60 Gift Ideas For Brother To Surprise Him On Any Occasion In 2020

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • March 11, 2020
60 Gift Ideas For Brother To Surprise Him On Any Occasion In 2020

Your brother is likely a very special member of your family. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it is easy to buy gifts for your brother.

From celebrating his birthday, graduation to grabbing the right item for Christmas, there are many awesome gifts for brother to explore. Whether older or younger, a brother is a friend, protector, and confidant. He’s the person you can turn to for some advice, a joke, or encouragement. These gifts are perfect when you’re looking for a simple way to thank him for being by your side through all of life’s ups and downs.

All brothers are different and these gift ideas reflect that. From personalized gifts aimed at evoking nostalgia to funny gifts that will make him laugh to unique gifts for brothers who have everything, you’re sure to find the ideal fit for your bro by exploring these ideas.

Unique Gifts For Brother Who Has Everything

Some brothers can be more difficult to buy for than others. If you’re trying to find gifts for a brother who has everything, you need to change your approach. There are plenty of unique gifts out there that are perfect for the specific interests of your bro. Consider these clever ideas and find a great gift for the guy who has it all.

If Your Brother Is a Baseball Lover

Baseball Photo Collage Canvas Print

a canvas print with baseball photo collage

Have fond memories of tossing a ball around with your bro? If you need baseball gifts for brother, a photo collage is a guaranteed home run idea. Simply pick your favorite pics of the two of you and deliver a winning gift.

Baseball Personalized Photo Christmas Ornament

custom baseball ornament

When the holidays roll around, finding Christmas gifts for a younger brother can be a challenge. A personalized ornament featuring a photo is a classic gift option he’ll be able to use every holiday season while decorating the tree.

A Music Gift For Brother

Personalized Wood Guitar Pick Box

Personalized Wood Guitar Pick Box For Brother

Is your brother talented with music? The guitarist in your family would definitely get a kick out of a personalized wooden box he can use to store his guitar picks.

I Couldn’t Pick A Better Brother Guitar Pick

I couldn't pick a better Brother Guitar Pick

Your older brother is a person you look up to and admire. When you want cool gifts for an older brother that capture how you feel, a sentimental guitar pick with a clever message might hit all the right notes.

Brother Letter Art Print

Brother Letter Art Print

For the holidays, you may want to find a Christmas gift for your older brother that really cuts to the heart of your relationship. This lovely print is a perfect gift he can hang on the wall with pride.

Luxury Spa Gift Set Basket

Luxury Spa Gift Set Basket For Brother

Life can be stressful for everyone. If your bro could use a bit of relaxation, consider getting him a gift that will help him along his self-care journey. A spa gift box is a great fit when your brother needs to unwind and enjoy himself.

Manual to Manhood Book

Manual to Manhood Book For 16 Year Old Brother

If you have a younger brother and you’re wondering “what should I get my brother for his 16th birthday,” a Manual to Manhood is a perfect option. Help him get his journey into adulthood started on the right track with this clever and hilarious guide.

For The Fresh Graduate Of The Family

Graduation Personalized Photo Canvas Print

A College Graduation Photo Gift For Him

Has your brother just graduated? Then a trip down memory lane is a great way to commemorate his graduation. A personalized gift like a photo canvas print featuring the best images of the happy graduate can be a simple and sweet graduation gift for your brother.

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Gaming Gifts For Brother

Days of Wonder Ticket to Ride

Ticket To Ride Game For Brother

If your brother is 8 years old and up, grab him this board game so he can play with his friends or family when he has some free time to spare. The game is designed for 2 to 5 players, and can last up to 60 minutes. And you can use this gift as a wonderful distraction for your brother from the addictive technological handheld devices.

NASA Apollo Saturn V

LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V Outer Space Model Rocket for Kids

Ahh, a classic but epic game that your brother will be thrilled to receive on his birthday or this holiday. He can build the first rocket to put people on the Moon and role play the missions of Apollo Saturn V!

Nintendo Switch Lite Console

A Turquoise Nintendo Switch Lite Console As A Graduation Gift For Men

Your brother might have to deal with a lot of work at school or college , but that doesn’t mean he can’t have some fun! In fact, studies show that a student is far more productive when he gives himself breaks in-between study sessions. A Nintendo Switch Lite is an outstanding gift for gamers that he will definitely be excited to receive.

Colorful Mario Question Mark Block Lamp

Colorful Mario Question Mark Block Lamp - Cool Gift For A Brother, Dad, Or Anyone's Man Cave

Light up your brother’s room with a lamp cleverly designed to look like the question mark blocks from Mario Bros. A great piece that looks excellent switched on or off.

LootCrate Subscription

LootCrate Subscription Gift For Your Geek Brother

If your brother loves to geek out over his favorite fandoms, a subscription to LootCrate might be a perfect gift. This type of monthly crate is ideal for the fanboy who can’t get enough merchandise from his favorite movie, comic, or cartoon.

