40+ First Mother’s Day Gifts Sure To Make Any New Mom Feel Loved

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40+ First Mother’s Day Gifts Sure To Make Any New Mom Feel Loved

Expecting a child can be a magical and stressful time in a woman’s life. If someone you care about is preparing to welcome a little bundle of joy, you may be searching for the perfect first Mother’s Day gifts.

Finding the best Mother’s Day gift ideas for new moms and moms to be requires a bit of research. Luckily, there are plenty of wonderful ideas out there to help mommies everywhere relax, feel pampered, and experience the joy that motherhood can bring.

If you’ve been asking yourself “what are good first Mother’s Day gift ideas,” now is the time to discover what options await! Take a look at these gift ideas for first-time moms and show the special women in your life that you love and support them.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Mom To Be (10 ideas)

Is someone in your life expecting her first child around Mother’s Day this year?

The baby’s official due date might still be a few weeks out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grab a fantastic first Mother’s Day gift for women who are pregnant.

first mothers day gifts: white noise sound machine

White Noise Machine


If you want good mothers day gifts for first time moms that are also practical, consider a white noise sound machine. A newborn can bring about some sleepless nights and this machine aims to help mommy and baby sleep peacefully.

Price: $29.99

Instant Photo Printer


After the baby is born, mom is going to use her phone to take endless photos of her little one. An instant photo printer takes digital images from her phone and apps like Instagram and turns them into physical photos!

Price: $101.99

first mother's day gift: pregnancy gift set

Pregnancy Gift Set


One of the best first Mothers Day gifts to get for expecting mothers is a pregnancy gift set. This simple set includes a number of essentials to help make pregnancy a more relaxing experience.

Price: $49.00

mothers day ideas for new mom: prenatal massage

Prenatal Massage


Just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean she can’t indulge in a soothing massage! A prenatal massage is a fantastic gift option that aims to help expecting moms relax.

Price: Various

gift for first time moms: the big book of organic baby food

The Big Book of Organic Baby Food


New parents often struggle with what foods to give their little ones. “The Big Book of Organic Baby Food” is a cookbook that educates about nutrition and teaches mom and dad how to make some tasty purees.

Price: $13.39

first mothers day gifts: letters for my baby envelopes

Letters to My Baby


Some gifts are meant for the future. “Letters to My Baby” is a gift that allows a new mom to write sentimental letters to her baby, which can be opened later in life when the child is grown.

Price: $7.99


Monthly Milestone Blanket


As babies grow, moms love to track the progress from month to month with pictures. A monthly milestone blanket helps make this task simple and aesthetically pleasing!

Price: $22.00

first mothers day gifts for new mom: The Sh!t No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby's First Year

The Sh!t No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby's First Year


Expecting a child can be frightening, but there’s a lot of humor to be found in the situation. “The Sh!t No One Tells You” is a laugh-out-loud book that will surely make new moms smile.

Price: $9.89

mothers day gifts from husband: all-in-one baby keepsake box

All-in-One Baby Keepsake Box


Nostalgia can be a powerful force. An all-in-one keepsake box is an ideal gift that allows mothers a simple place to store important items for the future.

Price: $64.95

best mothers day gift for new moms: baby's birth stats custom photo canvas

Baby Announcement Custom Birth Stats Photo Canvas


A custom canvas print with an adorable photo of the baby & his/her birth stats. This is no doubt the unique & loveliest gift for any new mom!

Price: $39.95+

First Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts (7 ideas)

Jewelry is a timeless gift option to consider when you need to grab a present for a new mom in your life.

Classic accessories can help new and expecting moms remember this special time and make for memorable first Mothers Day gifts.

mother's day gift for new mom from dad: birth month flower necklace

Birth Flower Necklace


If you’re hoping to find exceptional Mothers Day gifts from husband, consider a birth flower necklace. Each token features a hand-drawn flower that corresponds with the birth month of the recipient.

Price: $38.00

1st time mom gifts: nursing bracelet

Nursing Bracelet


Jewelry that serves a purpose can also be a lovely option for first mothers day gifts. A nursing bracelet is a stylish way for new moms to remember when to feed their hungry newborns.

Price: $16.20

first mothers day gifts: mother and child sterling silver ring

Mother & Child Ring


Gifts that capture the special bond a mother shares with her child can also be a lovely gesture. This ring is a timeless gift idea that moms will be sure to enjoy.

