39+ Best Gifts for College Students That They Will Really Adore (Updated 2021)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • July 1, 2021
39+ Best Gifts for College Students That They Will Really Adore (Updated 2021)

Young adults never realize how much they need until they head off to college. Be sure that they are prepared to face all those adulting challenges with these gifts for college students. No matter where they enter college, they are going to need some dorm gifts to begin their next adventure. 

While it’s been a long time since you were in college, you might think to yourself, what do college students need these days? With all the tech gadgets changing so fast, it can be hard to keep up. Instead, opt for something that you can never go wrong with, such as an inspirational item or a cooking gift. 

Price: $42.95

This custom photo canvas print is one of the best college or high school graduation gifts for a graduate. It features an encouraging and inspirational quote from Winnie the Pooh.

This custom canvas print gift motivates the fresh graduate to never fear what is coming


Portable Charge

Price: $36.99

Be sure that he can stay connected with all of his friends and family back home with this portable charger. A great gift for college guys that he’s sure to use everyday. Designed to provide multiple charges from one charge, he’ll never run out of juice.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Price: $49.99

College can be noisy and distracting. Be sure that he is able to get all of his coursework done with these noise-cancelling headphones. The perfect going to college gift for guys that will help him to focus and do his best, with up to 30 hours of playback.



Price: $39.95

You might not think of a toothbrush as something to buy someone that’s going away to college, but oral health is important. When searching for what to buy for college, it’s always a good idea to give practical gifts for health and happiness. This’ll keep their gums happy and healthy.



Price:  $199.95 

No college student should go off to school without a sturdy backpack. This backpack makes a great college student gifts for those who need to carry their whole life around with them. This backpack has great back support with lots of compartments for all of their tech essentials.  

Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle

Price: $29.49 

Small appliances always make good college gifts. This electric kettle is perfect for boiling water for ramen noodles, coffee, tea, and other quick meals. It’s a small, space saving device that is a versatile tool for any dorm kitchen. 



Price: $59.99  

Moving into a new place and having to change your entire routine can be really difficult on an individual’s sleep patterns. This pillow makes a useful college gift idea for both young men and women. Be sure they can get a good night’s rest and be their best with this pillow. 




Price: $19.99  

Blankets make another great dorm gift. This blanket is great for snuggling up to watch a movie or bringing to a class that always seems to be too cold. A compact size that’s perfect for bringing anywhere and comfy enough to ward off those homesick feelings.

WiFi System –Up Whole Home Coverage and 100+ Devices

WiFi System –Up Whole Home Coverage and 100+ Devices

Price: $169.99

This high coverage router is perfect dorm gift for a college student that shares a home with many others. It is a single Wi-Fi spot that gives seamless coverage to a large area and eliminates and buffering or interruptions in connection. 


JBL Charge 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speake

Price: $99.95

This clip-on JBL speaker is convenient and a great stress relief gift for college boys They can just clip it on their backpack and listen to their favorite tunes on the go. 

gifts college students want:Apple AirPods with Charging Case

Apple AirPods with Charging Case

Price: $139.00

Get these nifty little wireless headphones for college students who are known to love tech gifts. They can listen to all their music and podcasts on the go, and can even answer and make calls without ever touching their phone. 

Leather Watch

Leather Watch

Price: $12.99

This premium crazy horse leather is a great gift for a college guys that’s into gadgets. It comes in eight different colors that are durable, comfortable and super fashionable, making it a perfect college student gift.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Price: $199.95

Are you wonder what do college students need? Vacuum Cleaser is an ideal gift for them as college student needs it to keep their floor clean.

christmas gifts for students:Stainless Mug

Stainless Mug

Price: $24.74

If you’re looking for cool gifts  students actually need, then this mug is ideal. This mug will carry their hot beverage of choice while keeping it warm in freezing morning

best gifts for college grads:Cpffee Maker

Coffee Maker

Price: $79.99

This single coffee maker lets you use more than 6 K cups before having to refill. It helps morning rountine of a college student convenient and simple to brew a cup of coffee before class. 

Harper Crossbody

Price: $13.43

Super stylish and trendy, this cross body bag is a best gift for college students under $25! Its sleek and comes in a variety of neutral and bright colors so you can choose the perfect one to fit their taste.

Survival Kit Care Package

Price: $48.95

All the different items in this novelty survival kit may seem meaningless at first but they each represent something significant to help freshmen start college life with a little difference. The kit comes with a sweet message with each item to explain its significance.   

college girl gifts:6-Piece Set Bowl

6-Piece Set Bowl

Price: $17.99

Super stylish and trendy, this cross body bag is a great gift for college students under $25! Its sleek and comes in a variety of neutral and bright colors so you can choose the perfect one to fit their taste.

gifts for college boys:Digital Still Camera

Digital Still Camera

Price: $899.00

A picture is worth a thousand words, but one that is shot with this ultra-high-quality Cyber Shot is worth a lot more. This camera may be on the pricier side, but it makes the top gift for college students that want to make memories and capture them in time. 

best gifts for students: laptop bag

Laptop Bag

Price: $48.99

Lugging a heavy laptop around in your hand along with coursebooks and folders can be hard, but placing them into a sleek, stylish and feminine laptop bag doesn’t make it seem as bad. This laptop bag is really a good choice for a college girl.

gifts for new college students:Cooker


Price: $79.00

Looking for something great to buy for college freshmen? Give them the freedom to start experimenting with recipes by gifting them this electric pressure cooker. It’s simple to use and they’ll get to develop some life skills! 

going to college gifts:The Places You'll Go Cork Globe

The Places You'll Go Cork Globe

Price: $33.74

Gift the wanderer a reason to wanderlust; this cork globe can be personalized using pushpins for all the places that have been visited by the receiver of this wonderful gift.  

