43 Best Gifts for Cooks and Home Chefs (2020)

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  • October 13, 2020
43 Best Gifts for Cooks and Home Chefs (2020)

Deciding on gifts for cooks in your life can be daunting, especially if you have no experience in the kitchen! The last thing you want is to get a “white elephant” that will sit collecting dust on a shelf. You want your gift to be appreciated as well as practical and functional.

There are many occasions to give gifts. Whether it be Christmas, a birthday, or “just because,” show your favorite home cook you care by giving quality cookware. And this isn’t just for the ladies! Men love their cooking utensils and gadgets just as much!

Here are some ideas to help with your dilemma. We’ve curated a list of the best gifts for people who like to cook to make your decision easier.

kitchen gifts: digital food scale

Digital Kitchen Scale


This digital scale’s sleek design won’t just look cool on your countertop. It will make sure that your recipes are followed to a T. With this excellent gift for cooking lovers, you’ll get those measurements right every time. Its easy-to-use precise measuring graduations and large, bright display are sure to be appreciated in any home cook’s kitchen!

gifts for people who like to cook: personalized cutting board

Personalized Cutting Board


Personalize your gift, and it is bound to have a special place in anyone’s kitchen. These beautiful, customized & engraved cutting boards are amongst the best kitchen gift ideas. You can customize your design and name to be engraved into boards made of your choice of maple, bamboo, or walnut. You’ll have the confidence that this thoughtful gift for a chef is one of a kind.

cooking gifts: classic chef's knife

Chef’s Knife


What could be a more important cooking utensil than a chef’s knife? Every kitchen has at least one, and every home cook could do with a couple more. Achieve flawless cutting with WÜSTHOF’s precision-forged, high carbon stainless steel blade. This sleek and well-made chef’s knife will please even the most well equipped of home cooks.

best kitchen gifts: electric knife sharpener

Electric Knife Sharpener


No kitchen is complete without a set of sharp knives. Get your blades razor-sharp with Chef’s Choice’s electric knife sharpener. It’s the best cooking gift for someone who wants to cook more but complains about not having time. With this electric knife sharpener, all knives will be razor-sharp in no time. Give this gift to aspiring chefs, so they can save time on the sharpening and get to cooking!

kitchen gift ideas: piggy steamer

Piggy Steamer


Now this is a must-have gift for any home cook. This adorable piggy steamer can be used on top of a pot for cooking or as a wrap when warming your food with a microwave. This cute & convenient steamer is certainly a unique gift for any cooks!

kitchen gifts: citrus zester & cheese grater

Citrus Zester & Cheese Grater


Indulge your loved ones with this premium quality zester. Make anyone feel like a top professional chef by putting the performance of a premium grater in their hands. Sure, you could get them any grater that works, but make an impression with this trendy, premium quality grater. These graters are so well-made, you could also give them as gifts for professional chefs.

cool kitchen gift ideas: stainless steel chopper

Stainless Steel Chopper


Breeze through the chore of chopping with this stainless steel chopper. Don’t keep your friends and family starving while you hone your ninja knife skills over the next few years. This creative little gadget will have everything diced and chopped in no time. The best part is it requires no skill to use!

gifts for cooks: bee's wraps

Bee’s Wrap


Every cook knows that we need to care for our planet for it to care for us. Please your loved ones and the planet with this unique and innovative substitute to plastic wrap. These food-safe wraps are made with all-natural materials and are reusable and biodegradable. It’s the best gift for cooks and for mother nature.

gifts for a chef: the flavor bible book

The Flavor Bible


Anyone can follow recipes, but what sets a great cook apart is knowing how to combine your own flavors. The Flavor Bible is the cooking gift you are looking for to do just that. The skills taught in this book are the best gifts for cooks looking to take their cooking to the next level.

kitchen gift ideas: hamilton beach food processor

Stack & Snap Food Processor


After the ol’ chef’s knife, the food processor is arguably the next piece of cookware mostly used for cutting. If your friend or loved one doesn’t already have their own, you can’t go wrong with this kitchen gift. With all its features and extra cutting blades, you can process your food every way you can think of. These will definitely make excellent gifts for new cooks.

