25+ Funny Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Hilarious Dad (2021)

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  • March 15, 2021
25+ Funny Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Hilarious Dad (2021)

­Dads are jokesters by nature. This Father’s Day, surprise your king of puns with one of these funny gifts. They will show your old man that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Of course, you have a great sense of humor too! It’s in your genes!

The gift ideas for your father in this list will top even the best dad jokes you’ve ever heard! Have a look at our guide for funny gifts for Father’s Day and give your pa a good laugh.

funny father's day gift idea: i will always be your financial burden photo mug

Photo Mug


A personalized gift doesn’t necessarily have to be cheesy. This brutally honest mug is irrefutable proof of that fact! It makes for an extremely funny gift for dad he’ll never forget. The man who gave you life will appreciate the candid message. This level of frankness will turn you into his favorite f̶i̶n̶a̶n̶c̶i̶a̶l̶ ̶b̶u̶r̶d̶e̶n̶ kid!

funny gift for men: salami bouquet

Salami Bouquet


If you’re daddy’s little princess, chances are he’s showering you with fresh flowers all the time. Return the gesture with this cute yet funny Father’s Day meaty delight. A yummy salami bouquet is what any sweet daughter would give his hilarious pappa on a special occasion. That’s why this gift is top of our list!

funny father's day gift: dad definition custom photo mug

Dad/Stepdad Definition Coffee Mug


This fun Father’s Day present is adorable! It enlists all the qualities that make a man a real dad! Customize it with a picture of him with his kids for a truly special keepsake he’ll treasure for life. It’ll undoubtedly become his favorite mug, and he’ll refuse to have his morning coffee on anything else!

beer jerky flower bouquet for new boyfriend on Valentine's Day

Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet


Is your father big on savory snacks? Then this beef jerky flower bouquet will be an instant hit on his big day! If you’re looking for gifts to give your dad to brighten up any special occasion, search no more! He’ll definitely love the thoughtfulness behind such a handsome-looking present. Take a pic before eating!

fun father's day gifts: dad joke tank is full t-shirt

Dad Joke Tank Is Full T-shirt


Let’s face it. Your pa probably doesn’t need any extra help having a hilarious Father’s Day. After all, he’s an endless supply of terrific dad jokes! This funny tee will show the world why he never seems to run out of ideas. It will also have him feeling comfy and looking confident. Isn’t that neat?

funny gift for a new dad: How to Traumatize Your Children: 7 Proven Methods to Help You Screw Up Your Kids Deliberately and with Skill

How to Traumatize Your Children


If your dad never had the natural talent to scar you for life, gear him up with this hilarious book! It’s the ultimate joke Father’s Day gift! Your old man can save this keepsake and pass it on to future generations. It’ll teach his very own son how to traumatize his children in due time!

funny fathers day gift ideas: my jokes are officially dad jokes custom coffee mug

‘My Jokes Are Officially Dad Jokes’ Photo Coffee Mug


Any pun-loving young man is a dad in training. This funny gift for a new dad is perfect for when your favorite guy finally earns his “fun pappa” title. Once he welcomes a little bundle of joy into his life, it’s official. His one-liners will formally become actual dad jokes! What a sweet moment y’all!

fathers day funny gifts: funny apron

Funny Apron


We all talk about our mom’s cooking all the time. It’s fair to say most dads’ meal-prepping skills are absurdly underrated. Break the pattern! If you know your pa belongs in the kitchen, this super cool apron is perfect for him! He’ll proudly wear such a funny gift for dad whenever he’s behind the stove!

funny greeting card for father's day

Funny Father’s Day Card


Father’s day is the perfect occasion to let your old man know how you REALLY feel. If you don’t know how to put your thoughts into words, we’ve got you covered! These hilarious cards by thesmitches on Etsy make the best dad joke gifts. Get one for your pappa and another one for your grandpa!

funny fathers day presents: dad definition print

Dad Definition Print


Let your dad know how much you appreciate having him in your life. This adorable yet fun Father’s Day gift will emphasize what it is to be a true paternal figure. Put this print in a frame and gift it to the man who raised you. He’ll proudly display it where everyone can see it!

funny fathers day gift: personalized king portrait

Personalized King Portrait


Since you were little, you’ve probably always seen your dad as lord and master of the house. Celebrate his inherent power with this personalized king portrait from PopArtYou! This unusual Father’s Day gift will definitely put a smile on his face. Dad can place it over the chimney as actual royalty does! Isn’t that fun?

gag gifts for father's day: kid quotes custom wall art

Kid Quotes Custom Wall Art


Kids are always saying hilarious things. Immortalize your little one’s incredibly witty remarks on a piece of wall art you can place anywhere. Any dad will undoubtedly appreciate this fun Father’s Day idea! Get a set of prints with the most ingenious quotes to ever come out of his children’s mouths. It’ll crack him up!

