30+ Funny Valentines Day Gifts to Make More Laughter for Your Loved One (2024)

30+ Funny Valentines Day Gifts to Make More Laughter for Your Loved One (2024)

If you’re on the search for some great Valentine’s Day gifts for everyone you love, our list of funny gift ideas is where you need to look for inspiration. Having a lover with a great sense of humor makes it so much easier to go with a funny yet sweet gift instead.

The lighthearted and hilarity-inducing gifts on this list of the most funny Valentine’s Day gifts will make more laughter on this special day. Let’s get right into it!

Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

If you wish to lighten things up and get your man something that will have you both fit, this is the list to consider. Pick your favorite one and gift it away!

1. I Love You More The End I Win Photo Desktop Plaque


“I love you more the end I win desktop plaque” is a fun keepsake that will be a humorous addition to your list of Valentine’s Day gifts for him. This adorable plaque will add charm to the area and can be personalized with a photo and name according to your liking.

2. My Girlfriend Is Hotter Than My Coffee Mug


There’s no better way to tell him that he’s got the best than a “my girlfriend is hotter than my coffee mug”. It will make him smile each morning and will soon become his favorite mug. Humor in the morning will have him grinning throughout the day.

3. Romantic Novelty Toilet Paper

Romantic Novelty Toilet Paper - weird valentine gift


This romantic novelty toilet paper will have him laughing every time he goes to the washroom. It is something he won’t be expecting this Valentine’s Day – all the more reason to surprise him with it. It is a great gag gift that will make his day.

4. Salami Bouquet

Salami Bouquet - clever valentines day gifts


A salami bouquet is hands down the best gift for a foodie! If you want to make your way to his heart, this is the gift to give. Not only does it look good, but it is also extremely delicious and will satisfy his craving like no other. Wrapped in a beautiful festive ribbon, you can choose from various options.

5. Jerky Heart

Jerky Heart - goofy valentines gifts


Filled with ten beef jerky bits, a jerky heart is a perfect gift, a gift of affection and flavor that will make its way into his heart. It is the perfect romantic gift with a heart-shaped box. You can gift it with a heartfelt message that will make their day much more special.

6. The World’s Strongest Coffee

The World's Strongest Coffee - quirky valentines gifts for him


If he is a coffee lover, he needs to try out this world’s strongest coffee that will transform his entire coffee experience and revolutionize his mornings. One sip of this coffee will have him forgetting all the other ones as it gives a bold flavor in each sip.

7. Custom Face Socks

Custom Face Socks - funny valentines gifts for friends


We all know someone who is self-obsessed. If that happens to be your man, take Valentine’s Day as the perfect opportunity to rub it in his face and have him laughing at the sight of these socks. You can choose your favorite picture of his for the cut-out and gift away.

8. Personalized Boxer with Face

Personalized Boxer with Face - crazy valentines day ideas


This makes gifting a funny and unique gift to a whole new level! If you want to make your husband have a good laugh this Valentine’s Day, this gift should do the job. It can be personalized to anyone’s face and is a great way of expressing your love for him.

9. Smash and Grab Gift Card

Smash and Grab Gift Card - valentines novelty gifts


Who wouldn’t love to take out their stress by destroying some bricks? If you wish for him to get the utmost fun of smashing, this is your chance. Not only will he smash the brick to his heart’s content, but he will also get a digital gift card from within. It is a win-win situation that will make him happy.

Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

It’s time to make your lady love laugh to her heart’s content! Gift her something exclusive and witty that will have her giggling throughout the day. Girls love a great sense of humor, and it is always appreciated, so go right ahead and make her day.

10. I Love You With All My Boobs Funny Mug


In case you haven’t said this enough, now’s your chance to tell her by gifting her this adorable mug. This Valentine’s gift for her is sure to have her laughing at wit, and she will appreciate your sense of humor.

11. In Case of Emergency Break Glass Chocolate

In Case of Emergency Break Glass Chocolate - funny valentine gift for wife


If your girl eats chocolate at the slightest inconvenience, you can take it to a whole new level and gift her this in case of emergency break glass chocolate – it will have her in fits, and she will love the wittiness.

12. ‘Ring for a Kiss’ Call Bell

'Ring for a Kiss' Call Bell - funny valentines day gifts for girlfriend


This is the gift of gifts and will most likely be used every day! It’s a funny belt that will brighten up her day ten times more than usual. The bell is loud and crisp and has the perfect message of love on it.

13. Hollabears Shawty U Fine


Talk about uniquely gifting bears! This ‘Shawty U Fine’ hollabear is the cutest gift for your shawty. It will express your love for her in a way that will have her laughing and a little teary-eyed. Made of a soft fleece blanket, it is the perfect huggable bear.

