20+ Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him in 2021

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • December 10, 2020
20+ Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him in 2021

February 14th is around the corner! If you want to give your man a good laugh, get some funny Valentine’s gifts for him. Celebrate your love with a fun present he’ll remember forever.

Finding funny Valentine’s Day gifts for him is a piece of cake! Here are some non-cheesy and unique ideas to please a guy with a good sense of humor. Surprise your soulmate this Valentine’s Day and remind him why you’re a catch!

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funny valentines gifts: custom renaissance portrait

Custom Renaissance Portrait


This year you should get him a present that is as timeless as your relationship. Immortalize your love by putting your fiance’s face and yours on a classic portrait. This Valentine’s novelty gift is a non-cheesy way to display your feelings for that special someone. You can even hang it at your lovebird’s nest once you tie the knot! It’ll brighten up any room at home.

funny valentines gifts for him: mr right mug

“Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right” Custom Couple Mugs


A personalized Valentine’s Day gift allows for more flexibility to make it as amusing as you want. These cool customized mugs, for example, are a great gesture to make your soulmate smile each morning. Get them to remind your man exactly what your real roles in the relationship are! Stop overthinking and buy these funny Valentine’s presents for him now! We’re sure he will love them!

funny valentines gifts for him: six pack greeting card box

Six Pack Greeting Card Box


If your significant other is a craft brews aficionado, you are in luck today! This present will probably make him very, very happy! It’s a six-pack of perfectly good beer and a greeting card all at once. How cool is that? You can also use this terrific idea as a funny Valentine’s gift for friends. It works for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions as well!

gifts for him: jerky heart box

Jerky Heart


Who said only sweet treats can go in a heart-shaped box? Dry meat can also be romantic! Get this savory delight for your other half and make your way into his heart one bite at a time! Any guy who prides himself on being a jerky connoisseur will love this present. If you were looking for a funny Valentine’s gift for your husband, search no further!

valentine's gifts for him: nuts for you care package

“Nuts For You” Care Package


You can never really go wrong with a lovely care package, especially with one that is so yummy! It might not be such a funny Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend, but it is beyond cute! Surprise your long-distance partner by sending him this delicious present that screams, “I’m nuts for you!” We guarantee he will be grateful for you as he enjoys these healthy snacks!

funny valentines day gifts for him: drive safe keychain

“Drive Save” Keychain


This year, make sure you give the love of your life something really useful. Here’s a small yet funny Valentine’s gift for him that your beloved hubby will carry around everywhere he goes. Get your spouse this hilarious engraved keychain and let him know how much you care about him and why. He’ll definitely think twice before speeding or driving under the influence! That’s for sure!

valentine's day gag gifts: you're my national treasure mug

“You’re My National Treasure” Mug


Is your man obsessed with classic memes? Then he’ll surely appreciate this cool mug with Nicolas Cage’s face on it! Let him know how valuable he is to you with such a unique and amusing present. If his morning coffee doesn’t warm him up, the laughter most certainly will! Admit it. This item is an extremely practical and funny Valentine’s Day gift idea. Order it now!

funny valentines gifts for him: world's okayest valentine t-shirt

“World’s Okayest Valentine” Shirt


Have you seen this tee yet? What a cheeky way to let your soulmate know you’re satisfied with your relationship. Why strive for perfection when you can keep things real? This funny t-shirt beats every cheesy Valentine’s gift ever! Just pick a style you think will look great on him and, voila! He can show off he’s the world’s okayest boyfriend, just like that! How nice!

funny valentines day gifts: funny ornament

“Touch Your Butt” Ornament


Let your lover know your true intentions by gifting him this hilarious tree ornament on V-day. You can even customize it with both your names to make it extra special and amusing! This holiday season essential is also a rather funny Valentine’s gift for guys that breaks every cliche in the book. The only heart-shaped thing you will be thinking about is your sweetheart’s cute booty!

funny valentine gifts for boyfriend: "i think being your girlfriend is gift enough" card

Funny Card


If you’re broke as ever, we got your back! This brilliant item will definitely be your ally this February 14th! Forget about chocolates and roses. Here’s an inexpensive gesture that will be quick to remind him that the best present is right before his eyes. You know, in case it wasn’t already obvious. Such a funny and inexpensive Valentine’s gift for him will undoubtedly be hard to top!

funny valentine ideas for him: custom face boxers

Custom Face Boxers


Personalized presents are always the best, but these hilarious boxers take custom-made to a whole new level! Nothing screams “be mine” louder than these bad boys. The love of your life will undoubtedly think they are genius! If this weird Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t crack him up, nothing else will! It’s so funny that it’s almost too bad nobody else will get to see them on!

