35+ Funny Housewarming Gifts Ideas for Some LOLs (2021)

  • BY Simon Smize
  • August 3, 2021
35+ Funny Housewarming Gifts Ideas for Some LOLs (2021)

Finding funny housewarming gifts for a friend or family member who is buying a new home is usually a huge deal, and celebrating the occasion is a must! It is, nevertheless, always entertaining when the person has a good sense of humor and frequently gags.

If such a person recently bought a house and will be having a housewarming party, we have some fun housewarming gift ideas you can consider. The list contains several ideas including gifts for your friend’s man cave if they recently purchased a new apartment. 

Without further delay, let’s look at 35+ funny housewarming gifts that will be a hit with your loved ones.

1. Funny Wine Label

$5.50 at etsy.com

These witty wine labels are the perfect gift for a friend who decided to make the real estate plunge. It’s hilarious and will be a great decoration for the living room for the first few months of them enjoying their new residence. They will enjoy it even more if they really did avoid telling a few people about the switch to avoid them for a little while longer. Of all the unique housewarming gift ideas, this one will get the best response.

2.Funny Family Housewarming Gifts Canvas Print

Funny Family Housewarming Gifts Canvas Print

$59.95 $69.95 at 365canvas.com

To commemorate the housewarming occasion, it can be a fun home decor present for any friend or family member. Everyone will appreciate thoughtful messages, from couples to parents to other loved ones. This tarpaulin for house decor is simple to personalize. Simply select three of your best photographs to create a lasting memory.

3. Hilarious Oven Mitts

$14.99 at amazon.com

Give your food-loving family member these cute and funny oven mitts to celebrate them owning a kitchen that will rely on them for maintenance. It is a great way to acknowledge their cooking skills or tease them about their several cooking experiments while you both commemorate the occasion with a housewarming party.

4. Custom Coffee Mugs

Custom Coffee Mugs funny housewarming gifts

$26.95 $22.95 at 365canvas.com

Being a new homeowner is an extremely proud moment. So, of course, you need to give a gift this achievement is the best way possible. This funny mug will capture their emotions in the coolest manner and become the highlight of their day.

5. Nicolas Cage Sequin Pillow Case

$10.99 at amazon

No man cave is complete without a sequin pillowcase that turns into… Nicolas Cage’s face! It’s a hilarious gift that will send even the tightest-lipped people roaring with laughter. Do yourself and the new homeowner a favor by giving this funny housewarming gift to them to decorate in their new house. 

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6. Having Fun Canvas Print

Having Funny Canvas Print for housewarming gifts

$52.95 $42.95 at 365camvas.com

Have you ever thought about what makes a good housewarming party? A cup full of laughing, a farmer full of joy, a coffee tree owner full of fun activities, and just a little drama are the essential elements for a family reunion. You’ll have a great time with your family on vacation if you do it all together.

7. Dog Shaming Calendar

$19.25 at amazon.com

The dog-owning family member who recently bought a house is in for a wild ride as they chase their dog around the house trying to determine what new mischief it got up to. Have a little fun with them by giving them this humorous dog shaming calendar to give them ideas about enjoying this unique experience.

8.Dog And Cat Funny Canvas Print

Dog And Cat Funny Canvas Print for housewarming gifts

$52.95 $42.95 at 365canvas.com

Dog and cat lovers will find humor in our hilarious “For a Balanced Life” canvas print. The two animals show love in very different ways but are similar in that both bring endless joy and fun!

“For a balanced life, you need to have a dog to adore you and a cat to ignore you.” Pet owners everywhere will nod their heads in agreement as they think of their furry pals.

9. ‘The Food Has Weed in It’ Dish Towel

$14.99 at amazon.com

The best part about being a homeowner is that you get to make your own rules, especially about how the food is made. Help your friend surprise visitors with this funny kitchen towel when they come in to celebrate the occasion. There’s nothing funnier than scandalizing a few neighbors when they come in to welcome you to the neighborhood.