gifts for cooks: state spoon rest

State Spoon Rest


When you’re done stirring that delicious pot of soup, you’ll need somewhere to leave your wooden spoon. You need a spoon rest! Every kitchen needs a cool one. These personalized spoon rests in the shape of all your favorite states are incredibly trendy. They will definitely score points in the novelty department.

compact swivel cheese board with knives

Compact Swivel Cheese Board with Knives


Give your loved one’s kitchen some character with this beautiful cheese board. Its creative design is complemented by its sturdy build quality and is sure to add elegance to any kitchen. This kitchen gift is great because your gift will be used any time guests are over. That means you’ll have “best gifter” bragging rights for years to come.

gifts for cooks: instant pot pressure cooker

Instant Pot 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker


Got a friend who has little equipment or experience but wants to cook it all? This electric pressure cooker is the kitchen gift to rule them all. It literally does everything. This piece of cookware steams, pressure cooks, makes yogurt, and even makes cakes! This cooking gift is a really good idea for friends with smaller living spaces with room for only one appliance. This one does it all!

french press coffee maker - gifts for coffee lovers

French Press Coffee Maker


A good coffee maker has its place in every kitchen and makes one of the best gifts for Christmas! This sterling French press coffee maker’s elegant and stylish appearance is just icing on the cake. It features double insulated walls to keep your coffee hot for longer. It also has a cool dual filter system to get even the smallest coffee granules out of your cup.

cooking gifts: kale and herb razor

Kale & Herb Razor


If you’re not that into cooking, chances are, you didn’t know something like this even existed! This cool gadget takes the leaves off the stalks of all your favorite herbs with ease. When thinking about getting gifts for cooks, something that saves them time in the kitchen is always a good idea.

gifts for people who like to cook: snap n strain strainer

Snap N Strain Strainer


Who says that cool gizmos and gadgets need to be high tech? This innovative strainer is one of those gadgets. Practical, yes, but also just downright cool! The innovative design allows it to be used with any sized pot. Plus, because it clips on, you won’t have to fool around clearing your sink before you strain your pasta. Who wouldn’t want this awesome new kitchen gift?

gifts for coos: air fryer

Air Fryer


Any idea what’s the number one reason people decide not to cook? Cleaning up. Especially when you’ve just fried something and all the oil splatters on your counter and your floor. Cooking with an air fryer means using less oil, which means better health and a cleaner kitchen! These are great gifts for cooks who enjoy healthy food and a clean kitchen. Killin’ two birds with one kitchen gift!

gifts for chefs: hand immersion blender

Hand Immersion Blender


You’ll need to pour your ingredients in the jar and risk spilling everything with a conventional blender. Not to mention all the extra cleaning you have to do. This nifty gadget lets you blend anything in its own container and is a spectacular gift for cooks and bakers! It also has various attachments like a whisk and a chopper bowl. That’s a lot of functionality in one kitchen gift!

kitchen christmas gifts: row boat serving bowl with utensils

Row Boat Serving Bowl with Wood Serving Utensils


The kitchen can sometimes be a stressful place. Dial back the intensity with this funny cooking gift! Fill the kitchen of a loved one with some humorous charm with this quirky row boat salad bowl. It even comes equipped with its very own wooden oar serving utensils. This gift is sure to get people talking.

gifts for cooks: veggie smart storage containers

Veggie Smart Storage Containers


The best gift for cooks is produce that never goes bad. With the veggie smart storage container, you could give them just that! The genius here is the slotted grate at the bottom of the container. Beneath that is a tray to collect water. This keeps your veggies from sitting in a puddle of water but leaves just enough humidity in the container. It will keep your salad fresh forever!

kitchen gift ideas: nessie ladle

Nessie Ladle


This cute and cheeky ladle is bound to make anyone smile. It’s trendy and funny, but Nessie’s little legs aren’t just for show. They help this tiny ladle stand up. You really can’t top a practical and cute kitchen gift like this one! Your loved ones will be scooping up more than just soup – they’ll be scooping smiles!