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If Your Brother Is A Star Wars Fan

Vintage Star Wars Patent Poster Prints

Vintage Star Wars Patent Poster Prints - Cool Gift For Brother's Dorm Room - A Cool Man Cave Gift For Geeks

Whether your brother is going off to college and needs something for his dorm or he’s got his own home with a personal man cave, a vintage poster is a great option. These unique Star Wars prints are sure to impress his nerdy side.

Yoda Best 20-Year Old Mug

Yoda Best 20-Year Old Mug Star Wars Gift For Brother

Did you and your brother grow up watching Star Wars movies? If so, this mug featuring Yoda is a great way to recapture those youthful years with your gift.

Is your brother a true Star Wars fanatic? Check out these marvelous Star Wars gifts for men!

Cooking Gifts For Brother

Immersion Hand Blender

Immersion Multi-Purpose Hand Blender - Cooking Gift For Brother

When your brother frequently hits the gym, he must follow a strict eating habit. So if protein smoothie is an inseparable part of his diet, get him this multi-purpose hand blender. It will help him quickly blend ingredients for quick smoothies before and after his training sessions.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast Sandwich Maker For A Recent College Graduate

In case your brother lives in a campus dorm or his own apartment, chances are he does not have much time to prepare a decent meal. If you need a last-minute gift that is as unique as it is practical, consider a breakfast sandwich maker and help him start his adult kitchen collection.

The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs

The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs

Got a brother who loves to spend hours experimenting in the kitchen? This cookbook is the perfect kitchen companion for any novice or experienced chef, including your soon-to-be MasterChef brother!

Home-Complete BBQ Grill Tool Set

Home-Complete BBQ Grill Tool Set - Kitchen Gift For Brother On Christmas

Some men absolutely love spending time by the grill. If your bro enjoys cooking up burgers and dogs for the whole family, a grill tool set can be a perfect Christmas gift for 30-year-old brothers. Quality tools are sure to improve his experience at his next BBQ.

And here’s another article on the best grilling gifts for him to inspire you!

Gifts For A Stylish Brother

Personalized PlayStation Gamer Hoodie

Personalized PlayStation Gamer Hoodie For Brother

For the PlayStation fanatic, this customized hoodie is a comfy solution. Simply select the year that your brother was born for one of the more touching personalized gaming gifts.

Stylish Sloth Necktie For Brother

Sloth Necktie For Stylish Brother

For the professional in the family, you might want to think about a tie. If your bro is known for moving at his own slow pace, a stylish sloth necktie is a great gift idea for any brother who spends time in the boardroom.

Beard Hair Catcher Apron

Hair Clippings Catcher & Grooming Cape Apron

Bears are popular for younger men these days. The bro with the beard might need some assistance in the kitchen, which is where an apron comes into play. Practical and funny, this is a gift that a bearded man is sure to love.

Vintage Electro Luminescence Watch

Casio Men Electro Luminescence Watch

You don’t need to spend a small fortune to find the right gift for your bro. In fact, cheap gifts for brother like this luminescence watch can be a fantastic way to grab an awesome gift while working with a limited budget.

Watch Gang Gift Card

watch gang gift card for brother

Does your brother appreciate a quality watch? If so, a gift card to Watch Gang can be a great fit. A timely gift that he can use whenever he’s looking for a new timepiece.

Men’s Utility Bracelet

Men's Utility Bracelet For Brother

The brother who has everything probably doesn’t have a utility bracelet. This cool useful gift for brother will make him feel like James Bond the next time he needs to take care of a simple problem.

Stitch Fix Gift Card

A Set Of Male Clothing - Stitchfix Gift Card For Him

Some guys hate having to shop for clothes. If your bro is a guy like this, he might appreciate a gift that helps him look his best at all times. Stitch Fix includes five items picked out by a stylist that are shipped right to your brother’s door. He keeps what he likes and sends back the rest! Easy and fast fashion.

Military Messenger Bag

Kattee Military Messenger Bag For Men

A good bag will always prove useful in life. Anyone looking for an affordable and cool gift for a young brother should consider this durable and stylish military messenger bag.

Funny Gifts For Brother

Some brothers are known for being able to dish out and take a joke. If your bro is someone who likes to keep things silly, then you definitely don’t want to get too serious a gift. Instead, think about funny gifts for your brother that will get him to crack a smile and give you a hard slap on the back as a thanks.

Donald Trump Coffee Mug for Brother

Donald Trump Coffee Mug for Brother

A coffee mug is one of the best gifts for brother when you’re short on time and working with a limited budget. A mug featuring a ridiculously silly image is a great fit for the man who has everything.