10. Gag Cutting Board

Funny Cutting Board housewarming gifts

$25.49 at etsy.com

Some truths are universal so they might as well make it to a cutting board for affirmation. Give a homeowner this funny cutting board to celebrate their new house purchase. A kitchen that speaks the truth is sure to make delicious meals.

11. ‘I’m a Homeowner, Now What?’ Logbook

$11.65 at amazon.com

It’s not every day your family or friends let you treat their life as a sitcom. Make the best of this opportunity by giving them this logbook for recording their experiences in their new home. As funny as it looks, this book can be quite useful for them, especially when it comes to recording the details about electricians and plumbers they will now have to call themselves.

12. Bathroom Guest Book

funny bathroom guest book housewarming gifts

$11.65 at amazon.com

The best funny housewarming gifts for your family member will help them enjoy the experience in the most hilarious way possible. Give this bathroom guest book to them so they may always get the opportunity to get feedback from visitors for the premium bathroom experience. Let’s hope the visitors have a similar sense of humor and fill it. 

13. Funny Punny Kitchen Utensils

At amazon.com

Kitchen gadgets for gifts are excellent for a housewarming party, especially when they come engraved with quirky funs. Check out this collection of kitchen utensils, all of which look amazing and come with a witty comment. The homeowners will love adding these to their new kitchen and happily use them as well.

14. Love To Eat Canvas Print

love to eat canvas print funny housewarming gifts

$69.95 $49.95 at 365canvas.com

There are two kinds of people in this world. The first kind is those who eat to live, and the second kind is those who live to eat.

If you believe that the second kind of people is the best, then our “People Who Love To Eat Are Always The Best People” canvas print is the kitchen art that you need.

15. Toilet Bowl Night Light

$11.95 at amazon.com

Nature calls in the middle of the night are scary on another level when you get them in your new home. So, have a little fun, and give your pal this toilet bowl night light so they may safely do their business and come back without bumping into Casper or the table.

16. Hilarious Bathroom Rules

Hilarious Bathroom Rules housewarming gifts

$52.95 $42.95 at 365canvas.com

A little bathroom décor may be required in any home! This bathroom rules sign is a colorful sign that lists all of the rules that must be followed when using the restroom.
The sign is printed in a standard font, which adds to the overall look. You can present the bathroom rule sign to your pals as a clever housewarming gift or for any other special occasion.

17. Funny Card

funny card for housewarming gifts ideas

$5.49 at amazon.com

If you are going to opt for funny housewarming gifts, why not mix in a little creepiness to enhance the humor even further. Props if you hide them among a set of gifts. Watch the new homeowners panic at the message before bursting into laughter when they realize you’re behind the gag!

18. Homeowner Wine Glass

$15.99 at amazon.com

It’s a momentous occasion so celebrate it like Samuel L. Jackson would by gifting this perfect set of wine glasses to the proud homeowner. This wine glass deserves to grace the living room to commemorate their achievement for the first few months at least.

19. Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

Mistaken Lyrics Coasters funny housewarming gifts

$25.00 at uncommongoods.com

Your friend and you have always shared a unique sense of humor so why stray from it when you celebrate their hew home with them? These mistaken lyrics will be funny and give them even better ideas to amuse their guests with as they read out the lyrics on the coasters.

20. Funny Apron

$17.99 at etsy.com

They may not be a great cook, but they deserve to feel like one in the new house they recently purchased. Give this great apron to your loved fun who will enjoy the funny encouragement behind the gift and proudly embrace it.

21. Funny Family Photo Blanket

Funny Family Photo Blanket housewarming gifts

$79.95 $59.95 at 365canvas.com

Joy, love, and laughter are the three cornerstones of a family. These pillars are used in this bespoke blanket to honor a family’s love and devotion.

This blanket’s fabric is both exceedingly soft and extremely functional. It’ll make a gag housewarming present.

22. Joke Toilet Spray

$10.00 at amazon.com

Lewis Capaldi has made quite an impact with his unique voice but it’s nothing compared to the impact people can make with their body odors. Give this funny spray to a new homeowner to keep in the bathroom to help the guests make the bathroom smell better before they go.

