30 Adorable Flower Girl Gifts to Ask and Show Your Thanks (2021)

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  • October 16, 2020
30 Adorable Flower Girl Gifts to Ask and Show Your Thanks (2021)

Do you want to say a love-filled thank you to the adorable flower girls in your wedding?

Instead of merely saying ‘You did a good job!’ to the girls, express your appreciation with a small gift to the flower girl. It will also be a keepsake that helps them remember the big day that they attended.

Here is the comprehensive list of the trendiest and most thoughtful flower girl gifts that you can get her!

Flower Girl Proposal Gifts

Were you going to pick up your phone and call the family to ask the girl to be your flower girl?

That’s not wrong either, but wouldn’t it be more fun if you choose a small gift to do the asking job?

Here are some superb ideas:


will you be our flower girl puzzle

Will You Be Our Flower Girl Puzzle


This adorable gift set is a cute way to ask a little girl if they’d like to take this role. The puzzle is sturdy and boasts an eye-catching design that any girl can barely say no to.


flower girl proposal sequin pillow

Proposal Sequin Pillow


Use the creativity of the magic reversible sequins pillow to ask the big question. You can add any personalized message on the pillow for a more personalized touch.


flower girl proposal box

Flower Girl Proposal Box


What’s a better way to ask the girl to do the honors than to send her a proposal gift set? This thoughtful gift set is suitable for girls up to age 10. The set has usable things such as lip balm, sunglasses, and hair ties.


will you be my flower girl bracelet with initial charm

Bracelet With Initial Charm


Most girls love jewelry items. This bracelet comes with an initial charm and is available in gold, silver, and rose gold finish. This super adjustable bracelet is suitable for girls around 6+ years.


pearl bracelet will you be my flower girl

Pearl Bracelet


Pearl bracelets are a huge hit among girls of all ages. So you can use this elegant piece of jewelry to ask the girl. The bracelet comes in extremely attractive packing, which will definitely make the sweet little girl shriek with joy.


flower girl proposal wooden puzzle

Proposal Wooden Puzzle


Add some fun in your proposal with this wooden puzzle. She will have to complete the puzzle to receive the sentimental message from you. Little girls love such activities and would appreciate the thought you put in the gift.


flower girl proposal gift custom teddy bear

Custom Teddy Bear


For the undecided, a custom teddy bear always makes a great and nearly last-minute gift. This adorable teddy bear is definitely going to bring a 100-watt smile to the girl’s face.

Although this is quite a traditional idea, you can give it a personal touch by adding the future flower girl’s name on the T-shirt of the teddy bear.


flower girl proposal card

Personalised Flower Girl Proposal Card


If you want to keep the proposal gift simple, you can go with a personalized proposal card. Custom cards are a great way to include sentimental messages. This card comes with a beautiful design, which is perfect for the girls.


Flower Girl Confetti Popper

Confetti Popper


If you are searching for a trendy and hippie gift, this confetti popper will be the perfect choice. The popper comes with a white label on which you can add your personal and custom wording.


flower girl pearl dress

Pearl Dress


If you’ve already talked to her parents and know that her answer would be a resounding ‘yes’, go ahead and get this adorable and stylish dress for her. Sizes are available for girls between 3 months and 10 years old. You can also include a small card for your flower girl to-be.

Flower Girl Thank You Gifts

Now that you have received a ‘yes’ from the little girl(s), you should find them gifts as a thank you.

Make sure that you add some sentimental value to it, so that they can keep the gift with them for years to come and cherish the memories of the important day of your life.

Choosing a gift for a little girl can be a bit tricky. This is why we have decided to take the burden off of you and prepared the following list of the practical and thoughtful gifts you can buy to thank your flower girl.

­For Toddlers


flower girl crayons

Rainbow Crayons


Toddlers are at an age where their curiosity is at its peak. They love all kinds of stationery items as they let them explore the curiosities of their mind in a fun manner.

To say a big thank you to your flower girl, you can consider getting this unique set of jumbo crayons. These crayons are carved in different letters that spell her role in your wedding day.


petal princess hoodie as a thank you gift for flower girls

Petal Princess Hoodie


Toddlers look extremely adorable in tiny hoodies, so consider getting this soft and beautiful hoodie that will look amazing on her. The hoodie is available in sizes for girls six months and above.


unicorn plush bathrobe for flower girls

Unicorn Plush Bathrobe


This unicorn plush bathrobe is a creative gift for your toddler flower girl. The soft fabric is ideal for the child’s sensitive skin. The bathrobe itself is extremely eye-catching and she will look the cutest when wearing it.


