31 Galentine’s Day Gifts for Your Irreplaceable Besties (2024)

31 Galentine’s Day Gifts for Your Irreplaceable Besties (2024)

Let’s shower your closest lady friends with love and appreciation this Valentine’s Day by giving them the best Galentine’s Day gifts! The presents on this list are unique and show your gals how much you treasure having them in your life. Some of the gifts are thoughtful and fun and make the perfect keepsakes for a lifetime of memories. Let’s dive right in!

Best Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas in 2024

Best Friend Portrait

best friend portrait as a galentines day gift


If your partner in crime is closer than close to you, nothing would be better to express your love for your soul sister than with a stylish portrait. After all, what can be more perfect than turning friendship into a piece of art?

You’re My Person Custom Photo Mug

you are my person photo mug for best friends


Amid the pandemic, you might be finding it hard to be away from your closest friend. That’s okay, though. This year’s virtual Galentine’s Day is going to be extra special when you’re sharing news while enjoying coffee together. Make this mug a part of that!

Galentine’s Day Spa Gift Box

happy galentines day spa gift box


Looking for some inexpensive Galentine’s Day presents for the best girlfriend out there? Spoil her with a box full of spa goodies. It’s going to leave her smelling great and feeling like she’s on top of the world. If anyone needs some pampering, it’s this special lady right here!

Galentines Definition Candle

galentines definition candle gift


Galentine’s Day activities like re-watching Parks and Recreation won’t be complete without this candle. Not only does it smell great, but it also gives out a warmth like no other. This gift will show your gal friend that there’s no one else you’d rather hang with!

“Be My Galentine” Wine Bottle Label

"Be My Galentine" Wine Bottle Labels


Are you going to give her favorite wine as her Galentine’s Day gift? In this case, stick these special and fun labels on the bottles and your wine cannot be any more perfect.

Galentine’s Day Wine Glass

happy galentines day wine glass


A party is incomplete without some wine glasses. They’re precious keepsakes to last a lifetime! Every day is set to be a celebration with these around. You can even customize them with the names of your favorite ladies!

“Good Friends Are Like Stars” Desktop Plaque

good friends are like stars they are always there - desktop plaque gift for galentines day


Keep a long-distance friendship alive with a plaque that will look great on a work or study desk. This gift announces to the world that these two gal pals are not going anywhere. They’ll stick together through thick and thin, and weather any storm!

Heart Ring With Initials

Heart Rings With Initials as a gift for best friend on galentines day


Subtle, classy, and available in different alphabets, this delicate ring can be the perfect token of love for your Galentine. Order a custom heart ring with her initial and show her how much your bestie is close to your heart.

“To My Galentine” Initial Charm Necklace

to my galentine initial charm necklace


This friendship necklace is for the lady that you cannot imagine life without. You can be sure that she won’t leave her home without this around her neck. You can also choose to personalize it with your initials to make it even more special!

Custom Photo Canvas Print

Galentine's Day Gifts For Friends: Best Friends Are Hard to Find Custom Photo Canvas


Show your gal friends how much you love them with this cute custom photo canvas print. Think of an ultra-cute caption or quote – big or little – to go with the picture of you and your BFF on this canvas!

Sisterhood Tote Bag

sisterhood tote bag for best friends on galentine's day


For someone who believes in the power of feminism with all their might, give them this tote bag for a Galentine’s Day gift. This inspirational tote will become your gal’s new fave and a lasting reminder of a soul sister.

Galentine’s Day Scrunchies

cute galentines day scrunchies

$17.50 for set of 5

Put together a Galentine’s Day gift box filled with fun fashion items from the past. The one thing you must include in the box are these scrunchies! Your girlfriends are going to love them, and you’ll end up putting on an impromptu catwalk show!

Galentine’s Squad Shirt

galentines squad shirt for her


Celebrate the unbreakable bond between best friends by surprising your BFF with this awesome shirt! It’s set to be her new favorite. And what’s not to like? This top has the perfect color, font, and message. It says, “Don’t mess with me. My girl’s got my back.”

Be My Galentine Socks


What’s Galentine’s Day without marking your territory? Your “sister from another mister” is going to feel like the luckiest person alive. And that’s obviously because of you. You’re giving her the coziest pair of socks ever. You can be sure that she’s never taking these babies off!

Custom Photo Mug

We Go Together Like Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows Photo Mug - Galentine's Day Gift For Best Friend


Since she is your darling Galentine, she needs to be reminded of it every time she sips her coffee or, well… spills it. Give her this custom photo mug to let her know: “We Go Together Like Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows.”

Cosmetic Bags

cosmetics bags - gifts for best friends on galentine's day


These chic little organizers can be perfect Galentine’s Day gifts for a tightly-knit group of friends. This set of 10 cosmetic bags will be cute travel companions for your gals, helping her hold her jewelry and her makeup.

Leather Tassel Keychain

leather tassel keychain as a galentine's day gift


These lightweight leather tassel keychains are available in a host of chic pastel and matte colors, from deep to classic black. You can personalize them with monograms and turn them into unique gifts for your best friends on this occasion.

