27 Best First Father’s Day Gift Ideas In 2021

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • April 12, 2021
27 Best First Father’s Day Gift Ideas In 2021

Becoming a father can be an exciting moment in a man’s life. When someone you care for is about to have his first Father’s Day, you might be interested in grabbing him a Father’s Day gift to help celebrate the occasion. First Father’s Day gifts are not always the easiest to select. You want to make sure the gift you buy perfectly captures how special this event is. Luckily, it is easy to discover the right present for a friend or husband’s 1st Father’s Day.

From the silly to the sentimental, there are several exciting options available to you when you’re searching for the right present for first-time dads. The gift ideas in this article are sure to make him feel appreciated and excited for all life has in store.

Father’s Day Gifts for Expectant Dads

With a little one on the way, you can bet a soon-to-be dad has his mind packed with all of the responsibilities on the horizon.

To help him feel prepared and excited for the new fatherhood challenges, below are some fantastic gift ideas for a father-to-be from the bump!

a first fathers day gift for expectant dads - a sonogram photo desktop plaque

“I Can’t Wait To Meet You” Sonogram Desktop Plaque


For a man, the sonogram is the first physical indication that a baby is really on the way. The picture is special to any expectant dad, and a small keepsake that highlights this monumental moment will be a wonderful and touching gift for him this Father’s Day.

the new dad's playbook book gift for first father's day

New Dad’s Playbook


The transition to parenthood and fatherhood has great impacts on a man, making him clueless. So there is nothing more meaningful than giving a future dad an informational guide that provides clear direction in this journey and a plan to becoming the best father to his child. It will take men from just winging it to winning it!

"your baby's first word will be dada" book - a first father's day gift

Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA by Jimmy Fallon


This book is a unique gift that the dad-to-be will be super happy to receive. Most men secretly want their child’s first word to be “Dada!”.

So what is the secret? Let this book, from the famous television host Jimmy Fallon, show him how!

a father's day gift for first time dad: a sonogram photo mug

“This Father’s Day I’ll Be Snuggled Up In Mommy’s Tummy” Mug


This first Father’s Day, make your husband feel special or even surprise him by sending him a message from his unborn child:

“Daddy, this Father’s Day I’ll be snuggled up in mommy’s tummy. But next Father’s Day, I’ll be cuddled up with you.”

Customize the mug with a sonogram of the bump, and add a custom message to the father-to-be.

1st fathers day gift: a sonogram desktop plaque with a message from the bump

“The Adventure Of Our Lives Together Is Just About To Begin” Desktop Plaque


The desktop plaque features a heartfelt message from the unborn baby to the future dad.

Upload a sonogram picture and add a personal touch to the keepsake. You can choose from two options that feature different messages from a baby boy or girl.

First Father’s Day Gifts from Baby

Presents that involve the newborn certainly make the best Father’s Day gifts. The gift ideas below help you save the handprints and footprints of the baby. And on his first Father’s Day, these handprint and footprint gifts will tear his heart out.

a print of baby's footprint and handprint - a first father's day gift from baby to new dad

Baby Footprint & Handprint Art Print


This gift idea is among the most popular, a must but inexpensive gift to celebrate the day with his little champ.

The personalized gift features the child’s footprints with the parents’ handprints, representing the protection of a dad for his child.

daddy i have made prints of my little feet photo canvas print gift for first time dads on father's day

“I Have Made Prints Of My Little Feet” Canvas Print


An alternative to the above item. You can take photos of the baby’s little feet and of a daddy-baby moment. Upload them and you’ll have a perfect gift for him on this special day!

a baseball with handprint of baby: a gift for new dads on first father's day

DIY Handprint Baseball

A baby will grow up in no time. Therefore, gifts that help to capture this fleeting period of life is perfect for tugging at the first-time dad’s heart.

This DIY baseball features the baby’s handprint and is a wonderful handmade gift for a new father who is also a baseball lover.

Best First Father’s Day Gifts for New Dads

These Father’s Day gift ideas for first-time dads are mainly designed to capture the first memories between a father and his little bundle of joy. These keepsakes mark the milestone in his life, and shall remind him of his special first Father’s Day even years later.

a star map print with a photo of new dad with baby: 1st fathers day gift for new dad

“The Day You Became My Daddy” Star Map Print With Photo


Celebrate the unforgettable day when a man officially became a dad with this print.

To add customization, simply enter the location. Upload a cute photo of the new dad holding the baby. Add other details like name and date.

This star map print is a perfect gift, a hit that will melt any first-time dad’s heart!

a photo frame with a poem about new dad - first fathers day gift for new dad

“I’m So Happy You’re My Daddy” Photo Frame


Any new dad will adore this photo frame. The item features a loving poem from his baby, and will always hold a special place on his office desk.

a desktop photo plaque with a poem from baby to dad - a gift idea for first fathers day

Desktop Photo Plaque With A Poem From Baby


Simply upload a photo and add the baby’s name. The plaque, with a beautiful poem for new fathers is definitely going to leave him teary-eyed.

sound wave art print - First Fathers Day Gift From Baby

Voice Wave For Dad Art Print


Whether a dad and his infant are just cooing and laughing, the moments are priceless to any new dad. Turn the laughter of his child to a sound wave art print.

