27 Gay Anniversary Gifts to Delight Same-sex Couples (2022)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • August 16, 2022
27 Gay Anniversary Gifts to Delight Same-sex Couples (2022)

With more and more LGBT couples exchanging vows, it can be a huge challenge to find unique gay anniversary gifts. If you have a friend or loved one in a successful same-sex relationship, perfect gifts don’t always pop into mind. Gay couples need fitting presents. So many traditional anniversary gifts given to straight couples might seem inappropriate. It can be frustrating to see everything labeled “husband” and “wife.” Here are some creative solutions to avoid gift-related faux pas!

1. Heart-Shaped Song Lyrics Canvas Print

Gay anniversary gift: Heart-Shaped Song Lyrics Canvas Print


Every love story involves a favorite song. In fact, many today have entire playlists to recapture the moments. Help bring that to life in cool fashion. It’s the perfect wedding anniversary gift for a gay couple with a musical streak.

2. You’re The One His and His Pillowcases

Gay anniversary gift for boyfriend: You're The One His and His Pillowcases


Whether gay or straight, funny wedding gifts are a staple for any couple’s anniversary. These matching pillowcases are a clever take on “his” and “hers” bath towels. Give a cute gift that the couple will actually use!

3. Custom Gay Couple Portrait

Anniversary gift for gay friend: Custom Gay Couple Portrait


When the occasion calls for a more thoughtful gift, you can’t go wrong with a portrait of the happy couple. This anniversary gift has been a popular one for decades. Gay couples are no exception in enjoying a visual tribute.

4. Mr and Mr Stemless Wine Glass

Gay anniversary gift: Mr and Mr Stemless Wine Glass


Nothing’s better than a gift that can be used on any occasion. Too often, anniversary presents end up in the back of a closet. These cheeky wine glasses are perfect for the gay couple who bonds over drinks.

5. His Only Couples Keychains

Gift for gay men: His Only Couples Keychains


Some anniversary gifts can be used year-round. These matching keychains are a daily reminder of love and commitment without being too serious. It’s perfect for gay cutest couple awards that go to the sappiest pair in your circle of friends.

6. Woke Up Gay Again Soy Wax Candle

funny gay anniversary gifts: Woke Up Gay Again Soy Wax Candle


For a gay friend that loves a laugh, this hilarious candle is a perfect addition to the bedroom. Bring a bit of the rainbow to your gift-giving in a fun style. It’s a present that’s sure to be remembered!

7. LGBT Love Book Journal

Gift for gay: LGBT Love Book Journal


The perfect gay anniversary gifts for young couples are sometimes sweet and romantic. This journal with an LGBTQ+ theme is a great gift to express love for one another. It’s one of the most endearing options for gay presents.

8. Couple Gay Man Fleece Blanket

Anniversary gifts for gay men: Couple Gay Man Fleece Blanket


Impress your loved one with a practical present that also shows how much you care. A warm and comforting blanket for two is a loving gesture. This one is unique in that it’s designed for a gay male couple.

9. Gay Couple Necklace Set

Gay anniversary gifts: Gay Couple Necklace Set


Whether a couple has newly embarked on their love journey or has been together for years, celebrate them in style. A custom-designed necklace set for gay couples is a sweet and real reminder of their commitment to each other.

10. “All Because Two People Swiped Right” Plaque

Gift for gay couple: All Because Two People Swiped Right Plaque


Surprise your gay partner with a cute and humorous nod to the interesting way the two of you met. A personalized plaque is perfect for the couple who started on social media. It’s both romantic and light-hearted – a winning combination.

11. ‘Hubby and Hubby To Be’ Couple T-Shirt Set

Gay Anniversary Gifts for Couple: ‘Hubby and Hubby To Be’ Couple T-Shirt Set


It isn’t always a wedding anniversary that calls for a present. A newly engaged gay couple also has reason to celebrate! These matching t-shirts are easy gay anniversary gifts for the men on the way to the altar.

12. Personalized Gay Couple Picture Frame Night Light

Gay Anniversary Gift Ideas: Personalized Gay Couple Picture Frame Night Light


One of the most romantic touches in any home is a picture of the happy couple. This charming picture frame also serves as a nightlight, making it ideal for the bedroom. Archive memory boxes by putting them on display!

