Best Gifts for Brother-in-Law: 35+ Coolest Ideas (2021)

  • BY Keegan Kraemer
  • April 13, 2021
Best Gifts for Brother-in-Law: 35+ Coolest Ideas (2021)

Finding the best gifts for a brother-in-law can be a tough task.

Maybe you have been friends for years or just recently started to get to know him. Besides, what do brothers-in-law like to get as gifts anyways? Is he the kind of guy who seems to have everything?

Consider things that are practical and useful, creative, and funny or perhaps gifts based on their hobbies.

Still drawing a blank?

Here we have put together a list of 25+ fantastic gifts for a brother-in-law. Any of these gifts work well for:

  • Christmas, Father’s Day
  • his birthday
  • his engagement, wedding, anniversary
  • graduation, housewarming, and even more

Not to mention, these work great as last-minute gifts from a sister or any other family member. Check it out!

Wedding Gifts for Brother in Laws

Here are the best wedding gifts that you can give to your sister and brother-in-law for their marriage.

Take a look and you’ll find something to congratulate your special couple.

1. Custom Map Canvas Print

Custom Map Canvas Print

Looking for a unique gift to give a sister and brother-in-law on their wedding or anniversary? This custom map canvas print makes a memorable gift to a special couple. Melt their hearts with this adorable Home Sweet Home personalized canvas print.

2. Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas

Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas

If you know of a love song that aptly describes the love story of your sister and brother-in-law, then this song lyrics canvas print is exactly what you need on their wedding or anniversary. Just simply pick a song, add their names and their important date to turn this song lyrics art into a romantic keepsake.

3. Personalized Wine Cork Keeper

Personalized Wine Cork Keeper: great gift for brother-in-law

This personalized wine cork keeper makes a perfect wedding gift for a new brother-in-law. It can be customized with the bride and groom’s name and even the wedding date. Perfect for the couple who enjoys a good glass of wine and beautiful home decor.

4. Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board

Dress up his kitchen with this beautiful, personalized cutting board. This sturdy board makes a great wedding anniversary gift idea for sister and brother-in-law. Customize with the couple’s first names, last name, and wedding anniversary date. It’s almost too beautiful to use and would make a wonderful kitchen display piece!

5. Mr. and Mrs. Wine Glasses

Mr and Mrs Wine Glasses

These Mr. And Mrs. elegant wine glasses are the perfect sentimental gifts to celebrate the marriage of your sister and brother-in-law.

6. Shaving Kit

Personalized Shaving Kit: great gift for brother-in-law

Every guy should have a good quality shaving kit. This practical present works well as a wedding gift (or any occasion). The stunning wood box that the shaving kit comes in can also be personalized with his initials. The box itself makes a wonderful keepsake or for storing items.

7. Pocket Knife

Pocket Knife

This handy pocket knife will be a cool wedding gift for brothers-in-law of any age. The unique engraving on the handle will make your gift unique and meaningful for many years to come.

Birthday Gifts for Your Brother-in-Law

Having trouble finding the perfect birthday gifts for your brother-in-law? We’ve got your back.

Here is a list of gift ideas that we’re sure to put a smile on his face.

8. Men’s Runners

Men's Tree Runners

Looking for an awesome birthday gift for the brother-in-law who enjoys running? These tree runners are crazy comfortable, machine washable, and made from responsibly sourced eucalyptus tree fiber. Not only can you feel great about getting him a gift he will love, but they’re also good for the environment.

9. Whiskey Gift Boxed Set

Whiskey Gift Boxed Set is a great gift for brother-in-law

This whiskey stone and glass set makes a great gift idea for a wedding engagement or bachelor party gift. Make sure your soon-to-be brother-in-law has his man cave essentials with this beautiful whiskey gift set. Of course, don’t forget to include his favorite bottle of whiskey for good measure.

10. Coffee Maker

Coffee Marker - a great gift for brother-in-law

This two in one coffee maker makes a practical and thoughtful housewarming gift. Get him something he will genuinely appreciate with this fully programmable coffee maker. He can make just a cup for himself or a whole pot for him and his partner.

11. Nintendo Throw Blanket

Nintendo Throw Blanket: great gift for brother-in-law

Looking for unique gifts for gamers for an upcoming birthday or special event? This retro NES controller throw blanket makes a perfect gift for any gamer. Bring back the nostalgia of his first system with this comfy throw. Big enough to cozy up with his partner and Netflix and chill or keep all to himself.

