45 Best Gifts for Aunts on Any Occasions (Updated 2021)

  • BY Emmanuel Egeonu
  • January 25, 2021
45 Best Gifts for Aunts on Any Occasions (Updated 2021)

We all have that favorite aunt we would give the world for and sometimes when that special day like her birthday, Mother’s Day or Christmas is fast approaching, finding the best gifts for aunts is a nerve-racking process. 

She’s your favorite auntie who’s been there all your life, and you want to give her the perfect present that will make you the favorite nephew/niece. 

Fear not, if you’re out of gift ideas we got you covered with epic ideas that’ll make her feel like she’s a new aunt all over again.

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Personalized Aunt Gifts

Instead of picking random gifts for your aunt, you can buy personalized gifts for them. Personalized gifts will make her feel more special and loved. Below are some personalized aunt gifts you can buy.

Only The Best Sisters Get Promoted To Auntie Custom Photo Canvas Print

Only The Best Sisters Get Promoted To Auntie Custom Photo Canvas Print


It’s a known fact only the best sisters get promoted to auntie. Spread such great news with a one-of-a-kind custom canvas print. Your awesome sis can proudly hang the announcement of her promotion where her friends and family can see it! It‘ll look perfect in her bedroom, living room, or main hallway.

Only An Aunt Quote Photo Desktop Plaque

Only An Aunt Quote Photo Desktop Plaque


An aunt is a double blessing; she can give you love like a mother and act like a friend. This personalized “Only an Aunt quote desktop plaque” would make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, her birthday, or any other special occasion!

gifts ideas for aunts - stacker rings

Aunt Jewelry

Birth Month Stacker Rings


This shining birth month ring has a single gemstone that symbolizes the birth month of the wearer. If your aunt was born in July, you can order a personalized July birthstone ring for her.

Asides picking your aunt’s birthstone, you can also buy more rings with the birthstones of her loved ones, this way she can always wear a reminder of her dear ones.

Sister Auntie Custom Year And Photo Mug

Sister Auntie Custom Year And Photo Mug


Congratulations! Your sister is now eligible for joining the League of Aunts. On your pregnancy announcement, give her this amazing news with our Sister Auntie Custom Year And Photo Mug. This unique and personalized ‘promoted to aunt’ gift is an excellent gift idea for your sister who is about to experience the joy of being an auntie.

great aunt gifts - music box

You are My Sunshine Music Box


This is a wooden floral music box that requires no battery to function. All you need to do for the beautiful melodies to play is to rotate the handle. It is small enough to fit into a child’s palm so your aunt can carry it with her wherever she goes.

Home Decor

Custom Photo Canvas


If you are looking for a present for aunts, then you should get this custom photo canvas. You can give this to your aunt to express your love to her and to tell her she is the best Auntie on earth.

gift for aunt who has everything - aunt print

Personalized Aunt Definition Print


This personalized aunt definition printable sign is the perfect gift for a caring and loving aunt. It allows you to put into words how much your aunt means to you.

You can personalize the header, name, and texts to fit your aunt’s taste. 

Gift For Aunt Who Has Everything

What I Love About You, Fill in the Love Book


If you are looking for a mushy or witty way to express your affection for your aunt, buy this book. All you need to do is to complete each line and you will have a unique personalized gift for her.

presents for aunts - script shirt

Aunt Life Script Shirt


This T-shirt has “aunt life” printed on it and it’s a great gift to give your best aunt. The T-shirt is soft, light and comfy. It comes in a variety of colors so you can pick your aunt’s favorite color. 

personalized makeup bag comestic

Beauty Gifts

Personalized Makeup Bag


If your aunt loves makeup, you can buy this personalized makeup bag for her. They personalize it with her name and a floral letter. 

Aunt Jewelry

Aunt Necklace


This handcrafted aunt necklace is a symbol of the unbreakable bond and everlasting love between you and your aunt. You can deliver it with a heartfelt message written by you to your aunt. 

Personalized Floral Satin Robe


This luxury satin robe has a kimono style collar and comes with a satin tie belt. While placing an order for the robe, you can select the level of personalization you want and they will make it exactly as you want it.

Best Auntie Ever Gift Box


As her niece or nephew, this is one of the best gifts you can give to your aunt. She knows that you think they are the Best Auntie Ever.

Aunt Jewelry

Personalized Bar Necklace


This personalized bar necklace is one of the prettiest aunt jewelry gifts you can buy for that special aunt of yours. You can customize the name of the aunt on the necklace. The bar necklace is available in gold, silver or rose gold. 

