27 Funny Gifts for Cat Lovers to Make Them LOL (2022)

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  • January 1, 2022
27 Funny Gifts for Cat Lovers to Make Them LOL (2022)

Are you looking for the best funny cat gifts out there? Congratulations – you found them!

We have cute gag gifts for all fanciers of cats with a funny bone. Our hilarious cat-related items will make the feline enthusiasts in your life laugh out loud!

Scroll down to find some amazing holiday, birthday, and special occasion options for every crazy cat lady or cat parent.

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I Work Hard So That My Cat Can Have a Better Life Mug

Here’s a fun present for cat lovers who have a furball that won’t stop turning their back at their owners. This mug could help these folks win their kitty’s love! The little sweetie will stop hissing the moment they see their person holding the cup!

Buy it: I Work Hard So That My Cat Can Have a Better Life Mug, $45.95, 365canvas.com

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Cat Blanket

Cat-themed gifts never fail to thrill everyone who is head-over-heels for felines. Our cute throw will make your friend super happy, and it’ll inspire them to have the longest, coziest naps! Their cat can join them as well!

Buy it: Cat Blanket, $45.95, 365canvas.com

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Meowy Christmas Photo Ornament

Let your mate make everybody slightly jelly with an ornament of their favorite cat hanging on the Xmas tree! This could be the present that cat-proofs it this year! With our cat stuff, the holiday season can be holly, jolly, and super meowy!

Buy it: Meowy Christmas Photo Ornament, $45.95, 365canvas.com

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Show Me Your Kitties T-shirt

Surprise your hun with one of our best funny gag gift ideas! This hilarious t-shirt will have you purring once you see your darling rocking it! The next thing to do is to tell them to leave their cat on, if you know what we mean.

Buy it: Show Me Your Kitties T-shirt, $45.95, Etsy.com

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Chef Cat Wine Bottle Holder

You thought your tomcat was trying to steal your burrito that one time they were sniffing around the kitchen? Not at all! The poor thing was just trying to cook something for you! This cat-shaped bottle holder will prove that. Cat lovers adore it!

Buy it: Chef Cat Wine Bottle Holder, $45.95, Amazon.com

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It’s Too Peopley Outside Mug

All of us like to stay inside, get under a blankie, and sleep the day away sometimes. With our mug, your buddy can have great home-alone experiences! It’s perfect for the times when the definition of fun and cute is a tired, grumpy cat.

Buy it: It’s Too Peopley Outside Mug, $45.95, 365canvas.com

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Cat Paw Feet Socks

Give your cutie-pie the pleasure of feeling sexy and fierce with a pair of these socks! The novelty of being a larger, furless cat will never wear off! Order now, and see your boo enjoy the life of a feline-like cat owner.

Buy it: Cat Paw Feet Socks, $45.95, Etsy.com

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Dog And Cat Funny Canvas Print

The dog mom who also has a kitten that always gives her a cold shoulder needs to have this decor! It’s the perfect birthday gift! She’ll have a good laugh. Even her cat might take a quick, indifferent glance at the canvas print before ignoring it!

Buy it: Dog And Cat Funny Canvas Print, $45.95, 365canvas.com

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Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit

Pet grass is the favorite healthy snack of kittens all over the world. They know when it’s time to go on a 10-minute diet, and oats and rye are definitely part of it! The cat mom in your life will enjoy the sight of her furball grazing on weeds.

Buy it: Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit, $45.95, Chewy.com

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Cat Crimes Brain Game

Some kitties are naughtier than expected, and that’s cute! With this game, your favorite cat lover can spend hours deciding which kitten is the naughtiest! Children will be more than thrilled to bring some justice to the feline world. Order now!

Buy it: Cat Crimes Brain Game, $45.95, Amazon.com

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Cat Butt Coloring Book

There’s one part of a cat’s body that no living soul wants to scratch. But coloring it in a book is fun! Get this stress-relieving gift for the cat lady who needs some cool kitty vibes at the end of a workday. She’ll love it!

Buy it: Cat Butt Coloring Book, $45.95, Amazon.com

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Funny Refrigerator Magnets

Nothing like a cat’s booty to keep all late-night food stealers away from your buddy’s beloved fridge. Finished with sturdy magnets, these feline butts aren’t going further from your pal’s refrigerator, and neither are the munchies! Your cat-obsessed friend will adore these hilarious ornaments.

Buy it: Funny Refrigerator Magnets, $45.95, Etsy.com

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I Do What I Want Cat Print

This fantastic painting will remind your mate to hurry up with their “number two” whenever they hit the bathroom. Your BFF’s cat could be doing anything around the house in the meanwhile! This cat owner needs to always be cautious!