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12. Apple Aluminum Charging Station

Apple Aluminum Charging Station

A perfect compliment to the Apple watch band, this 3 in 1 charging station is ideal for keeping all of his tech essentials. He can keep his watch, phone, and AirPods all in one convenient spot. The station also doubles as a convenient stand for his phone or tablet. 

13. Cross Pendant

Cross Pendant

This cross necklace is perfect for special occasions or everyday wear. The size is appropriate for all ages. We guarantee that your bonus brother will surely love it. Let him wear his faith proudly.

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14. TOURIT Cooler Backpack

This cooler backpack is certainly a cool gift. Perfect for going to the beach, BBQs, or kids sporting events. Easily carry snacks, sodas, beer, and other essentials in a variety of zippered pockets. It even comes equipped with an attached bottle opener so he will always be prepared. 

15. Smart Plug

Amazon Smart Plug

Looking for a cool tech gift for your brother-in-law? This Amazon smart plug adds voice control to any outlet. It can be difficult to find the best electronic gifts for relatives. You can rest assured that this nifty plug will win him over. This gadget makes a wonderful birthday gift to help make his life just a little bit easier.

Personalized Gifts for Brother-in-Law

Looking for a present that makes your brother-in-law feel special and part of the family? Personalized gifts always do the job.

Here are unique and one-of-a-kind gifts that your bonus brother will love.

16. Graduation Photo Plaque

Graduation Photo Plaque

In search of a unique gift for a brother-in-law that is celebrating graduation? This custom photo plaque makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift for any brother-in-law. Encourage him to continue to be brave well beyond his graduation ceremony and through all challenges in his life.

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17. Men’s Toiletry Bag

Men's Toiletry Bag: great gift for brother-in-law

A toiletry bag is a very practical gift that your brother-in-law is sure to get a lot of use out of. Large enough to hold all of his manly essentials, but still compact enough to fit in a suitcase. You can also personalize this bag with his monogrammed initials and give him the best Christmas or birthday gift ever.

18. Family Name Signs Canvas Print

Family Name Signs Letter Art Canvas Print

Finding thoughtful men’s housewarming gifts can be difficult. This family name sign makes a perfect housewarming gift for a brother-in-law and sister for their new home. This beautiful custom print will look great in any entryway or family living area. A one of a kind print that can be personalized with 3 to 11 letters.

Need more ideas? Check out our housewarming gifts for men list that he will cherish!

19. Engraved Apple Watch Band

BaseBall Monogram Apple watch band

Is your brother-in-law an Apple watch fan? This engraved Apple watch band is made with a comfortable and flexible silicone band. It can be personalized with monogrammed initials or a name. With a wide variety of band colors and fonts available, you are sure to find something he will love.

20. Personalized Passport Cover

Personalized passport cover

A perfect birthday gift for the brother-in-law that loves to travel or has to travel for work. This personalized passport cover and luggage tag make a wonderful thank you gift for any brother-in-law. Available in a wide variety of leather colors and customizations, you can easily create a custom gift to match his luggage set.

21. Baseball Cap

Customized Baseball Cap: great gift for brother-in-law

For the sports fanatic, this personalized baseball cap makes a cheap and easy gift to give. The cap can be personalized with his name, saying, or team name. Complete with the well-worn look, this will quickly become his new favorite ball cap.

22. New Dad Custom Photo Mug

New Dad Custom Photo Mug

Are your sister and brother-in-law expecting a little one? This ceramic coffee mug can be personalized with a sonogram picture. It makes the perfect gift for Father’s day or a baby shower. Congratulate the new dad with this one-of-a-kind gift idea he will certainly love.

23. Custom Pet Print

custom pet print

Surprise him with this unique portrait of him and his pet. This is a perfect gift for any pet owner. If he is a dog dad, he’ll love it at the first sight. Order one now!

Funny Gifts for Brother in Laws

Brother-in-law gifts don’t need to be serious all the time. Guys love a joke, don’t they?

If your bonus brother has a good sense of humor, just give him one of these funny gag gifts that make you look like a gifting champion.

24. Funny Coffee Mug

Brother-in-law Gift Mug

It’s always fun to give a present to a brother-in-law that loves a good laugh. This high-quality, ceramic coffee mug will have him smiling every time he pours a cup of joe! Because, really, what better gift is there than being your brother-in-law?

25. Funny Shirt

Best Brother in Law Galaxy Shirt

For the brother-in-law that likes to pretend he is a Jedi, let him know that he is the best in the galaxy. Not only is this cool shirt crazy comfortable, but it also makes a great gift for a funny guy for Christmas or any occasion. The perfect addition to his Star Wars t-shirt collection.

