28+ Funny Gifts for Dad That Will Make Any Dad Laugh

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  • May 1, 2022
28+ Funny Gifts for Dad That Will Make Any Dad Laugh

The best part about dads with a sense of humor is that they are absolutely amazing at keeping things lively around the house. From good laughs to the dad jokes, they always have us covered.

A hidden benefit of having a funny father around is getting to buy hilarious gifts for dad every time like on Father’s Day, Christmas, or his birthday roll around. If you are currently on the lookout, here are 25+ ideas for funny gifts for dad which will leave them laughing silly.

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Best Funny Father’s Day Gifts For Dad

1. Custom Photo Mug

funny gifts for dad: dear dad funny coffee mug

$26.95 $22.95

Sure your siblings might roll their eyes, but who cares? Give your old man this photo mug with a customized photo of you two to establish the not-so-secret secret that you are your dad’s favorite child. After all, you’re the one who inherited his brilliant sense of humor. It is only natural you should get the title of the favorite kid as well.

2. Daddy And Me Best Buds For Life Desktop Plaque

Daddy And Me Best Buds For Life Custom Photo Desktop Plaque


For a man, his first Father’s Day is a life-changing experience that he will never forget. To be included in this humourous gift, take a picture of your child and his father having fun together.

3. Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet

funny dad gift: jerky flower bouquet


Flowers make for a beautiful gift, but regular flowers just won’t do for the man who appreciates a gag or two. Get him this beef jerky flower bouquet instead. It is not only a unique funny gift for men, but it will also be his favorite because he will get to eat the flowers. Some bonus jokes will definitely come out of this, so it is a win-win.

4. We Have A Hero We Call Him Dad Canvas Print

We Have A Hero We Call Him Dad Canvas Print


When you have a dad, you don’t need any other hero! This canvas is a unique funny fathers day gift to give to him and make him laugh and happy!

5. Father’s Day Toilet Paper

Father's Day Toilet Paper


A customized toilet paper makes it to the top of our list of hilarious gifts to give your dad on father’s day. It will make him LOL each time he goes to the toilet.

6. FATHOR Definition Photo Mug

FATHOR Definition Photo Mug – Like A Dad Just Way Cooler And Mightier


These personalized coffee mugs are funny gifts for dad, giving them a clear warning of how every joke of theirs is now going to be considered a dad joke.

7. I’d Rather Be Socks

funny dad gift ideas: i'd rather be socks


If he keeps joking about wanting to be somewhere else, give him the perfect gag gift by giving him these quirky socks. The best part is that they are available for different activities like golfing, cycling, fishing etc. Not only is the gift inexpensive and practical, but it will also be personalized to include his favorite pass time activity.

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8. Knock Knock Slang Flashcards

gag gifts for dad: knock knock slang flashcards


Funny dads are always looking to expand their dad jokes to include youth slang to them. So make him happy by giving him these flashcards that will explain the meaning of the slang to him and give him a few joke ideas to build on. The dad who receives it will be happy to take his jokes to the next level with the help of this humorous gift.

9. Mini Beer Pong

Mini Beer Pong


This one’s for all the beer lovers! One of the best gag gifts for your dad and his friends to enjoy an exciting game night. Let the fun begin!

10. Custom Royal Portrait

funny christmas gifts for dad: custom royal portrait


What’s a man cave without a glorious picture of the man hanging on the wall? He may not have lived in the middle ages but help him feel the glory, nevertheless, with this customized Renaissance portrait. It will make for the perfect addition to his space, and he is sure to get a few dad jokes out of it. All in all, this is a wholesome and gag gift for father’s day.

11. Burrito Blanket

A Blanket That Looks Like A Burritos Tortilla


It makes sense to give your daddy something that will keep them warm and cozy, but why go mainstream? You know he likes the extra humor in life, so give him a burrito blanket instead of a regular one! It will be an unusual and hilarious gift that will keep him chuckling for quite a while. You can turn up the entertainment by getting a picture of him wearing it as well.

12. Salami Bouquet

funny gifts for men: salami bouquet


A meat loving father may just adore getting a bouquet for a special occasion if it has salami instead of flowers. This delicious bouquet will be useful and appetizing, leaving him grinning the entire day for receiving it. Don’t be surprised if you find him spending a little extra time in the kitchen cooking up something new to eat the salami with.

13. Dad Jokes Boxed Calendar

funny gifts for dad: 2021 dad jokes boxed calendar


Give the jokes-cracking man the gift of his dreams: this collection of dad jokes. With one original joke for every single day of the year, you will get the pleasure of hearing him happily delivering his joke of the day… along with plenty of groans in the background. It will be a hilarious addition to his arsenal and can easily be considered one of the best gag gifts for your dad.

14. Old Lives Matter Whiskey Glass

gag gifts for dad: old lives matter whiskey glass


Sometimes, nothing quite fits your daddy’s unusual sense of humor, and you have to look deeper among ideas for birthday gifts for your old man. There is no need to worry because this glass might be just the thing they need to make their drinking sessions even more enjoyable!

15. You Are A Great Dad Funny Coffee Mug



Add humor to every sip of his. Gift him this personalized coffee mug that reminds him of how great a dad he is whenever he takes his coffee. Perfect for Father’s day!

