Funny Christmas Gifts To Make Everyone on Your List Laugh (2023 Gift Guide)

Funny Christmas Gifts To Make Everyone on Your List Laugh (2023 Gift Guide)

The holidays are all about sharing laughter with family and friends, which is why you may want to consider grabbing some funny Christmas gifts for all the people on your shopping list. If your group has a great sense of humor and appreciates a deep belly laugh or two, then a hilarity-inducing gift is the ideal way to go about picking presents for an upcoming White Elephant or Secret Santa. Look over these suggestions for gift ideas that will help make for a jovial Christmas.

funny Christmas gifts for kids

Santa Please Stop Here Personalized Christmas Ornament

When you’re trying to find some funny Christmas gifts for kids, there are few options as perfect as an ornament. A silly item the little ones can hang on the tree each year makes for a perfect gift that is as special as it is perfect.

christmas gift for family

We Didn’t Know We Were Making Memories Canvas Print

Planning a family reunion this holiday season? If you’re looking for the perfect way to make a Christmas party into a memorable occasion for all, consider gifting the crowd personalized canvas prints that feature classic pictures of each member of the family. A simple, creative, and fast present to explore!

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Joyful christmas gifts

Joy To The World Blanket

“Joy to the World” is a favorite Christmas song for many people because of the joyful melody and memorable lyrics. If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for newlyweds, a Christmas-themed blanket can make for a cozy and comfy present to give help warm new home.

good gag gifts for christmas

“What Now Bitch?” Dinosaur Funny Mug

Do you have a close friend you love to laugh with? There are some people in life that make you want to grab your sides and cry in a fit of laughter. To return the favor this holiday season, consider the best Dirty Santa gifts for friends like a silly and funny mug.

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wacky christmas gifts

Boob Scarf Funny Christmas

Some gifts are perfect because they are so silly that there is no choice but to laugh at them. A boob scarf is one of those gag Christmas gifts that can make for a perfect fit when you’re looking to grab something for a wild coworker, a bawdy family member, or a ridiculous friend from college.

Oven Mitts Bear Hands

Oven Mitts Bear Hands

When you’re searching for the right present for the special lady in your life, there are many clever ideas worth your time. Oven mitts are one of those funny Christmas gifts for wife that she’s sure to get a kick out of and put to good use the next time she wants to whip up a meal.

funny christmas gifts for men

Dad Bag Fanny Pack

Though people have made fun of this accessory over the years, fanny packs have recently made a big comeback. If you need Christmas gifts for dad that he will actually be able to use, this is a present worth looking at.

crazy christmas gifts

Pizza Socks Box

A quality pair of socks can be one of the more important investments a person makes. When you’re trying to find practical and funny Christmas gifts for the people in your life, consider a box of pizza socks. A great fit for anyone on your list!

funny gag gift ideas for christmas

Pizza Sleeping Bag Blanket

Do you have a friend who loves to head outdoors for a weekend camping trip? If so, you might want to consider a gift that is both silly and practical like a sleeping bag. This pizza bag is sure to get put to good use and deliver some laughs.

humorous christmas gifts

Jesus Shaves Disappearing Coffee Mug

There are many different angles to consider when you’re looking to grab a mug for friends or family this holiday season. A coffee mug featuring disappearing images can leave the people on your list feeling delighted and surprised with each sip. A perfect way to make people smile.

funny christmas gifts for sister

Holiday Hearts Handwarmers

Not all funny gifts are impractical or absurd. In fact, plenty of funny gifts for the holidays can be put to use when needed. When the weather gets cold, a cute gift like holiday heart handwarmers can make for a great way to stay toasty.

christmas stuff for cat lovers

6 Signs That You Are Secretly A Cat Custom Photo Mug

For the cat lover in your life, a gift like a cat photo mug can be the right fit. All you need to do is pick out the perfect picture and you’ll deliver a present that makes the person in your life with feline frenzy feel both appreciated and ready to burst with laughs.

humorous gifts for mom

Mom’s rule Photo Custom Canvas Print

Showing your mom appreciation for all she has done for you in your life can be tricky. Thankfully, the right present can easily capture how you feel. This photo canvas print is a way to make mom smile and feel deeply appreciated.

hilarious christmas gifts

Felt Foodie Ornament

For the person in your life who loves a quality meal, there are some clever presents out there worth looking over. A felt foodie ornament is the type of holiday present that will get used year after year, making your present a perfect dish.

gag gift ideas for kids

Rocket Duvet & Pillowcase Set

This gift is suitable for boys at Christmas. He will jump for joy when he receives it. A rocket duvet and pillowcase set is one of those presents that can be both practical and excited at the same time.

funny gifts for sister

Sisters Are Like Fat Thighs Photo Desktop Plaque

When shopping for your sister, there are a couple of different ways to go about finding the right gift. If you want to make her laugh and give her something she can put on her desk at work, this funny photo plaque is the right way to go!

goofy christmas gifts

Funny Fish Sandals

A day at the beach isn’t complete without a quality pair of sandals. If you want to help someone on your shopping list make a statement with their next trek to the shore, a pair of fish sandals is a perfect way to make a splash.