14. Candy Bra

Candy Bra - strange valentine gifts


This Candy Bra will have you both in an outburst of laughter when she opens up the gift. It is a sensual, romantic, and hilarious gift all at the same time that will become her favorite one so far. This edible candy is flavored and a great gift for your girl.

15. Inspirational Bracelets

Inspirational Bracelets - funny valentine gift


Bracelets are an elegant gift for your girlfriend, but adding a little humor to them will make them even more special. You can get your choice of message engraved into it and gift it away. It is adjustable and high-quality, making it a great keepsake.

16. Real Shape Heart

Real Shape Heart - funny valentine presents


It’s time to give her your heart – literally. I Heart Guts’ squishy happy human organ is a huggable and super-soft plush that will be a great gift for your girl, a med student, a doctor, etc.

17. Muscle Man Pillow

Muscle Man Pillow - valentine novelties


If you have a long-distance relationship with your girl, this long-distance hug ‘muscle-man pillow’ will provide her comfort and make her feel like you’re always around. Funny-looking and super-soft, it is a thoughtful gift for Valentine’s Day.

18. PajamaGram Fleece Onesies

PajamaGram Fleece Onesies - valentines day funny gifts


“I’ve too many pajama sets”, said no girl ever! A pajama gram fleece onesie combines the comfort of a hoodie blanket and slippers all in one. It will keep her warm throughout winter making it the perfect gift to give.

19. Body Candle Vegan Soy Candle

Body Candle Vegan Soy Candle


There is no better way to tell her how much you love her and her body than by gifting her this body candle vegan soy candle. It will be a great piece to keep on her side table or the shelf. It is vegan-friendly and made of 100% soy wax.

Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts For Couples

Nothing better than being gifted together! This is the season to get all romantic, funny, and creative with Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her. Our list of thoughtfully silly presents will have you laughing.

20. “Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right” Couple Mugs

"Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right" Couple Mugs - funny romantic gifts


This is the couple mug you’ve been looking for! Mugs are a safe option where you can show your creativity. Surprise your partner with an amusing and extra special message or picture that will win their heart all over again.

21. The Couple’s Activity Book

The Couple's Activity Book - funny valentines day gift for couple


There is nothing better than a romantic, witty, and thoughtful book to gift your favorite couple this Valentine’s Day. These will help strengthen their relationship. It has fun and silly activities on every page that will keep them occupied and laughing.

22. Wine Condoms

Wine Condoms - funny valentine ideas


Now that’ll give them something to laugh about! This wine condom is a hilarious yet extremely useful solution to sell opened wine bottles. It gives the wine the ultimate protection and preservation it needs. A hilarious gift that is surprisingly useful!

23. Personalized Penguin Couple Socks

Personalized Penguin Couple Socks


These adorable personalized penguin couple socks are the perfect addition to some winter accessories. It will show them how much you love them and is an extremely useful gift to give as it will keep them warm throughout the season.

24. Talk, Flirt, Dare! Fun and Romantic Game for Couples

Talk, Flirt, Dare! Fun and Romantic Game for Couples


To make things a little exciting this Valentine’s Day, this talk, flirt, and dare is a fun and romantic game for great couples for parties. It will help heat things up and refuel the connection in a marriage.

25. Funny Couples Shirts

Funny Couples Shirts


It is rare to find a couple who doesn’t have matching shirts – this funny couple shirt is an excellent wardrobe addition that the couple can rock at the beach or out with friends. Made from soft and high-quality cotton, it feels nice on the body.

26. You’re Irresistible Body Pillowcase

You're Irresistible Body Pillowcase - valentine's day gag gifts


This ranks top for being the cutest body pillowcase! Tell them how irresistible they are in the most loveable way. It makes for an excellent addition to your bedroom and will have you both smiling every time you see it.

27. What I Love About You by Me Book

What I Love About You by Me Book


Create some fun and romance in white space with this sweet and personalized ‘What I love about You by my book.’ It is the best gift to give your loved one and a great keepsake to look back to in years to come.

28. Marriage Recipe Custom Canvas Print

clever valentines day gifts


This marriage recipe custom canvas print is a heartfelt gift that will make the couple feel loved and special on this beautiful occasion. This canvas print can be customized to your liking and proudly displayed on any house wall.

29. Big Spoon Little Spoon Pillow Set

Big Spoon Little Spoon Pillow Set - funny valentines day gifts


If you are looking for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift, this big spoon little spoon pillow set is the cutest present to surprise your other half with. It will make for an adorable addition to your bedroom and will certainly be used for cuddles or just as a comfort pillow.

Gift Away!

We hope our list of funny Valentine’s Day gifts has inspired you, and you’ve chosen your favorite ones! These Valentine’s, make sure to give the gift of laughter and make precious memories. If you wish to get creative with the funny Valentine’s gifts, you can do so accordingly.

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