16. ‘I’ll Feed All You’ Apron

gag gifts for dad: i'll feed all you apron


A humorous dad, who also happens to like cooking, is going to be ecstatic about this gift! He will love the humor, especially since this gag gift will prove to him that his son and daughter inherited his classic tendency to turn everything into a joke. It would be pretty funny seeing him walk around the kitchen with this apron on.

17. Personalized Leather Beer Holster

funny beer gift: personalized leather beer holster


Let your father feel like a cowboy by gifting him this leather beer holster. As a fan of the gags, he is sure to goof around the house wearing this, which will be extremely entertaining. To top it off, he might just pull out his beer from the holster dramatically, so keep your camera ready to capture it!

18. How to Traumatize Your Children

funny gift for a new dad: How to Traumatize Your Children: 7 Proven Methods to Help You Screw Up Your Kids Deliberately and with Skill


Not many people understand dark humor, but if your parents do, you may have found the perfect gift for him. Gift it to your old man and watch him laugh through this comical narration of bad parenting. There’s nothing like a book about traumatizing children to help you feel closer to your funny parents!

19. Beer Belly Waist Bag

Beer Belly Waist Bag


There are no limits to humor when it comes to a gag loving dad. Indulge his funny side by gifting him this beer belly waist bag so he can go around grossing everyone out and having a merry time in public. He will love it!

20. Cards Against Humanity

funny dad gift: card against humanity


Another one for the dark humor lovers, this gift is a fairly well-known one. Out of all the funny gifts for dad, this one might just earn you some extra points, especially if he has a group to play it with. Make sure you document the oddest results he gets through pictures and makes keepsakes out of them to gift to him later.

21. #1 Dad T-Shirt

funny star wars gifts for men: #1 dad t-shirt

$9.56 – $24.99

Geeky dads who are also Star Wars fans are the easiest to gift to because the number of dad jokes that have come out of the franchise are difficult to count. Give him this hilarious shirt to wear around so you can both share a laugh. It would be even better if he has a son named ‘Luke’ with whom he can play out various scenes.

22. Golf-Club Style Grill Accessories Kit

funny dad gifts: golf club grilling accessories kit


While a new dad may not have the time to play golf, tickle his funny bone by giving him this luxurious grill accessory set in which all accessories are shaped like golf clubs. This way, he can have a mini game of golf while he grills – hopefully without torturing food.

23. Darth Vader and Son

funny baby shower gifts for dad: darth vader and son book


An expecting dad, who is also an avid Star Wars fan, will be ecstatic to receive this gift. A reimagining of the relationship between the famous duo, this cute comic will paint a sweet picture of the life he will likely share with his baby son or daughter. He is highly likely to adore the gift and also have the kid read it once they grow older.

24. Funny Gift For Dad Tumbler

funny gift for dad tumbler


One of the top funny dad gift ideas – it’s hard not to love the perfect dad tumbler. Show your dad how extraordinary he is and what he means to you

25. F Bomb Paperweight

office gag gifts: f-bomb paperweight


Since they cannot use expletives around their young kids, a funny gift for dads is this F Bomb! It is the perfect paperweight for a man to look and laugh at, at least until his kids are old enough for him to be able to swear in front of them.

26. Cold Beer Coats

fun beer gift: cold beer coat


A father has to keep his beer warm as much as his kids. Have some fun by giving him these ‘beer coats’ to help him keep his beer all cozy. It is a cool and unique gift to give to him so he can use it and have a laugh at the same time as he cracks one open.

27. Emergency Dad Jokes

funny dad gifts: emergency dad jokes


The worst comic emergency a father can face is running out of dad jokes at a crucial family get together. So help him keep a secret stash for just such emergencies by gifting this emergency container full of dad jokes to him. This way, his family will never have to give up on home entertainment.

28. Dadvil – Dad Jokes Relief Candy Pills

funny gift for dad: dadvil box of candy pills


Every father needs a little funny medicine they can give to people when they complain about the headaches from hearing bad dad jokes. They will not only keep it filled, but also use this as inspiration to make their jokes worse just for the heck of it.

29. Funny Dad Blanket

funny dad blanket


A great gift to give to him who enjoys their naps a little extra is this blanket. It is hilarious, practical and will definitely make your dad chuckle at the humor.

30. Pint Glass with Real Golf Ball

cool beer gift: pint glass with golf ball


A unique gift to give to a golf loving dad with a sense of humor is this pint glass with a real golf ball attached on the side. Watch him trick people into thinking his glass got hit by a ball and then laugh his head off at the reaction.

31. Best Dad Ever Custom Photo Blanket

Best Dad Ever Custom Photo Blanket


Do you want to give your father a hilarious gift? A blanket would be ideal.  Also, for dads who have a sense of humor, this blanket is one of the best Father’s Day gifts. It can be customized with photos from your shared adventures.

32. Hilarious Coffee Mug

Hilarious Coffee Mug


This amusing coffee cup serves as a constant reminder of the times he had to open his wallet for his daughter. It’s time to repay him with this hilarious coffee mug as his financial burden.

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To sum up, funny gifts for dad are the absolute best ones to buy for him because they are hilarious, unique, and personalized for their specific personality traits. We hope you are able to find some good options from the list and make your old man burst into laughter.



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