My Favorite Asshole Keychain

My Favorite Asshole Keychain - Brother Gift

When you’re on a budget and need funny bro gifts, a keychain is an easy way to get your point across. Pick a hilarious message for a gift that is sure to split his sides and capture the unique bond you share.

To My Brother Bracelet

to my brother - funny bracelet gift for brother

Finding funny birthday gifts for a brother can sometimes be tough. If you want a silly gift that he can easily wear whenever he wants a chuckle, this customized bracelet is a great way to get him to crack a smile.

Custom Face Socks

Custom Face Socks - Gag gift for brother

Not all gifts need to be practical or serious. In fact, looking at gag gifts for brother can help you find an awesome idea. Custom face socks put a personal spin on a present meant to make him laugh.

Hilarious Money Bank

funny farting bank gift for brother and his man cave

When you don’t have a lot of time to get your present, looking for hilarious gifts from Amazon for your brother is a simple solution. This novelty bank provides an easy place for your bro to store his money and have a few chuckles.

There’s Like A Bunch of Dogs in Here Doormat

There's Like A Bunch of Dogs in Here Doormat

If you need funny housewarming gifts for your brother who is moving into a new place, a doormat is an easy solution. This hilarious mat contains a silly message and provides an easy place for guests to wipe their feet.

Bacon Strips Bandages

Bacon Strips Bandages - Gag Gifts For Big Brother

On a budget and need some awesome gifts for a brother? These bandages feature a design that makes them look like sizzling bacon strips and will definitely be a good option for a silly bro.

“Batman in Black” Throw Blanket

A soft throw blanket looking like Batman suit - funny gifts for brother's man cave

What brother doesn’t want to be Batman? The bro who loves the Caped Crusader will definitely enjoy this blanket that he can wear to mimic Batman’s signature cowl. Batmobile not included.

Looking for more Gag Gifts For Men? We have plenty to show you!

Camping Gifts For The Outdoorsy Brother

Personal Camping Kit

Bespoke Personal Camping Kit

Plenty of brothers enjoy the beauty and serenity of the great outdoors. If your bro loves the wilderness, camping gifts for brother might be worth your while. This kit will help him stay prepared the next time he ventures into nature.

Personalized Pocket Knives

Personalized Pocket Knives - Gift for military brother

Having a brother in the military is a great honor for the whole family. Celebrate your brother’s decision to protect the country by giving quality gifts for your military brother. In this case, go for a personalized pocket knife. Utilitarian and heartfelt at the same time!

Portable Campfire

 Radiate Portable Campfire - Camping Gift For Your Brother

A camping trip cannot be without a campfire. With this portable outdoor campfire, your brother’s experiences with his gang will be first-class. Its burn time can last up to more than 3 hours, but with no smoky smell and low soot. No camping or beach trips? Then throw a bonfire party right in the backyard!

Scratch Map

Scratch Map - Gift For A Traveling Brother And His Man Cave

Graduating high school is a big moment in a man’s life. If you want gifts for an 18-year-old brother who is about to head off to college, a scratch map is the gift to go with. Prepare him for a life of adventure with this unique gift idea.

Handheld GPS Navigator

Handheld GPS Navigator

When hiking, it is easy to get lost. By getting this handheld GPS navigator for your brother as a hiking gift, he’ll be able to explore confidently and be safer on his trips.

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Gadgets Gifts For Brother

Hat With Microphone And Stereo Speakers

Wireless Bluetooth Hat With Microphone & Stereo Speakers - Cool Gifts For Brother

Some gifts are so unique that the person never has the slightest clue what he’s about to open. This wireless Bluetooth hat is one such idea! If you need a creative gift, this might be the best fit for you.

Smartphone Projector

Smartphone Projector 2.0 - Gift For Brother - Man Cave Gift

Anyone who enjoys movies or clever gadgets will get a kick out of a smartphone projector. Help your bro turn his living room into a movie theater with a simple gift that he can use for years to come.

Rick and Morty Powerbank

Firebox Rick and Morty Powerbanks For A Tech Brother

A bro who appreciates a hilarious cartoon like Rick + Morty is sure to get a kick out of this gift. A practical gift that also is ideal for anyone who is a fan of this legendary Dan Harmon show.

Monogrammed Docking Station

Monogrammed Universal Docking Station - Gift For Brother

Looking to make sure your gift is truly worthy of how awesome your brother is? When you need cool gift ideas for brother, a universal docking station monogrammed with his initials is definitely a perfect fit.

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker Gift For A College-bound Student

Music is critical to any teenage boy. If you want to find him a gift that will help him chill out in his own space or entertain friends by bonding over music, portable speakers are the way to go. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers can be taken anywhere from his room to the beach for great tunes all the time.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

Is your brother easily distracted by noise? Here’s the perfect gift for him. Whether he’s at the gym, on a long weekend trip, or spending hours in a study session, he will appreciate a set of noise canceling headphones. Definitely one of the thoughtful gifts for a brother to help encourage a sense of focus.