"a-hole" paper weight

A Hole Paperweight


Nobody’s perfect. We all know that even the cutest of boyfriends can still be a bit of a pain sometimes. Let your special guy know you love him no matter what with this joke Valentine’s gift! He can put it on his desk at work or keep it at home. Either way, it will surely make him LOL on the day of St. Valentine! Way to go!

fun valentines gifts: custom face blanket

Custom Face Blanket


It is a fact that corny Valentine’s Day gifts can be fun too sometimes. Get the love of your life this adorable throw blanket with both your cute faces on it. Such an unusual present will surely brighten up his day on the 14th! Although it’s no substitute for snuggling with his favorite girl, it’ll keep him warm every time you can’t be there! How sweet!

crazy valentines day gifts: "thanks for putting up with my sh*t" toilet paper

Funny Toilet Paper


Thank your significant other this V-day for accepting you the way you are. As humorous as it may seem, this toilet paper has a meaningful message printed on every sheet. It will be a great source of laughter whenever he’s in the loo, though. Reward him for his infinite patience! If you have an extremely tolerant boyfriend, this is the perfect humourous Valentine’s gift for him.

funny valentines gifts for him: girlfriend pillow

Girlfriend Pillow


This item definitely tops the list of gifts for a long-distance boyfriend. It is a unique and easy way to keep your soulmate company on those cuddly nights. He can use it to sleep or to get cozy while watching a movie you both like. However, it will probably remind him how much better your actual hugs are! Your babe will love this novelty Valentine’s gift!

funny valentines gifts for him: the only gift you'll need lingerie

“The Only Gift You’ll Need” Lingerie


There’s more than just one way to kick your BF’s socks off this February 14th. You don’t need any crazy Valentine’s Day gifts to make this day unique. All you have to do is get a bit creative. This sexy lingerie will do the trick, for sure! He’ll undoubtedly realize he’s the luckiest guy on earth! That is, of course, if he doesn’t know it yet!

corny valentines day gifts: "i cerealsly love you" spoon

“I Cerealsly Love You” Spoon


Infuse some humor into his mornings with this cereal spoon. If the love of your life is a bit on the quirky side, he’ll definitely like it! It’s one of those goofy Valentine’s Day gifts that is sure not to disappoint. He’ll remember how much you care about him with every bite of his favorite breakfast! It is a super cute addition to his silverware drawer!

funny valentines gifts for him: trophy husband socks

Trophy Husband Socks


If you’ve had it with the typical tacky Valentine’s Day gifts, here’s something that might interest you! These funny, fuzzy socks are all you need to make this year’s celebration special. Your hubby will surely love wearing them as he relaxes after a long day at work. On top of that, they’ll make everyone at home laugh whenever he puts his feet up! Isn’t that neat?

funny valentines day gifts: ring for kiss call bell

“Ring for A Kiss” Call Bell


When looking for a fun present for your significant other, you don’t need to break the bank. There are plenty of cheap funny Valentine’s Day gifts for him out there. Your boyfriend will appreciate this novelty item, especially since using it comes with such great benefits! We wouldn’t be surprised if this bell never stops ringing! You’d better prepare your lips for all the extra smooching!

gag valentines gifts: my wife loves my meat apron

“My Wife Loves My Meat” Apron


If you and your beloved husband are into silly Valentine’s gifts, here’s something you might like! This hilarious yet slightly inappropriate apron is perfect for showing him your appreciation in more than just one way. It is undoubtedly the ultimate gag gift to keep your favorite cook laughing year-round. Horrifying your grown-up kids with it is just an extra perk that makes this kitchen accessory priceless!

funny valentines gift for boyfriend: funny scented candle

Funny Scented Candle


If there’s a new guy in your life, you can get some goofy gifts for him this first Valentine’s. This “I like you more than I planned” candle will break the ice at the beginning of your relationship. It’s an affordable yet bold way to let him know how your feelings are turning out to be. Plus, it makes a great last-minute present for this special occasion!


There are many reasons why getting funny Valentine’s gifts for him is always the right move. It’ll surely remind him why he’s so lucky to have you in his life to make him laugh! Get your hands on one of these hilarious presents and surprise him. You’ll thank us later!



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