32 Funny Gifts for Boyfriend to Amuse Him

32 Funny Gifts for Boyfriend to Amuse Him

Are you looking for funny gifts for your boyfriend? Whether it’s his birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or just because you feel like it, you can always give him something strange and quirky to give him a good laugh. Since it is not an easy job to choose a gift for a guy, this article on the best funny gifts for a boyfriend will help you.

Funniest Gift Ideas To Get Your Boyfriend

1. “I Just Want To Hold Your Butt” Funny Custom Anniversary Mug

"I Just Want To Hold Your Butt" Funny Custom Anniversary Mug


  • The humorous print brings a sense of fun when used
  • Premium porcelain material, safe for health
  • Customize the name


  • It can break if dropped

If you’re looking for fun things to send your boyfriend, this coffee mug with a naughty message will do the trick!

It displays a picture of the two of you at the back and a quirky line at the front. He can have a good laugh every time he drinks from this mug.

2. “It All Began With…” Custom Pillow

Funny Gifts for Boyfriend "It All Began With..." Custom Pillow


  • Premium material creates softness and comfort
  • Sharp-printed image that retains colors for a long time
  • Customize to create a unique gift for him


  • The pillow comes in only one color

This personalized “It All Began With…” pillow is a quirky gift for your boyfriend to celebrate your dating anniversary. How did your love story begin? Reminisce about that first time you met. Though it might be quite embarrassing or strange, it’s always fun to retell the story.

3. Fart Extinguisher Candle

Fart Extinguisher Candle

Are you tired of your boyfriend’s farts? Well, extinguish his farts with this hilarious gag gift that will serve a purpose for you too!

The scented candle will maintain a good scent no matter what (and how much) he had for dinner. This is a funny yet functional gift that you can’t miss out on!

4. GetUSom Pack With Sexy-Themed Candy Bars

GetUSom Pack With Sexy-Themed Candy Bars

Looking for funny Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend? End your search with this candy pack!

We all know chocolate is an aphrodisiac so what could be a better occasion? Watch him erupt in laughter with one of the best gag gifts there is!

5. “I Love You More – The End – I Win” Desktop Photo Plaque

"I Love You More – The End – I Win" Desktop Photo Plaque


  • It can be displayed in small spaces
  • Name and image can be changed
  • Glossy surface with UV-resistant protection


  • Consider the order timing to receive the gift exactly when you want to give it

This is one of the best cheesy gifts for your boyfriend. The adorable picture frame reads a hilarious message, and will hold much more meaning if you both are competitive, in a funny, harmless way!

6. Sweaty Bollocks Vegan Soap

Funny Gifts for Boyfriend Sweaty Bollocks Vegan Soap

If your man is fond of sports and always hugging you after he’s all sweaty, this is the ideal gift for him. The gag gift features cheeky packaging but inside is a lovely, lemongrass-scented soap. This funny yet useful gift will leave him feeling refreshed every time. What’s more, you can use it too!

7. Custom Face Socks

Custom Face Socks

IInject some humor into gifting with these Custom Face Socks. Get a chuckle by personalizing them with a silly photo or his face. These comfy socks not only keep his feet snug but also bring a grin to his face. A lighthearted and distinctive gift that adds a playful element to his daily attire.

8. “My Girlfriend Is Hotter Than My Coffee” Mug

"My Girlfriend Is Hotter Than My Coffee" Mug

This is one of the best funny gifts for your boyfriend. Just get it out in the open with this hilarious coffee mug that reminds him of just how hot you are! We bet he’ll love the simple, straightforward message and wholeheartedly agree with it!

9. “Couples That Fart Together Stay Together” Anniversary Card

"Couples That Fart Together Stay Together" Anniversary Card

This anniversary card is an ideal complement to your anniversary gift. It features a hilarious message that all live-in couples will surely understand and relate to!

10. Naughty Coupon Book

Funny Gifts for Boyfriend Naughty Coupon Book

Add a little romance to your life with these kinky coupons that double up as a funny and sexy gift for your man. If your big anniversary is coming up, or you just want to surprise your man on any ordinary day, this funny gift will help you do just that!

11. “All In Love And Sh*t” Personalized Print

"All In Love And Sh*t" Personalized Print

Are you both done with the deep, emotional letters and gifts? Try giving this funny custom portrait illustration in your coming anniversary! Surprise your boyfriend with this hilarious quote that you can hang on your bedroom door. What could be more apt for couples who’ve been together a while?

12. Giant Personalised Face Cushion

Funny Gifts for Boyfriend Giant Personalised Face Cushion


  • It’s a cheerful and exciting gift
  • Exceptionally plush and huggable pillow
  • High quality


  • Consider the cost

Inject humor into your gifting with the Giant Personalised Face Cushion. Customize it with his hilarious expression for a quirky touch. This oversized cushion not only brings laughs but also offers comfortable support, making it a comical yet functional addition to his space.

13. Naughty Scratch Card

Naughty Scratch Card

If you’re in search of quirky gifts for your boyfriend for Christmas, this one tops the chart! This naughty gift card with a personalized message will reveal a surprise and give him a pass to any favor—the options are endless, so get as creative as you can.

14. Funny Birthday Candle

Funny Birthday Candle

Looking for good, funny birthday gifts for your boyfriend? What could be better than this scented candle that reads a hilarious message on the front? We bet he’ll appreciate your sense of humor even more with this clever gag gift idea. Even better, use this candle for this birthday cake too!