Homesick Scented Candle

Homesick Scented Candle

Price: $29.95

Scent is one of the strongest evokers of memories. This scented candle features a logo of a state and a scent crafted from the land’s local features. It would be a great gift for college girl students that are leaving their home for college.  

cool things for college apartment: Dorm Mug

Dorm Mug

Price: $26.95

Custom printed mugs make ideal college dorm gifts for students. This mug uses a combination of bold and cursive typography to write “Dorm Sweet Dorm” and features the receiver’s name for a more personal touch.

best gifts for college boys: Apple iPad

Apple iPad

Price: $320.45

Want to get a gift a college guys will really appreciate? The Apple iPad is perfect for taking notes in class, watching shows while relaxing and is small and light enough to carry around in any bag.

gifts for 19 year old male college student:Pots and Pans Set

Pots and Pans Set

Price: $26.95

Custom printed mugs make ideal dorm gifts for college students. This mug uses a combination of bold and cursive typography to write “Dorm Sweet Dorm” and features the receiver’s name for a more personal touch. 

things to buy for college freshmen:Recipes Every College Student

Recipes Every College Student

Price: $2.99

To help them right along on this cooking journey, cookbook is an useful gift for students. It is packed full of recipes that fit a college student’s lifestyle, and their budget! 

college student christmas list:Hang It Up Cosmetic Bag

Hang It Up Cosmetic Bag

Price: $26.24

Dorm rooms and shared bathrooms are notorious for their lack of space. This best college gift will easily transport their makeup and essentials and can be hung up on any hook to display everything to them at one time!

christmas gifts for college girls:Leather Chelsea Boot

Leather Chelsea Boot

Price: $102.99+

There’s nothing more perfect than Dr. Martens as  a best gift for college girls. These super cool and trendy boots are durable, comfortable and will show the world that this girl isn’t here to mess around!  

Wake- Up Light

Wake- Up Light

Price: $33.59

Getting to class on time is tough for any freshmen getting into the college routine. This amazing alarm clock emulates the light of the sun as it naturally rises in the sky, making sure it gently but effectively wakes the sleepy student up. 

gifts for college freshman:Leather Journal Diary

Leather Journal Diary

Price: $37.77

All because they’re a college student, doesn’t mean they need to carry around cheap diaries made of common materials. This upscale leather diary is personalized with the student’s initials and comes with a sleek pen. 

Sam Multi Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk

Sam Multi Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk

Price: $45.24

A college can find a place to study and work anywhere on campus if they have this memory foam portable desk that has an attached LED light. It has a slot for a smartphone and tablet too to make it more convenient; it’s one of those things college students need!



Price: $179.95

Every dorm room needs a mini fridge! If your child is off to college, gift them this dorm room gift to make them the most desirable roommate to have. They make life a lot more convenient and the freshman won’t have to worry about their food being stolen.

Glass Food Storage Containe

Glass Food Storage Containe

Price: $26.99

Meal prep is essential when you live on the busy schedule of a college student. Your child may not have appreciated them before, but good food storage containers will be their saving grace when exam time rolls around

gifts for college bound students: Bestie Hoodies

Bestie Hoodies

Price: $15.99+

Is your bestie off to a different college? Give this gift on your best friend  to make sure that they know you’re still thinking of them, even if you guys are miles apart. 


Gift Gift Box Set

Price: $38.00+

Send your freshman friend a relaxing gift box set to help them shed away the worries of college. This lovely box for college girls comes with a soothing lavender soap, aromatic bath bombs, a relaxing scented candle, a luscious lip balm and a heart-felt greeting card and a memento wooden box.

Room Decor

Room Decor

Price: $5.00

This is a simple, meaningful but cheap present that will look great displayed in any dorm room. It is a simple print that can be framed and will be sending good vibes to the receiver through all their years of college. 

college gifts for guys: Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes

Price: $9.99

A freshman can never have enough sticky notes, so if you’re looking for the best gifts for college students, look no further. This pack of sticky notes has different colors, shapes and sizes for all types of note taking and studying. 

christmas present for college guys:Beanie Hat

Beanie Hat

Price: $7.99

Looking for gift idea for college guys living in colder regions, or just like rocking the hipster look? This Bluetooth enabled beanie will make them look cool, and they can hear their music without needing clumsy old headphones. 

Game of Phones

Game of Phones

Price: $20.00

Give your freshman friend the gift of weekend fun with this interactive multiplayer scavenger hunt game that is played using your phones! Its super fun and is guaranteed to get tons of laughs. 



Price: $34.95

Colleges in the winter, especially in colder states require students to stay as warm as possible. These fashionable hand warmers will keep the freshman in your life cozy all through the chilly season. 

Creative Double Line Dual Color Pen

Creative Double Line Dual Color Pen

Price: $2.29+

Make note taking just a little more fun and creative with this dual colored pen. It writes with two tips instead of one, creating a colorful shadow to your writing! It will make reading back the notes more interesting too! Plus, it’s a cheap gift for college students that they will actually love. 

College Survival Kit

College Survival Kit

Price: $75.95

Make surviving four years of college a little bit easier with this survival kit! It includes a balm to reduce anxiety when the pressure gets too high, and oil to boost immunity during flu season amongst other great items!

This list is packed full of great useful and creative gifts for college students that they will really appreciate. Find the best one for the student in your life; they are all easily available online, so just click, order and gift! 



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