13. Mr. Right & Mr. Always Right Pair Mugs

Anniversary gifts for gay couple: Mr. Right & Mr. Always Right Pair Mugs


If you’re looking to celebrate that witty male couple that’s known to bicker playfully, these mugs will get a laugh. This cute, customized anniversary gift is also a fun surprise to buy for your partner. Spice up the breakfast table!

14. Our First Christmas as Mr. & Mr

Gay gift ideas: Our First Christmas as Mr. & Mr


The first Christmas together is memorable for all couples. Show your favorite newlyweds you’re thinking of them or buy something for your partner. A charming Christmas gift idea for gay guys just starting out, this one will deck the halls.

15. LGBT Digital Portrait

LGBT Digital Portrait


There is no more meaningful symbol of love, aside from a wedding ring than a portrait of the happy couple. An actual painting could be a large, burdensome gift. Offering the memory in digital form is modern and compact.

16. Engraved”Mr and Mr” Wine Box

Engraved"Mr and Mr" Wine Box


Creative ideas to mark anniversaries aren’t easy to come by. Give a special gift for the wedding anniversary of the couple that can’t get enough of life, love, and wine. Celebrate with an addition to the home they’ll truly treasure.

17. Record Song Lyric Gift

Thoughtful gifts for gay anniversary: Record Song Lyric Gift


A couple’s wedding day is a wonderful mile mark in their life journey together. It isn’t always easy to put feelings into words, but a song surely does the trick! Your favorite LGBT couple will be dancing the night away.

18. Gay Couple Pillows

Gay Couple Pillows


Whether it’s an anniversary, housewarming, or holiday, sometimes last-minute gift ideas are required. These playing card-themed pillows are a thoughtful present for a male couple. If you’re looking for something unusual yet practical, these will add life to any home.

19. Bow Tie Gay Wedding Gift Personalized Platter

Bow Tie Gay Wedding Gift Personalized Platter


If you’re seeking a wedding or anniversary gift for your gay friend, this customizable platter is a great choice! Elegant yet useful in any household, this serving plate celebrates the couple’s nuptials in style. It’s undeniably perfect for two grooms!

20. Welcome To Our Home Suede Pillow

Gift for gay couple: Welcome To Our Home Suede Pillow


The decision to live together is a huge step for any couple. Support the loving gay couple moving forward together with a housewarming present sure to please. This suede pillow will make a new house feel like a home.

21. Minimal Nude Line Drawing Wall Art

 Minimal Nude Line Drawing Wall Art


If you need a creative wedding, anniversary, or housewarming gift for a male couple who loves art, look no further. This elegant piece is a unique gift for gay men. It’s designed to fit seamlessly with any decor.

22. Personalized Gay Cheese Board


If ever in doubt that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, ask a foodie couple! This cheese board is an elegant anniversary gift idea for the duo that loves to cook. It’s also great for entertaining.

23. Matching His and His Bracelets

Matching His and His Bracelets


Romantic jewelry isn’t just something meant for the ladies. Matching bracelets are a cute and fashionable gift for an engagement, anniversary, or holiday. This set is superb for gay guys who like a little bling in their lives.

24. Custom Star Map By Date LGBTQ Rainbow

Custom Star Map By Date LGBTQ Rainbow


When the stars align to produce a perfect match, happiness follows. This rainbow-themed piece of art shows the positioning of the stars on a couple’s wedding day. It’s a sentimental way to celebrate a huge milestone for a same-sex couple!

25. Gay Family Art Print Poster

Gay Family Art Print Poster


Families come in all shapes and sizes, and nothing celebrates that better than this charming print. It’s a thoughtful gift for an LGBT couple with kids or to mark the adoption of a child. Display this anywhere to show support!

26. Mr & Mr Matching His and His Pajama Set

Mr & Mr Matching His and His Pajama Set


There’s no more adorable way for couples to show a united front than matching outfits. This set of matching pajamas is a thoughtful gift for a male couple. It’s very versatile when it comes to useful gay gifts.

27. This Guy Is One Awesome Husband Mug

This Guy Is One Awesome Husband Mug


Choosing gifts for others is hard, and buying presents for a partner even more so! A small gesture of appreciation goes a long way. This mug contains a sweet message for your spouse that he can savor every day

Show Some Pride!

Shopping for gay anniversary gifts doesn’t have to be a hassle, whether you’re looking for your spouse, friends, or family. The best gifts for gay couples are similar to those for straight couples: heartfelt, supportive, and full of love.



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