30+ First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For the New Mom (2021)

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  • February 22, 2021
30+ First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For the New Mom (2021)

­Celebrate motherhood! Surprise your favorite new moms, wife, daughter, sister, or friends with a lovely first Mother’s Day gift. It doesn’t matter whether they are moms-to-be or new moms who recently welcomed their first child. Make her first Mother’s Day extra special with these presents for expecting and first-time moms.

Use a general list of best Mother’s Day gift ideas, or check out our comprehensive guide. Here are our favorite first Mother’s Day gift ideas.

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first mothers day gift idea: custom star map framed print

Custom Star Map Print


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Welcome her firstborn with a truly special night sky print. This creative gift for her first Mother’s Day lets you input the baby’s birthdate, location, and time. The result is a unique star chart of the night sky on such a memorable date. The print also features the latitude and longitude and a sweet happy birthday rhyme. It will look great in the nursery or mom and dad’s space.

best first mother's day gifts: mom's one line a day book

Mom’s One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book


This keepsakes journal is one of the best gifts for first-time moms. Your sister or friend will love being able to record her baby’s milestones for a full five years. This diary will be a fantastic baby book. So much easier than writing a page or more every day, she’ll appreciate the simplicity of this format. This journal is a must if you need Mother’s Day gifts for the mom-to-be.

custom canvas print with baby birth stats

Custom Canvas with Baby Birth Stats


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At what time did her baby come into this world? What was the date when she became a mommy? All of this should be recorded in one place. And for that, this custom canvas print is an ideal gift that new moms will love to the core. 

first mothers day gifts: hello my new name is mommy mug

“Hello My New Name Is Mommy” Mug


This flower-adorned mug makes an excellent present for her first Mother’s Day ever. She’ll love the generous size for her morning tea or water while she’s breastfeeding. This item is one of the most inexpensive Mother’s Day gifts on our list. You’ll love the price, and she’ll be reminded of those early days of motherhood every time she uses it.

gift for mom: to the world you are a mother, but to your family you are the world pillow

“To The World You Are A Mother” Pillow


If you’re looking for thoughtful first Mother’s Day gifts, consider this elegant pillow. Simple printed text on a plain background makes it look perfect in any room. Choose from three sizes for a great fit in the bedroom or on the sofa. The cover is even washable, which is essential when there’s a little one in the house.

mothers day gifts for mothers to be: sonogram photo plaque

“Love At The First Sight Sonogram” Photo Plaque


For unusual Mother’s Day ideas for a mom-to-be, turn that precious sonogram print into a great picture frame. This custom plaque is a sentimental yet versatile decoration. Put it in the nursery or a place of honor on the future mama’s desk. This sweet Mother’s Day gift for a pregnant wife will be the hit of her baby shower.

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mothers day gifts for new moms: baby stats bracelet

Baby Stats Bracelet


This adorable bracelet is one of our favorite Mother’s Day ideas from a baby. The delicate cuff wristband is hand-stamped with leaves on the outside. Turn it over to reveal all of her newborn baby’s birth stats. Moms will love the idea of keeping her little one close while also maintaining privacy. This beautiful jewelry is available in gold, silver, or rose gold.

birth stats and photo of baby custom blanket

Custom Blanket with Baby’s Photo and Birth Stats


Tips: Use code SAVE10 at checkout for a 10% off!

Are you looking for a perfect gift to get for a new mom? The birth stats photo blanket is a creative and unique gift option. The blanket will not only have an adorable photo of the baby, but it also lets you list the important details of the child – the weight at the time of birth, the name, the height, etc. 

gift ideas for mom from baby: custom photo mug

Custom Photo Mug


A favorite song makes this mug a perfect Mother’s Day gift from a baby. Celebrate her with this cute keepsake that she’ll cherish forever. Liven up one side of it with a precious picture of mom and her little one. The other side will bear the inscription “you are my sunshine.” As far as gifts for her first Mother’s Day go, you can’t go wrong with this cheerful piece.

new mom mothers day gifts: personalized baby pillow

Personalized Baby Pillow


Babies are the cutest thing in the world. A baby’s cute smile makes even the hardest hearts melt. And baby products are to-die-for. These small-sized baby items have an eye-appealing design. Personalized Baby Pillow is one such essential item that is loved by all moms. 

first mothers day gift ideas: new mom necklace

New Mom Necklace


Personalized gifts for Mother’s Day are always special. This year, wow the women in your life with a great necklace. Customize this design however you want! Choose both mom’s and baby’s name, baby’s name and birthdate, and more. She can wear it every day, and it’s elegant enough for a night out, too. This piece is one of our favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas for new moms.

mothers day ideas for new mom: prenatal massage

Prenatal Massage


Just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean she can’t indulge in a soothing massage! When women are pregnant, they feel tired and exhausted. A prenatal massage is a fantastic gift option that aims to help expecting moms relax.

