33 Refreshing Gifts for Beer Lovers – Perfect and Unique (2020 Edition)

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33 Refreshing Gifts for Beer Lovers – Perfect and Unique (2020 Edition)

When buying a gift for someone you care about, it is always best to focus on the person’s interests. Of course, it isn’t always easy to land on the right option. If you’re searching for gifts for beer lovers, you may find yourself struggling to discover useful, unique, and affordable ideas. Whether you’re searching for a gift for father, mother, a sibling, romantic partner, or a good friend, there are some exciting gifts for brew fans. 

Beer gifts are ideal for a number of occasions including major holidays like Christmas, birthdays, and special events. If you need a Valentine’s gift for your husband or partner, there are some fantastic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him that are perfect for this special day. 

All you need to do is take a moment to explore the array of options available to you and see which are the perfect fit for the beer fan in your life. 

1. Beer Drinking Gadgets

Drinking beer is more than a simple hobby. For a number of people, it is both a science and an art form. Beer aficionados are always on the lookout for devices and products aimed at improving the drinking experience. These gift ideas and gadgets offer the beer fan in your life some exciting new options when it comes to cracking open a cold brew. 

beer related gifts - beer cooler and opener

Beer Bottle Cooler


From stadium parking lots to campgrounds, there are plenty of outdoor places people like to enjoy a beer. A beer bottle cooler is one of the better beer gifts for dad because it helps keep his drinks nice and cool in the heat of the sun.

Price: $24.99

unique beer gift - wall bottle opener

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener


A bottle of beer is no good if there’s no way to get off the cap. If you need Valentine beer gifts, a wall-mounted opener is a gift that offers a ton of convenience to the casual drinker.

Price: $34.99

beer bottle drinking helmet

Gifts under $25

Guzzler Drinking Helmet


There are times when a person needs a beer but has his hands full. Help remedy this problem with a guzzle drinking helmet that helps him sip as he works.

Price: $13.95 

Portable Beer System


Nothing beats a beer straight from the tap. A portable beer system is a gift for beer lovers that transforms a normal bottle of beer into a tantalizing draft in no time. 

Price: $141.89



Storing beer can often be a headache. The BottleLoft is a simple gadget that helps you maximize your storage space in the fridge without sacrificing bottle quantity.

Price: $30.00

mini beer pong

Brewer Game

Mini Beer Pong


Perhaps the most popular beer-drinking game, beer pong gifts are a great area to focus on with gifts for beer lovers. This kit helps your friend play a round of his favorite game wherever he goes.

Price: $60.00

Chillsner 2-Pack


As a beer starts to grow warm after it has been opened, the overall quality of the beverage begins to diminish. A Chillsner set is a gift that helps a beer stay cool and taste its best for longer than normal.

Price: $19.95 

beer gift set - backpack for beer hugger

Backpack Beer Hugger


When traveling with bottles, there are many problems to consider. A backpack designed for carrying beer is a gift that can help solve this problem once and for all.

Price: $20.00

2. Funny Beer Gifts

Beer drinkers can get a bit silly after a few cans. This means that a funny or quirky gift idea can be a great idea when you need something for the beer drinker in your life. From games to books to amusing posters, these gift ideas are sure to get your wheels turning and help you discover a gift that will rouse more than a few laughs.

brewer game - the blind beer tasting board game

Brewer Game

Tasting Board Game


A brewer game is a fun way for anyone to spend a weekend night. Grab some beers and some friends and get ready for some sudsy fun.

Price: $29.99

Goodnight Brew


“Goodnight Brew” is a parody of the classic children’s book “Goodnight Moon.” Grab a copy as a gift and get ready for some serious laughs.

Price: Under $9.00 (Hardcover)

beer gifts amazon - comic book story for beer

The Comic Book Story of Beer


Graphic novels are very popular these days. If you need gifts for beer lovers, a comic telling the story of beer might be a great option to explore.

Price: $14.57

beeropoly - gifts for beer lovers

Brewer Game



Another great game to consider as a gift is Beeropoly. There’s something incredibly fun about getting a group of people together for a night of gaming and drinking.

Price: $35.00

home brew journal

Home Brew Journal


Are you getting a gift for someone who makes his own home brew? Journals to help him keep track of his progress can be fantastic gifts for beer makers.

Price: $28.00 

beer gifts for men - advertising vintage poster

Advertising Vintage Poster


Does your friend have a room dedicated to drinking beer? Help him spice up his man cave with a vintage poster from the heyday of quality brews.

Price: $15.39

coors light socks - beer clothing

Coors Light Socks


Some drinkers are loyal to certain beer brands. If you need Coors Light gifts, then these socks might be the perfect fit for the brand loyalist in your life.