15. Funny Keychain

Funny Gifts for Boyfriend Funny Keychain

Surprise him with a dose of humor using the Personalized Engraved Keychain. Customize it with a funny quote or inside joke to add a playful touch. This practical accessory not only keeps his keys organized but also brings a smile to his face every day.

16. I Love You With All My Boobs Funny Mug

I Love You With All My Boobs Funny Mug

Sometimes, we don’t need a reason to tell our boyfriends how much we appreciate them taking all our moods. Now you can convey your thank you with this funny mug with a joke on the front. Behind all this banter, the mug actually expresses love and appreciation.

17. Funny Beer Coasters

Funny Beer Coasters

The set of laser-engraved beer coasters makes a great gift for all occasions! Each of the coasters has a naughty message on top that will make him laugh every time he pops open a beer bottle. It will also make sure he actually uses the coasters for a change!

18. Personalized Funny Keychain-I fucking love you

Funny Gifts for Boyfriend Personalized Funny Keychain-I fucking love you

What’s love if you don’t pull each other’s leg every day? This is the perfect little gift for your boyfriend. The keychain features a funny message and you can even make the gift more personalized with both of your initials printed. This will serve him some real use with a funny twist!

19. “To Do List” Funny Boxer

"To Do List" Funny Boxer

If your man is in dire need of boxers but too lazy to get some himself, this is your chance to jump in! But do away with boring stuff and get him this boxer set that has your name on the ‘to-do list!’ This is one of the best gag gifts for a special occasion.

20. Personalised toilet paper

Personalised toilet paper

Deliver laughter with the Customized Toilet Paper Anniversary Gift. Personalize it with funny messages for a comedic surprise. This practical yet amusing gift guarantees a smile with every roll, making it a playful addition to his daily routine and an unforgettable reminder of your humor-filled love.

21. “Thanks For All The” Mug with Name Initials

"Thanks For All The" Mug with Name Initials

Whether it’s his birthday or anniversary, you should say a well-deserved thank you to him with this hilarious yet sexy gift! The mug features a naughty message that will surely have him grinning from ear to ear.

22. “I Love You for Your Personality” Naughty Eggplant Pop-Up Card

 "I Love You for Your Personality" Naughty Eggplant Pop-Up Card

This is the best naughty gift idea for your fiancé, boyfriend, and husband! Surprise him with this card that has an unexpected message inside! We bet he’ll burst out in laughter as he flips the card and sees this adult dirty joke that is also the funniest way to compliment him.

23. “I Love Getting Nailed By You” Engraved Hammer

"I Love Getting Nailed By You" Engraved Hammer

Your boyfriend will love this naughty gift on any special occasion. This personalized hammer will not only make a great addition to his toolbox but also make him laugh with the choice of message you get engraved on top!

24. “My Girlfriend Knows Everything” T-Shirt

Funny Gifts for Boyfriend "My Girlfriend Knows Everything" T-Shirt

Maybe it’s time to remind him who is his boss. Do that with this adorable and comfortable t-shirt that has a hilarious message on the front! How cute will he look walking around in this? After all, all men need to see and promote this!

25. Butt Quack Boxer

Butt Quack Boxer


  • This playful gift will surely surprise him
  • Made of cotton and machine washable
  • Elastic waistband and button fly-on punny boxers


  • Consider his preferences before choosing a design

If you’re looking for funny butt gifts for your boyfriend, this will surely help. The comfortable, novelty boxer shorts are sure to make him laugh with clever puns! He can wear it to bed every night and enjoy a good night’s laugh!

26. Funny Gifts For Him Hot Panties Boyfriend Presents Mug

Funny Gifts For Him Hot Panties Boyfriend Presents Mug

This funny gift for him adds humor to his day. Designed with a playful twist, it’s a quirky addition to his morning routine, guaranteed to bring a grin as he enjoys his favorite beverages.

27. Finger Weightlifting: Get Ripped!

Funny Gifts for Boyfriend Finger Weightlifting: Get Ripped!

If your boyfriend is working from home these days, get him this funny little gag gift for his home office setup. This paperback features a dumbbell and weights, allowing him to enjoy a good laugh. This small present is sure to be a huge hit!

28.  I Forking Love You Personalized Fork

I Forking Love You Personalized Fork

Have you recently told your man how much you love him? This is your chance but in a funny way! This cute funny gift is a fork engraved with a hilarious message. This versatile and usable fork will also be an addition to your silverware.

29. Cold Beer Coats

Cold Beer Coats

Bring laughter to his drinks with the Cold Beer Coats. This humorous gift adds a fun twist to his beverages. These quirky bottle sweaters keep his drinks cool while injecting a playful vibe into social gatherings. A comical accessory that keeps his brews chilly and spirits high.

30. Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy

Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy

Make him laugh with the Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy. This funny gift is a small, wobbly buddy for his desk or shelf. It’s designed to bring smiles and add fun to his space, making it a great choice to brighten his day.

31. Mail A Potato Face

Funny Gifts for Boyfriend Mail A Potato Face

Looking for fun things to send your boyfriend in the mail? This silly gag gift will surely make him laugh! Get his favorite picture and get it printed on the potato-what fun!

32. A Funny Mug for Your Gamer Boyfriend

A Funny Mug for Your Gamer Boyfriend


  • Use daily for laughter-filled coffee moments
  • Add his name for a unique touch
  • Funny Message


  • As a ceramic mug, it might be prone to breakage if not handled carefully

If your S.O. is a pro gamer but still spends a whole lot of time for you, grab him this personalized mug.


That wraps up our list of the best funny gifts for a boyfriend. And we believe these presents will work well for practically any occasion. Which gift ideas are your favorite? Let us know!

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