25 First Valentine’s Day Gifts For Boyfriend 2021

  • BY Keegan Kraemer
  • December 4, 2020
25 First Valentine’s Day Gifts For Boyfriend 2021

Whether you’ve been together for a short period of time or just about to celebrate one year together, this Valentine’s Day is the very first romantic holiday the two of you will be spending together as a couple. And (drum roll, please) it’s time to pick out the perfect first Valentine’s gift for your boyfriend!

There goes the butterflies in your stomach again just thinking about choosing a gift, a perfect item that effectively expresses your love and lets him know how much joy he brings you.

But of course, we understand as your first V-Day, you want to keep it low-key and so the gift should not be extravagant. Here we have put together a list of 25 of the best first Valentine’s Day gifts for him.

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1/ “I Know It’s Cheesy But…” Valentine Card

i know it's cheesy but valentines card

Searching for a small and inexpensive gift for your legend-dairy boyfriend? This card makes the perfect addition to any gift for a guy that loves food and has a bit of a cheesy sense of humor. Let him know that he is a cut above the rest with this adorable gift. Include a nice handwritten message to express what a gouda guy you think he really is.

2/ “I Love You In Different Languages” Pillow

I Love You In Different Languages Personalized Pillow Gift For Boyfriend First Valentine's Day

Tell him how much you love and adore him in four different languages. A romantic gift for your first V-Day together. With this gift, he will be able to feel your warmth and love even when the two of you are far away.

You can also give your boyfriend long-distance Valentines gifts if you cannot be together on this day. Check out our article on that as well!

3/ Morse Code Necklace

Morse Code Necklace First valentines Gifts For Boyfriend

Dot, dot, dash…you don’t need words to express your love to your S.O. this Valentine’s day. This charming gift can say a lot without actually saying anything. Send a sweet engraved message of your initials, name, the date you met, anniversary, a special song, or another meaningful word or number. A simple gift for a first Valentine together that he will cherish for many more years to come.

4/ “Little Moments of Love” Comic Book

little moments of love comic for him

Relationships can be difficult, especially as you develop together as a couple. Never forget the simple, silly, and precious moments you experience together every day with this adorable little comic book. When you’re having a rough day or something is not going great in your relationship (or life in general), pull out this book and remember those little moments. A cute new couple Valentine’s day idea he is sure to love.

5/ Date Night Box Set

Fun and Romantic Game for Couples- Date Night Box Set

Give him a Valentine gift for new couples that you can use together. This game will help couples connect on another level with three different ways to play. A romantic gift for your boyfriend that he can easily get on board with. Don’t get stuck in conversations about boring work or to-do lists. Spice things up with questions about secret wishes and flirting as you did on your first date.

6/ “I Love You More – The End – I Win” Photo Desktop Plaque

a desktop photo plaque with the quote i love you more the end i win - 1st valentine's day gift for new boyfriend

You might still be in the stage where saying “I love you” last is a competition. Be sure you always win that competition with this funny and romantic photo plaque. A perfect idea for your first Valentine’s day together. He can keep this romantic gift in his apartment, his dorm, or even in his office. A meaningful gift that will bring a smile to his face for years to come.

7/ Ticket Stub Organizer

Just the Ticket- Ticket Stub Organizer Valentine's Day Gift For Him

Make sure your memories for concerts, shows, movies, and travel stay safe in this useful photo album style organizer. A great way to document all of the memories and adventures that you and your partner have shared together and for all those future adventures that have yet to happen. A useful first Valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend who likes to take you out for exciting date night experiences.

8/ “You Are My Greatest Catch” Fishing Lure

you are my greatest catch fishing lure for boyfriend on valentine's day

If your boyfriend is an avid fisherman, then he is going to love this one of a kind, hand stamped gift. Make sure that every time he goes fishing he is thinking of you. You can never go wrong with giving a gift that goes along with his favorite hobby. Made from high-quality stainless steel that he can use to actually fish with or keep hanging around as a thoughtful keepsake.

9/ “You’re The Perfect Spooning Partner” Custom Photo Mug

You’re The Perfect Spooning Partner Custom Photo Mug

Grab your favorite photo of you and your partner and use it to personalize this lovely gift. He’ll think of you and all of your spooning sessions together every time he uses this mug. Customized with a photo of the two of you and a sentimental saying to commemorate your 1st Valentine’s day together as a new couple. Or go all out and get a set of 2 to match.

10/ Personalized M&M’S XOXO Gift Box


A truly unique Valentine’s gift idea for a new boyfriend that will show him just how sweet you are on him. Create an unforgettable message with his favorite candy. You can include images of you or him, a special message, or a piece of art (hearts, lips, so on) on these little chocolates. Beautifully displayed in a box that will remind him how much you love to hug and kiss him.

11/ “You Are My Missing Piece” Silver Keychain

You Are My Missing Piece Silver Keychain

Valentine’s ideas for new boyfriends should be sentimental gifts that he will cherish for years to come. Whether or not he realized it right away, you two were meant to be together until the end. Remind him of how he fits you like that last piece of a puzzle with this adorable gift. Perfect for adding to his keychain to always remind him of how much he means to you.

12/ “You’re My A**hole” Tumbler

You May Be an Asshole But You're My Asshole Tumbler For Boyfriend

Let’s face it, not every relationship is perfect. No matter how old or new a relationship is, there are bound to be bumps in the road and name-calling over stupid things. He is by no means perfect, but that doesn’t matter to you one bit. You love him even when he is less than perfect. Make sure he always remembers the first Valentine’s day together with this cheeky tumbler.

