33+ Cool Gift Ideas For Your Brother in 2021

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • September 5, 2021
33+ Cool Gift Ideas For Your Brother in 2021

You don’t need a major reason to get gifts for your brother but, of course, birthdays and Christmas call for something special. We completely understand that there can be too many gift options to choose for different kinds of brother (or brother-in-law), therefore, we decided to prepare a small gift guide for you. Check out our brother gift ideas to select a gift that best expresses your love and appreciation for your siblings.

Unique Gifts for Your Brother

1/ “I Don’t Need a Superhero, I Have a Big Brother” Photo Collage Print

BROTHER letter photo collage canvas print gift for brother


For the holidays, you may want to find a Christmas gift for older brother that really cuts to the heart of your relationship. This lovely print is a perfect gift he can hang on the wall with pride.

2/ Siblings Portrait

a portrait of siblings - a gift idea for brother


Siblings are the first best friends most of us have, and they really are the best. This custom portrait is a thoughtful way of commemorating your loving bond with your brother, especially if one of you is going off to college. Give it to them to always remind them that they will have a friend in you no matter where they are.

3/ “The Love Between Sister and Brother Knows No Distance” State Map Print

a state map print as a long distance gift for brother from sister


It is never easy to part with a family member you have grown up with your entire life. However, it is a special moment, and this State Map will act as a meaningful going away gift for him. He is spreading his wings and venturing on his own, but this gift will always be a source of comfort letting him know he has your love to rely on.

4/ “The Greatest Gift Our Parents Gave Us Was Each Other” Picture Frame

a photo frame of brother and sister with the quote the greatest gift that our parents gave us was each other


Growing up with your brother was probably your happiest memory, and the perfect Christmas gift will help you express your appreciation for him. This photo frame will be the best of all the sentimental gift ideas for your brother because you can make it more powerful with a picture of the two of you.

5/ Baseball Photo Collage Canvas Print

a baseball silhouette photo collage print - gift for brother who plays baseball


Have fond memories of tossing a ball around with your bro? This customized baseball photo collage is a guaranteed home run idea for either younger or older brothers. Simply pick your favorite pics of the two of you and you’ll have a winning baseball gift for him.

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6/ BROTHER Acronym Mug with Photo

a photo coffee mug gift with acronym of brother


Surprise him with this photo gift: a photo mug with an acronym spelling BROTHER – Brave, Strong, Loud, Gifted, Helpful, Fearless, Perfect. And to make the gift more personal, you can add a picture and a custom message to him.

7/ “I Would Fight a Bear for You” Tumbler

a tumbler gift for brother with a funny quote i would fight a bear for you brother


Every brother dreams of their sibling coming to their rescue when a bear attacks! And care bears are also bears technically so this counts. Give this funny mug so he can have a good laugh at the bravery you are willing to exhibit for them. It will be equally quirky whether he receives it from a brother or a sister.

8/ “Being My Brother Is Really the Only Gift You Need” Funny Mug

a funny photo coffee mug gift for brother from sister with a quote bring my brother is the only gift you need


Let’s face it, having you for a sibling is the real gift here so why not make a tangible present out of it too? This personalized mug is affordable and adds just the right amount of humor your brother needs.

9/ “I Couldn’t Pick a Better Brother” Guitar Pick

a guitar pick gift for brother with the saying I could not pick a better brother


This is something the guitarist in your family will fall in love with instantly. When you want a cool gift that captures how you feel, a sentimental guitar pick with a clever message might hit all the right notes.

10/ “Brother You Are Loved More Than You Know” Photo Canvas Print

a graduation photo canvas print gift for graduating brother from high school or college


A trip down memory lane is a great way to commemorate his graduation from high school or college. The graduation photo canvas print gift features the photo of the happy graduate and will be a simple and sweet keepsake for him.

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11/ “My Brother” Engraved Bracelet

an engraved bracelet gift with a message from sister to brother


Thoughtful words will always be the best sentimental gifts for your brother and framing them in a bracelet will help him keep these close. This special gift is perfect for any occasion and will become a memorable keepsake of your bond.

12/ “Little Brother – Big Sister” Penny Keychain

little brother big sister matching penny keychain


Seeing your little brother grow up in front of your eyes creates precious memories you’d want to keep forever. Pour all your love for him into these personalized pair of keychains so you both may stay connected with each other even when you go away for college.

13/ Custom Bobblehead

a custom bobblehead - a funny and creative brother gift


Don’t hold back this year and get this cute bobblehead as a gift for your brother. It is unique and will be a creative way to celebrate any of his special occasion!

14/ Funny Custom Face Socks

a man holding a pair of socks with his face on them


Not all gifts need to be practical or serious. Gag gifts are what you should be buying for a bro with a sense of humor. Custom face socks put a personal spin on a present meant to make him laugh.

15/ Birth Year Photo Collage Print

Birth year photo collage canvas print birthday gift for younger brother


Personalized birthday gifts stand out due to their unique message and the effort that goes behind them. Make your little brother’s birthday special by gifting them this custom print. The unique feature of this photo gift is that inside the birth year’s digits are his fun pictures!