Homemade Gifts For Aunts

You do not always need to buy an already made gift from the store for your aunt, you can also gift a homemade product that she will appreciate. Homemade gifts can help you save more cost and also enable you to put in all the love and affection you feel for your aunt into the making of the product. Below are some homemade gifts you can make for your aunt. 

vanilla bath salts

Vanilla Bath Salts


This bath salt is so easy to make. All you will need to make a nice bath salt for your aunt is salt, vanilla fragrance oil, and powdered food coloring. A mixture of the three items will give you a good vanilla bath salt that your aunt will love.

diy birdseed cakes

DIY Birdseed Cakes


This is an easy DIY gift for aunts that have birds or love feeding birds. This gift will come in handy for her when the weather is cold and birds can’t easily find food. This DIY birdseed cake is better than the ones sold in the store because you can put only the ingredients that your aunt loves feeding her birds with. 

homemade gifts for aunt - ipad holder

DIY Ipad Holder


If your aunt doesn’t fancy cookbooks anymore but prefers to view her recipes from her iPad, you can make this simple DIY iPad holder for her. 

how to make a book lamp

How To Make A Book Lamp


If you want to give your aunt an old-fashioned DIY gift, then this book lamp is your best bet. She’ll think of her dear niece or nephew whenever looking at this lamp.

coasters for christmas

DIY Coasters for Christmas!


Thinking of Christmas gift ideas for aunts? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can make these simple  DIY coasters for your aunt. With them, she won’t have to bother about what to put her glass on the dining table.

3-Ingredient Rose Petal Sugar Scrub


If you have wilted rose petals, you can turn them into a rose petal sugar scrub that your aunt will use to pamper her skin.

gift idea for aunts: diy homemade lavender & rosemary candles

DIY Homemade Candles


Did you know homemade candles are a great gift idea for grandaunts? You can make these candles in a drinking glass, baby food jar, coffee cups, tea jars or any other container of your choice.

gingerbread fudge recipe

Gingerbread Fudge


Gingerbread Fudge is a simple DIY gift you can give your aunt either on special occasions or regular days when you just want to appreciate her.

homemade gifts for aunts - diy candy dispenser

How To Make A DIY Candy Dispenser


If your auntie is a candy freak, you can make this simple candy dispenser for her. 

All she needs to do is to flip the top open, put in her favorite can’t and rotate the dowel until the candy comes down. 

picture frame luminaries

Picture Frame Luminaries


A picture frame luminaire is a perfect gift to give your aunt and its beauty will gladden her heart. 

wine coke letter art eat

Wine Cork Letters


If your aunt appreciates art, you can make letters out of wine corks for her. Wine cork letters are very easy to make. You can buy old wine corks from a store; you will also need to buy wooden letters.

Then attach the corks to the wooden letter with a hot glue gun.

New Aunt Gifts

If your sister or friend is becoming an aunt for the first time, there are a variety of gifts that you can buy for her as a way of sharing in her joy. Being an aunt is a big deal and going all the way to show your excitement with them by getting them a gift will make the experience more memorable.

Below are some gifts you can buy for new aunts, also included is a gift you could give your sister when you are the one that’s about to give her a little niece or nephew. 

Auntie Est Shirt


This amazing gift is a soft cotton shirt that can be worn with the sleeves rolled up.

You get to inscribe the date on which the recipient is becoming an aunt on the front of the shirt. The lettering on the shirt is available in white or black color. 

new aunt gifts - necklace

Aunt Jewelry

New Aunt Gift for New Auntie Gift For Soon to be Aunt necklace


Another soon to be aunt gifts you can give your sister or friend is this handcrafted necklace. The rings circle on the necklace symbolizes the unbreakable and eternal bond that’s between an aunt and her niece or nephew.  

Auntie Candle Gift - new aunt gifts

Auntie Candle Gift


You can buy this beautiful “Hello You” candle for your aunt or a new aunt around you. It is made with American grown, eco-friendly soy wax and phthalate-free fragrance oils. You can write a personal message to the recipient, it will be attached to the candle and delivered to them. 

aunt to be gifts - coolers drink coolers

"Best Aunt and Uncle Ever" Can Coolies


With less than 10 dollars you can get this perfect gift for your aunt, uncle, brother or sister. 

The cookies can be folded flat for easy portability; they can also be washed in the machine. 

hello auntie gift box

Hello Auntie Gift Box


If you are pregnant and looking for a way to share the good news with your sister or sister-in-law, you can make the big announcement with this beautifully printed one side in a gift box.

gifts for new aunt - new hat


Aunt Hat


Thinking of gifting your aunt a hat? Search no more. This aunt hat is a perfect option to consider. 

