25+ Funny Mother’s Day Gifts to Make Your Mom Laugh (To Tears) in 2021

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • January 26, 2021
25+ Funny Mother’s Day Gifts to Make Your Mom Laugh (To Tears) in 2021

Believe it or not, funny Mother’s Day gifts are pure magic.

Sadly, most of us have outgrown the years where a cute misspelled card made from raw pasta was everything.

You unintentionally knew exactly how to make your mom laugh.

Today, the misconception is that chocolate and flower bouquets make for perfect Mother’s Day gifts. Laughter is still the most precious gift you can give the woman who gave you life.

There’s no better way to say happy Mother’s Day than with unique and funny gifts.

With her hilarious sense of humor, we guarantee that she’ll appreciate any of them.

(Prices change frequently, so they could be slightly different from what we mentioned at the time of publication)

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gag gifts for mom - Mamasaurus Custom Photo Mug

Mamasaurus Custom Photo Mug

You don’t mess with mama’s babies unless you want to meet their mamasaurus. Mom’s always been your protector. Fierce and brave like the Tyrannosaurus Rex and caring like an Allosaurus. There is absolutely nothing she wouldn’t do for you. How do you even begin to say thank you? You can’t go wrong with funny gifts for women. This personalized photo mug is such a unique Mother’s Day gift!

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hilarious mothers day - Mom Of Duty Socks

Mom Of Duty Socks

Looking for sarcastic mom gifts? We’ve got you! Your mom is the household nurse, financial administrator, and world’s best chef. She’s probably the most hardworking person you know. Doesn’t she deserve a break once in a while? These socks are a funny gift for your mom to remind dad to take the reins occasionally. With a super-soft cotton blend with quality stretch vinyl, they will never peel or fade.

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badass mom photo coffee mug for funny mother's day gifts

Badass Mom Photo Mug

Is your mom a hilarious person? Does she always do the thing that makes you and your siblings laugh so hard? If this sounds like your mom, get her this Badass Mom photo coffee mug. Customize it with her best photo and she’ll be thrilled when receiving this cool mug.

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fun mother day gifts - Favorite Child Mother's Day Card

Favorite Child Mother’s Day Card

Finding fun things for Mother’s Day is hard, but this handmade card will bring a smile to her face. Most parents will never admit that they have a favorite child. The truth is, the majority of them do. This cute Mother’s Day card will make for the perfect gift. It’s not a Mother’s day funny present unless it’s coming from her favorite. Just joking, she loves you all the same(wink).

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unusual mothers day gifts - Funny Mum Definition Coaster

Funny Mum Definition Coaster

Not all of us have the budget to gift mom a diamond necklace or bracelet. Still, it’s not always the thought that counts. Sometimes you have to get creative and deliver a souvenir she’ll forever cherish. When it comes to gag gifts for mom, it doesn’t get better than personalized coasters. Get her a couple and watch them brighten her kitchen space. The bonus is that they are cheap!

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funny mug for stepmother in Mother's Day

Funny Mug for Stepmom

If you and your stepmom have shared a laugh and fun moments together, this custom mug would make the ideal Mother’s Day gift. Let it strengthen the bond between the two of you in a lighthearted way. Make it more special by adding a funny photo and your name.

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hilarious mothers day - Pairables Slippers

Pairables Slippers

Are you tired of the same old gift guides with uninspiring ideas? Don’t worry! We have funny Mother’s Day presents to make her day extra special. These pairable slippers are perfect for the wine-loving mum. “Mama needs some wine” is the inscription that will have her chuckling whenever she looks at them. They will also serve as a subtle reminder for dad after her long day at work.

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unusual mothers day gifts - Funny Mom Mug from Son

Funny Mom Mug from Son

If you’ve been searching for good Mother’s Day gifts from a son, look no further. This item will probably be the most amusing Mother’s day fun token of love she’ll receive in her lifetime. Well, that’s the point, right? How else can you give her to tell that she’s your favorite? The best gift you can get her is one that will have her shaking with laughter every morning.