23. ‘Put Your Moist Thing Here’ Coaster Set

$19.99 at amazon.com

Sometimes, creative housewarming gifts are funny because of their simple bluntness. Have a little fun and give these wooden coasters to your family member to decorate around their new house or apartment. A pretty cool gift if they have a similar sense of humor.

24. Golf-Club Style Grilling Accessories Set

$59.90 at amazon.com

So, what if your guy ended up buying a house instead of a golf course membership? They can still enjoy the experience. Add humor to your creative housewarming gift by giving them this golf-club style grilling accessories set so they may feel like a champion during their first barbeque in their new home.

25. Turntable Cheese Board

$78.00 at uncommongoods.com

All that fancy charcuterie will have to wait until the mortgage is paid off but who said decadence has to go? This cute little turntable cheeseboard is a fun little gift for your cheese-loving friend who likes indulging in this retro-inspired serving accessory.

26. Funny Doormat

$22.98 at etsy.com

The best part about being a homeowner? You get to put self-expression right on the porch. Check out these cool funny doormats with the wittiest messages to make an incoming visitor laugh.  Give this as a housewarming gift, and you will automatically become the favorite!

27. Bathroom Sign

$14.84+ at etsy.com

Who wouldn’t want a funny bathroom sign to surprise the guests with? Let your inner standup comedian choose the gift to take to a housewarming party, and it is sure to be a success. Choose from a variety of funny bathroom signs and pick the one that makes you laugh the most.

28. Gnome Sponge Holder

$30.00 at uncommongoods.com

This quirky little sponge holder will be a pretty cute addition to your friend’s new kitchen. So, make sure you add it to your cart. Just look at that red hat. It’s perfect!

29. Chill Out Wine Sleeping Bag

$22.00 at uncommongoods.com

good wine, and it might as well sleep as it cools. Buy this sleeping bag for the new homeowner’s favorite wine bottle to help it get extra cozy in the new kitchen. Both the humans and the wine bottle will love the gesture.

30. Dinosaur Taco Holders

$20.00 at uncommongoods.com

We may not know about the chicken and the egg, but we know dinosaurs carried tacos on their back as they went about their business. Your taco-loving friends will surely be enjoying a few taco nights at home so give them these funny taco holders to make it more fun.

31. Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

$9.99 at amazon.com

Liquor and literature are a tough combination to beat. Try and pass it on to the loved ones who will make the most of it by using it as one of their new house decorations. 

32. Basketball Wastebasket

$52.00 at uncommongoods.com

Let’s face it. Your guy used to practice their basketball skills with the trashcan when they were young before reluctantly choosing a different path. Help them relive their dreams by gifting him this basketball wastebasket for their room. They may not be able to dunk in the trash, but they may try.

33. Fire Escape Shelf

$110.00 at uncommongoods.com

It’s always sweet to have a little reminder of our past, and you can now make it come true. Give your loved ones who just moved into their new house this fire escape shelf to commemorate them moving out of the apartment building they rented for years. They’ll surely find it amusing.

34. Scented Candle

$17.45 at etsy.com

The best housewarming gifts are wishes, and sometimes, those wishes can be as honest as this scented candle. It is a pretty practical wish too since having bad neighbors can spoil the experience. So, go ahead, and give it to the new homeowners to make them laugh.

35. Unique Kitchen Canvas Print

$79.95 $59.95 at 365canvas.com

Looking for a unique way to turn anyone’s kitchen into a lively hangout spot as a gag housewarming gift? Then add a canvas poster of the This Kitchen Is For a Dancing sign.
The print brings the space to life with its rustic design and amusing message. Visitors will be inspired to bring out their inner dancers thanks to the wall décor!

To sum up, our list of funny housewarming gifts has everything for a possibly good gag or having fun with if you have the right sense of humor. We hope you can find a gift you like for your friend or family member’s new house. 

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