gift for chef: kitchen torch

Kitchen Torch


Gifts for cooks of the more serious sort can be tricky. This kitchen torch is a gadget that’s sure to impress even the most skilled chefs. You’ll be the cool cook on the block as you use to it to caramelize the sugar on that impressive creme brulee. If fancy-schmancy is what you’re looking for in a kitchen gift, this torch is a great idea.

gifts for cooking lovers: marble butter keeper

Marble Butter Keeper


This awesome marble butter keeper is a unique kitchen gift for friends! Did you know that soft butter tastes sweeter than hard butter right out of the fridge? We also know what a pain it is to spread hard butter on bread. This creative kitchen gift keeps your butter fresh without refrigeration by using water to create an airtight seal. The marble also keeps your butter at perfect spreading temperature.

gifts for a chef: cut resistant gloves

Cut Resistant Gloves


Care for the safety of your new home cook with a cool set of cut resistant gloves. This food-safe glove is made to be four times more cut resistant than leather. This thoughtful kitchen gift says, “I care about your fingers,” without dashing your friend’s dreams of being a chef.

gift for cooks: olive oil bottle dispenser

Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser


Don’t pick between substance and style. Get both! This charming olive oil dispenser is beautifully crafted with trendy colors that will spruce up the look of any kitchen. It also features an ergonomic handle angled precisely to give you perfect control every time you pour. If your loved ones are into Mediterranean cuisine, this is an excellent choice for Italian kitchen gifts.

gifts for chefs: granite mortar and pestle

Granite Mortar and Pestle


Many home cooks swear that grinding herbs and spices using a mortar and pestle produces better food than a blender. The action of pounding on herbs and spices releases more natural oils than the blades of a blender can. It is also a utensil not commonly found in many Western kitchens and can be quite a novelty.

kitchen gifts: wooden salt and pepper grinder set

Wooden Salt and Pepper Grinder Set


If your favorite home cook is known to be a real entertainer who has many guests over, look no further. Imagine your loved ones entertaining their guests, helping to season their dishes with these beautiful wooden grinders. They’ll be thankful for you every time a guest asks for some salt. These eye-catching and unique gifts for cooks will be a big hit!

cool cooking gifts: easy spread butter knife

Easy Spread Butter Knife


Ease your butter spreading conundrum and your arm muscles. This butter spreading utensil turns your rock-hard butter into soft, spreadable, deliciousness. Get this gift for cooks who have a hard time with hard butter. Ain’t nobody got time to wait around for that stuff to melt. Have your butter soft, and have it now.

kitchen christmas gifts: stone drying rack

Stone Splash Drying Rack


Surprise a loved one with this novelty drying rack. This could possibly be the only time anyone might get excited about a drying rack. Its trendy handmade design is stunningly attractive. No one would expect that something as simple as a drying rack could beautify a kitchen this much. This kitchen gift is relatively small and would make an excellent stocking stuffer for Christmas!

gifts for people who like to cook: funny oven mitts

Funny Oven Mitts


Add a dash of fun and humor to all your favorite recipes with these funny cooking gifts. These oven mitts are the perfect gifts for cooks who need to lighten up a little. A kitchen gift worthy of Gordon Ramsay himself. These humorous oven mitts are bound to make your special home cook cry from laughter. Viewer discretion is advised, especially for children.

gifts for cooks: gourmet salt samplers

Gourmet Salt Sampler Collection


Get creative and introduce some new and interesting flavors to any dish with a little dash of gourmet salt. This gourmet salt sampler has eleven different types of quality salts to get testy with. This kitchen gift also looks beautiful enough just to use as a decoration piece in your kitchen. What a fun and unique gift for a cook in your life!

gifts for bakers: modern art desserts baking book

Modern Art Desserts Baking Book


Astonish your guests with desserts worthy of an art museum. The Modern Art Dessert Baking Book will have you making desserts fashioned after Ellsworth Kelly sculptures to compositions by Mondrian. This unique recipe book is one of the coolest and most interesting gifts for bakers you’ll find. If you have a friend who enjoys making food as beautiful as it tastes, this is the gift for them.