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hilarious mothers day - Toilet Paper Earrings

Toilet Paper Earrings

This one takes the funny guarantee Mother’s Day gift of the year award. Last year brought us COVID-19, and with it, a toilet paper shortage. At least we can make jokes about one of those catastrophes now. Mom will never run out of toilet paper with this funny gift for parents. These amusing earrings are also a fashionable accessory. Mom can upgrade her personal charm with such dainty adornments.

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A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

The humor and frustration that are the highs and lows of motherhood can make or break your wife’s day. She needs a therapeutic experience to relax. As crazy as it might sound, snarky adult coloring books are the perfect funny birthday gift for a mom too. With a glass of wine in one hand, she can surrender to the quietness and creativity of coloring. Isn’t that just cool?

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my mother was right about everything funny mother's day gift

My Mother Was Right About Everything Mug

Mother knows everything and they damn sure are right, always! Yes, always! If your mother is a know-it-all lady, then this coffee mug is perfect for her. Make it more unique by uploading her photo to turning it into her favorite mug.

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funny mother day 2021 - Funny Heat Resistant Oven Mitt

Funny Heat Resistant Oven Mitt

You have to think outside the box for the ideal mementos for those moms who swear. Mother’s day 2021 will be unprecedented, but fun mom gifts can make it distinctive. The message is pretty explicit. The kitchen is her sanctuary, and these oven mitts will ensure that everybody knows that. Featuring reversible, heat resistant and, high insulation cotton, she’ll be using them for a very long time.

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fun mother day gifts - Custom Face Cookie Cutter

Custom Face Cookie Cutter

If she loves baking and trying out new recipes, she’ll love receiving a unique cookie cutter. We can already foresee the funny Mother’s Day stories. You’ll have to decide whose face she’ll enjoy seeing the most. If you are unsure, get her one of each family member. Don’t forget to include dad. We don’t want papa to feel left out. Each cookie cutter features eco-friendly PLA plastic.

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fun mother day gifts - Eat Like a Gilmore

Eat Like a Gilmore

There is nothing better than mom’s cooking. Ask any college kid, and they will testify to that. But even mom gets tired of the same old recipes. This fun cookbook has tempting dishes that are really easy to make. This item is one of those clever Mother’s Day gifts that you can also benefit from as a daughter. You’ll get to see mom happy and learn a few things.

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gag gifts for mom - Mom Life T-Shirt

Mom Life T-Shirt

There is something quite satisfying about slipping into a comfy tee after a hectic workday. The graphics on this tee are extra witty. That’s why it’s perfect for a mom who is still very young at heart. T-shirts might seem like unusual Mother’s Day gifts, but we know she’ll love this one. This hilarious garment features the highest quality materials, so you don’t have to worry about longevity.

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unusual mothers day gifts - Super Mom Super Wife Cross Stitch Kit

Super Mom Super Wife Cross Stitch Kit

Are you searching for original Mother’s Day gifts for your darling wife? Sometimes, the most creative tokens of love are the ones we make ourselves. How delighted would she be if she got a beautifully cross-stitched message from her husband? Following relatively easy beginner instructions, you’ll have some fun doing it. If she also loves the art of cross-stitching, you can simply get her the kit.

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gag gifts for mom - Large Tote Bag

Large Tote Bag

Although it is a pretty jarring and life-altering experience, motherhood is probably the most beautiful adventure. Between the sleepless nights and constant diaper changes, for a new mom, it can be overwhelming. That’s why we have found first time Mother’s Day gifts that will have her smiling. This cool Mother’s day souvenir is big enough to carry the baby’s things, but it’s also quite stylish and elegant.

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funny mother day 2021 - Funny and Functional Dish Towel

Funny and Functional Dish Towel

Too often, our moms put us first and themselves last and end up doing the household chores. That’s just what moms do, right? For a mother who says what she thinks, your gift ideas have to be creative and unique. Embrace one of the oldest negotiations known to mankind with this quality dish towel. Some interesting Mother’s Day gifts just speak for themselves. Your turn to clean up!

