46 Funny & Silly Gifts for Her – Gag Gifts for Women (2021)

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  • July 14, 2021
46 Funny & Silly Gifts for Her – Gag Gifts for Women (2021)

Are you looking for quirky gifts for a lady with a good sense of humor? These gag gifts for women are unlike anything you’re used to. Whether it’s Christmas, her birthday, Mother’s Day, her retirement, or even her divorce, we found something for every occasion.

These hilarious ideas will ensure your funny gifts for her stand out. Remember, such white elephant gifts are suitable for light-hearted women, those you can prank and joke with.

Consider their taste and temperament before deciding the most appropriate funny gifts for women. Here are some great examples of gag gifts you can choose from.

1. Yodelling Pickle



Do you have a woman in your life who seems to have it all? You bet your last coin that she doesn’t own a yodeling pickle. This silly electronic musical device will keep her entertained for hours on end.

You Are a Really Great Mom mug

2. Funny Trump Mug


$26.95 $22.95

This small gift is perfect for Mother‘s Day or her birthday. It’s also a fantastic option for funny Christmas gifts. She‘ll appreciate knowing that both you and Mr. Trump think she’s the best mom ever! It‘s especially hilarious if you read it in Donald Trump’s voice!

cheap gag gifts - shakespearean insult bandages

3. Shakespearean Insult Bandages



Scrapes and cuts will feel a little less awful with these gag gifts for women. Each bandage contains a hilarious Shakespeare-inspired insult. ‘Thou art as fat as butter,’ ‘I’d beat thee, but I’d infect my hands,’ and so on.

4. Disappointed Sigh Electronic Sound Maker



You can bet that the women in your life are sometimes so tired or agitated. They want to hear some sound effects to enhance their daily life. Now all they need to do is press a button. This funny gift for women will sprinkle their conversations with a burst of canned laughter, a round of applause, or a wa-wa-wa-waaaaah on their behalf.

5. “If You Fall, I Will Pick You Up After I Finish Laughing”


$29.95 $24.95

The photo plaque makes a perfect funny gift for your sister who has a sense of humor. Give your sister a good laugh with joke gifts that resonate perfectly with your relationship. These kinds of items can be given as perfect gag gifts for Christmas. Let her know that no matter what happens, you are always there for each other, in a hilarious way!

best gag gifts: funny oven mitts

6. ‘Bitch I Am the Secret Ingredient’ Oven Mitt



‘What’s the secret ingredient,’ People often ask after a sumptuous meal. These gloves offer a hilarious answer and would be a great gift for bakers. If you’re looking for gag gifts for women who love cooking, this is one of them.

funny gifts for women: fifty shades of chicken cookbook

7. Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook


$7.99 – $11.32+

These recipes contain erotic undertones characteristic of Fifty Shades. Looking for naughty gag gifts for women who love trying out new recipes? This steamy parody cookbook offers such seductively written directions, the chef could end up wanting more than just chicken!

funny cheap gifts: dollar bills napkins

8. Dollars Bill Napkin



These are great for use when entertaining guests, for themed parties, or for games. The napkins are soft and absorbent, just like the best of them, yet resemble real money. How about you offer them as a funny gag gift and make it rain?

unique funny gifts: burrito blanket

9. Burrito Blanket



Silly gag gifts for women do not get any better than this. This double-sided burrito blanket looks every bit like a tortilla shell. Imagine your favorite lady curled up in one of these, and you have one very amusing giant burrito.

gag gifts for women: baguette slippers

10. French Baguette Slippers


$16.99 – $17.99

These loaf-ers (hello puns) are as goofy as they come. The bread-looking slippers keep the feet warm and may also get the wearer feeling hungry in no time. These would be good gag gifts for women who are self-professed foodies.

funny birthday gifts for her: salty bitches adult coloring book

11. Salty Bitches: Vintage Ladies Talking Trash Coloring Book



Gag presents for elderly women can be hard to come by. Here’s one for the older ladies in your life who are not afraid to express their thoughts. They’ll find pleasure in the salty language and twisted humor as they color along.

12. Porn for Women Funny Book


$6.97 – $8.72+

Gag presents for elderly women can be hard to come by. Here’s one for the older ladies in your life who are not afraid to express their thoughts. They’ll find pleasure in the salty language and twisted humor as they color along.

