40+ Gag Gifts for Men Under $50 That Will Make Him LOL

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • January 13, 2020
40+ Gag Gifts for Men Under $50 That Will Make Him LOL

Finding the perfect gift for a special man in your life can be tricky. Whether you’re searching for gift ideas for your dad, boyfriend, or coworker, it can often be a good idea to opt for a gag gift. Gag gifts for men can be a perfect fit because they are affordable, clever, and guaranteed to produce a laugh. Best of all, silly gifts are great for any occasion. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for Christmas, birthday, or Valentine’s Day gifts for him, a not-too-serious option might be a great way to show him you care.

weird gifts for him - rainBowl motion sensor toilet night light

Funny Housewarming Gifts

Toilet Night Light


Did a close friend or coworker recently move into a new spot? A toilet night light is one of the more practical and funny housewarming gift for guys you can consider. The device creates a fantastic light show right in the toilet bowl and provides a comforting ambiance.

Price: $12.95

wine bottle funny gift

Wine Bottle Holder


Is your husband obsessed with the family dog? A bottle holder featuring a playful pup grasping the wine is an adorable way to make him smile. Select the breed that matches your own canine and he’ll be howling with laughter.

Price: $37.99

maad bathroom guest book - gag books

Bathroom Guest Book


Funny book gifts are always a great way to produce some chuckles. A bathroom guest book is a gift that makes for a perfect addition to any lavatory. 

Price: $12.95

star wars toasters - star wars gifts for men

Star Wars Gifts for Him

Star-wars toasters


Some dudes are obsessed with Star Wars series. This is one of the weirder gag gifts for men that offers the opportunity for a man to eat  Star Wars logo appeared on each slice.

Price: $39.99 

wine rack bottle - gift ideas for dad

Wall-Mounted Wine Rack


Gifts that improve upon a home’s function can always be a good fit. A wall-mounted wine rack offers some sensible storage solutions. Plus, you can select a design that sparks some joy in the person who receives. 

Price: $24.97

typing gloves - funny gifts for boyfriend

Heated Typing Gloves


Does your boyfriend complain about cold hands while he’s working on his laptop? USB-heated typing gloves are a silly and practical gift that keep his hands warm and cozy in a funny way. 

Price: $39.99

personalized record doormat -funny personalized gifts

Personalized Gag Gifts for Him

Personalized Record Doormat


Personalized gag gifts for him are usually a great way to make an impression with your present. A personalized record doormat featuring his favorite album is a thoughtful way to show you know what music matters to him most.

Price: $35.00 

uprecycled record coasters

Upcycled Record Coasters


Eco-friendly and hip, upcycled record coasters are perfect for your dad, husband, or significant other. Anyone who loves music will definitely find a way to incorporate these coasters into their decor.

Price: $18.00

funny gifts for men body wash

Ballsy Body Wash


If you’re looking for gag gifts for men, a good butt joke goes a long way. Ballsy Men’s wash aims to clean “nuts, butts, and bodies.” As soon as he opens the gift, he’ll definitely bust out laughing. 

Price: $22.00

carry on cocktail kit


Nothing beats a reliable cocktail kit, unless it happens to be a kit you can take with you wherever you go! This carry-on cocktail kit is a great fit for the guy in your life who knows how to enjoy a stiff drink.

Price: $24.00 

pillow cover - funny gag gifts for guys

Gifts Under $10

Mermaid Pillow Cover


Looking for gag gifts for dad from daughter? A sequined pillow cover featuring the grinning face of Nicolas Cage is an absolutely weird and wonderful way to show your father a truly absurd gift.

Price: $9.99

gag gifts for 40 year old man - mom life coloring book

Gag Books

Adult Coloring Book


Is a special man in your life a stay-at-home dad? Book gags like an adult coloring book can be great when you need gag gifts for men. Whenever the little ones are down for a nap, he can recharge and destress with some coloring. 

Price: $8.99

mistaken lyrics coasters

Mistaken Lyrics Coasters


Have you ever been singing along to a song with friends when you realized you’ve been singing the wrong lyrics all along? Mistake Lyrics coasters are hilarious, featuring misinterpreted lyrics from a variety of well-known songs.