On Mother’s Day, even if the baby is not born yet, book a prenatal massage session for the mom-to-be.

mother's day gift for mother to be: actual heartbeat necklace

Actual Heartbeat Necklace


One of the thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for new moms, the Actual Heartbeat Necklace for her baby will leave the room without a single set of dry eyes. This unique gift has the actual heartbeat of the baby, allowing moms to feel even closer to their babies.  

first mothers day gift: mommy and me shirt set

Mommy and Me Shirt Set


Make her year by gifting mom and her little one these cute matching outfits! These garments are one of the best gifts for first-time moms! She’ll love twinning with her baby while wearing such clever pieces. You can choose the colors, making it great for a daughter or son. Just pick the customization you want. Then, watch how happy she’ll be dressing her mini-me to match!

first time mothers day gifts: framed canvas print with poem

Framed Canvas Print with Poem


This framed canvas print makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift from baby for the new mom. Featuring a sentimental poem called “A Little Handprint”, it will surely make her shed some tears. 

first mothers day gift ideas: custom mosaic portrait

Custom Mosaic Portrait


Create an exceptional present for your favorite new mama this year! Put all her memories into one place with this mosaic print. Choose one main photo and then a minimum of 200 additional pictures to make up the mosaic. You’ll end up with a composite of images within the larger one. Beautiful and creative, this Mother’s Day gift for young mothers will make her heart sing.

thoughtful first mothers day gifts: new mom and baby gift box

New Mom and Baby Gift Box


Luxurious natural soap and lotions set this mom and baby gift box apart! Handmade with care, this box contains goodies for mama and the wee babe. Soothing creams for nursing and stretch marks will please the new mommy. Gentle bath balms and soaps will relax the little one. This thoughtful gift box is tops among Mother’s Day gifts for first-time moms.

molly maid house cleaning service

House Cleaning Service


A gift certificate for a cleaning service is a quick but practical first Mother’s Day gift. New parents might be okay handling laundry, cooking, and adjusting to baby, but cleaning? Not so much. Having a service come in and take care of basic household duties will give mama a little break. A clean house will leave her feeling calm, especially since she won’t have to do it herself.

1st mother's day gift ideas: postpartum recovery tea

Postpartum Recovery Tea


For a different Mother’s Day gift for new mothers, check out this delicious postpartum tea. The caffeine-free tea is made by and for women and contains organic herbs to help new moms recover. Staying hydrated while breastfeeding is a must, as is getting the proper vitamins and nutrients. Support your favorite new mom with the gift of tasty tea.

new mother mothers day gifts: letters to my baby

Letters to My Baby


There are so many things that a mom would want to say to their children. But moms are no babilist – that means they cannot speak in the baby language. They have to make use of the same ol’ method of communication – the letters. Letters to My Baby is a great product that allows mom to write down their feelings for their children in one place.

It’s also a good gift for single mothers to save all their thoughts and gift them to their children when they grow up.

best mothers day gifts for new moms: all-in-one baby keepsake box

All-in-One Baby Keepsake Box


What was her baby wearing when you return from the hospital? Where is the hospital band that she wore when she were admitted in the hospital?… and so many other things that you’d want to hold on to forever. Nostalgia can be a powerful force. An all-in-one keepsake box is an ideal gift that allows mothers a simple place to store important items for the future.

first mothers day gift ideas: monthly milestone blanket

Monthly Milestone Blanket


A multi-purpose blanket is an amazing first-year Mother’s Day gift. This super-soft bamboo blankie features pine boughs on one side. The other side marks your baby’s monthly milestones with Instagram-worthy cuteness. When not in use for photoshoots, let your little one cuddle with it. It is also useful as a nursing cover-up or emergency changing pad.

mother to be mother's day gifts: instant photo printer

Instant Photo Printer


After the baby is born, mom is going to use her phone to take endless photos of her little one. This photo printer is the best choice for the moms who love keeping the hard copy of their child’s photos. 

first mother's day gift: willow tree our gift figure

Willow Tree “Our Gift” Figure


Mark your wife’s first Mother’s Day with this beautiful figurine. It portrays the gift of new parenthood with elegant simplicity. The figures are cast in a hand-carved mold and made with love. This reminder of family togetherness will be perfect in your new baby’s nursery. Or, display it with other items on a mantel or shelf. Either way, she’s sure to love this sweet statue.