Mom’s Favorite Sayings Custom Canvas Wall Art

13. Mom’s Favorite Sayings


$59.95 $49.95

One other option for Christmas gag gifts is putting together all your funny mom quotes to create your mom’s favorite sayings custom wall art. How wonderful it is to have a nagging mother who‘s always there to guide! This funny Christmas present will surely bring joy and laughter. Tell her that you hear her voice in your head no matter what you do.

silly gifts: crafting with cat hair book

14. Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat



Any cat mom will be thrilled by these purr-fect crafting guides. This book is one of those cheap gag gift ideas for women, yet it’s loaded with unique DIY projects. It turns out you can use cat fur to make fluffy toys, finger puppets, tote bags, etc. Who would’ve guessed?

funny gift ideas: the hungover cookbook

15. The Hungover Cookbook


$4.89 – $10.81+

Get this for the ladies in your life who love their drinks. With gag gifts for women like this handy cookbook, the morning after will be less dreadful. There’s even a quiz at the beginning to guide the cook on the best dish to prepare.

funny birthday gifts for her: "old" t-shirt

16. “Old” T-Shirt



You don’t ask ladies their age, but there’s no harm in guessing. Let’s say, “Old.” This T-shirt lets you express your best guess, tongue in cheek, of course. It’s a hilarious option if you’re looking for funny birthday gifts for her to make her feel her age.

gag gift ideas: wine condoms

17. Wine Condom



Booze lovers, rejoice! This wine condom offers a tight seal for leftover drinks, allowing them to be stored safely. We’re sure she’ll chuckle every time she rolls it on. This is definitely one naughty gag gift for women!

unique funny gift ideas: gummy bear light

18. Squishy Gummy Bear Light



This novelty bear will light up her world, literally. With a press of the belly, it illuminates the room into a beautiful colored glow. Include these bears in your Christmas gag gifts for women. They’ll look great on the Christmas tree.

funny gift for coffee lovers: stress bless and coffee obsessed photo mug

19. Photo Collage Mug



This collage mug is a classic that tops the list of gifts for best friends every year. You can add up to six photos and a message of your choice. There won’t be a day your bestie doesn’t think of you!

Pooping Pooches Calendar

20. Pooping Pooches Calendar



This silly gag gift for women cannot go unnoticed. Some love it. Some hate it. Others cringe at the mere sight of it. But they’ll all laugh their heads off as they turn the pages. You cannot go wrong gifting this to a dog lover.

gag gifts ideas: fat cat art book

21. Fat Cat Art: Famous Masterpieces Improved by a Ginger Cat with Attitude


$6.99 – $11.99+

Cat moms can indulge their artistic streak with this creative collection. It features Zarathustra, the fat cat, blended with some of the most highly rated works of art. Petrova’s paintings have been turned into sensational internet memes. This book contains all that and more.

best gag gifts: BS button

22. BS Button



Pressing the red button sends this device yelling an anti-BS statement over high-pitched siren sounds. Everyone will sure tread carefully around the proud owner. Get this funny gift for her, and she can call out BS at the touch of a button!

23. Funny Coasters



Protect tables from cup rings while providing her with funny quotes she can use to express herself. Dinner time will never be bland again! These coasters will be a hit! Include them in your silly Christmas gift list for her.

funny yoga gifts: yoga joes

24. Yoga Joes



Looking for a unique gift for a yogi? These posing servicemen are novelty gifts for yoga lovers. The poses are an expression of flexibility and strength. Whether you’re gifting experienced yoga lovers or newbies, they’re bound to find inspiration here.

office gag gifts: f-bomb paperweight

25. F Bomb Paperweight



This goofy F-bomb will raise amused eyebrows in the office. The steel paperweight provides much-needed comic relief during tense discussions. With a steel ball, it hits hard when need be. No more swearing in the office – the F-bomb will do!

26. Good At Naps Throw



Some people prefer to unwind with their eyes shut. This gift is perfect for that lady who loves her snooze sessions. It should top the list of funny gifts for her. She’ll surely enjoy her nap time with this token of your appreciation.

gag gift ideas: wtf nifty notes

27. WTF Nifty Notes



With these nifty notes, the recipient can say exactly what she thinks while remaining mildly professional. It’s just the best gag gift for coworkers. It might seem a bit inappropriate in an office environment, but we won’t tell if you don’t!

gag gifts for women: funny socks

28. Funny Socks



Her feet will be doing all the talking with this sassy pair. The savage phrase in these socks is cleverly diluted with pretty flowers. With this snarky present, she can snuggle her toes and express herself all at once.

silly gift: horse head squirrel feeder

29. Horse Head Squirrel Feeder



Everybody loves random funny gifts. This hilarious present will make your nature-loving lady friend go nuts! It’ll turn her backyard into a surreal horse-head squirrels parade. Extremely amusing to watch, it’s the gift she never knew she needed until now!  

tequila mocking bird cocktail book

30. Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist


$7.39 – $9.99+

Mixing cocktails will turn into a whole new experience with this creative literary guidebook. If finding office Christmas party gifts is giving you headaches, try this useful bartending guide. The recipes sound just as good as they taste!

funny gifts for her: better late than ugly makeup bag

31. “Better Late Than Ugly” Makeup Bag



Any woman will agree with this goofy quote on her makeup pouch. She’ll finally find the words to explain why she’s spending hours on getting ready. The bag says it all! Such versatile gag gifts for women can fit any occasion.