To make this gift more special, he can play the artwork and listen to his child’s voice anytime simply by using a mobile application.

DAD photo canvas print - fathers day gift for first time dad

DAD Custom Photo Canvas Print


Is your phone or camera full of photos of your husband changing his son’s diaper for the first time or him resting next to his son, both of whom sleeping like a rock?

Then transform those pictures into a sentimental gift like this DAD personalized photo canvas.

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Father-And-Baby Portrait As First Fathers Day gift

Father-And-Baby Portrait


A father-and-baby portrait drawing is a simple gift to get a new dad on this Father’s Day but will deliver intense sentiments to him. This gift is a keepsake that he will treasure for years to come.

a baby photo book - Fathers Day Gift For First Time Dad

Baby Book – The Story of You


Among sentimental first Father’s Day gifts, this book is a gift idea that he can enjoy. The photo journal is filled with thoughtful prompts, allowing him to document his child’s first year.

If you are his wife, start it off with a few basic details, and let your man complete the baby book.

A canvas print with image of a bear family - gift for first time dad on fathers day

Bear Family Map Canvas


The birth of his first child completes the family. Mark the milestone, especially the first Father’s Day of a man, with a personalized map print that features details about his wholesome family.

This cute Bear Family canvas print will make him so proud (and tear up, perhaps).

Custom Cufflinks with The Infant's name and birthday: fathers day gift for first time dad

New Daddy Cufflinks


If the new dad has a cufflink collection, you can’t go wrong with this gift idea. He will be so eager to show off these cufflinks, which are engraved with his little one’s details, in his next formal event.

Promoted From Dog Dad To Human Dad Custom Photo Mug

“Dog Dad Promoted to Human Dad” Mug


A mug is a classic Father’s Day gift, especially when a clever pun or joke is involved.

This mug makes for an excellent present for dog dads who are welcoming the arrival of their first babies.

a subway art photo canvas print - first fathers day gift for a new dad

Daddy Established Photo Subway Art


Celebrate the first-time dad with words! The print comes with kind wording that describes a loving father.

So all you need to do is upload a picture, customize the day he steps into fatherhood, and a cute text from the bundle of joy. Then you’ll have a one-of-a-kind subway art for the occasion!

Dad Est 2021 tumbler - 1st fathers day gift

First Time Dad Est. 2021 Tumbler


Another great first Father’s Day gift that you can get in the last minutes: a tumbler that signifies the established year that he takes on the role as a new dad.

He’ll smile and think about his new child every time he enjoys his favorite drink.

our first fathers day together matching shirt

“Our First Father’s Day Together” Matching Shirt and Onesie


What’s more adorable than a dad wearing a matching shirt with his child? This shirt and onesie are super cute. The newborn and his dad will look adorable together this Father’s Day.

Dad Bods Are Dad Sexy T-Shirt - a gift For First time Dads on fathers day

Dad Bods Are Dad Sexy T-Shirt


Now that he is a dad, he is ready to dedicate all his time and throw himself into taking care of his little one, and maintaining his physique seems like an impossible task.

But who cares? Dad bods are dad sexy, right? Tell your loving husband and the father of your child with this fun shirt.

Beer Labels Gift for First-Time Dads On Fathers Day

First-Time Dad Beer Labels


If you want to put a comical spin on a gift, these beer labels are a great fit. Slap them over his favorite brews and watch him laugh each time he goes for a sip. A cheap but funny and meaningful first Father’s Day gift!

Go To Sleep Book - Unique first Fathers Day Gift For New Dad

Go the F**k to Sleep (3 book series)


This is not a book that the new dad should read to his child, but a bedtime book for him!

According to the New York Times, the book is “a new Bible for weary parents”, a beautiful, subversive, and pants-wettingly funny book for new and expectant dads. A unique first Father’s Day gift you must not skip!

Daddy's Diaper Duty Device - Fathers Day Gift For new Dad

Daddy’s Diaper Duty Device


Some gifts are perfect because of how practical they are. First-time fathers are usually unprepared for how messy a baby can be. This diaper duty device aims to make life a lot easier and a bit cleaner for all involved.

Bonding T-Shirt - first fathers day gift for new dads

Bondaroo T-Shirt


Bonding is important for a dad and his child. This t-shirt, with an affordable price of under $50, is a sweet and meaningful way to encourage the connection a father has with his baby.

a multifunctional hoodie - a First Fathers Day Gift

The Dad Hoodie


Take a dad’s duties to the next level with this hoodie.

This quality piece of clothing is designed to transform the way he goes about carrying the essentials for his infant.

Let him enjoy a great time when running errands as well as traveling with his little one.


The birth of a child can often prove to be a big moment in the life of a man. To truly make this time a magical one, you need to explore your options with first Father’s Day gifts. A bit of research will help uncover the ideal fit for the special man in your life and the little bundle of joy that has come into his world.




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