Price: $12.81

craft beer lover gift - craft soap gift set

Beer Soap Gift Set


Beer has been incorporated into a number of personal care products over the years. This beer soap gift set is a wonderful way to introduce someone to the cleansing power of a good brew.

Price: $27.50

Beer Blanket


Nothing beats curling up with a beer on a chilly night. A beer blanket is a gift idea that helps him stay nice and warm while sipping on some suds.

Price: $28.00

3. Craft Beer Gifts

Recent years have seen a meteoric rise for craft beers. Local breweries serving up clever handcrafted brews are all the rage in major cities and small towns alike. If someone in your life is always going on about the newest IPAs and other craft beers, here are some wonderful gift ideas to help you find the perfect present.

IPA Beer Gifts

Craft IPA Beer Shampoo & Conditioner


What’s better than an IPA? An IPA that helps you cleanse and condition your hair! This is a great personal care gift for the man who loves IPAs.

Price: $19.95

valentine beer gifts - craft beer club

Craft Beer Club Monthly Subscription


Some beer fans can be difficult to please. If you need beer enthusiast gifts that will really impress him, a craft beer monthly subscription is a perfect fit.

west coast style ipa beer brewing kit - ipa beer gifts

IPA Beer Gifts

West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit


It is no small surprise that different regions have different ways of brewing beers. A West Coast IPA kit can help the beer lover in your life craft in new ways.

Price: $20.00 – $45.00

jerky of the month club

Jerky of the Month


What’s a good beer without some meat to pair it with? A jerky of the month club is a fantastic complement to a quality brew.

Price: $59.99 (3-month package)

wood usa puzzle map - beer related gifts

Gifts under $50

Wood USA Puzzle Map


The right decor can really help transform a home bar. This wooden puzzle map of the United States will look perfect in any setting.

Price: $39.00

gifts for homebrewers - hot sauce gift set

Beer-infused Hot Sauce


Infusing beer with hot sauce sounds like a match made in heaven. If you need gifts for beer lovers, be sure to consider this spicy pick.

Price: $27.99

breakfast stout brew candle

Breakfast Stout Brew Candle


Beer can be used to make all kinds of goods. Stout brew candles are truly unique gifts for homebrewers they’re sure to enjoy.

Price: $17.99 

beer and bourbon nuts

Beer and Bourbon Nuts


Old school bars used to serve bowls of nuts to hungry customers. Help restore this practice with a gift of delicious beer and bourbon nuts.

Price: $30.00

beer clothing - budweiser clothing

Budweiser Clothing


A gift that helps him express his love of beer is always a good option. Budweiser clothing is great for the person who wants to showcase his connection to a good Bud.

Price: Under $50.00

beers around the world gift

Around the World Beer Gift Set


There’s a world of beer out there waiting to be discovered. A beer from around the world gift helps your friend uncover some new and international tastes.

Price: $139.00

microbrewery gift

Microbrew Times Gift Basket


Microbreweries are insanely popular these days as these establishments offer an array of local beer options made in small batches. In fact, plenty of people are now creating microbreweries in their own homes. A microbrew beer gift basket is a wonderful way to prove to your friend that you’re up on the latest trends.

Price: $39.95 

4. Personalized Beer Gifts

Finally, beer gifts with a personal touch can help to send a more intimate message with your present. There’s something touching about presenting a gift to someone you love and seeing their eyes light up when they read the message you’ve included. Whether you’re looking for beer glasses, growlers, or tap handles, there are some truly exciting ways to customize a gift for the beer lover in your life.

personalized beer gifts for him - beer cooler bag

Personalized Beer Cooler Bag


If your friend goes to a lot of sporting events or music festivals, a personalized cooler can be a huge asset. The customized bag will let everyone know who the bag belongs to.

Price: $30.00

engraved beer glass

Engraved Beer Glass


Few brew gifts are as classic as an engraved beer glass. This is a personalized beer gift that will always be received in a warm way.

Price: $13.05+

personalized homebrew gifts - tap handle

Personalized Tap Handle


For the man with his own home bar, a personalized tap handle is a wonderful gift idea. A tap with a personalized message adds a touch of effortless style to any space.

Price: $16.00+

personalized beer growler

Personalized Beer Growler


Drinking from a growler is a classic way to enjoy a beer. Boost the experience to the next level with the gift of a personalized growler.

Price: $24.99+

samuel smith’s gift set

Samuel Smith’s Gift Set


A beer gift set is a perfect personalized gifts for beer lovers. Add a bit of variety to your friend’s life by selecting a mix of brews guaranteed to impress.

Price: $39.95 

Cheers to Finding the Right Gift

Getting a gift that revolves around a person’s unique interests can be an amazing way to discover a present that has a lasting impact. There are extensive options available to you when you’re searching for gifts for beer lovers. Explore what’s out there and discover gifts that will be sure to please the brew lover in your life.

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