Buy it: I Do What I Want Cat Print, $45.95, Etsy.com

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Hope You Like Cat Hair Doormat

Get this fun doormat for the buddy who still hopes that people will come to visit their cat-hair-embellished home! If someone is thinking about visiting your pal, now’s the time to trick them into doing that. Funny cat gifts can help with your plan!

Buy it: Hope You Like Cat Hair Doormat, $45.95, Etsy.com

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Cat Wine Stopper

If you know a cat lover who likes having a glass of wine after dinner, surprise them with this cat gag gift. Getting tipsy is always better with a kitty around! Those sips of booze taste great with a furry companion napping on the sofa.

Buy it: Cat Wine Stopper, $45.95, Etsy.com

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Meow Sticky Notes

Check out these unique sticky notes! Your sweetheart will always share what’s on their mind before leaving for work or going for a walk! Anytime they write down something cheeky, they can tell you it wasn’t them, but one of these cute cats.

Buy it: Meow Sticky Notes, $45.95, Etsy.com

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Cats Because People Are Dicks Mug

Some people are born to be part of the feline clan. There’s no shame in that! Coffee lovers who prefer a cat’s meowing over a neighbor’s hello deserve to vocalize their stance! This is a great present for the cat lady sassy enough to speak her truth.

Buy it: Cats Because People Are Dicks Mug, $45.95, 365canvas.com

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You Need More Sleep

People who like cats might appreciate a bit of advice from them. If you know someone who’d love to unlock the secret of sleeping 18 hours a day, this is their book. From a kitty’s perspective, there’s nothing better than napping!

Buy it: You Need More Sleep, $45.95, Amazon.com

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Mischievous Cat and Garden Gnome Statue

This Christmas, Santa is in trouble. The beloved white-bearded man should watch out for this mischievous cat in your BFF’s garden! They definitely caught all the gnomes hiding underground! Santa better bring a good gift for your friend and this feline meanie!

Buy it: Mischievous Cat and Garden Gnome Statue, $45.95, Amazon.com

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Oven Mitts

You don’t want your significant other to scream “meow” the next time they burn their hand cooking dinner! These cute mitts will have them ecstatic about baking bread, cookies, and muffins! If you and your partner are suckers for oven-baked dishes, this cat-themed present is a must!

Buy it: Oven Mitts, $45.95, Amazon.com

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Ew People Cat Tote Bag

Humorous designs never go out of style, and this fun tote bag proves that. There’s nothing but the head of a grumpy cat on it, but its comedic effect is outstanding! Your favorite cat lover will definitely prefer this bag over any shopping cart.

Buy it: Ew People Cat Tote Bag, $45.95, Etsy.com

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Crazy Cat Lady Drinks Coaster

Cheap gag gifts are a genius idea when that paycheck is far from being issued. These coasters won’t break the bank, but they’ll grant your sweetheart a lifetime membership in the crazy cat lady club! Being an official, coaster-certified member is a privilege!

Buy it: Crazy Cat Lady Drinks Coaster, $45.95, Etsy.com

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Cute Stemless Wine Glass

Drinking wine should be a mindful act. This hilarious wine glass will make your beloved cat lady savor the beverage sip after sip! Its fruity notes and earthy finish will taste better than ever. The kitty on the glass’ front will be there to keep your friend company!

Buy it: Cute Stemless Wine Glass, $45.95, Etsy.com

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Why My Cat Is More Impressive Than Your Baby

Every cat parent should be proud of their fur babies. Little kitties have the world under their paws from the moment they’re born! This super cool book will help your favorite mate prove to everyone that they have the most impressive furballs ever!

Buy it: Why My Cat Is More Impressive Than Your Baby, $45.95, Amazon.com

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Cats Welcome People Tolerated Sign

Take a look at this fun wood sign! It’s a fantastic gift for the cat lover in your life who doesn’t mind the neighborhood felines visiting their yard. Now they can invite all the kitties in the area over and enjoy their furry company!

Buy it: Cats Welcome People Tolerated Sign, $45.95, Etsy.com

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Prison Name Board Cat Toy

Does your friend’s kitten deserve to spend some time in jail because of their cute misdeeds? Smuggle some funny contraband into their punish nook! This catnip toy is an unusual but lovely way to help them serve their sentence peacefully. Silly cat gifts rock!

Buy it: Prison Name Board Cat Toy, $45.95, Etsy.com

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Don‘t Stress Meowt Mug

Help your favorite cat lady unwind after a stressful day at work with this cute mug! Nothing is more relaxing after long and tiresome business meetings than a good movie and a cup of hot tea! The mug’s design won’t fail to crack her up.

Buy it: Don‘t Stress Meowt Mug, $45.95, 365canvas.com

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We hope you liked our funny cat gifts! Order your favorite one now, and make the cat lover in your life and their kitten happy! All of these presents are amazing, so you can’t make the wrong choice. Enjoy shopping!



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