22 Gay Wedding Gift Ideas for Same-Sex Couples (2021)

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  • October 14, 2021
22 Gay Wedding Gift Ideas for Same-Sex Couples (2021)

If your gay friends are finally tying the knot and you need to get them a present, don’t fret! Our list of the top gay wedding gift ideas will guide you.

From unique to personalized gift ideas, you’ll find something perfect for your favorite gay or lesbian couple that will have them falling in love. Make the gay couple’s wedding more memorable with your outstanding same-sex marriage gift for the two grooms.

Let’s get right into it!


It All Began Under This Sky Star Map

Gift your favorite gay couple this unique and meaningful star map that will always remind them of their first meeting. It will be a gift that they will cherish forever. Personalize it with their details and gift away.

Buy it: It All Began Under This Sky Star Map, $24.95, 365canvas.com


Hello – Will You – I Do Map Canvas Print

This “Hello – Will you – I do” personalized map canvas print is a great gift that will remind them of three significant events of their life. It is an attractive display and a thoughtful gift to give.

Buy it: Hello – Will You – I Do Map Canvas Print, $59.95, 365canvas.com


Mr. and Mr. Couple Mug

For a gay couple who has everything, a Mr. and Mr. couple mug will be something they didn’t think of yet. These mugs are safe to put in a microwave and are durable. Personalization helps them look attractive.

Buy it: Mr. and Mr. Couple Mug, $22.95, 365canvas.com


Custom Suede Pillow With Song Lyrics

A great gift for same-sex marriage is a customized suede pillow with song lyrics on it. Get the couple’s favorite song to which they danced the first time they met and have them relive the memories all over again.

Buy it: Custom Suede Pillow With Song Lyrics, $49.95, 365canvas.com


Two Grooms Silhouette Song Lyrics

Music and art is the best way to show your love! This unique gay wedding gift idea is perfect for two men or women. It can be given as an expression of love, and the heart-shaped song lyrics will make it more meaningful.

Buy it: Two Grooms Silhouette Song Lyrics, $49.95, 365canvas.com


Personalized Blanket

A personalized blanket is a big yes when you are thinking of gifting it to two married men! And if that blanket has their favorite song lyrics on it, the better. Personalize it with their wedding date for keepsake.

Buy it: Personalized Blanket, $59.95, 365canvas.com


Cutting Board

A beautiful cutting board is a great gift for your beloved gay couple! This board can be customized with their wedding date and names and is extremely durable. It is a must-have kitchen item.

Buy it: Cutting Board, $40.00, Etsy.com


Mr. and Mr. Desktop Plaque

A great coworker wedding gift that can easily be personalized from Mr. and Mr. to Mrs. and Mrs. This customizable plaque is the perfect side table plaque to have as a memory. They’ll be reminded of you each time they look at it.

Buy it: Mr. and Mr. Desktop Plaque, $49.95, 365canvas.com


Two Grooms Are Better Than One Wine Glass

Now isn’t that right! These two grooms are better than one wine glasses will steal the show. They will be the best and most unique present ever. They are perfect for those date nights.

Buy it: Two Grooms Are Better Than One Wine Glass, $24.99, Etsy.com


Pillow Case

These pillowcases will decorate any bedroom and make it sweet, romantic, and comfy with a little bit of fun. It is a great gift to give your gay friends on their big day.

Buy it: Pillow Case, $24.55, Etsy.com


Custom Name Robe

Robes are an essential part of your everyday. Gift your best men these soft and beautiful robes for their wedding day. These are some of the best Mr. and Mr. wedding gifts ever.

Buy it: Custom Name Robe, $28.79, Etsy.com


Custom Star Map Pillow

A unique marriage gift for your male friends will be this customized star map pillow that will serve as the perfect home décor that they’ll cherish for years to come. In addition, you can customize it with their names and wedding date.

Buy it: Custom Star Map Pillow, $27.95, 365canvas.com


Wedding Planner

Tell your favorite gay couple to say goodbye to their worries, as this gift of yours will help keep things sorted. This will help the couple get guidance and stay organized on what they need to do. It is a very practical gift to give.

Buy it: Wedding Planner, $50.59, Etsy.com


Love Always Wins Platter

A beautiful and meaningful platter that states love always wins. It is a sturdy one that features the two love birds’ names and their wedding date. It is a great present that will be cherished for many years to come.

Buy it: Love Always Wins Platter, $38.00, Etsy.com


Song Lyrics Mug

If you wish to give your male couple something unique, this song lyrics mug will do the job. The heart-shaped custom lyrics will add a personal touch to the gift and make the gift more special. These are the perfect coffee mugs.

Buy it: Song Lyrics Mug, $14.95, 365canvas.com


Key Hanger

A key hanger is essential in every house. This hand-crafted wooden sign stained in special walnut brings out the natural beauty of the wood grain. With a beautiful handwritten ‘his,’ it is the perfect addition to your new home.

Buy it: Key Hanger, $45.00, Etsy.com


Keepsake Box For Husband Couple

Now that your favorite same-sex friends are getting married, you can get them a keepsake box to store all their memories and trinkets. It is a perfect gift personalized with their names and wedding date.

Buy it: Keepsake Box For Husband Couple, $35.52, Etsy.com


Infinity Symbol Wall Art

A personalized infinity symbol wall art will make for a great wedding present. It is a romantic gift to give to your two best men who decided to tie the knot. Get it personalized as per your liking.

Buy it: Infinity Symbol Wall Art, $49.95, 365canvas.com


Gay Couple Ornament

It’s time to decorate the Christmas tree with unique ornaments. Gift your besties this adorable gay couple ornament and make their first holiday together more memorable. You can customize it from scratch to make it more meaningful.

Buy it: Gay Couple Ornament, $22.00, Etsy.com


Hubby & Hubby Sweatshirts

There’s nothing like matching sweatshirts to show your love for each other. Gift the two married men in your life these comfy and attractive sweatshirts as a wedding gift. They are a practical gift to give that they can twin in.

Buy it: Hubby & Hubby Sweatshirts, $83.87, Etsy.com


Wedding Card

Letters are the ultimate form of love. Gift your favorite gay couple this beautiful wedding card and write in it all your best wishes for them. This card is super adorable and customizable.

Buy it: Wedding Card, $8.54, Etsy.com


Star Map And Spiral Song Lyrics Framed Print

This star map and spiral song lyrics framed print is a unique gift for your love birds. It will add a magical touch wherever they place it. It is a creative keepsake that will celebrate their love.

Buy it: Star Map And Spiral Song Lyrics Framed Print, $24.95, 365canvas.com

Buying a gift for your gay couple has never been so easy! We hope our list of gifts for gay couples has inspired you and helped you find the perfect gift for the occasion. Gift away!



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