Price: $25.00

adult award ribbons - hilarious gag gifts

Adult Award Ribbons


For the man in your life who just can’t seem to tackle the task of adulting, these award ribbons are a great gag gift. Each time he reaches a minor accomplishment like putting on pants, he can proudly put on one of these silly award ribbons.

Price: $25.00

bluetooth banana phone - hilarious gag gifts

Tech Gifts

Bluetooth Banana Phone


A little slapstick is always a great way to select the best funny gifts for boyfriend. A Bluetooth banana phone is a fun wireless handset that does not require any peeling!

Price: $40.00

dad jokes - funny gifts for dad from daughter

Dad Joke Gifts

Word Teasers


Most men appreciate a good pun every now and then. For the man who loves some clever wordplay, think about getting a book of word teasers. If you need naught gifts for him, consider a book that boasts scandalous puns.  

Price: $15.00

man cave rule sign wood

Home Decor

Man Cave Rules Sign


Does your husband spend a lot of his free time in his self-proclaimed “man cave?” A sign that lays out the rules of his domain can be the perfect funny man cave gift to his quarters.

Price: $9.95+

belly waist - funny dad presents

Fake Belly Waist Pack


For the man who loves to make a scene wherever he goes, a fake belly waist pack is one of the better gag gifts for men. The pack can carry whatever he needs and is designed to look like its his own gut sticking out of his shirt. 

Price: $12.48

dad joke gag book gifts

Dad Joke Gifts

Book of Dad Jokes


Are you and your husband expecting your first child? A book of dad jokes is a great way to help your man prepare for a lifetime of telling jokes that are so bad they’re good.

Price: $5.99

soy candle

Soy Candle


When some men fart, it can be a terrible experience for everyone involved. A soy candle meant to be lit for such moments can be a great way to bring a smile to the face of a very gassy man.

Price: $25.95

toilet time golf game - gag gifts for brother

Golfing Gag Gifts

Toilet Time Golf Game


The man who spends a lot of time in the bathroom might be looking for some ways to stay entertained while completing his business. A golf game made for toilet time helps him stay engaged until he’s done and ready.

Price: $9.99

dinosaur taco holders - funny useful gifts

Dinosaur Taco Holders


What’s better than tacos? A taco holder that is designed to look like an awesome dinosaur! The next time he wants tacos, he’ll have a convenient place to keep them safe!

Price: $12.00 – $15.00

"a-hole" paper weight



Plenty of men are lovable jerks. One way to get this point across with your gift is by grabbing a paperweight that indirectly lets him know he’s the a-hole that everyone loves.

Price: $45.00

funny photo gifts - desktop plaque

Funny Photo Gifts

Photo Desktop Plaque


Funny gag gifts for guys can also sometimes be sentimental. A photo plaque for his desktop featuring a touching image from your relationship along with a powerful quote is a great way to make the most of funny personalized gifts. 

Price: $24.95

Pooping Pooches Wgag gift calendar -silly gift idea

Pooping Pooches Calendar


Poop jokes are never a bad path to explore when you need gag gifts for men. This calendar features hilarious images of dogs relieving themselves, which can make a perfect fit for the bathroom or his man cave.

Price: $16.99

fishing role campfire

Fishing Pole

Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster


A fishing pole campfire roaster is one of the more perfect outdoorsy gifts for fishermen. Made to look like a fishing pole, this is a great camping accessory that helps him toast his hot dogs and marshmallows on his next excursion into nature.

Price: $20.00

funny games - school game

Party Game


For the man who loves to entertain, a party game is the way to go. This game includes hundreds upon hundreds of factoids centering around information that most people didn’t learn in school. A great icebreaker for any event.

Price: $20.00

big personality desk sign - mens gag gifts

Big Personality Desk Signs


A man with a big personality often likes to make this point known to the world. If you’re looking for gag gifts for men, a desk sign that proclaims this fact is an excellent option that will make him smile.