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gag gifts for mom - Sloth Heating Pad

Sloth Heating Pad

We’ve scoured the internet to find you funny gifts for new moms. We’ve come across an unusual yet handy heating pad. It might be a weird gift for mom. However, it’s perfect for those who get cramps. But that’s not the best part. It comes in a cuddly sloth guaranteed to relieve pain and cramps. Did we also mention that it uses organic proso millet to prevent greasiness and bugs?

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unusual mothers day gifts - Spoon Rest

Spoon Rest

Life is short, so lick the spoon whenever you can. No one understands that sentiment better than grandma. She has been through it all. This unique Mother’s Day souvenir is perfect for her. Not only is it a cute hostess gift, but it will surely accentuate her kitchen decor. We can guarantee that it will start some stimulating tea date conversations over the years.

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gag gifts for mom - Mom Enamel Pin

Mom Enamel Pin

Searching for the best gifts for a mom from a son can be tedious. There are very few creative and fun Mother’s Day gifts out there. That’s what we are here for! She’s a good mom, so you should look for a special present for her! This keepsake is perfect for making sure she never forgets that. It is ideal for jazzing up her favorite jackets, totes, and backpacks.

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Hilarious Door Mat - funny mother day 2021

Hilarious Door Mat

A welcoming doormat might not seem like one of the best Mother’s Day ideas during coronavirus, but you’ll be surprised. If your mom is a dog lover, she will adore this one. If you don’t know how to make your mom laugh, this is a great way to start. Made from natural coconut fibers with biodegradable vinyl, it’s perfect for her cuddle buddy.

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funny mother day 2021 - Fifty Shades of Chicken

Fifty Shades of Chicken

If you have a hilarious mom, then this cookbook is the perfect keepsake. What’s better than a recipe compound that makes every dinner a turn-on? Not only will it bring laughter and joy to every dinner, but mom will have a blast making the meals. Whether it’s mustard-spanked chicken, dripping thighs, or learning-to-truss-you Chicken, you just know dinner’s going to be good. Here’s to a hilarious Mother’s Day!

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Character Sheet Masks - fun things for mothers day -

Character Sheet Masks

Face masks don’t just improve the overall appearance of the skin. They are also quite therapeutic, funny mom gifts. But, what is better than an ordinary face mask? A cute Epielle character one! There is no shortage of choices, from otter masks, unicorn masks, panda masks, mermaid masks, and llama masks. These self-care staples have a purifying, soothing, hydrating, and brightening multi-vitamin essence. They will keep mum feeling refreshed!

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Not the Worst Mom Tumbler - funny mother's day gifts

Not the Worst Mom Tumbler

This one is risqué and might even get you in trouble. However, if your mom has a sense of humor, you need fun ideas for Mother’s Day. She knows she’s the best mom in the world. It’s not one of your typical funny gifts for a mom. And that’s why we love it! This Maars 12 oz double-wall stainless steel tumbler is ideal for both hot and cold liquids.

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fun mother day gifts - Duck Drink Tea Infuser

Duck Drink Tea Infuser

If you are looking for fun Mother’s Day gifts that are also interesting, then you’ve come to the right place. She’s in for a treat! This weird and charming tea infuser floats in the cup, brewing the loose tea leaves to perfection. If she loves tea, she won’t find a better companion for that quack of the dawn tea. Spoil her with this mom gag gift. Bottoms up!

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hilarious mothers day - Definition Notebook

Definition Notebook

“I’m going to count to three.” Most of us remember those words pretty well. In fact, it’s something we can laugh about today. This journal is the perfects souvenir to take mom back in time. Because it’s a silly mom token, she’ll love the joke too. You can also personalize it with a message of your choice. An inside joke that only the two of you will understand.

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unusual mothers day gifts - Funny Soy Wax Candle

Funny Soy Wax Candle

No matter what life throws at her, at least she can find solace in that she doesn’t have ugly children. How clever is that? Vulgar moms will love this one. We dare you to find a funnier Mother’s Day gift for your mom. Its 100% natural soy wax lets it burns for longer, and it’s cleaner than paraffin-based candles. It’s also eco-friendly and dye-free, so she’ll appreciate the forethought.

Etsy | $10.79+

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