funny gift ideas for new parents: how to traumatize your children book

How to Traumatize Your Children


Give the gift of humor this year! This hilarious book is an excellent first Mother’s Day gift for the mom who loves satire. Learn all about how to make sure your kids grow up and go to therapy! If funny Mother’s Day gifts are on your radar, this one’s a no-brainer. It is also something you can pick up last-minute as a shower gift.

gifts for new moms: big book of organic baby food

The Big Book of Organic Baby Food


Which food is safe for the baby? Should you give packaged or processed food to your baby at a young age?  “The Big Book of Organic Baby Food” is a cookbook that educates about nutrition and teaches new mom and dad how to make some tasty purees.

first mothers day gifts for new mom: The Sh!t No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby's First Year

The Sh!t No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby’s First Year


Parenting is hard. And what is even harder is to get done with parenting in the absence of any guidance or a book. However, thanks to existing parents, we have some literature available that can help us deal with the babies in a better manner. This book is just that! 

new mom mothers day gifts: new mom skin recovery set

New Moms Skin Recovery Set


Among the best first Mother’s Day gift ideas are things that will promote self-care. The lotions and creams in this gift set contain cocoa butter for ultimate softness. Included are moisturizers to help soften and tighten skin and to protect against chapping from nursing. Honor her hard work and help her body recover with some special goodies just for her.

gifts for first mothers day: foreo facial cleanser & serum

Foreo Luna 3 + Serum Serum Serum


If you think the new mom in your life would appreciate some revolutionary skincare products, a FOREO skincare set is a great option. Provide her with a unique sonic facial cleansing experience that firms and tones skin.

gift ideas for her: faux fur slippers

Faux Fur Slippers


For your daughter’s first Mother’s Day, give her the gift of comfort. These scuff-style faux fur slippers are the ultimate in cozy footwear. The non-skid sole means she can carry the baby on all surfaces without worrying about a fall. They’ll keep her feet warm during middle-of-the-night feedings. Pick her favorite color and make her happy with a little goodness.

thoughtful first mothers day gifts: natural bath bomb gift set

Organic Bath Bomb Gift Set


Bath bombs are the ultimate in relaxation. Give your daughter or niece the chance to unwind in a soothing bath as her pregnancy concludes. These all-natural bath bombs contain natural scents, oils, and salts and are chemical-free. Any bath bombs that she doesn’t use before the baby comes are safe to use with her newborn after. This set is one of the best mom-to-be Mother’s Day gifts.

essential oil diffuser from asakuki

Essential Oil Diffuser


This year, mark your sister’s first Mother’s Day with the gift of aromatherapy. This cool, easy-to-use diffuser can provide her with stress relief throughout the day. At night, it’s safe for the baby. It will keep the nursery humidified, and a few drops of lavender oil will help her little one sleep. The color-changing light can even act as a nightlight for added safety!

new parents gift ideas: multifunction diaper backpack

Multi-Function Diaper Bag Backpack


Ask a mom and she’d tell you that a baby can have the ‘pee-pee’ time any time. For that, moms have to carry diapers, baby wipes and an additional baby suit with them, besides other important stuffs. Carrying all this in a handbag is not an option. So, get the new moms a diaper bag backpack so that they can carry the essentials easily. 

best mothers day gifts for new moms: shiatsu neck and back massager

Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager


Pregnancy is really hard on the body. With the pandemic, prenatal massages are hard to come by. But this massager is perfect to have at home and help ease some of the pain. It’s one of our favorite mom-to-be gifts for Mother’s Day because it’s a dual-purpose present. It’s safe to use during pregnancy and after to ease back and neck pain fast.

first mothers day gift ideas: bamboo wood bath tray

Bamboo Wood Bath Tray


Give your wife the gift of some alone time this year. Draw her a bath and then set up this tray with snacks and a beverage. Her favorite book or tv show, some soothing bath oils, and she’ll be good to go. You’ll take the baby off her hands for an afternoon. This first Mother’s Day gift idea from her husband will leave her refreshed and renewed.

Spa Bath Pillow


Moms love to relax! Get her a spa bath pillow so that she can make her bubble bath a bit longer – the more relaxed the mom, the happier the baby. 

Final Words

Knowing what to get as a first Mother’s Day gift for a new mom can be quite confusing. Do you gift something just for her, for the baby, or both? Regardless of which direction you decide to go, our guide can certainly help. These handy ideas are sure to satisfy!



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