16/ “Probably the Best Brother in the World” Pillow

a pillow with the words probably the best brother in the world


You know he is the best sibling in the world but add the ‘probably’ so he doesn’t get too cocky about it. The gift is the right mix of funny and appreciative and, knowing him, the kind of gift he would love having around.

17/ Photo Pillowcase

a personalized photo pillow case gift for brothers


Life can be a little boring, but cool gifts add the fun you need to make it interesting. Get this pillow customized with a photo of your choice. It can be a regular photo or a funny one, depending on the dynamic you both share. He would have fun switching up its sides and will appreciate the gesture.

18/ “Dear Brother” Custom Blanket

a custom blanket gift to brother


Words have the magical ability to express our feelings in the sweetest way possible. If you are looking for gift ideas for your brother who lives a few states away, consider giving him this custom blanket. It is a thoughtful gift that will remind him that he is well-loved and appreciated by a sister as amazing as you.

19/ A Photo Collage Blanket

a photo collage blanket as a birthday gift for brother


On his birthday, make sure that you give him the best and most memorable gift. And this blanket is one of them. He can relive the best memories with family and friends and be wrapped in love!

20/ Personalized Leather Notebook

a leather notebook gift with brothers initials on it


Some expressions of appreciation need a touch of luxury to be as impactful as you want them to be. Getting this personalized leather notebook will have him jumping with excitement! It is elegant, sophisticated, and the coolest gift from his sister. What more could he ask for?

21/ Canvas Messenger Bag

a canvas messenger bag customized with brothers name


If your brother is going off to college soon, giving him a practical gift makes the most sense as he will need it. Give him this personalized messenger bag to carry around his books and laptop in. It’s simple, has amazing quality, and will come in handy as he walks to all his classes around campus.

22/ “Best Brother in the Galaxy” T-Shirt

best brother in the galaxy tshirt gift for brother who is a star wars fan


Having a Star Wars fan in the house means selecting gifts is the easiest job in the world. This t-shirt is the perfect last-minute gift for him, and he will be ecstatic upon receiving it! It is awesome, practical, and a great gift choice that matches his interests.

23/ Headphone and Phone Stand

a personalized headphone and phone stand gift for brother from sister


If the only two things he is committed to are video games and his cellphone, finding a good gift for your brother cannot be easier since this stand is the best of both worlds. You can add personalization to this headphone and phone stand. And he will have the perfect place to put away his stuff in an organizing way.

24/ Baseball Ornament

baseball ornament with custom name and number - christmas gift for brothers


When the holidays roll around, a custom ornament featuring your younger brother’s name and number is a terrific item that he’ll adore and proudly use to decorate the Christmas tree.

25/ Fart Blanket Gift Box

fart blanket gift box for brother


Well, funny items are usually the best gifts you can get for your brother. And this is a hilarious gift box for the farter sibling in your life. Though the whole kit is a great gag gift, the blanket is super soft that will please your bro. Anyone looking for a hysterical gift this is your GO TO!

26/ Watch Gang Gift Card

watch gang gift card for brother

Price varies

Does he appreciate a quality watch? If so, this gift card can be a great fit. Whether he is an executive, adventurer, or all the above, he can receive the perfect timepiece. And he will love the idea of having a new watch delivered to his house every month.

27/ Personalized Pocket Watch

to my brother personalized pocket watch


How about giving him a roman numerals pocket watch that is beautifully crafted with sentimental saying for brothers?

28/ First My Brother Forever My Friend – Wood Picture Frame

first my brother forever my friend wood photo frame - a sibling gift idea


Simply slide a photograph of you two together, and you’ll have a meaningful sibling gift for him.

29/ The Best Brother In The World Beer Pint Glass

a beer pin glass with the wording the best brother in the world


Perfect gift idea for National Brother/Sibling Day, Christmas, Birthday, or any other special occasion that you want to show appreciation for him.

30/ “Best Fucking Brother Ever” Coffee Mug


Do you have a loving brother who is annoying most of the time? Surprise him with this funny Best Fucking Brother Ever mug. The incredible feature of this mug is that it genuinely appreciates your brother and also gives him an idea of his 24/7 non-sense annoyance. But isn’t it often the best part of the sibling relationship?

31/ Good Morning Brother Spoon

a funny brother gift - good morning brother spoon


Give this gift as a lovely and intentional highlight to add to the fun of life. Every day, every time he uses this funny spoon, he will think of you!

32/ Nintendo Switch

nintendo gaming gift for brother


Get the gaming system that lets you play the games you want, wherever you are, however you like. Includes the Nintendo Switch console and Nintendo Switch dock in black, with contrasting left and right Joy‑Con controllers-one red, one blue. Also includes all the extras you need to get started, making it an outstanding gift for a gamer.

33/ Monogrammed Leather Airpods Case

leather airpods case - a gift idea for brother


Get him a rugged case to add style and protection to his favorite wireless headphones. You can add personalization to the gift by adding a classic foil monogram of his name.

34/ Red Truck Christmas Ornament

red truck ornament gift for older brother's family


If your brother is already married, or celebrating their first home together this year, give him this ornament to celebrate! Add a personal touch with his family name and the established year.


We hope you liked our recommendations and found the perfect gifts for your brother from our gift guide.

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