fathers day gag gifts: if dad can't fix it, it's fucked mug

If Dad Can’t Fix It Mug


Here’s an incredible keepsake for your favorite handyman. There’s nothing in this world pappa cannot fix. Should you find an exception… well, let this hilarious camp mug tell you what’s up! Such a creative present is perfect for any occasion. He’ll love it!

the grillfather wooden cutting board

The Grillfather Cutting Board


Seeking something fun for your old man? You don’t always have to narrow your options down to gag gifts and puns. Capisce? You can also get him a useful Father’s Day gift for him to enjoy year-round. For example, this engraved cutting board is perfect for those dads who love spending time in the kitchen!

funny dad juice whiskey glass

Dad Juice Whiskey Glass


Thinking about his likes and needs is a bulletproof way to find gifts your pa will actually enjoy. Is your father a huge whiskey connoisseur? This superb glass is perfect for holding his favorite drink! It’ll be the talk of his pals whenever they’re over. Get this funny present for dad while supplies last!

if you can read this bring me novelty socks

If You Can Read This Bring Me Novelty Socks


Want a useful Father’s Day gag gift to surprise your old man? Don’t try to knock his socks off with anything fancy? We can assure you it’s better to keep them on when they have such hilarious messages written on them! Now, let pappa get some rest and do as the socks say! Chop chop!

gag gifts for father's day: shit my dad says book

Sh*t My Dad Says


Your favorite philosophers have nothing on your pa. He probably seems to hold more wisdom in his pinky toe than all of those great thinkers combined! Your papa will love getting some extra inspiration from this humorous book, though. Justin Halpern’s recollections of his old man’s wittier words make the best Father’s Day funny gift!

gag gifts for father's day: golf ball storage bag

Golf Ball Storage Bag


Hit a hole in one with this hysterical golfing accessory. It can only go two ways. Your old man will either love it or never be caught dead flaunting this sack of balls in public! If you’re looking for funny dad stuff, this is a cool alternative that will certainly give him a good laugh.

funny mens boxers

Funny Boxers


Do you share hundreds of inside jokes with your old man? Let this funny but useful gift become yet another one of them! Humorous underwear might be quite an unusual present, but it’ll always come in handy. We bet you can’t help but giggle every time you think your pa might be wearing these. LOL!

dad joke gifts: dad joke supply mug

Dad Joke Supply Mug


We hope your pappa never runs out of dad jokes to say! Should that ever happen, this funny gift has got his back! Let him enjoy some humoristic bits first thing in the morning. He’ll love sipping on a good cup of his go-to beverage as he gets inspired for the day. How fun!

funny but useful gifts: emt insulated lunch tote

E.M.T. Insulated Lunch Tote


Kids are not the only ones in the family who benefit from a good ol’ lunch box. This hilarious one will ensure nobody steals your dad’s yummy snacks at work! He’ll definitely appreciate such a weird Father’s Day gift. Just tell him to avoid taking this to a hospital, and he should be okay! JK!

funny fathers day gift ideas: i'll feed all you fuckers oven mitts

I’ll Feed All You F-ckers Oven Mitts


Dad’s the one who puts food on the table. Don’t you ever forget! What’s more, let these hilarious oven mitts be a constant reminder for the rest of the family! If your old man loves spending time cooking and grilling, these fun oven mitts are a great present for him! They’ll be an instant hit!

funny OK boomer mug

OK Boomer Mug


Some dads are born into the wrong generation. Your old man doesn’t always have to agree with his peers’ ways and old-fashioned ideas. Get him this fun mug so he can give them a piece of his mind when they’re acting lame. This funny gift idea for dad will keep him on the cool side!

dad joke gifts: word teasers dad jokes

Word Teasers – Dad Jokes


They say nothing can prepare you to become a parent. We beg to differ! This fun idea for Father’s Day is the “Introduction to Fathering” intensive course you didn’t know you needed. It’s the best card game to play with the whole family. Although, to be fair, your old man will probably win every time!

fun fathers day gifts: funny fathers day wine labels

Wine Labels


Who said wine can’t be funny? Well, even if it’s not by itself, at least you can make it with these clever labels. Surprise your old man’s inner sommelier with a great bottle of his favorite drink and personalize it for the laughs! This Father’s Day idea also makes a funny dad Christmas gift! Cheers!

Final Words

Buying funny Father’s Day gifts is a piece of cake! Make it even easier by following our extensive guide. If your dad is a chill guy, he’ll absolutely appreciate a humoristic gesture coming from you! Happy shopping!




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