Price: $28.00

pocket notebooks

Grump Notebooks


Does your significant other tend to complain a lot and sound like an old man? Grump notebooks are made to help him capture on paper each and every rant that comes through his mind.

Price: $9.37

keychain gag gifts for brother

Funny Keychain


A brother can be a very important person in your life. Of course, he might also drive you absolutely insane. A funny keychain is a simple and effective way to remind your brother that he is both special and annoying.

Price: $17.90

beer holster - beer gag gifts

Beer Gag Gifts

Classic Beer Holster


If you’re looking for gifts for beer lovers, then beer gag gifts are the way to go. A classic beer holster is a timeless gift that will make him laugh and also provide him with a snug spot to keep his bottle.

Price: $19.90

t-shirt - funny gifts for men

Men's Fashion

Pew Pew Wars T-Shirt


Plenty of guys love Star Wars. Instead of opting for an expected gift from a galaxy far, far away, think about a “pew pew” t-shirt. This captures all of the fun of the movies in a way that’s silly and clever.

Price: $15.95 

burrito blanket

Funny Housewarming Gifts

Burrito Blanket


There are few feelings as comforting as snuggling under a blanket. A burrito blanket is the perfect gift idea for a special man in your life because it offers a weird way to stay warm.

Price: $26.99

your genitals hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer


If you need gag gifts for men that are small and affordable, think about some hilarious hand sanitizer. A daily reminder of proper hygiene is exactly what some men need. 

Price: $12.33 

flit tshirt for men - funny boyfriend gift

Men's Fashion

Flip T-Shirt


A t-shirt is a great gift when you need something for a man, but a shirt that transforms is even better. This flip shirt let’s everyone he meets know that he’s really a ninja in disguise. 

Price: $14.99 – $21.99

wacky waving

Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy


Made famous by used car lots and Family Guy, a wacky waving inflatable tube guy is a ridiculous gift that plenty of men will enjoy. The next time he has a gathering he can bring this fixture out and let it wave in the breeze.

Price: $7.99

breaking game poop

Breaking Games Poop: The Game


A game is always a good fit when you need gag gifts for men. This gift is a cheap and effective way of making your friend laugh with a present that he can use whenever he wishes. 

Price: $9.85

funny gift for a new dad: How to Traumatize Your Children: 7 Proven Methods to Help You Screw Up Your Kids Deliberately and with Skill

Funny Gift for a New Dad

"How to Traumatize Your Children" Book


The guy just became a new dad? Help him find ways to make the kid’s childhood an *unforgettable* one. And the “Best Parent of the Year” award goes to… 

Price: $8.49

affirmators! original deck 50 affirmation cards

Affirmation Cards


Everyone can benefit from some positive affirmations. This deck of cards can be a great fit when you want to encourage a man in your life to feel good about himself.

Price: $13.04

personalized photo canvas - funny photo gifts

Personalized Gag Gifts for Him

Funny Personalized Photo Canvas Gift


If you want to find fun gifts for dad, a personalized photo canvas set is definitely the way to go. Simply select a silly photo that you think dad will enjoy and have it put in a customized frame of your choice.

Price: $39.95 

napping eye mask - funny retirement gifts

Funny Retirement Gifts

Napping Eye Mask


Retirement is a big moment in a man’s life. If you want funny male retirement gifts, this napping eye mask is a simple and silly idea. This mask tells everyone to not disturb the retiree! 

Price: $4.09

personalized big head pillow - funny photo gifts

Funny Photo Gifts

Personalized Big Head Pillow


A big head pillow is one of the more unique funny photo gifts you can grab for a friend or significant other. This idea takes his face and imposes it on a pillow to make for truly memorable gag gifts for men.

Price: $45.97

Selecting the best gifts for a special man in your life can often prove to be a challenge. Luckily, there are ways to make it an easier endeavor. Simply think about narrowing down your search to gag gifts for men and you will be able to discover a world of fantastic options. Whether you’re searching for the right present to give to him on a major holiday, birthday, or event like graduation, a silly or weird present is an affordable and effective way to show how much you care about him. 



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