30 Funny Secret Santa Gifts for Your Naughty Friends and Family (2022)

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  • October 12, 2022
30 Funny Secret Santa Gifts for Your Naughty Friends and Family (2022)

Christmas is coming! It’s time to toughen up those scrawny reindeer, grease the sled, and freeze your butt closer to the stars! Or you can stay on the ground and slay this year’s gift exchange with our funny Secret Santa gifts instead! We made a holly, jolly list of the most hilarious and inexpensive presents.

To be honest, this list is what a tipsy unicorn flying upside-down smiling big might look like. It’s unique, silly, quirky, odd, and fantastic at the same time! If you came here wondering what to get for the Secret Santa party, you’ll leave with your gift bag full! Let’s fill up that Santa sack now!

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

1. It’s A Throat Punch Kinda Day Funny Coffee Mug  

Most of us honor special occasions, but none take pride in days when life gives us the driest, crustiest lemons! And we won’t because they suck! We can tell people that we’re having it rough in a hilarious way, though. Secret Santas, get your Grumpies this mug! 

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

2. Everyone Wants to Change the World Funny Bathroom Canvas Print  

Personal growth can happen in strange places. It can even happen in between the four tile-covered walls of a loved one’s pooping nook. Get this silly canvas print for them! Help their guests use their bathrooms as mere mortals and come out of them Buddha-like! 

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

3. A Liquor Bottle Lock  

Stop bottle corks from secretly popping, mysteriously dropping, and quietly flopping with this gag lock! Foxy drinkers won’t taste your wine or beer ever again! Help your friends at the office keep them peaking through the little keyhole with our Christmas gift ideas for coworkers! 

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

4. Useless Box  

This piece of wood with a “prickle” sticking out of it is very popular. That’s because its Push-button is made from a metal found in Lake Titicaca! Well, it actually isn’t. We were just trying to prank you, and you can do the same to your bestie!  

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

5. Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy  

If you want to teach your bro how to dance, you can do that with this cool inflatable tube toy. He’ll definitely be the weirdest dancer around, but it will make him the center of attention. Entrust your brother’s awkward dancing skills to the best Secret Santa gifts under $25! 

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

6. Big Mouth Toys Wine Bottle Glass  

Still wondering what to buy for the Secret Santa party? Turn all of your thirsty BFF’s toasts into century-long events with this gigantic wine glass! The only thing that could top it is a real-size wine bottle barrel topper, but that would make things flimsy! 

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

7. Accoutrements Bacon Strips Bandages  

Small accidents are inevitable, but they’re a great inspiration for funny Xmas gifts! If your mate is all scratches and cuts, wrap him up in bacon! That’s better than him looking like a scratched CD with limbs! Plus, these crazy bandages will keep his wounds clean.

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

8. I Am Not An Early Bird Or A Night Owl Funny Mug  

Exhausted pigeons prefer pecking at hot coffee before they bob their way to work. Let your friends have this pleasure with our awesome Secret Santa gifts! This mug will bring out the inner phoenix from your tired bestie and make them the employee of the month! 

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

9. Funny Gym Quotes Canvas Prints

Getting a peach booty takes the strength and determination of a titan. Flatter the sexiest lady in your life with one of the best Secret Santa presents for gym enthusiasts! These canvas prints are great for the girl who looks nothing like chubby Father Christmas! 

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

10. She Love Me More Mug  

Easy now, bitter coffee and sour wine! Put your jealousy aside, and team up to win against the sweet, fizzy Coke! This cute mug is perfect for it too, and it’s also great for cool water, thick yogurt, and burning vodka. Are you feeling scared now? 

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

11. Accoutrements Bacon Body Wash  

If bacon was a flower, your favorite person would’ve been the bee attracted by its fried, greasy nectar. Get this clever but silly Christmas gift for them! Let them invite everyone over for a barbecue with a familiar scent that no other fragrance can beat

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

12. Superhero Adult Knee High Cape Sock  

Superman makes the clouds thinner with his tight pants, and Hulk can crush a car with his green, bulky muscles. Your guy, though, he can show up in these socks and make you burst into laughter! Here’s to men who wear their capes on the feet! 

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

13. Vladimir Putin-Scented Candle

Vladimir Putin can do what he pleases and be anything he likes, even a candle! We don’t know if he likes being canned, scented wax with a tiny flammable wick on top, but why not? The candle smells awesome like only bad Santa gifts do! 

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

14. “Bring Me Some Wine” socks  

Some cheap Christmas gifts really speak for us when we have our feet on the table, gobbling up popcorn. Get these socks for your sis, and pour her some wine! No dirt, fuzz, lint, or stain will cover the message they read, so start building your walking stamina! 