Want more gift ideas for a baker? Check out our baking gift guide HERE.

best gifts for cooks: French ovens

Food52 x Staub Round Cocotte


Feeling a little extravagant and want to give your favorite home cook a real treat? These beautiful and superior quality French ovens are sure to pamper and impress. These cast iron pots look beautiful when used as a serving dish and will keep your food warm longer. They are also extremely durable and will last a lifetime, which makes them a perfect gift for any cook.

unique kitchen gifts: over-the-sink drying rack

Over-the-Sink Drying Rack


Dry your dishes in style! This drying rack has great rustic character but also has a ton of functionality. It stows away in seconds and is a real countertop space saver. It can also double as a mini colander and a cookie cooling rack. This is a really creative piece of gear that is sure to be greatly appreciated in any home kitchen.

gift ideas for someone who likes to cook: ultimate apron

Ultimate Apron


Stay clean while you cook with this kitchen gift idea! How do you improve on an apron? The creative designers of this apron add some neat features to it. On top of the extra burley stitching on beautiful hardy material, this apron has some tricks up its sleeves. It has built-in pot holders and a handy sewn-in conversion chart!

home & garden tool: living composter

Living Composter


Create beautiful, rich compost for your kitchen herbs. This stylish composter looks stunning! Not something anyone has ever said about a composting bin. These living composters would make good gifts for cooks who also enjoy a bit of gardening on the side. And do right by Mother Earth by reducing the amount of trash your kitchen produces.

best kitchen gifts: vacuum sealer machine

Vacuum Sealer Machine


Keep all your produce fresh with this nifty kitchen gadget. This vacuum sealer machine creates an airtight seal that will prevent your food from oxidizing and spoiling. It is also an essential utensil for anyone who might be thinking about sous vide-ing at home. It is incredibly simple to use and comes with everything you might need to start using it.

gifts for cooking enthusiasts: gourmet oil dipping spice kit

Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit


Spice up the life of your favorite home cook with this cooking present. Featuring flavors from all over the world, you’ll transform your dinner parties into international feasts. Just pair these dipping spices with some quality extra virgin olive oil, and you’ve got yourself a killer appetizer. The lovely box makes it the perfect gourmet cooking gift!

kitchen gifts: self watering herb pot

Self-Watering Kitchen Herb Pot


Having fresh herbs handy in a kitchen may seem like a dream until you realize how much maintenance they require. Make your special home cook’s dream come true without the hassle. These self-watering kitchen herb pots will keep your favorite herbs alive and delicious for you! The beautiful design is sure to complement any kitchen window sill and make great gifts for chefs.

unique kitchen gift ideas: personalized tea towel

Personalized Tea Towel


Looking for gifts for the cook who has everything? If you have no idea what to get because they already have everything, customize it! Beautify a loved one’s kitchen with this one-of-a-kind personalized tea towel. Not only is this tea towel unique and personal, but it’s also extremely practical! These personalized cooking gifts will impress your friends who are hard to please.

unique kitchen gifts: gravy & fat strainer

Gravy Strainer and Fat Separator


Keep the flavor high and the calories low with this gravy strainer and fat separator. The built-in strainer gets all the clumps out of your gravy, leaving it beautifully smooth. Leave the layer of oil on top out of your food and enjoy that delicious gravy with a clear conscience. This is an essential piece of cookware at any holiday meal.

rub-a-way stainless steel bar

Rub-a-way Bar


The magic silver bullet for removing odor? Literally, silver shaped like a bar of soap, this bar removes strong odors from your hands like magic. Rub this in your hands after an afternoon of garlic and onion chopping and voila! These gifts for cooks also make great stocking stuffers because of their small size.

gifts for cooks and bakers: food 52 e-gift card

Food 52 e-Gift Card


Sometimes life just gets in the way, and you need a quick last-minute gift. That’s okay! Any home cook is bound to love getting a gift card to Food 52. Food 52 is chock full of the best gift ideas for chefs and cooks. There, they can browse and look specifically for what they might want or need. No brainer! And you’ll come out looking like a hero.


In a world of endless options, finding the perfect kitchen gift can be a little disorientating. But you don’t need to be a culinary wizard to pick out a thoughtful gift.

We hope this kitchen gift guide has been helpful. We are confident that our carefully curated list of cooking gifts will help. These gifts for cooks are sure to show you care and appreciate whoever receives them.

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