40+ First Mother’s Day Gifts Sure To Make Any New Mom Feel Loved

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • April 9, 2020
40+ First Mother’s Day Gifts Sure To Make Any New Mom Feel Loved

New moms are often constantly looking after their babies’ needs. Amidst all of this, they forget to give themselves the due attention.

And when they are neck-deep in baby-related chores, it is on you – whether you are their husband or sister or best friend – to make them feel special.

Mother’s Day is an important event for every mother. This is the day when mothers are pampered to the core. It’s time for the new moms to feel the same love and appreciation. 

In the list below, we have listed some of the best first Mother’s Day gifts that you can get for a new mom. From useful gadgets to sweet personalized gifts, these thoughtful ideas will bring a smile on every mom’s face and will allow them to treasure them for years to come

best mothers day gift for new moms: baby's birth stats custom photo canvas

Baby Announcement Custom Birth Stats Photo Canvas


At what time did her baby come into this world? What was the date when she became a mommy? All of this should be recorded in one place. And for that, this custom canvas print is an ideal gift that new moms will love to the core. 

Price: $39.95+

Instant Photo Printer


After the baby is born, mom is going to use her phone to take endless photos of her little one. This photo printer is the best choice for the moms who love keeping the hard copy of their child’s photos. 

Price: $101.99

gift for new mom who just had a baby: baby stats bracelet

Baby Stats Bracelet


This bracelet is yet another popular gift item. It has all the essential details of the baby’s birth such as: How much your baby weigh when they were born? What was the time of the baby’s birth?

Price: $36.00+

first mother's day gift: pregnancy gift set

Pregnancy Gift Set


One of the best first Mother’s Day gifts to get for expecting mothers is a pregnancy gift set. This simple set includes a number of essentials to help make pregnancy a more relaxing experience.

Price: $49.00

Personalized Initial Necklace


You can get the initials of the baby’s name give this great and thoughtful gift to new moms. Even better, get the initials of moms and the baby’s and get them fixed in a single chain. 

Price: $41.00+

Personalized Baby Pillow


Babies are the cutest thing in the world. A baby’s cute smile makes even the hardest hearts melt. And baby products are to-die-for. These small-sized baby items have an eye-appealing design. Personalized Baby Pillow is one such essential item that is loved by all moms. 

Price: $150.00

mothers day ideas for new mom: prenatal massage

Prenatal Massage


Just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean she can’t indulge in a soothing massage! When women are pregnant, they feel tired and exhausted. A prenatal massage is a fantastic gift option that aims to help expecting moms relax.

On Mother’s Day, even if the baby is not born yet, book a prenatal massage session for the mom-to-be. 

Price: Varies

New Mom Key Chain


Another affordable new mom present is the New Mom Keychain. This is the kind of the gift that 1st moms will cherish for years to come. 

Price: $22.00+

gift for first time moms: the big book of organic baby food

The Big Book of Organic Baby Food


Which food is safe for the baby? Should you give packaged or processed food to your baby at a young age?  “The Big Book of Organic Baby Food” is a cookbook that educates about nutrition and teaches new mom and dad how to make some tasty purees.

Price: $13.39

first mothers day gifts: white noise sound machine

White Noise Machine


If you want good mothers day gifts for first time moms that are also practical, consider a white noise sound machine. A newborn can bring about some sleepless nights and this machine aims to help mommy and baby sleep peacefully.

Price: $29.99

thoughtful first mothers day gift: diaper bag backpack

Multi-Function Diaper Bag Backpack


Ask a mom and she’d tell you that a baby can have the ‘pee-pee’ time any time. For that, moms have to carry diapers, baby wipes and an additional baby suit with them, besides other important stuffs. Carrying all this in a handbag is not an option. So, get the new moms a diaper bag backpack so that they can carry the essentials easily. 

Price: $30.34

first mothers day gifts: letters for my baby envelopes

Letters to My Baby


There are so many things that a mom would want to say to their children. But moms are no babilist – that means they cannot speak in the baby language. They have to make use of the same ol’ method of communication – the letters. Letters to My Baby is a great product that allows mom to write down their feelings for their children in one place. They can, then, save the book and gift it to their children when they grow up. 

Price: $7.99

mother's day gift for mother to be: actual heartbeat necklace

Actual Heartbeat Necklace


One of the thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for new moms, the Actual Heartbeat Necklace for her baby will leave the room without a single set of dry eyes. This unique gift has the actual heartbeat of the baby, allowing moms to feel even closer to their babies.  

Price: $42.20+

gift for new mom or mother to be: gift basket

Personalized New Mom Gift Basket


Gift baskets are another great way to bring a smile on new moms’ face on the Mother’s Day.  

Price: $28.99

mothers day gifts for new moms: necklace with birthstone

New Mom Necklace with Birthstone


Birthstones make for an ideal gift. New moms will simply adore if you present them a birthstone necklace, congratulating them for embracing the motherhood.

