible to keep the tears inside after he sees this sentimental gift from you. Not only can he appreciate your voice in the sound wave form with this art, but there’s also a QR scanner code to hear your voice, listening to whatever message you deliver to him.

a canvas print with custom street sign: a personalized gift for dad from daughter

Family Street Sign Canvas Print

A creative gift for dad from a daughter moving away. The print says your heart is always with him and the family, no matter how far apart you might be.

Father Daughter Infinity Bracelet For Dad

Father-Daughter Infinity Bracelet

A constant reminder of the special bond between dads and daughters is something any dad would appreciate. This leather infinity band would be the ideal, personalized present from daughters to their dads. You can engrave your names on the front and a sweet secret message on the back.

Customized Engraved Wooden Watch For Dad from Daughter

Engraved Wooden Watch

No other gifts can beat this customized engraved wooden watch as a surprise gift for a time-conscious dad. It has a classy design and a heartfelt, sentimental message at the back of the watch dial that says: “I’ll always be your Little Girl. You’ll always be my Hero!”. Your dad will be sure to flex this wristwatch anywhere he goes!

I'm a Proud Dad of a Freaking Awesome Daughter Tumbler Stainless Steel

“A Proud Dad of a Freaking Awesome Daughter” Tumbler

If you’re looking for a sentimental yet funny Christmas gift that would be sure to put a loving spark in his eyes, this is it! Not only will this tumbler be an excellent way to cheer him up, but it is also a practical present that your dad can use every day.

Father Holds His Daughter’s Heart Forever

Send him a message from the bottom of your heart. Tell him how thankful you are that he’s always there to show you the way.

DAD Titanium Bracelet Gift From Daughter

Custom Titanium Bracelet

These days, you can’t always see your dad as much as you used to, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to keep connected. With this trendy, cool titanium bracelet on his wrist, just one glance would be enough to remind him of the special love and bonding with his favorite daughter. Plus, this is perfect for his everyday wear and tear because of the sturdy material.

Star Wars Father's Gift From Daughter | Like Father Like Daughter Print

“Like Father Like Daughter” Star Wars Print

Fathers and daughters share a special bond that can’t compete with anything else. Show him how proud you are to be his little girl with this super cool Star Wars print. You can personalize by adding your own words or go with the original wording: “You’re the best Dad in the Galaxy.” Perfect for the Star Wards fan dad!

Dad Thank You For Teaching Me How To Be A Man Even Though I’m Your Daughter Mug Funny Dad Gift from daughter

“Dad Thank You for Teaching Me How to Be a Man Even Though I’m Your Daughter” Funny Dad Mug

Sounds funny at first, but this is also a sentimental photo gift for dad from daughter. After all, he has raised you to be tough in life and never give up.

These Girls Stole My Heart Keychain

“These Girls Stole My Heart and Call Me Daddy” Key Chain

This key chain will make a lovely gift for a dad from his daughters. While it’s a practical gift in general, the keyring contains two charms that make it sentimental because of the thoughtful engraved wordings.

I Found My Prince His Name Is Daddy – Desktop Photo Plaque

“I Found My Prince. His Name Is Daddy” Photo Plaque

If your dad has always treated you like his princess, and he’s no less than royalty in your eyes, then this plaque the perfect present for him. Give this cute desktop photo plaque on his special day, customized with your most favorite photo together, and watch him smile big with all the pride he could muster for you.

Dad I Will Always Be Your Financial Burden – Custom Photo Mug

“Dad, I Will Always Be Your Financial Burden” Photo Mug

If you’re looking for a funny gift from adult daughters to dad, this could be it! What better way to tease your fun-loving dad with a custom mug that tells him you’ll always be his financial burden no matter how old you get. Moreover, it will get across your sense of humor that you got from him on his special day.

to my dad wallet - gift for dad from daughter

Engraved Wallet With A Message from Daughter

Featuring the words, “To my dad, I will always be your little girl,” this wallet would be an excellent way to show love to your dad. It’s a classic accessory he uses all the time, so you know there’s no way you would be far from his thoughts and mind any time of the day.

1st Man To Catch My Heart Fishing Lure Personalized Gift from Daughter to Daddy

“1st Man to Catch My Heart” Fishing Lure

If your dad is a fishing fanatic, you can give him this fishing lure as a fun present yet super affordable. The joke inscribed on it is guaranteed to make him laugh out loud and fall in love with his new gear at first glance.

a photo canvas print gift with a quote from daughter to dad

“You Will Always Be the First Man I Ever Loved” Photo Canvas Print

Use this personalized gift to convey a sentimental message from you to your dad: “You will always be the first man I ever loved.” This personalized canvas print makes the perfect gift for him on Father’s Day, birthday, or even your wedding day.

Memory Book For Dad - Forever My Father

“Forever My Father” Memory Book

Remind him how much he is loved by his favorite daughter with this memory book. Be creative and fill it with cute messages that will simply light him up. Reading your loving words and seeing the hardcore proof of how you feel about him would make him the happiest dad ever!

Memory Book For Dad - Sample

Engraved Hammer for Dad

Engraved Hammer for Dad

If he is known for being “Mr. Fix It”, your search for the perfect gift to give him this holiday is finally over! This creative and not-so-cheesy engraved hammer can be kept as a keepsake, or it can also be used for the little DIY jobs around the house. Either way, it will make a splendid thoughtful personalized present for him.

Personalized Pocket Knife For Dad from daughter

Personalized Pocket Knife

This personalized pocketknife is one of the best gifts under $10 for your father. He would keep it close with him on all occasions as a constant reminder of his little girl.

daddy little girl desktop plaque gift for dad from little daughter

“Daddy’s Little Girl” Desktop Plaque

When he is a new dad, every occasion in the year becomes extra special, including this Christmas. Give him this personalized plaque so he can keep the photo of his little princess nearby. A perfect Christmas gift for new dads from little daughter!

Proud Dad Tee Birthday Gift For Dad From Daughter

“Dads With Pretty Daughters” T-Shirt

Order a custom T-shirt for your dad on his special day and give him one more reason to feel proud to have a daughter like you. The cheesy, and yet funny wording on the shirt will only make your dad love his present even more!

Money Clip For Dad

Custom Money Clip

Turn something as simple as a money clip into a quirky, funny, yet sentimental present for your dad! Not only is this a practical gift that can be customized with your name, but it is also one that will put up a megawatt smile on his face every time he sees it.

Willow Tree My Girls, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Dad and His Daughters Figure

If you’re looking for something unique and sober that also conveys all your heartfelt love to your dad in the best way possible, this might be the right present to choose. The sculpted hand-painted figure shows a father wrapping his arms around his daughters. Short, sweet, meaningful but utterly mesmerizing, right?

a custom photo canvas print as a personalized photo gift for step dad from daughter

“My Stepdad Is a Wonderful Gift” Photo Canvas Print

Even though you don’t share the same genes, your stepdad chooses to love you like you are his own daughter. He fills the gap in your family and complete it.

Show him how much you appreciate that by giving your stepdad the personalized photo gift featuring a heartfelt message.


There you go. We hope that with this gift guide, you can make up your mind and choose the best Christmas gifts for dad from daughter. We guarantee these gifts from daughters are truly special that will keep him grinning from ear-to-ear all day long!

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