65+ Purr-fect Gifts for Cat Lovers Perfect for Any Occasion

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • June 21, 2020
65+ Purr-fect Gifts for Cat Lovers Perfect for Any Occasion

Plenty of people love their pets. However, there are certain individuals who go above and beyond when it comes to showing a fur baby a good life. This is why so many people search for gifts for dog mom and cat parents. When the time comes to grab a present for the cat lovers in your life, you can definitely find the perfect ideas by looking at gifts for cat lovers with purr-sonality. Whether you’re on the hunt for a DIY sentimental present for the animal lovers you know, a funny cat-themed gift, or an option that is practical in price and design, there are countless options to explore.  

Give yourself a moment to consider these purr-fect presents for cat lovers. With a bit of scratching, you’ll easily uncover the right fit.

Cats And Wine Make Everything Fine Custom Photo Collage Mug

Cats And Wine Collage Mug


Getting a bit silly with your cat themed present can also be a great way to find a great fit. For the person who loves cats as much as a glass of wine, this custom photo collage mug is perfect. All you need to do is pick out the pics!

Home Is Where The Cat Is Cute Custom Photo Collage Mug

Custom Photo Collage Mug


A photo collage mug that has been customized with personal pictures is always a nice gift to consider for the people in your life who love cats. This mug is a perfect example, showcasing a design that puts the furry little friend at the front and center of the gift.

gifts for cat lovers - personalized pillow

Personalized Cat Pillow


This personalized sequined pillow hides a secret when your hand touches it. Flip the sequins to reveal a hidden photograph of your favorite feline. The pillow can be ordered in a choice of four colors and two different sizes depending on your preference!

Dog And Cat Print

For A Balanced Life – Dog And Cat Funny Canvas Print


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Owning a cat doesn’t mean that dogs are off the table. In fact, plenty of people feel most at peace when their homes at filled with furry friends. This canvas print is a silly and sweet present to consider for the friend or family members with lots of fur babies. 

Cats Are My Favorite People Photo Collage Mug

Photo Collage Mug


Ask any cat owner whether they prefer people or felines and you can bet what the answer will be. If you want some cat home accessories that make your friend smile, you should consider a photo collage mug featuring the best pics of your friend’s favorite furry companion.

gifts for cat lovers - custom canvas cat portrait art

Custom Cat Canvas


Give your cat mama an artsy gift. Turn her fur baby into a cherished piece of art by ordering this custom cat canvas. There are tons of options for printing and styles when you order, so it can be completely customized to fit your needs. 

Cat Mom Photo Mug

Cat Mom Photo Mug


Cat moms take as much pride in their fur babies as any mother would. If you want to make the special cat lady in your life feel appreciated, a cat mom photo mug is the way to go. Select some excellent pictures and put together a great present.

gifts for cat lovers - personalized ornament

Cat Photo Personalized Christmas Ornament


Want the perfect Christmas gift for cat mama? This personalized cat photo tree ornament allows you to print the name and photograph of a cat on an ornament that will look just precious hanging on the Christmas tree!

cool things for cats - engraved cat tag fishbones

Engraved Cat Tag Fishbones Cat Tag


Cats have a habit of exploring the outside world. Make sure your favorite fur mama feels safe knowing her cat is secure by giving her this adorable cat collar tag. It has a little fishbone charm and can be engraved with your number and the cat’s name. 

gifts for cat lovers - custom mug

Custom "Cat Mom" Coffee Mug


Letting the world know about their furries is something cat owners love to do! This personalized mug will let them keep their cats with them, even when they are at work! These make for the perfect birthday gifts for owners. 

All I Want to Do is Pet Cats and Listen to Metal Photo Mug

Personalized Photo Mug


Every person is unique. While you might be trying to find a gift for someone who adores cats, you can also incorporate other interests into the gift. If you’ve got a friend who absolutely adores and loves both kittens and heavy metal, this photo mug is exactly the perfect fit.

custom shocks

Custom Cat Face Socks


Socks may be a clichéd present to give, but when you get a cat mama a pair with her fur babies face printed all over them, trust us, she won’t want to take them off! 

cat birthday gifts - personalized cat engraved necklace

Engraved Cat Photo Necklace


Give this gorgeous necklace to the cat owner in your life on the next special occasion. It features an engraved photograph of their cat with its name on the pendant. You can choose between gold and silver, and whether you want the cat’s headshot or whole body engraved.  

sterling silver pet memorial ring

Sterling Silver Pet Memorial Ring


Losing a pet is one of the hardest parts of life; just like losing any other family member. Gift this to a grieving cat mom as a keepsake to remember her fur baby. Personalize it by adding the pet’s name so they can remember it forever. 