Gifts For The Beer Lover

Beer-infused Hot Sauce

Beer-infused Hot Sauce - Unique Gift For Brother's Man Cave

The brother who likes both beer and hot sauce will definitely appreciate some beer-infused hot sauce! This tasty condiment combines the best of both worlds for a tantalizing flavor sure to improve any meal.

Wall Mount Bottle Opener

Wall Mount Bottle Opener

A brother who appreciates a quality bottle of beer is someone who would definitely appreciate gifts for beer lovers. A bottle opener he can mount on the wall is a great gift to help him take his appreciation of beer to the next level.

Giant Fist Shaped Drink Kooler

The Beast Giant Fist Shaped Drink Kooler - Gag Gift for Brother - Man Cave Gifts

Tailgating before a big game involves a certain degree of preparation. Help your bro stay ready for supporting his favorite team with a cooler that keeps his drinks cool with an awesome design.

Classic Beer Holster

Classic Beer Holster - Funny Gifts For Brother

If you’re looking for gifts for beer lovers, then beer gag gifts are the way to go. A classic beer holster is a timeless gift that will make your big bro laugh and also provide him with a snug spot to keep his bottle.

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Personalized Hip Flask

21st Birthday Gift For A Brother - Personalized 6oz Matte Black Hip Flask

The day your younger bro turns 21 is a big moment in his life. Share this milestone with your 21-year-old brother by a gift that commemorates the occasion. A personalized hip flask is a great way to help him celebrate.

Personalized Whiskey Glass And Stone Set

Oakmont Personalized Whiskey Glass & Stone Set For Men

A bro who appreciates fine whiskey requires an excellent gift for his 30th birthday. When you need gifts for 30-year-old brothers who appreciate good liquor, a personalized whiskey glass is a great way to mark the event.

If you like these gifts, you might also be interested in these whiskey gift ideas for your brother!

DIY Gifts For Brother

Not all gifts need to be purchased from the store. In fact, there are times when a homemade present has a bigger impact than anything else you could find. If you want to give your brother a gift he’s sure to remember for years to come, a DIY option is a fun route to consider. Take a moment to think about these DIY gift ideas and find a project that will help you deliver a gift your bro will think is awesome.

Money Tissue Box

Money Tissue Box Graduation gift for brother

When someone graduates from high school, it is customary to give a little cash as a gift. If you want to take things to the next level with your high school graduation gifts for brother, consider a DIY money tissue box. The presentation will make the gift more exciting than shoving a few bucks into an envelope.

Starbucks Latte Soap

Handmade Starbucks Latte Soap

If your brother is a fan of Starbucks, you might want to think about DIY Starbucks latte soap. This ingenious idea takes the simplicity of a latte and transforms it into a rich, nourishing soap that can be used to enhance a relaxing bath.

Necktie Bags

DIY necktie bags for your brother on his birthday

Have some old ties hanging around the house? If so, you can easily make DIY necktie bags. This is a great gift to make for your bro for a birthday, holiday, or any special event requiring a clever gift.

DIY Magnetic Wristband

DIY Magnetic Wristband For Man

A brother who appreciates unique accessories is definitely going to get a kick out of a magnetic wristband. Use whatever small, magnetic items you have around your home to create a truly unique gift that your brother will be excited to show off.

Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser

Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser - Cool DIY Gift For A Man Cave

The whiskey aficionado in your life will definitely appreciate this DIY soap dispenser idea. With an empty bottle of Jack Daniels, you can create an awesome soap dispenser that is sure to make a splash in his bathroom.

DIY Cardboard Phonograph Cell Phone Speaker

DIY Cardboard Phonograph Cell Phone Speaker - Gift For Brother - DIY Man Cave Gifts

A bro who appreciates the quirky and strange will love a DIY cardboard phonograph speaker. While somewhat silly, this gift can actually be used to enhance the tunes your bro decides to play on his phone.

DIY Beard Oil

DIY Beard Oil As A Gift For Male Sibling

This cheap and thoughtful DIY gift is just right for your big bro. Beard oils soften up coarse and irritating beards and would make any beard lover fall in love with using it instantly.

You can get the branded oils or go for a personalized option by whipping up your own unique beard oil using this epic DIY beard oil recipe. Although the carrier oils and essential oils are not cheap ingredients, per-bottle cost ends up being just $2-$3 according to this recipe.

When a holiday or milestone event comes around, it can be helpful to know which gifts for brother are best for your bro. From the silly to the creative, there are plenty of exciting options available to help you send the right message. Think about the unique personality of your brother and try to find a gift that matches his sensibilities. A little research will uncover a world of exciting options you can explore for your favorite bro.

And if you have a teenage bro, don’t miss out on our article on the coolest gifts for teen boys to find the perfect gift for your little man in the family!



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