Price: $65.00

first mother's day jewelry: mama script ring

Mama Script Ring


In need of a unique piece of jewelry? A ring featuring the actual handwriting of a new mom in 18K gold vermeil or sterling silver is a truly original option to consider.

Price: $50.00

first mothers day jewelry gifts: personalised name necklace

Personalized Name Necklace


A longstanding popular gift idea for mom, personalized name necklaces are always a wonderful option. Select the right style and get ready to see her eyes light up.

Price: $19.90+

first mother's day gift ideas: baby name bracelet

Baby Name Bracelet


A bracelet featuring the name of a newborn is also a lovely gift idea. Include pertinent information like birth date and weight to add a personalized touch.

Price: $29.00

first mothers day jewelry: mum and baby duck earring set

Mum & Baby Duck Earring Set


A simple and sweet accessory, a mum & baby duck earring set is as adorable as it is elegant. The charms feature a mother duck and her duckling, a classic symbol of motherhood.

Price: $35.78

Beauty Gifts For Any New Mom (8 ideas)

Though it is true that “pregnancy glow” can make women seem radiant, most will tell you that expecting a child can easily make a person feel like a mess.

Beauty gifts for new moms are a great way to help her look and feel her best during this important time.

mother's day gift for mom to be: spa gift box

Spa Gift Box


If you’re not sure which beauty products are best, why not consider a spa gift box? This set includes nourishing soap, candles, bath bombs, tea, and several other items to help her unwind and feel refreshed.

Price: $56.95

mother's day gift for mom to be: aroma oil diffuser

Ultrasonic Aroma Oil Diffuser


Aromatherapy can be a powerful method for relaxation. A diffuser allows new moms to select their favorite essential oils and create a more comforting atmosphere at home.

Price: $74.97

mothers day gift idea for new moms: quilted nylon cosmetic case

Perry Quilted Nylon Small Cosmetic Case


Beauty products are fantastic, but new moms also need a sensible place to store everything. Quilted cosmetic cases are Mother’s Day ideas for new moms that are both practical and thoughtful. 

Price: $79.00

mothers day gift idea for mom to be: multipurpose superbalm

Lanolips Multipurpose Superbalm


Dehydrated skin is a normal side effect of pregnancy. Multipurpose super balm is a sensible gift idea because it moisturizes dry lips and provides a luxurious touch of comfort.

Price: $16.95

gifts for first mothers day: foreo facial cleanser & serum

Picture Perfect: Foreo Luna 3 & Serum Serum Serum


If you think the new mom in your life would appreciate some revolutionary skincare products, a FOREO skincare set is a great option. Provide her with a unique sonic facial cleansing experience that firms and tones skin.

Price: $199.00

mother to be mothers day gifts: ultra repair cream

Ultra Repair Cream


Dry skin and distressed skin can be annoying to deal with. Repair cream provides instant relief and is safe for sensitive skin

Price: $32.00

mothers day idea for new moms: gemstone facial rollers

Gemstone Facial Rollers


Gemstone rollers are a huge trend in the beauty industry. Made from stones like jade and rose quartz, these rollers help spread serums and other beauty products evenly over the face.

Price: $28.00 – $34.00

first mothers day gift idea for first time mom: twilight bath bomb from lush

LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb


Nothing beats a relaxing bath after a stressful day of caring for a newborn. Bath bombs transform the experience by adding aromatic scents and captivating colors to the tub.

Price: $6.95

DIY Ideas for First Mother's Day Crafts (9 ideas)

DIY ideas can also be a lovely way to go about selecting first Mother’s Day gifts.

Show that special woman in your life how much she means to you by creating a gift with your own hands. These DIY gifts are perfect for an array of scenarios.

mothers day crafts: honey and milk soap

Milk And Honey Soap


Homemade soap is a fantastic gift that can help new moms care for skin in need of nourishment. All you need are a few simple ingredients and you can create your own natural soap.

mothers day presents from dad and baby: dipped wooded utensils

Dipped Wooden Utensils


As the husband, you may want to consider DIY Mother’s Day gifts from baby or infant. Dipped wooden utensils are a beautiful and simple gift you can create and say are a gift from your newborn child.

mothers day diy ideas for new mom: citrus lip balm

Citrus Lip Balm


A little bit of skincare can go a long way for mom’s first Mother’s Day. This citrus lip balm recipe is sure to soothe dry lips and make for a great homemade gift.