26. Star War Men’s Socks

Star War Men’s Socks

May the force be with you…and your socks. Can’t get enough Star Wars gifts for men? These funny socks make a great gag gift for any brother-in-law who loves Star Wars. This set of five pairs comes with all of his favorite characters; Yoda, Chewbaca, Storm Trooper, R2D2, and of course, Darth Vador.

27. Travel Mug

Travel Mug

Get the best brother-in-law travel mug for the world’s best in law in your life. This funny mug makes the perfect choice as a birthday gift, Christmas present, etc. He will get a great laugh every time he pours themselves a cup of coffee or tea.

28. Funny Cushion

Funny cushion

For any bonus brother who has a good sense of humor, this is the perfect gift to get them on their special day. We guarantee that he’ll absolutely love this funny item and it’s going to be his new favorite pillow!

29. Stacking Tower Drinking Game

Stacking Tower Drinking Game

This game will keep your bonus brother and his friends having fun all day long. Each block is made bigger, exaggerated size for double the fun. There’s a command that needs to be completed when the block is pulled out of the stack. With over 30 creative challenges, this game will keep the fun going for hours!

Cheap Gifts for Your Brother-in-Law

If you want to impress your brother-in-law with a seriously cool gift without breaking your bank, we’ve got you covered.

Check out these affordable (but cool) ideas which are guaranteed to get you on the best in-law list.

30. Cookbook

cookbook: great gift for brother-in-law

Got a brother-in-law who loves to spend hours experimenting in the kitchen? This cookbook is the perfect kitchen companion for any novice or experienced chef. Chocked full of 100 unique recipes he can make using only 1 pan (who doesn’t love fewer dishes?)

31. Golf BBQ Grill Tools Set

Golf BBQ Grill Tools Set

Looking for some great golf gifts for men? This golf BBQ grilling set is certainly unique and makes a great last-minute gift for a brother-in-law. Celebrate his two favorite hobbies with this one special gift, perfect for kicking off the grilling season or a thoughtful Father’s Day gift. Complete with caddy shaped bag and golf ball salt and pepper shakers. 

32. Beer Cap Collection

Beer Cap Collection: great gift for brother-in-law

With the rise in popularity of craft beers, it’s pretty easy to find great gifts for beer lovers. This gift will hold a special place in his man cave as he collects caps from all of his favorite beers. Able to hold 57 beer caps, this custom-made sign is sure to be a gift any brother-in-law would appreciate. 

33. Personalized Ornament

Personalized Ornament: great gift for brother-in-law

There certainly is no shortage of wonderful holiday gifts for family members. Make your brother-in-law’s Christmas extra special with this personalized family ornament. Simply send in an adorable family photo and customized with their last name. A wonderful, inexpensive gift you can give without looking cheap. One he and his family are sure to cherish. 

34. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speaker

If your brother-in-law is an avid outdoorsman, then he will love this waterproof outdoor speaker. A useful electronic gift for those guys that crave adventure. This speaker makes a great gift for cyclists. It hooks right onto their bike and he can jam out to his favorite band while putting miles on his bike. 

35. Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Set

Hot Sauce Gift Set

Got a brother-in-law who likes to live on the wild side? This Zombie Cajun hot sauce gift set won 2nd place in the World Hot Sauce Awards (so you know it’s good!). This gift set comes with four different uniquely flavored bottles of old-fashioned Louisiana style hot sauce. Perfect for coating hot wings or testing out in new recipes.

36. Kitted by Cairn

Kitted by Cairn

Got a brother-in-law who can’t get enough of hiking in the outdoors? The Kitted by Cairn is curated outdoor gear for the hiking enthusiast. Finding great gifts for hikers can be difficult but Kitted takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect gift.

37. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card

In need of an easy last-minute gift for your brother-in-law? Perhaps you didn’t have time to order him something for his birthday or maybe you are short on cash. Pick up an Amazon gift card. Gift cards also make the perfect Christmas or birthday gift if you are just unsure if he will like any of your other gift ideas.

Wrapping Words

Whether or not you are close to your brother-in-law, finding him the perfect gift can be difficult.

Make giving gifts for your brother-in-law simple with our list of the best gift ideas. These gift ideas cover Christmas, wedding gift ideas, housewarming, and even graduation.

Whether your brother-in-law loves the latest tech gadgets or likes to unplug and get out into nature, you are sure to find a thoughtful gift for him that he will absolutely love.



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