13/ Customized Bar Pendant

Men's Necklace - Customized Bar Pendant For Him On First Valentine's

Most men will appreciate a fine piece of minimalist jewelry. This is a unisex piece, so you might as well get matching ones to celebrate your new relationship together. With the ability to customize all four sides of the pendant, you will have plenty of room to say what you want. Laser engraved on durable stainless steel, this gift will withstand the test of time just like your relationship has.

14/ “1 Year, Our Story So Far” Notebook

1 Year Our Story So Far - Scrapbook, Photo album or Notebook Idea For 1st Anniversary

If your first Valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend also happens to be right around your one-year anniversary, then this is the perfect gift. Celebrate your first anniversary this Valentine’s day with this special notebook. Rather than giving him something with blank pages, fill it up with pictures, stories, ticket stubs, and stickers to commemorate your first year together. A beautiful anniversary gift you can keep adding to.

15/ Plush Pizza

Plush Pizza - Funny Stuffed Valentine's Gift for Boyfriend

What new boyfriend doesn’t love a gag gift with a cheesy slice of humor? Some funny Valentine’s day gifts are perfect for a new relationship and will have him laughing his buns off. This plush is perfect for a guy who practically lives off of pizza and is always in the mood… for some food that is. The perfect snuggle accessory for a night of Netflix and chill with his girl.

16/ Custom Valentine Plaid Socks

Custom Valentine Plaid Socks For Boyfriend

What better way to celebrate our first Valentine’s day together than to plaster your beautiful face all over some custom clothing for him? For the best gift-giving experience, make sure you get a straight-on shot of your face (or faces together) in bright lighting, and of course, something a little silly (or sexy). A great gift to give your boyfriend when celebrating your first Valentine’s day together.

17/ Hand-Printed Neckties

dinosaur necktie for him as a first valentine's day gift

Make sure your boyfriend is looking stylish at his next job interview or his current day job with these beautifully crafted and humorous neckties. As always, gifting clothing is a great option that never goes out of style. A great gift for a brand new relationship just blooming over Valentine’s day. Appeal to his geek side or opt for an offbeat print for an expressive yet elegant look.

18/ “I Love The Sh*t Outta You!” Toilet Paper

i love the shit outta you novelty toilet paper gag gift for first valentine's day

Let him know that you truly love the poo out of him with this surprise and cute gag gift. With a hilarious message printed on each sheet, nothing will quite say “I love you,” like this novelty gift. This roll will have him rolling on the floor laughing every time he looks at this. Leave it in the potty to find or tee-pee his car with it, up to you!

19/ Coffee + Chocolate Tasting Box

chocolate coffee tasting gift box for him

Create a one-of-a-kind, intimate experience for a first Valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend with these tasty treats. Hand-picked from Seattle’s top roasters and perfectly paired with artisan chocolate desserts, this gift will allow you to create a romantic tasting experience like no other. Celebrate your first romantic holiday together with coffee and chocolate, a match made in heaven, just like the two of you!

20/ Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet

beer jerky flower bouquet for new boyfriend on Valentine's Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, beef jerky is tasty, so he’ll love that too! This is a manly man’s gift that any boyfriend would love to bite into. The best part, there is no assembly required and it’s ready to eat straight out of the box. What better way to say how much you love him than with a meaty bouquet delivered to his place of work or house?

21/ Bathtub Essentials Set

harry's Bathtub Essentials Set with Body Wash, Sponge, and Candle - First Valentine's Gifts For Boyfriend

Scrub a dub, dub, your boyfriend going to love getting clean in the tub. Be proud to take him out in public after he’s been using this bath essentials kit. A great gift to give a practical boyfriend that he can get use out of every day. Choose from four different, manly scents. Who said it’s the girlfriends that get to have all the fun in the bathroom?

22/ Wine Condoms Bottle Stopper

The Original Wine Condoms | Wine & Beverage Bottle Stopper

Crack open a bottle of your favorite wine for a cozy night in together. It’s time to wine and dine your man. Get him excited and watch the reaction on his face when you pull out some protection, for the wine that is. This novelty, one size fits all wine condom makes a fun gag gift that unlike the “made for him” kind you can use over and over again.

23/ Insulated Storage Bottle

24-Ounce Slim Insulated Storage Bottle Gift For New Boyfriend On Valentine's Day

This bottle is a gift that he will appreciate and use on a daily basis. Help him to alleviate those small and pesky inconveniences life throws his way (like misplacing his keys) with this thoughtful gift. A useful item that he can fill up with his favorite beverages but also carry around his essentials like keys, air pods, and other small items running errands or for a quick workout session.

24/ “Enjoy Your Coffee, Love You!” Spoon

enjoy your coffee spoon - Funny Gift for boyfriend on first valentine's day

Oh, the sentimental messages you love to share with your new boyfriend. Each of these spoons is hand stamped with love and affection for your bae. A perfect sentimental gift to give him on your first Valentine’s day together that he will use regularly. Every time he makes his coffee, remind him of how great of a guy he can be, even when he is being less than great.

25/ Takeout Dice

Takeout Dice Food Delivery Ideas Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

This is no doubt an argument that every couple has had, no matter how long they’ve been together…what’s for dinner? Where do you want to eat? Take the stress out of figuring out what to order in and eat for your next night in with these fun food dice. Gone will be the days of going back and forth until you are both so hangry it turns into a fight.


Whether your relationship is just blossoming or in full bloom, find the perfect first Valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend with these 25 ideas. From romantic to hilarious, he is sure to love whatever you pick out for him.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2021



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