silly christmas gifts

Merrycolor Nicolas Cage Mermaid Pillow

Nicholas Cage as a mermaid is an image that will strike plenty of people as both absurd and hilarious. If you know someone who will love this type of bizarre hybrid, then be sure to consider a pillow that showcases Nick Cage as a shining beacon of the seas.

funny christmas gift ideas for friends

Fun And Laughter We Share Made Us Friends Mug

Neighbors are special for many reasons. If you have a close relationship with the people who live near you, be sure to grab gifts like a mug that helps to perfectly capture exactly how you feel. This is one of those Christmas gifts for neighbors sure to bring out some laughs.

funny christmas gifts for dad

You Are A Great Dad Funny Coffee Mug

When you’re unsure of what kind of gift to get for your father this holiday season, a mug can be the right way to go. A silly mug that thanks your dad for all he has done during your life is a terrific way to grab something he’ll love and be able to laugh about.

SpongeBob SquarePants 2-Slice Toaster

SpongeBob SquarePants 2-Slice Toaster

What’s better than a toaster? How about a toaster that looks like the infamous SpongeBob SquarePants? The next time you need to grab a Christmas novelty gift for someone who appreciates the absurd and needs a new appliance, this is the best present to grab.

Custom Face Magnets funny gifts

Custom Face Magnets

There are few presents as practical as magnets. If you want a gift that makes an impression, consider one like customized face magnets. An easy way to give something that is both practical and silly at the same time.

funny christmas gifts for girlfriend

Meowy Catmas Christmas Sweatshirt

When you’re shopping for cat lovers, there are a number of different ways to go about discovering a purrfect fit. A cat sweatshirt can be a great present because it is a silly and simple way for your friend or family member to show their love of felines to the world.

christmas gag gifts for coworkers

Christmas Calories Don’t Count Shirt

People tend to eat a lot during the holidays. If you’re someone who wants to make the people you love feel better about Christmas calories, consider a gift like a funny shirt that helps to make everyone smile.

funny christmas gifts for brother

Custom Pillow With Face Body Pillow

A new pillow is the kind of present that people will always get good use out of. If you want to make your gift a bit more amusing for the recipient, consider a present like a customized pillow that features the image of your choice.

good christmas gag gifts for pet lovers

Customized Dog Socks

For the dog lover on your shopping list, there are some great presents to consider. A pair of dog socks featuring some captivating canine images is one that the people in your life are sure to get some good use out of immediately.

wacky christmas gifts

Smoko Yeti Ice Scraper

When the winter winds start to blow, having an ice scraper handy can make a world of difference for the people who drive cars. When the ice is spread thick across a windshield, wacky Christmas gifts like a Smoko Yeti ice scraper are one that will be appreciated.

gag gifts for christmas party

Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook

Cooking a chicken might seem like a basic task, but there are some interesting ways to make it into a bizarre occurrence. If you want to give someone on your holiday list a reason to laugh and enjoy a good meal, be sure to consider a present like a parody cookbook.

Don’t Mess With Mamasaurus Custom Photo Mug

Don’t Mess With Mamasaurus Custom Photo Mug

Moms tend to be quite protective of their little ones. If you know a mama with a fiery disposition, consider a Christmas gift like a customized photo mug featuring a message that you know she will be able to agree with.

Ugly Christmas Sweater The Rock Jingle Bell Rock

The Rock Ugly Christmas Sweater

Recent years have seen a huge trend of people wearing ugly Christmas sweaters when the holiday season rolls around. If you want to make the people in your life laugh and be ready for any upcoming parties, an ugly sweater is a way to go.

Bluetooth Banana Phone christmas novelty gifts

Bluetooth Banana Phone

A banana phone is not a new concept, but it is definitely one that will make people laugh. The next time a phone call comes in, the person answering won’t be able to stop giggling over the fact that he or she is taking a call on a piece of fruit.

Sun Visor Cap with Fake Hair christmas gifts for grandpa

Sun Visor Cap with Fake Hair

There are all kinds of ways to celebrate the holidays with silliness. If you want to make someone laugh, then be sure to consider a ridiculous present like a sun visor cap with fake hair. A sure gift makes your grandpa chortle!

crazy christmas gifts ideas

Air Dancers Inflatable Tube Man Costume

It might seem like a crazy idea, but an air dancer inflatable tube man costume is a great idea when you need to go to a bustling party. Though you might not know what the reaction will be, you’re sure to get some laughs.

cool funny christmas gifts

Silicone Wine Glass Holder for Bath & Shower

A glass of wine in the bath or shower can easily take the edge off a long day. If you want to find a present that really helps people in your life get more from their daily routines, a wine glass holder will be the right fit.

Brown Antler Sequined Deer Headband

Brown Antler Sequined Deer Headband

When you’re in a rush to find some funny cheap Christmas gifts, there are plenty of items that can make an impression. Brown antler sequined deer headbands are the kind of holiday-themed present that everyone on your list will get some deep laughs out of.

Gift Away!

When it comes to finding the best funny Christmas gifts, there are several options to think over. Discover the perfect fit and make everyone on your list smile this holiday season.



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