30+ Garter Removal Songs to Make It Even More Fun (2020)

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30+ Garter Removal Songs to Make It Even More Fun (2020)

If you are planning on including the garter removal ceremony to add an extra pinch of excitement at your wedding, this is the perfect guide for you! Get ready to call a DJ as we help you to learn all the important things about the garter tossing ceremony and list down for you the wedding songs that are the best garter toss & removal songs of all times. 

What is a Garter Toss? 

The garter toss is famously known as the traditional act in which the groom takes off the garter from his newlywed wife’s leg and tosses it around the room for unmarried bachelors to catch.

Besides, the groom can perform the garter removal in various ways depending on his preference – for instance, using his hands or his teeth.

This activity takes place during the wedding reception with special garter removal songs playing in the background. And it is performed in front of all the guests who are considered to be witnesses.

Also, it is often considered to be the equivalent of the bride’s bouquet toss because the unmarried bachelor who catches the garter is considered to be next in line for marriage. 

How Did the Garter Removal Tradition Start? 

groom holding a silk garter on his hands

It all started during the middle ages in France and Britain when there were several superstitions associated with the bride’s wedding dress.

At that time, it was famously known that taking off a piece of bride’s dress was a sign of good luck and hence the wedding guests tried to obtain it by ripping it off.

This often made the brides uneasy which is why the grooms began to ‘toss’ a piece of their bride’s dress themselves on their way out of the wedding ceremony. 

Rumor has it that in old times, the wedding guests would follow the newlywed couple to their home to make sure if they had consummated their marriage.

To avoid this intrusion, the groom would remove and toss the garter as a sign to confirm their suspicions. Eventually, the garter became a piece of clothing that was associated with the consummation of the marriage. 

Over time, to prevent guests from following the couple around, wedding receptions started taking place after the ceremony and the garter removal became a part of it.

The tradition symbolized the chastity of the bride, happy initiation of marriage and good luck for the unmarried bachelors. Garter removal songs were specifically chosen to facilitate this practice and make it special. 

Best Songs for Garter Removal and Toss

The best song for garter removal is one that fills the room with joy and makes your experience worthwhile. This exhaustive list of garter toss songs can be used according to whatever mood you want to set. 

Best Pop Garter Toss Songs 

Best Garter Toss Songs to Keep it Old School Cool

Best Rock n Roll Garter Toss Songs 

Best Garter Toss Songs For Hip Hop or R&B Lovers 

Best Garter Toss Songs to Add Humor 

5 Incredible Tips for Picking the Garter 

bride fixing the garter on her leg

A garter is essentially a piece of fabric that the bride ties on the leg to keep the stockings in place. The bridal garter set consists of two garters matching in design and color: a simple garter and an embellished garter.

Five tips that will make your garter picking experience fruitful are: 

  1. Choose the material that you are most comfortable wearing. Garters are available in multiple textures and fabrics such as silk, satin and lace. 
  2. Identify your preferences. If you want a garter with beautiful intricate details, a lace garter will be a better choice than a silk one. 
  3. Select a pattern or color that best compliments your taste. Ivory and white are some of the classic color choices that can never go wrong. 
  4. Don’t worry if the garter doesn’t match your wedding outfit or theme. You will be wearing this under your dress so it will not show any way until the garter removal ceremony. 
  5. Relax and enjoy the experience! It is better to choose something that fits your personality or reflects your bond with your husband than a gorgeous garter which is meaningless and is hard to find. 

Our Final Words

A careful collection of garter removal songs can make your garter ceremony one of the most memorable parts of your wedding. Wear whatever garter you are comfortable with and play whatever songs you love – just don’t forget to have fun with the garter toss!

Here is the complete Spotify playlist of the garter toss songs:

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