Personalized Clutch

personalized clutch galentines day gift for friend


Say “Happy Galentine’s Day” with a clutch so cute, it’s going to make everyone else jealous. It’s classy, simple, and easily dresses up an outfit. Plus, it even transforms into a purse. Dressing up for a night out in town has never been more fun!

Monogrammed Leather AirPods Case

galentine's day gifts for best friends: KEYCHAIN WITH LEATHER AIRPODS CASE


This unique keychain with leather AirPods case is crafted from full-grain leather with a snap closure and a cute keychain ring. This simple and small token of love will keep your best gal’s AirPods safe and within reach at all times.

Lake Champlain Galentine’s Day Chocolate Assortment

galentine's day chocolate assortment gift box


This special day isn’t complete without some Galentine’s treats. Each bite is a small delicious surprise. Your bestie will never know what hit her. They say that chocolates are the way into a girl’s heart, and what a true statement that is!

Glitter Nail Polish

glitter nail polish for her on galentines day


If your lady friend has a thing for fancy nail colors, give her the gift that keeps on giving with this Glitter Nail Polish. She’ll love this gorgeous lavender glitter that will give her nails a fresh look any day.

Custom Desktop Photo Plaque

Best Friends Forever Custom Photo Collage Desktop Plaque


Give your gal pals a custom photo collage desktop plaque. It is a perfect piece to cherish the nostalgia and feelings of giddiness that come flooding back, reminding you what it means to make a life-long friend.

Elle Gold Earrings

Elle Gold Drop Earrings


For a girl who loves to accessorize, these Elle Gold Earrings are true classics. With custom stones in oval metallic frames, this can quickly become the perfect bling for her. Go a bit overboard for the gift and add extra sparkle to make your gal even more classy.

“You’re The Rachel to My Monica” Frame

rachel to my monica photo frame


If you and your BFF can’t get enough of the hit TV show Friends, this belongs on her desk. Featuring a lovely message written in the font everyone recognizes, this gift is a creative Galentine gift idea. Now, it’s time to binge!

Best Friends Blanket

a blanket with words of love for best friend


Sometimes, a warm hug works wonders to make someone feel better. If you find yourself being apart from your best friends this year, comfort them with this fleece sherpa blanket. Everything brightens up with a bit of love, and that’s what this heartfelt gift brings with it.

Silk Pillowcase with Eye Mask

Silk Pillowcase with Eye Mask as a galentine's day gift


Another great gift idea is the Silk Pillowcase with Eye Mask that your BFF will love. For $58.99 at Amazon, this beautiful silk pillowcase is soft to sleep on, keeps cool during hot nights, and offers the best value against cost when compared to other options on the market.

“We’re Like a Really Small Gang” Tumbler

We’re Like a Really Small Gang - funny tumbler for best friends on galentine's day


Whether you are looking for a novelty gift, this is exactly what you should be giving on this Galentine’s Day. With a “You and I are more than friends; We’re like a really small gang” caption, this pretty tumbler is a fun gift for any woman.

Add A Funny Galentine’s Day Card

a galentine's day card with a funny saying


If you don’t have the time to make some Galentine’s Day crafts, at least give your girlfriend something handmade. This card is the perfect way to celebrate this event. Make sure to include a note to show how much you value the friendship!

Happy Galentine’s Day Gable Boxes

happy galentine's day gable boxes

$17.99 (Set of 12)

Running out of ideas? Just put together some goodies and pack them in these gorgeous boxes. They’re perfect for small gifts and treats. What a wonderful way to thank your friends for being there!

DIY Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas

DIY gifts are the perfect tokens of love to shower your BFF with the love they deserve.

Galentine’s Day Coupon Book

galentine's day DIY coupon book

Price: Free!

This Coupon book printable has cover pages in two different colors, blue and purple, and is full of an assortment of blank coupon pages ready for you to write your heartfelt messages for your favorite gal. Perfectly customizable for your bestie and well within your budget, it is just the right Galentine’s gift this year.

Homemade Heart Shaped Cookies

Heart Cookies Homemade cookies gifts for best friend Galentine's Day

Total time: 1 hour 40 minutes

Can you think of anything sweeter than these homemade cookies as an edible token of your love for your best friend? These cookies with cream cheese frosting are exactly what will make your Galentine party loftier and more memorable.

What is Galentine’s Day?

The term and the new holiday debuted in a 2010 episode of Parks and Recreation. It is a celebration of girly love, held a day before Valentine’s Day, on February 13th. The meaning behind this? Valentine’s Day is not just about celebrating romantic love with your partner. It is about expressing and spreading love to anyone around, including your mom, dad, and close friends. With that spirit, Galentine’s Day has been gaining more popularity since then.


After all, your female friendships are equally as important in your life. Aren’t you lucky to have people you can depend on, come rain or shine? So shower them with love and cheer for your platonic relationships with a heartfelt Galentine’s Day gift. And we hope the selection we have shown you will help you along the shopping journey this Valentine’s Day season, and whatever you choose, the gift will become a treasure for your girl’s squad this year.

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