Price: $35.90+

first mother's day gifts: mom's one line a day book diary

Mom's One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Diary Book


This keepsake journal is one of the great gifts for first time moms. It will record each and every milestone of their babies in one place. 

Price: $13.22

first mothers day gifts: mom est ceramic coffee mug

'Mom' Ceramic Coffee Mug


A custom mug that new moms can place in their cubicles at their workplace or at a shelf in the living room also makes up for a great first Mother’s Day gift. 

Price: $15.29+

1st mother's day gift ideas: mommy and me shirt set

Personalized Mommy and Me Shirt Set


Another best gift for first time moms is a shirt set. We all love twinning, right? So, what’s better than twinning with your daughter or son. This cute Mommy and Me shirt is great for both the mom and the baby. 

Price: $15.34+

mothers day gifts for mothers to be: sonogram photo plaque

Sonogram Desktop Photo Plaque


When it comes to getting gifts for your pregnant wife, this custom plaque tops the list. Getting the sonogram picture framed is a beautiful thing that you can do for the mom-to-be.

Price: $24.95

1st mother's day gift ideas: Personalized picture frame

Personalized Picture Frame


Personalized photo frames are one of the most popular gifts across the world. This beautifully designed photo frame will look great above the fireplace or in the foyer with pictures of the happy family. 

Price: $24.91

Custom Silver Bangle Charm Bracelet


A great personalized gift for new moms, the charm bracelet can also be a great Mother’s Day gifts for mothers-to-be. 

Price: $14.99+

mommys first mothers day gift: newborn baby handprint and footprint picture frame kit

Newborn Baby Handprint and Footprint Picture Frame Kit


One of the unique and thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for new moms is a baby handprint and footprint picture frame kit. Moms will love to forever keep the tiny prints of their son or daughter’s hands and feet. 

Price: $17.95

thoughtful first mothers day gifts: custom star map

Custom Star Map


Custom Star Map is basically a frame that has the picture of the sky at the time the child was born. This shows the star in the sky, etc. This is a great gift that will be cherish for years. 

Price: $17.15+

thoughtful first mothers day gifts: gift set for new mom and baby

Natural Gift Set for New Mom and Baby


Another great and useful gift for both the mommy and the baby. This gift box has a lot of cute and usual stuff for the duo. 

Price: $60.00

mothers day gifts for new moms: framed farmhouse sign with saying

'One Day When My Children Are Grown' Framed Sign


A house with pictures and signs is a welcoming house that speaks to its inhabitants. The framed farmhouse sign is a great way to decorate your house while showing sentiments towards your children.

Price: $28.80+

1st time mom gifts: nursing bracelet

Nursing Bracelet


Jewelry that serves a purpose can also be a lovely option for first mothers day gifts. A nursing bracelet is a stylish way for new moms to remember when to feed their hungry newborns.

Price: $16.20

mother day gift from baby: framed canvas print with poem

Framed Canvas Print with Poem


This framed canvas print makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift from baby for the new mom. Featuring a sentimental poem called “A Little Handprint”, it will surely make her shed some tears. 

Price: $39.00+

first mother's day gift: shiatsu back and neck massager

Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager


Parenting is a 24/7 job with no breaks! After a long day, moms get tired. She will appreciate a neck and back massager so that she can relax a little. 

Price: $49.99

best first mother's day gifts: sandwich maker with timer

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker


Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? A sandwich maker is a wonderful gift for mom because it allows her to get her sammies made while taking care of other tasks.

Price: $28.69 – $39.99

Custom Photo Mosaic


Personalized photos are thoughtful first Mother’s Day gifts for moms. The new mom can hang this portrait photo mosaic print in her house and make it appear livelier. 

Price: $93.50+


Monthly Milestone Blanket


As babies grow, moms love to track the progress from month to month with pictures. A monthly milestone blanket helps make this task simple and aesthetically pleasing!

Price: $22.00

first mothers day gifts for new mom: The Sh!t No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby's First Year

The Sh!t No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby's First Year


Parenting is hard. And what is even harder is to get done with parenting in the absence of any guidance or a book. However, thanks to existing parents, we have some literature available that can help us deal with the babies in a better manner. This book is just that! 

Price: $9.89

idea for first mothers day: cleaning service

House Cleaning Service Gift Certificate


New moms will hardly be getting any time to get the household chores done. In that case, order house cleaning service for the, and let them relax some more. 

Price: Varies

mothers day gifts from husband: all-in-one baby keepsake box

All-in-One Baby Keepsake Box


What was her baby wearing when you return from the hospital? Where is the hospital band that she wore when she were admitted in the hospital?… and so many other things that you’d want to hold on to forever. Nostalgia can be a powerful force. An all-in-one keepsake box is an ideal gift that allows mothers a simple place to store important items for the future.

Price: $64.95

mother's day gift for new mom from dad: birth month flower necklace

Birth Flower Necklace


If you’re hoping to find exceptional Mothers Day gifts from husband, consider a birth flower necklace. Each token features a hand-drawn flower that corresponds with the birth month of the recipient.