The interior of the hat has mesh lining, which helps to keep the crown cool. 

great aunt gifts - necklace jewelry


Badass Aunt Morse Code Necklace


This beautiful jewelry spells BADASS AUNT in Morse Code. Tiny metal beads represent the dots and dashes. The chain is made of gold-filled or sterling silver. 

A card showing the words coded is delivered to the recipient alongside the necklace. 

gifts for new aunt - custom mug

Auntie Est Mug


You can give this as a birthday, baby shower or holiday present to your aunt or sister. The mug doesn’t just hold coffee, it can also hold tea or hot chocolate. It can even be used to hold pencils or plants on the office table.

favorite aunt gifts - Label Pregnancy

Pregnancy Announcement Wine Label


This is a perfect way to announce your pregnancy. The good thing about this gift is that nothing physical is mailed to you. You will do the printing of the label yourself.

personalized aunt bangle bracelet

Personalized Aunt Bangle Bracelet


You can announce your pregnancy by gifting this personalized aunt Bangle to her. The bangle is adjustable and you can choose the size you want it in. You can also choose to include birthstones to represent your baby. 

Relaxation Kit


If your aunt has been stressed lately and you want her to take out time to relax, you can buy this relaxation kit for her. 

Practical Gifts For Aunts

It can be quite hard to pick a gift for your aunt if you don’t know exactly what she likes, in such a situation the chances of buying a gift that will be useless to her are high. If you are in this dilemma and you don’t know what kind of gift to get, below are some practical gift ideas that you can give your aunt. 

gifts for aunts - wine holder

Bathtime Essentials Wine Holder


This bath time essentials wine holder is a perfect gift for an aunt who loves to relish every moment of her bath time. It suctions easily to the tub. The wine holder comes with a BPA-free plastic wine glass, this is because baths are always wet and a wine glass made with fragile material can easily break. 

aunt to be gifts - geode ring dish

Geode Ring Dish


This is a perfect gift for your favorite aunt. It has a diameter of about 4 inches and she can use it for different things including holding candles and soaps.

amazon gifts - amazon e gift card

Amazon Gifts

Amazon.com eGift Card


If for any reason you forget to pick a gift for your aunt or you do not have enough time to make a DIY gift for her, you can get something real quick online. One of such last-minute gifts is the Amazon.com eGift Card.

Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint


Your aunt will love this lip tint. It is lightweight and ultra-moisturizing. Asides being a lip tint, it can also be used as a lip balm because it has all the benefits of a balm.

If your aunt doesn’t like heavy makeup, you can still get this for her because the lip tint is made to blend with the natural lip color. It smoothes and softens the lips so that no lines or flakes are seen on the lips. 

speaker with alexa

Echo Dot


This is an amazing portable voice-controlled smart speaker. If your aunt has a lot of gadgets and also enjoys listening to news or music, she will love this speaker.

It is compatible with Alexa and Asides playing music and news, it can also be used to make calls and control any other smart home device that is compatible with your voice. 

soy candle match striker

Soy Candle & Match Striker Gift Set


For aunts that love scented candles, you can buy these scented candles as a gift to show how much you value them.

bath bombs

Bath Bomb Gift Set


If your aunt has not had time to pamper herself to a good bath in a long while, you can give her this bath bomb gift set.

gemstone facial rollers

Gemstone Facial Rollers


This facial roller is a unique gift you can give your aunt. Here is why. Facial massages have been said to help in increasing circulation and reducing puffiness on the face.

edibles cookbook


Edibles Cookbook


Cookbooks are one of the best gifts for bakers. If you have an aunt who is a baker or loves trying out new recipes, you can give her this as a gift.

neck massager with heat

Back shoulder & Neck Massager


This massager will help to relieve sore muscles, relieve her of stress and relax properly after a hectic day. The massager is portable and it comes with a car charger, so she can use it while she is in the car traveling. 

row boat serving bowl with wood serving utensils

Row Boat Serving Bowl with Wood Serving Utensils


Looking for a cute but useful Mother’s Day gift to give Auntie dearest? This row boat serving bowl is your best pick. Your aunt can use it to serve salad or hold fruit. 

throw blanket

Throw Blanket


This microfiber blanket is the blanket any aunt will love. It is extra soft and cozy and perfect for her to use on cold nights. 

With this long list of gifts for aunts, we are certain that your days of brainstorming over what kind of gift to buy are over. When buying the customized gifts, don’t forget to include the exact words you will love to be inscribed on it.

Also, take out time to write a heartwarming letter to be attached to the gift box before you deliver it to her. If you are uncertain of the colors or scents she likes, you can get something neutral that she can still use.

We are certain that if you buy any of these gifts for aunts, for your special auntie, she will be very pleased.



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