25 Funny Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him, Her, and Couples

25 Funny Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him, Her, and Couples

Anniversary gifts don’t necessarily have to follow the theme and symbol of each anniversary year. A more modern gift approach, particularly funny wedding anniversary gifts, can do the job perfectly! Funny presents are perfect for a wife, husband, friends, and parents with a tremendous sense of humor. Here are the funniest anniversary gifts that will bring smiles and laughter to your partner or any couple on the special occasion.

Fun Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

1/ “I Like His Beard, I Like Her Butt” Canvas Prints

funny anniversary canvas prints set with the saying i like his beard i like her butt


What part of your partner’s body do you find the sexiest? If the answer is “His Beard” or “Her Butt”, this canvas print set is just for you. Hang these hilarious prints proudly even in the living room to show how much you love each other!

2/ Bob’s Burgers Portrait

a funny cartoon portrait for wedding anniversary


If you’re looking for unusual presents for your anniversary or your best friend’s anniversary, then this Bob’s Burgers family portrait is what you need. An original and funny gift for your loved ones!

3/ “It All Began With…” Pillow

it all began with funny anniversary pillow gift for couples


Does your love journey start in an unusual way or situation? Then retell the fun love story and remind your spouse how it first started with this pillow on your upcoming anniversary.

4/ Couples Underwear Set

couples underwear set as a funny cotton anniversary gift


If you’re looking to surprise your husband or wife with a quirky, unusual gift on the anniversary, get them this couples underwear set. It is a great present for someone who doesn’t mind showing his playful side. A fantastic marriage mirth present for a goofy couple!

5/ Custom Bobblehead

couple bobblehead anniversary gift for him her couples


Have you been looking for quirky anniversary gifts for your parents’ big day? These custom bobbleheads are awesome gift ideas for a mature couple with a great sense of humor. They will enjoy seeing mini versions of themselves in their favorite outfits.

6/ “Big Spoon Little Spoon” Pillows

a couple pillow set with the words big spoon little spoon


This pillow set will make your cuddle time with your husband or wife more exciting. It’s no surprise that it’s an ideal funny anniversary gift for couples who love spooning.

7/ “Still Tolerating Your Farts” Anniversary Candle

Still Tolerating Your Farts Anniversary Candle Gift


Does your husband fart just to irritate you? This candle is the perfect gag anniversary gift to show him that you love his cheekiness. He’ll also be happy to see you playing along. Don’t be surprised if he falls in love with you all over again!

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8/ “You’re Still The Best” Custom Mug

you are still the best wife keep that shit up funny anniversary photo mug for her


Looking for a comical gift for your husband or for the wife? This funny anniversary gift will have anyone with a great sense of humor dying from laughter! What better way to remind each other of your intimate jokes than by printing them out?

* Anniversary year on the product is customizable

9/ The Love Bank Wallet Card

funny wedding anniversary gift: love bank wallet card


Most people never leave their houses without carrying their business and credit cards. Make your man’s long days at work easier by surprising him with this adorable keepsake. Remember to include a funny love note or message when ordering this fun anniversary gift!

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10/ Couple Funny Towel

Couple Funny Towel


If you’re in search of a funny cotton gift, then this towel is what you need! The towel has various designs for him, her, and even for LGBT couples.

11/ “This Belongs To” Boxer Briefs

Funny Boxer Briefs Anniversary Gift for him


Your man is going to be impressed with your naughtiness when you get these briefs for him. It’s a funny anniversary gift for men who don’t mind letting everyone know who’s won their hearts. Get ready to see his sheepish smile every time he wears it.

12/ “We’re Still Married!” Custom Mug

we are still married funny mug gift on anniversary


Sometimes it’s hard to believe your spouse still sticks by you even at your lowest point. Instead of getting them an overtly expensive wedding anniversary gift, surprise them with this funny mug. You can be sure it’ll become their favorite in no time!

* Anniversary year on the product is customizable

13/ “You Might Need This” Beer Bottle Opener

funny bear bottle anniversary gift for husband


Bottle openers are inexpensive but a unique anniversary gift for him. Customize it with a sweet, fun message symbolizing any milestones you’ve achieved together. Even your man’s friends will admire your relationship!