Price: $38.00

gift for new mama: custom name ring

Custom Name Ring


In need of a unique piece of jewelry? A ring featuring the title or name of the new mom is a truly original option to consider.

Price: $32.80+

first mothers day jewelry gifts: personalised name necklace

Personalized Name Necklace


A longstanding popular gift idea for mom, personalized name necklaces are always a wonderful option. Select the right style and get ready to see her eyes light up.

Price: $19.90+

gifts for first time moms: memory foam slippers

Memory Foam Slippers


The new moms are definitely going to say a big THANK YOU once they find out what’s inside the gift box. After delivering a baby, moms feel very tired, and constant walking around the house to get the baby’s essential stuffs can be even more tiring. These memory foam slippers will provide so much comfort to the moms.

Price: $19.99 – $21.99

mother's day gift for mom to be: spa gift box

Spa Gift Box


If you’re not sure which beauty products are best, why not consider a spa gift box? This set includes nourishing soap, candles, bath bombs, tea, and several other items to help her unwind and feel refreshed.

Price: $56.95

first mothers day gifts: essential oil diffuser

Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser


New moms are in a lot of stress. They constantly ask themselves “am I doing this right?” It’s time for them to have a stress relief therapy. This essential oil diffuser can help moms have the relaxing aromatherapy.

Price: $29.99

gift idea for new mom: burt's bee mama bee gift set

Burts Bees Mama Bee Gift Set


Gift sets are a perfect gift item that will contain the essential products for mom and the baby. This beauty gift set is adored by all moms! 

Price: $25.00

first mothers day gift idea: bamboo wood bath tray

Bamboo Wood Bath Tray


Where is the mom supposed to keep the soothing and relaxing scrubs you have got for her? In a Bamboo wood bath tray. This great product will be a perfect addition in your bathroom.

Price: $57.99

gift idea for moms: spa bath pillow

Spa Bath Pillow


Moms love to relax! Get her a spa bath pillow so that she can make her bubble bath a bit longer – the more relaxed the mom, the happier the baby. 

Price: $19.99

mothers day gift idea for mom to be: multipurpose superbalm

Lanolips Multipurpose Superbalm


Dehydrated skin is a normal side effect of pregnancy. Multipurpose super balm is a sensible and new mom friendly gift idea because it moisturizes dry lips and provides a luxurious touch of comfort. 

Price: $16.95

gifts for first mothers day: foreo facial cleanser & serum

Picture Perfect: Foreo Luna 3 & Serum Serum Serum


If you think the new mom in your life would appreciate some revolutionary skincare products, a FOREO skincare set is a great option. Provide her with a unique sonic facial cleansing experience that firms and tones skin.

Price: $199.00

mother to be mothers day gifts: ultra repair cream

Ultra Repair Cream


Dry skin and distressed skin can be annoying to deal with. Repair cream provides instant relief and is safe for sensitive skin

Price: $32.00

mothers day gifts for new moms: organic bath bomb gift set

Organic Bath Bomb Gift Set


Moms have a lot going on in their minds, which makes them harder to relax and unwind. But relaxation is important to keep the mind healthy. Let these fragrant bath bombs do the work!

Price: $23.99

first mother's day gift from baby: ceramic celfie vase

Ceramic Celfie Vase


Any decoration piece is a great addition in everyone’s house. Let the new mom decorate her humble abode with some flowers in this elegantly designed ceramic Celfie Vase. 

Price: $27.96

mothers day presents from dad and baby: dipped wooded utensils

Dipped Wooden Utensils


As the husband, you may want to consider DIY Mother’s Day gifts from baby or infant. Dipped wooden utensils are a beautiful and simple gift you can create and say are a gift from your newborn child.

DIY recipe: meyer lemon & pistachio sandwich cookies

Meyer Lemon & Pistachio Sandwich Cookies


Do you and your wife have fond memories of baking together? DIY Lemon and pistachio sandwich cookies are some sweet and delicious Mother’s Day gifts from dad & baby.

mothers day crafts for new moms: baby clothes dividers

Baby Clothes Dividers


New moms have a lot on their plates after the baby is born. Making some baby clothes dividers can make sorting through onesies and booties a breeze.

gift for new parents: willow tree our gift figurine

Willow Tree “Our Gift” Figurine


Who doesn’t love figurines? We know we do! And what is the more amazing figurine than that of a cute family with a new mom? This is a great item on Amazon and an ideal present for new moms. 

Price: $44.95

Help Her Celebrate Her First Mother’s Day Right

The moment a person gives birth to her first child, the world forever changes. From that point on, the child’s life is forever connected with the mom.

To help celebrate this monumental moment, a gift is a great gesture.

If you’re searching for the perfect first Mother’s Day gifts for a special woman in your life, there are plenty of amazing options worth your consideration.

Whether you aim to pamper her or make the first months after childbirth easier for her, exploring what’s available is a fantastic way to land a gift she will adore. Don’t forget to get a small card for her to remind her of everything she has done to keep her baby protected and say “Happy First Mother’s Day!” when giving her the best gift!

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