DIY recipe: meyer lemon & pistachio sandwich cookies

Meyer Lemon & Pistachio Sandwich Cookies


Do you and your wife have fond memories of baking together? DIY Lemon and pistachio sandwich cookies are some sweet and delicious Mother’s Day gifts from dad & baby.

Chocolate Buttered Rum Mix


Is the special woman in your life a big chocolate fanatic? This DIY chocolate buttered rum mix tastes exactly like drinking a comforting glass of brownie batter.

mothers day ideas for new moms: lemon bath bomb

Lemon Bath Bomb


What’s better than a relaxing bath? A handcrafted lemon bath bomb to add to the mix! This DIY gift is perfect to help new moms relax.

first mother's day diy gift ideas: tea towel apron

Tea Towel Apron


The amateur seamstress or tailor should consider tackling a DIY towel apron. No matter your skill level with a needle, this apron will make for a fantastic gift.

Pom Pom Heart Box


First Mother’s Day gifts don’t have to be too elaborate. This pom-pom heart box is a present you can create in no time and send the right message.

mothers day crafts for new moms: baby clothes dividers

Baby Clothes Dividers


New moms have a lot on their plates after the baby is born. Making some baby clothes dividers can make sorting through onesies and booties a breeze.

First Mother's Day Kitchen Gifts (10 ideas)

From baking cookies to crafting a meal the whole family can enjoy, many moms love to spend time in the kitchen. If you need Mother’s Day gift ideas for a culinary crusader, consider these options!

mother to be mothers day gifts: snoopy wooden utensils set

Snoopy Wooden Handmade Spoons


A wooden spoon set is perfect for a variety of cooking and serving tasks. These handmade spoons feature Snoopy and the Peanuts gang to add more fun to the mix.

Price: $29.71+

first mothers day gift idea: personalized cutting board

Personalized Cutting Board


Every kitchen requires a quality cutting board. Personalize this wooden board with a sentimental message that informs everyone who runs the kitchen!

Price: $43.99+

first mothers day gifts: Personalized apron

Personalized Apron


A personalized apron also makes for lovely first Mother’s Day kitchen gifts. Each time your mom puts the apron on she’ll think of your nice gesture.

Price: $19.98+

Stainless Steel Knife Set with Block


A knife set can also help mom accomplish new goals in the kitchen. A stainless steel set that includes the block provides her with everything she needs to chop anything up!

Price: $39.99

kitchen gifts for first time moms: microwave egg cooker

Microwave Egg Cooker


Cooking an egg can sometimes take longer than you’d prefer. This egg cooker makes it easy for mom to toss one in the microwave and have it cooked the way she likes. 

Price: $23.95

kitchen gift for mom: multiuse broomcorn bursh

Cast Iron Pot Scrubber Brush


Cleaning a cast iron pot or skillet is no simple task. Help make mom’s life easier with a brush that is sure to get the job done. 

Price: $15.00

first year mothers day gift: plastic free gift set

Zero Waste / Plastic Kit


After the birth of a child, many moms worry about the future of the planet and what is in store for their little ones. This holiday pack is an eco-friendly kit to reducing plastic consumption for the environment.

Price: $35.00

first mother's day gift ideas: airfryer from powerxl

PowerXL Power AirFryer


Some appliances transform how mothers use the kitchen. This AirFryer will open new doors for mom’s meal plans.

Price: $68.99

best first mother's day gifts: sandwich maker with timer

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker


Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? A sandwich maker is a wonderful gift for mom because it allows her to get her sammies made while taking care of other tasks.

Price: $28.69 – $39.99

mothers day gift ideas for mom: cheeseboard with knife set

Bambusi Cheese Board and Knife Set


Once the baby is born, plenty of guests will be swinging by to see the bundle of joy. Help mom entertain guests with a durable cheese board and knife set. 

Price: $54.99

Help Her Celebrate Her First Mother’s Day Right

The moment a person gives birth to her first child, the world forever changes. From that point on, the child’s life is forever connected with the mom.

To help celebrate this monumental moment, a gift is a great gesture.

If you’re searching for the perfect first Mother’s Day gifts for a special woman in your life, there are plenty of amazing options worth your consideration.

Whether you aim to pamper her or make the first months after childbirth easier for her, exploring what’s available is a fantastic way to land a gift she will adore. And don’t forget to say “Happy First Mother’s Day!” when giving her the best gift!

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