Princess Castle Play Tent For Toddler

Princess Castle Play Tent


The best toy gift for her, which will enhance her creativity and imagination, is this princess castle tent. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and she will have countless hours of fun with this amazing play tent.


unicorn bouncy plush toy for flower girls

Unicorn Bouncy Horse Plush


After Baby Shark, the unicorn is the only creature that has dominated every child’s imagination. For the littlest attendant in the wedding, you can give her this hopping unicorn plush, which is not only attractive but also perfect for long-term usage.


Music Bubble Lawn Mower For Toddlers

Music Bubble Lawn Mower


Another toy gift that will increase the fine motor skills of your baby girl is this beautiful and fun-filled music bubble lawn mower. She will love to take this mower along with them when walking in the park or in their backyard.


Barbie Bride Doll in White and Pink Dress with Veil and Bouquet

Barbie Bride Doll


Remember the time when Barbie used to top the list of the must-have toys during the holiday season?

Things are not different now. Barbie is still the most-loved doll among children. So, if choosing a gift for your flower girl is giving you a hard time, you can confidently settle for this beautiful Barbie Bride Doll.


Aqua Magic Mat as a flower girl gift

Aqua Magic Mat


Kids create a lot of mess when they’re left with crayons and paints. You don’t want the girl to use the walls of the house as a canvas, right?

So, bring this aqua magic mat that is washable as it comes with no-ink and no-paint pens. All you have to do is to fill the pen with water and see the magic on the mat. This will be a gift that her parents will appreciate too!


Glow-in-the-Dark Moons Backpacks

Glow-in-the-Dark Moons Backpacks


For a girl who has just started schools, a backpack is the perfect option. What makes this backpack stand out is that is glows in the dark! And you make the gift more extra-special by adding her name or initials.

This backpack is available in different sizes for girls aged 5 and above.


Princess Dress Up Shoes For Little Girls

Princess Dress Up Shoes


For toddlers, pretend play and other dress up games are the best to polish their creativity skills. This is why this set of princess dress up shoes will make a great gift for the girls. Let the child explore their creativity!


My First Princess Castle Playset Toy

My First Princess Castle Playset Toy


This princess castle playset is another great toy that will polish their imaginations. With this toy, the toddler will play for hours and be lost in their own imaginative world. For these very reasons, this castle playset toy is one of our top picks for flower girl gifts.

For Girls Over 4 Years Old


im a flower girl sticker book

I’m a Flower Girl! Sticker Book


If the girls have agreed to your proposal, you can consider getting this sticker book to help them with wedding preparations.

This relatively cheaper gift item comes with cute stickers that all little girls will adore. It also comes with multiple activities that will help with their preparations for the special day. Or you can even use it to keep her busy during the reception.


Flower Girl Gift Box

Personalized Wooden Box


This personalized gift item is a good way to show some love and appreciation for her contribution. She can use the box to keep her little items like jewelry and other small keepsakes.


custom name floral lunch box

Custom Name Lunch Box


Now that she is in school-going age, it is better that you get something that they can use every day. This custom name lunch box, on that basis, makes an ideal gift option.


flower girl tote bag

Tote Bag


If you are looking for an inexpensive gift option, we suggest you go with this environmental-friendly and beautiful tote bag. The little girl can take this spacious bag on school trips or to a mall!


personalized handkerchief for flower girl

Personalized Handkerchief


A personalized handkerchief makes a great keepsake that will be by her side until the day she walks down the aisle!


Flower Girl Tumbler with Straw Rose Gold

Engraved Tumbler


This double-walled stainless steel tumbler has the word Flower Girl engraved on it in a cute way. She will surely carry this tumbler around the house and school!


Rose Gold Flower Girl Necklace Bracelet

Rose Gold Necklace or Bracelet


A piece of jewelry never goes wrong as a gift for a girl. To say thank you to your flower girl, you can get her this rose gold necklace or bracelet. It comes with a flower charm, a pearl charm, and an initial charm.


personalized unicorn hairbrush for girls

Personalized Unicorn Hairbrush


Little girls who adore unicorns will love this personalized hairbrush. On the back-head of the brush, you have the cute drawing of a unicorn. On the tail, you can add the name of the girl.


unicorn night light for kids

Night Light


A beautifully unique gift that you can get for the girl. It is in the shape of a unicorn and looks perfect in whichever room it is kept. It is most suitable for the side table by the bed.

We hope you find this article useful for planning and picking gifts for the flower girls. If you have other gift ideas, let us know by commenting below!

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