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

15. Paladone Friends TV Show Draw it Game  

Here’s a unique Secret Santa gift for the coworkers who sung the “Friends” theme song at their promotion. If they still dream about some iconic scenes from the sitcom after all these years, this is their present. Get it before your boss buys them mics!

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

16. Furry Adventure Slippers

Go a bit quirky with your Xmas gifts this year, and turn your girlfriend into a hairy-footed Cinderella! Now, these are puffy feet worth falling for! Surprise your lady with a pair of these slippers, and invite her to the stompiest, furriest dance ever! Ouchies! 

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

17. “What Now Bitch?” Dinosaur Funny Mug  

If you want to be the best Secret Santa, you have to be badass and let dinosaurs pull your sled! You’ll be the Christmas breaking news at the office for sure! If you can’t find some dinosaurs, though, this mug is perfect for putting on a show! 

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

18. Bob Ross by the Numbers  

Help your creative parents finally pursue an at-home career in painting with this art set! Although retired, they’re hippies by nature! Let them paint the world as they see it on canvas, and talk about what a great kid you are! Be the Santa they’ll love! 

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

19. Squirrel Tree Climber Sculpture  

Squirrels who climb trees with no protective gear set a bad example. Help your buddy introduce new safety standards for the hairy visitors in his garden with one of these great sculptures! Change the world and surprise his neighbors with our funny Christmas gifts at the same time! 

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

20. Mr. Bean Eye Mask  

After a good gifts exchange party, everyone will want to go home and snore themselves into sweet dreams. Treat your boss with this mask, and make them be late for work the next morning! Or simply ease their sleep – there’s a good chance they need it! 

Cartoons from The New Yorker Calendar

21. Cartoons from The New Yorker Calendar  

If your Santa funds are somewhat low this year, our cool gifts for under 20 bucks can save the day. Don’t worry at all – your friend will understand! After all, the reason for your sweet problem is probably illustrated on one of this funny calendar’s sheets!  

Test Your Cat’s Creative Intelligence Book

22. Test Your Cat’s Creative Intelligence Book  

Cats should get to know the wonders of art during their lifetime, and Xmas is a fantastic opportunity for that. Check out this hilarious book! Maybe the four-legged sweetie will finally stop scratching your friend’s walls and start painting on them instead! Who knows, right?

Action Basketball Game

23. Action Basketball Game  

Here’s one of our nicest gift exchange ideas if $30 is all you have to spend as a Secret Santa. It’s ideal for the beloved office basketball star! Tiny shorts and sneakers are not included, but we dared to believe that they wouldn’t have fit anyway.  

Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook

24. Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook  

Spice up a great couple’s love life with this naughty cookbook! Help your friends discover the dirty side of making some food. The two lovers will get the hots as soon as they hear each other’s stomachs growling because of these recipes! Yummy and sexy! 

Boyfriend Pillow

25. Boyfriend Pillow  

Single adults can be taken at night! So naughty, right? With this pillow, all ladies can be independent during the day and fall asleep in their boyfriend’s arms after midnight! It’s one of the best bad Santa gifts for girls who’d like their cushion to hug them back. 

Ugly Holiday Sweater Puzzle

26. Ugly Holiday Sweater Puzzle  

The ugly sweaters we were all getting for Christmas back in the day made us cry. Today they can make your family smile through this hilarious puzzle! Put the pieces together, and celebrate the long-faced yellow snowman or the skinny Santa from your old sweaters! 

Prank Pack “Crib Dribbler”

27. Prank Pack“Crib Dribbler” 

Everyone likes getting good gifts from Santa, but when they receive this one, they’ll have the worst time ever. That is until they unwrap their present and get the joke! And then they can enjoy their gift, put it away, and start planning how to prank you next year! 

The Star Wars Cookbook

28. The Star Wars Cookbook

Help your family members taste the stardust-sprinkled recipes in this fun cookbook! It’s full of various treats and delights for everyone! Gather together, and let deliciousness take you on an intergalactic trip well-fed and with a little something on your mouths! How cool is that? 

Coin Eating Savings Bank

29. Coin Eating Savings Bank  

Weird Christmas gifts can put a smile on the face of someone with an exciting personality. Take a look at this coin bank! Check out its little eyes, tiny nostrils, and that mouth willing to feast on all the coins in the world! What a gift! 

30. Bear Hands Oven Mitts

30. Bear Hands Oven Mitts

Inspire your beloved girlfriend or boyfriend to finally bake that cake they promised to with this pair of bear mitts! Useful and fun, they’re also perfect for your after-dinner back scratches! This is one of the best funny Secret Santa gifts for your favorite kitchen grizzly!

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