The 20 Best Funny Wedding Gifts for Couples (2024)

The 20 Best Funny Wedding Gifts for Couples (2024)

Have you been losing your mind over what funny wedding gifts to get your best friend on their special day? This is the best time to show the bride and groom the importance of having humorous friends.

Surprise the couple with unique gifts they’ll never forget! Make their wedding day more interesting by getting them gag wedding gifts. Once they see what you got them, they’ll laugh out loud helplessly!

1. Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Couple Mugs

Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Couple Mugs: fun wedding gift ideas for young couples


Wondering what personalized wedding gift idea is ideal for a young couple that loves to argue about everything? These hilarious couple mugs are what they need on their big day! The newlyweds will be so eager to start using your practical yet funny his and her gifts!

2. Humorous Photo Canvas Print

Photo Canvas Print: joke wedding gifts


When looking for funny gifts for newlyweds, it is best to find out what they like first. If they are always taking pictures together, surprise them with a unique present. Simply upload their photo, and voila! You will have a lovely keepsake for the lovebirds in no time!

3. Game Over T-shirt


Is your childhood buddy getting married soon? How about cracking him up at the wedding party with a non-traditional present? This “Game Over” t-shirt is the coolest gag gift for a goofy friend with an easy-going partner. He’ll be happy to wear it whenever he goes out with his wife!

4. Custom Face Socks For Groom And Bride

Custom Face Socks For Groom And Bride: gag gifts for wedding couples


It’s no surprise that people love personalized presents much more than regular ones. Why don’t you make the happy couple’s day by coming up with funny wedding gift ideas that are also useful? Although most people may find them unusual, these custom face socks are ideal for silly couples.

5. His Beard, Her Butt Wall Art

His Beard, Her Butt Wall Art: gag wedding gifts


Looking for humorous wedding gifts for lovebirds who can’t stop complimenting each other? We’ve got the best one yet! This naughty yet hilarious wedding gift is what a newly married couple needs to spice up their marriage. What’s best is they can hang it somewhere interesting like the living room!

6. The Boss & The Real Boss Coffee Mugs

The Boss & The Real Boss Coffee Mugs: gag gifts for wedding couples


Wondering how to get the newlyweds bursting into laughter on their special day? Surprise them with novelty gifts that also double as the funniest gifts for the bride. What’s best is they can use these coffee mugs every morning over breakfast or hang them up as décor pieces!

7. Tonight Not Tonight Pillow

Tonight Not Tonight Pillow: funny wedding presents ideas


What other unusual wedding gifts for the bride and groom will have everyone at the wedding party howling with laughter? Probably none! These goofy pillows will have the married couple blushing every time they see them. Don’t be surprised if these prank wedding gifts become their favorite out of all!

8. I Do What She Says Wedding Forks

I Do What She Says Wedding Forks: gag wedding gifts


Buying joke wedding gifts is one of the coolest ways to show the newlyweds that you admire their relationship. That said, these unique wedding forks are not only practical items but also the best his and hers gifts. This is another clever way of getting the married couple matching gifts!

9. Married AF Funny Candle

Married AF Funny Candle: fun wedding gifts for couple


Do you have a pranker friend who always plays games on you? Get him back on his wedding day with an unconventional wedding gift. These “Married AF” candles are some of the best gag wedding gifts for the groom. Even the bride will be amazed by your sense of humor.

10. Wedding Date Change Wine Glass


What’s funnier than a bad joke? Making fun of a bad joke! Instead of buying the usual stuff, get your friends fun wedding gifts for couples on their big day. That said, these wine glasses are the coolest present for a couple that postponed their wedding day thanks to COVID-19.

11. Dish Towel


Thinking about buying funny gifts for the bride and groom? How about surprising them with an unusual present they will never forget? A naughty dish towel! The best thing about this silly gift is that it’s a great conversation starter. Even guests will laugh out loud when they see it!das

12. A Relationship In Which One Is Always Right Mug

A Relationship In Which One Is Always Right Mug: funny gifts for bride and groom


Everyone knows that a happy wife makes a happy life! Surprise your younger brother with an unusual wedding present at his wedding party. Thankfully, this mug will always playfully remind him to stay calm even during the toughest fights. Your search for awesome groom’s gift ideas ends here!

13. Ornament

Ornament: fun wedding gift ideas for young couples


Have you been looking for unique wedding gifts for couples who have everything? How about this beautiful personalized ornament for a bride and groom that got married during the pandemic? What’s best is they can hang it all year round to remind them of what they’ve gone through together.

14. Funny Wedding Card

Funny Wedding Card: gag gifts for wedding couples


Most young couples today don’t care much for cards. However, this funny wedding card falls under one of the most humorous wedding gifts lovers could want. The amusing message on the card will make the couple smile and remind them of the journey they’ve traveled together.

15. Wine Label

Wine Label: humorous wedding gifts


When it comes to finding funny gifts for newlyweds, it’s important not to overthink everything. Although this wine label may seem quirky at first, it’s ideal for a couple that loves The Office. They’ll be eager to sip it together and celebrate the big day.

16. The Newlywed’s Instruction Manual

The Newlywed's Instruction Manual: gag gifts for wedding couples


Did you forget to buy fun wedding gifts for a couple that’s getting married soon? Not to worry! Get this non-traditional yet practical marriage gift for the lovebirds on their wedding day. Although you bought it at the last minute, this instruction manual will help them stay a happy couple!

17. Marriage Recipe

Marriage Recipe: funny gifts for bride and groom


Most young lovers have no idea where to start after getting married. That said, how about getting them a gag wedding gift that’s not only humorous but also helpful? This personalized canvas print is perfect because it encourages a couple to walk the marriage journey hand in hand!

18. Mr and Mrs Survival Kit

Mr and Mrs Survival Kit: fun wedding gifts for couple


Looking for funny gifts for a bride and groom that loves to make lemonade out of lemons? Although this marriage survival kit may seem unusual, it’ll help the couple during their journey. What’s best is they can read it together and make a joke out of any tough situation.

19. Weight Lifting Groom and Bride Bobblehead

Weight Lifting Groom and Bride Bobblehead: humorous wedding gifts


What other funny wedding gifts will have your best friend in tears of joy on their big day? Surprise the happy couple with a unique present that’ll make everyone at the wedding reception laugh out loud! Besides, this cool bobblehead gift makes a great alternative to regular ones.

20. Ring Dish


Did you know that most young newlyweds often misplace their wedding bands? With that in mind, what’s better than surprising them with cute and meaningful his and her funny gifts? We bet the bride will be thrilled not to share her precious jewelry box with her husband.


Now that you’ve seen all the unique and funny wedding gifts for a bride and groom, it’s time to get shopping! Remember to have fun as this will allow you to find the perfect presents for the newlyweds.




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