sarcastic t-shirt with text "i am a ray of f*cking sunshine"

32. “I Am A Ray of F-ing Sunshine” Shirt



If you’re looking for funny gifts for her divorce, this one is a perfect choice. This T-shirt will help her move on and have a good laugh while at it. Remind her of her worth with this hilarious tee.

funny gifts for mom: ask me what's for dinner one more time book

33. Ask Me What’s for Dinner One More Time: Inappropriate Thoughts on Motherhood


$11.99 – $27.72+

Meredith Masony shares her thoughts on motherhood, parenting, marriage, aging, and everything in between in her typical hilarious fashion. Just as she does in her That’s Inappropriate blog. Include this in your list of Christmas gifts for mom. She’ll love the insights and comic relief.

funny gifts for women: funny food plastic-free bag

34. Funny Food Plastic-Free Produce Bags



These plastic-free shopping bags pack the groceries and the puns too. Any mom will appreciate going green with these eco-friendly gag gifts for women. They also make it easier to sort her groceries as she shops, and may even start exciting conversations.

funny gift for sister: i smile because you are my sister pillow

35. “I Smile Because You’re My Sister” Suede Pillow



Appreciate your sisterly bond with this custom-made pillow. The bold and vibrant prints will light up the décor in any room. Such gifts for your sister make a lasting impression and let her know how much she means to you.

ridiculous gifts: boob scarf

36. Boob Scarf



This sexual gag gift will attract lots of stares and laughter. If you’re looking for gross gag gifts for your friends, get a matching set of these goofy scarfs. They can wear them to a party and play all sorts of silly games with them.

37. Nicolas Cage Sequin Pillow Cover



Nicolas Cage isn’t known for refusing any acting gigs. And now, he’ll play the role of a lifetime as a statement piece in your bestie’s living room. This novelty item with reversible sequins is a perfect addition to her home decor. We’re sure she’ll love it!

unique funny gifts: bob ross heat changing mug

38. Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug



It doesn’t matter if her days are full of mistakes or just a few happy little accidents. If she starts them by sipping her coffee out of this heat-changing mug, there’s no problem she can’t handle. This funny gift for her will paint her mornings in a different color.

funny gifts for women: lookhuman mug

39. LookHUMAN Funny Mug



If you think printed mugs make cheesy Christmas gifts, you’ve never seen these cups from LookHuman. Its hilarious illustrations will add that extra touch of humor to her mornings. This item is by far one of the coolest inexpensive novelty gifts on this list.

cheap gag gifts: insults and comebacks book

40. Insults and Comebacks for All Occasions



We all know a no-holds-barred lady who’s not afraid to speak her mind. This gag book is a match made in heaven just for her. Loaded with witty insults for every occasion, it’s one of those inappropriate gifts for friends she’ll never forget.

unique gag gifts: custom face socks

41. Custom Face Socks



These custom-made, sorry, custom face socks are an inexpensive option to embrace her narcissistic ways. They make hysterical prank birthday gifts who’re obsessed with their appearance. Give them as funny girl gifts to the selfie lover in your life.

funny retirement gifts: old lives matter glass

42. Old Lives Matter Whiskey Scotch Glass



Let’s talk about retirement gifts for her. This hilarious whisky glass beats every option out there. Now that she doesn’t have to work, she’ll be able to use it at any time of the day. What? It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

funny gifts for cooks: ravioli spoon rest

43. Ravioli Spoon Rest



Mom’s inner home cook will surely appreciate any cute gag gifts for the kitchen. Help her keep things neat. This silicone spoon rest will keep her from spilling sauce all over the counters. She’ll probably thank you by cooking your favorite meal!

cheap gag gifts for women: card against humanity period pack

44. Cards Against Humanity: Period Pack



There’s no way of predicting what her mood will be at that time of the month. However, you can always try and make it better with this Cards Against Humanity expansion pack. If this hilarious corny gift doesn’t make her laugh, nothing else will.

funny gift ideas: ew people doormat

45. Funny Doormat



A doormat sets the mood for your guests even before they step in. That is, of course, if they still want to after reading it. These sarcastic entrance rugs are clever gag gifts for women with a wry sense of humor. They’ll certainly keep unwelcome visitors at bay.  

Wife Nutrition Facts Coffee Mug

46. Wife Nutrition Facts Coffee Mug



Wives love when their hubbies find new and fun ways to keep the love flame burning. The “Wife Nutrition Facts” coffee mug is a fantastic cheap gag gift and keepsake for this purpose. You can purchase it for your honey’s birthday, or keep it a sweet secret until Valentine’s or make it a crazy Christmas gift. Then you can definitely expect her high ’nutritive value‘ to increase even more after this pleasant surprise!


With all these options for gag gifts for women, you can’t possibly give her boring presents ever again. These items will surely make even the toughest of recipients laugh. However, always keep in mind who you’re shopping for. You don’t want to take your funny gifts for her too far!

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