gifts for cat lovers - personalized cat lover tshirt

Cat Mom T-Shirt


On the lookout for the perfect crazy cat lady gift? This customizable T-shirt can fit up to ten cat’s names! Your cat crazy friend will be able to display all her furry feline’s right on this T!

gifts for cat lovers - custom pet portrait bracelet

Custom Pet Portrait Bracelet


This pretty bracelet comes with two charms; one for an engraved portrait of the cat and the second for the name. You can choose between getting gold, silver, or rose gold as the finish and even choose the font you want for printing the name. 

novelty cat gifts - shaped sculpture

Tooarts Cat Shaped Wine Holder Wine


This beautifully hand-carved cat-themed wine holder is the perfect piece to add to any bar. Gift it to a sophisticated cat owner who loves to relax with a glass of Pinot.

gifts for cat lovers - cat shaming calendar

Cat Shaming 2020 Day-To-Day Calendar


Cats are known to be unapologetically mischievous! This calendar has put together a list of cats that have been caught in the act of being up to no good. The cat lover you gift this to will be able to relate to every picture, month by month! 

cat stuff for cat lovers - cat butt magnets

Kikkerland Cat Butt Magnets, Set Of 6 (MG53)


These hilarious magnets come in a set of six, and boy, they are unique! Stick up notes or drawings on your refrigerator with these cute little magnets or gift them to any cat lover to make their day!  

laser automatic interactive kitten

Yvelife Cat Laser Toy Automatic


This nifty little gadget will save a cat owner tons of energy if their kitty is in a playful mood, and they just want to relax! This laser toy automatically distracts your cat and plays with them even if you aren’t home! 

gifts for cat lover - wine bottle stopper

Fred STOP KITTY Wine Bottle Stopper


No one likes spoiled wine, but everyone sure does adore cats! This wine preserver turns the cat’s curiosity into a fun little stopper you can use to keep your wine fresher for longer. 

cat stuff for humans - cube tray

Fairly Odd Novelties FON-10010 Cat Shaped Ice Cube


This ice tray may seem a little unusual, but having these little felines floating in your glass is sure to put a smile on people’s faces. Gift this ice tray to a cat-loving friend to do the same for them. 

cat themed gifts for her - cat soap

Cat-Themed Soap


Are you looking for cat-themed gifts but don’t want to be too on the nose? The Purring Buddha company makes all sorts of cat-themed products, including soaps and bath-bombs; just take your pick! 

Dawhud Direct Cats Outdoor Garden Decor Wind Chime


This unique cat-themed gift will look and sound lovely when hung outside your favorite fur mama’s home. It’s crafted with quality out of iron to make the gentlest and most harmonic sounds. 

gifts for cat lovers - women shocks

Cavertin Women's Novelty Socks with Gift Box


This novelty cat gift comes in a cute gift box that says “a little treat for your feet,” and what a treat it is! These comfortable socks are the perfect blend of cotton, spandex, and nylon to keep your feet as snug as possible. 

presents for cats - sherpa moccasin cat bed

Sherpa Moccasin Cat Bed - Unique Modern Cat Furniture


Know a cat owner that loves spoiling her pet? Gift her this super comfy Moccasins shaped cat bed that her feline friend will thank you for. It comes complete with a faux Sherpa lining and faux suede exterior to look just like the shoe!

gifts for cat lovers - diy cat scratching

DIY Cat Scratching Post


This gift is one that will keep on giving. If your fur mama friend is sick of their cat scratching up all of their furniture, this DIY project will be a purrfect gift to give them! 

cat lovers catalog - diy cat perch

DIY Hanging Window Basket Cat Perch


This cat perch will not only look aesthetically pleasing hanging by a window, but the cat will also love sitting in it! This basket may seem technical to make, but just follow the steps, and its as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

gifts for cat lovers - wrist rest

Moewy Cat Wrist Rest


Give the gift of comfort and happiness by making a cat lover this adorable wrist rest. This is an especially thoughtful gift for those who work on their computers a lot; it will give their wrist some extra support while putting a smile on their face. 

pet pillow - cute cat stuff

No-Sew Cat Pillow


Turn your friends’ kitty into a cute pillow lookalike with this DIY project. Don’t worry! It’s super-easy and requires no sewing at all! Plus, if you don’t want to DIY it, you can purchase one from here

gifts for cat lovers - rope basket

Rope Basket


If your friend is a crafter like you but also love’s kitties, this is the one for you. This birthday gift for cat owners who love to craft will help them keep all their essentials in one place while being a cute addition to their cat-themed collection. 

gifts for cat lovers target - diy youre freaking meowt tee

DIY You’re Freaking Meow’t Tee


Upcycle an old T-shirt to create this cute DIY gift. It’s witty and would make a lovely lounging shirt; it works as an especially great present for introverts who love lazing on the couch with their kitty! 