14/ “You Have My Heart” Fishing Lure

You Have My Heart Hook Line and Sinker Fishing Lure


If your husband is a fisherman, then this fishing lure is perfect. It’s a funny but useful anniversary gift for him. You can personalize it with a special or funny message that only your husband will understand!

15/ “The Best Decision You Ever Made” Desktop Plaque

The Best Decision You Ever Made Wedding Anniversary Desktop Plaque Gift


This desktop plaque is a sure way of getting a smile from your tough husband. The sentimental message makes it a sweet yet funny wedding anniversary gift for him. It will also remind him to treasure your friendship and relationship for years to come!

16/ “A Relationship In Which One Person Is Always Right” Mug

Marriage Is A Relationship In Which One Is Always Right Photo Collage Anniversary Mug Gift


If you’ve been looking for funny anniversary gift ideas for him, her, or any couple, then this mug will make them giggle! It will remind them who wears the pants in the family and who is always right in any argument. The jolly couple will absolutely adore it!

17/ “Still Going Strong” Couple Matching T-Shirts

Annoying Each Other And Still Going Strong Couple Matching Shirts


The perfect and fun way to boast your long-lasting marriage. No matter what, your relationship is still and will continue going strong! Wearing these fun t-shirt together, you’d better prepare to receive lots of compliments!

18/ “Annoying Each Other For Years” Custom Mug

photo coffee mug with a fun anniversary quote


Everyone can admit that relationships can sometimes become challenging. However, our funny anniversary gift list is here to save the day with this unusual mug. It’s a fun way to say “I love you” to your partner while still acknowledging their imperfections!

* Anniversary year on the product is customizable

19/ A Pair of Photo Socks

happy anniversary funny photo socks


Are you looking for an unusual anniversary gift for her? How about buying your leading lady these hilarious photo socks? They are perfect for wearing during the cold weather and relaxing at home. It’s best to use odd pictures to make them laugh out loud!

20/ “I Flipping Love You” Spatula

i flipping love you spatula wood anniversary gift


Have you been waiting for your wooden anniversary for ages? We’ve got just what you need! These spatulas are useful in the kitchen and make our list of funny gifts for your anniversary. Get ready to enjoy fabulous meals too!

21/ “The Boss – The Real Boss” Mugs

the boss the real boss funny mug with couple names


If sentimental verses aren’t your thing, how about getting your beloved wife these matching couple mugs? It’s even better if your partner likes anniversary gifts with funny messages.

22/ Married Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

Adult Coloring Book As A Funny Anniversary Gift for Couples


This adult coloring book is ideal for couples in their 20s and 30s who got into marriage recently. It’s a fun wedding anniversary gift idea for partners who are artistic and fun-loving! Besides being hilarious, it’s a relatable and fun addition to your anniversary gift basket.

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23/ Funny Popup Anniversary Card

grow old with me hilarious anniversary popup card


Did your cheeky friends play a trick on you last year? You can make them pee their pants on their anniversary with this funny popup card. Once they open it, they’ll be surprised to see an old couple’s private parts. Isn’t that hilarious?

Funny DIY Anniversary Gift Ideas

1/ Spooning Frame

handmade spooning frame anniversary gift

If you’re looking for cute, funny anniversary gifts, this spooning frame is an excellent fit for you. The best thing is it represents any milestones you’ve achieved together. It’s also a cheap and clever DIY option when working with a tight budget.

2/ Anniversary Basket with Funny Sayings

a sweet anniversary gift basket with funny wordings

Sometimes you just want to get your partner a DIY funny anniversary gift to make them smile. If you’re going to surprise your wife or husband with a fun little gift, then this DIY gift basket is ideal. They will be in fits of laughter once they open it!

You can include these additions: 100 Grand (‘being married to you is worth more than 100 grand in the bank’); smarties (‘you’re a smartie for marrying me’) and chuckles (‘most days you make me chuckle’).


That concludes our article on funny wedding anniversary gifts. We hope these ideas will make the anniversary a memorable one.




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