Cat CozyforCold Drinks - cute gifts for cat lovers

Cat CozyforCold Drinks


Do you love to crochet? This cute cat drinks cozy makes for the perfect little gift. Place it in your favorite cat lady’s stocking on Christmas, and we guarantee that you’ll see a smile on their face!

cat lovers easy water color - cat decorations for home

How toCreate Easy Watercolor Pet Art


Don’t know how to paint? No problem! This easy DIY will show you how to turn a cat lover’s pet into a watercolor masterpiece even if you don’t have the talent. Click the link to learn how to make this easy-as-pie pet wall art! 

gifts for cat lovers - maceta gatuna

Maceta Gatuna


You won’t believe how simple it is to make this super adorable and totally Instagrammable planter! You don’t even need any fancy equipment or supplies to get it done; you’ll probably have everything you need right at home! 

diy cat bedroom lighting

DIY Lighting Room for Cat Lovers


Create some romantic mood lighting in your room, but incorporate your partner’s love for felines in to show her how much you care. This cat-themed lighting is easy to make and gives the subtlest hue to create the perfect mood. 

pee on this book - gifts for cat lovers

Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats


The list gift Amazon has to offer is virtually endless, but this boardgame’s take on monopoly has to be one of our favorites! It makes for a super fun night in with the classic game, while still incorporating the love for cats! 

gifts for cat lovers - catopoly game

Collections Etc. CAT-OpolyBoard Game


2-6 Players, Ages 8 and up

This game has all the excitement of a traditional property trading game with some cat astrophic twists

Buy your favorite cats then collect Litter Boxes and trade them in for Fish Bones.

gifts for cat lovers - funny cat lover print

Funny Cat Canvas Prints


Turn your favorite cat owner’s love for cats into a classic art piece for their walls. This black cat named Isabel is represented as a lady from the Victorian ages; polished and proper. 

gifts for cat lovers - iphone case

Lord Nermal iPhone Case


Though a cat is a lifelong friend, there are plenty of places where animals are forbidden entrance. Since a cat can’t be taken everywhere, an iPhone case is the next best thing. You always have your phone with you and a cat case helps you showcase your love of felines.  

novelty cat gifts - personalized tshirt

I Do What I Want Cat Shirt


Cats always do what they want when they want it. Embody their carefree attitude with this cute but slightly rude T shirt. It lets the world know you’re fun but not one to be messed around with! 

I Work Hard So My Cats Can Have a Better Life Bag


Every cat owners love spoiling their cats, but some people like to go that extra mile. If you know someone like that, this tote bag is the perfect gift for them!

gifts for cat lovers - funny side up silicone

Fred & Friends FUNNY SIDE UP Silicone Egg Mold


Give the gift of a creatively kooky breakfast with this silicone egg mold. It’s super easy to use, and the cat-loving recipient of this gift will have the best time eating their deliciously cute sunny side up eggs! 

Whimsical Smiling Black Cat Figurine Funny Collectible


This black cat ceramic figurine has the most adorable look on its face. Gift it to a cat lover to brighten their day. It will be the center of attention wherever it may be placed. 

black cat stuff - butt coaster kitty bum drink

Cat Butt Coaster, Kitty Bum Coasters


Looking for some crazy cat lady gifts? Look at these hilarious, but weird coasters that are perfect for that slightly quirky friend. 

cat mom gifts - funny cat mug

Fluff You, You Fluffin’ Fluff - Funny Cat Mug


If you know a cat lover that marches to their own drum and might not be the chirpiest morning person, this cat accessory is ideal for them. It signifies the sentiment they want to put out to the world without actually saying anything offensive. 

gifts for cat lovers - catit senses self groome

Catit Senses 2.0 Self Groomer Cat Toy


Know a feline whose big day is about to come? This year, the self-groomer is going to be one of the best cat birthday gifts it’s going to receive! They’ll love scratching up against it, while it collects any loose hair that is shedding! 

Food Dispenser​

Food Dispenser


This automatic feeder is perfect for the full-time working cat owner who has worries about feeding their cat on time. This dispenser can be set to automatically dispense food at the correct time. 

cat lover com - fish chews

Fish & Chews


This aesthetically please cat toy is made out of simple and natural materials. It is a toy built to encourage your cat to play. Plus, it is durable and machine-washable, so it will last for a very long time. 

cat lady gifts - kitty hangers hooks

Evelots Over the Door Hanger Hooks-Kitty


Cats are curious and playful by nature. This door hanger takes inspiration from their mischievous behavior and makes for a fantastically feline way to hang your clothes up. 

gifts for cat lovers - purina one natural selects chicken

Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend Adult Dry Cat Food


Purina makes some of the best pet food in the market. Help the cat owner in your life out by getting them a big bag of good cat food for their fur friends. 

tracks cat toy - gifts for cat lovers

Petstages Cat Tracks Cat Toy


Looking for crazy cat lady gifts that even the cat will love? This tower comes with three spinning balls trapped in the layers that the cats will go crazy trying to get out. 

unique gifts cats - electronic nighttime batteries

Electronic Rotating Feather


Crazy cat gifts don’t get better than this one! This automated toy feeds into your cat’s instinct to hunt by moving around and spinning its feather. This will keep even the most energetic kitty entertained for ages. 

gifts for cat lover - sticks

Natural Silvervine Sticks for Cats


Add this to the collection of crazy cat lady stuff you want to get for your fur mama friend! Cats go crazy for these catnip sticks that are great for their tooth and gum health. 

products for cat lovers - simulation electric interactive

Chew Bite Supplies for Cat Kitty Kitten Fish Flop


This fish is great for cats to play with. It flip flops around and keeps the cat entertained, while being completely safe to chew on for them. A great addition to this list of kitty lover gifts! 

cat themed gifts for her - multifunction central diameter

Kitty City Large Cat Tunnel Bed


This nap zone and curiosity-inducing play area combination is a great gift for your fur baby. It will give their cat a place to rest and play that is away from all the precious home furniture! 

Cheese Board

Cheese Board


While pets tend to have specialized diets, most owners sneak some human food to their cats now and again. For many felines, cheese is the best treat ever. If you want to grab a gift that will satisfy human and cat alike, a cheese board is the way to go.

Cheshire & Wain Caviar Cat Collar

Cheshire & Wain Caviar Cat Collar


The only real way to give a cat person a remarkable gift is by making sure it is actually for his or her cat. If you want to pamper a feline you know, a Cheshire & Wain caviar cat collar is an exquisite option. With this collar, a cat is transformed.

Marvin - gifts for cat lovers



Cats love to scratch, as any lover of felines knows. Unfortunately, this means they sometimes scratch furniture and valuables. The right gift to help curb this habit is a Marvin cat tree. The cat will have a purr-fect place to unleash some scratches in a safe and truly enjoyable way.

Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board


Cats have a way of creeping into every aspect of a feline enthusiast’s life. This means that you can easily find the perfect present by including cat imagery.

Personalized Notebook

Personalized Notebook


Though the term “crazy cat lady” was once meant as an insult, it is now a name worn with pride and honor. For the person in your life who fits the description, consider a present like a personalized crazy cat lady notebook. A great fit for every possible cat enthusiast!

Cat Toy and Treat Gift Box

Cat Toy and Treat Gift Box


Cats love their treats. If you want to find a present that helps the feline lover in your life, consider a cat treat and toy gift box. Filled with all kinds of fun snacks and trinkets, this is a truly effective way to show someone you love how much you care.

Automatic Cat Feeder - gifts for cat lover

Automatic Cat Feeder


Cat behaviorists have mentioned that cats like to eat on their own schedule. If you know someone that finds it difficult to follow such a routine, then an automatic cat feeder is a great gift to help create a sense of order that works for the cat and the human.

Goat Milk Soap

Goat Milk Soap


A little self-care can go a long way to make a person feel happy and whole. If the person you know could stand to use a bit of TLC, some cat-themed soap is a lovely gift. This goat milk soap cleanses and nourishes the skin for a wonderful bathing experience.

Cat Air Plant Holder

Cat Air Plant Holder


Know someone with a cat and a green thumb? Grab a gift that will hit both passions with a cat planter. This cat-themed air plant holder comes in a variety of colors and provides a simple and serene piece of decor that is sure to look spectacular in any home.

Zen Garden Litter Box

Zen Garden Litter Box


Perhaps the least exciting aspect of having a cat in the house is the litter box. While unappealing in most ways, you can transform this process into a totally different activity with your gift. This zen garden is sure to make someone you love think differently about this necessary task. 

Cat Tarot - gifts for cat lovers

Cat Tarot


Looking for the right present for a friend who loves cats and also has a spiritual side? Cat tarot can be an excellent idea to consider. Featuring clever feline art on the traditional tarot setup, this is a gift that can be put to good use or illicit a laugh. 

Now that you have gone through our list of gifts for cat lovers, we are sure you have found the best gift to give to your chosen cat mom. The gifts above cover all the bases and come at every price range, so you are sure to find something that will suit your budget and be loved by your favorite fur mama!   


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