The 25 Best First Father’s Day Gifts To Celebrate New Dads (Aug 2022)

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  • August 5, 2022
The 25 Best First Father’s Day Gifts To Celebrate New Dads (Aug 2022)

Being a first-time father is overwhelming to any man, even the toughest guys. And his first Father’s Day is going to be so exciting and full of emotions! So let’s together celebrate this special day by giving him some meaningful first Father’s Day gifts. Whether he is your husband, son, or friend, getting him a gift is a thoughtful gesture that he will appreciate.

To craft this article, we searched for the best first Father’s Day gift ideas that can capture memories of him and his newborn. These keepsakes, big or small, will make him feel like he is receiving the very first Father’s Day gift from his son or daughter. This gift guide also includes some fun and practical items that the new dad might not have thought of.

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a desktop photo plaque with a poem from baby to dad - a gift idea for first fathers dayPhoto and Poem Desktop Plaque

The Best 1st Father’s Day Gift Ideas for New Dads

1/ Baby Footprint Art

baby footprint art

$5 $4 (20% Off) on Etsy

Footprint and handprint art is one of the most popular gifts to celebrate first Father’s Day. Send the newborn’s footprints and handprints to the vendor to make this original keepsake, and you can add the family name and the year to make the item more personal.

2/ Star Map Canvas Print With Photo

a star map and photo canvas print - first father's day gift

$79.95 $59.95 (25% Off) on 365Canvas

Celebrate the unforgettable day when he officially became a dad with this star map print. Enter the location and the date for the star map and upload a cute photo. This star map print will be a hit that melts the first-time dad’s heart.

3/ Leather Keychain With Photo

leather keychain with baby photo

$39 $19.50 (50% Off) on Etsy

This gift allows him to keep a photo of his baby close by whenever he travels around. You can choose to have 2 sides photo or one side photo and one side text. And there are 7 color options for the leather keychain.

3/ Custom Photo and Poem Desktop Plaque

a desktop photo plaque with a poem from baby to dad

$29.95 $24.95 (15% Off) on 365Canvas

The beautiful poem from the baby to the new father will leave him teary-eyed. You can customize the plaque with a photo and a short message.

5/ Photo Etched Glass

photo etched glass with baby footprint

$44 on Etsy

This will become his favorite whisky rocks glass for at least another year! According to many reviews, the pictures came out perfectly clear on the glass. Just make sure you send high-quality images to etch nicely. Because the glass is laser etched directly into the surface, it is completely dishwasher safe.

6/ Dad and Daughter Constellation Canvas Print

first father's day gift from daughter to dad - a star map canvas print

$79.95 $59.95 (25% Off) on 365Canvas

Just like the star map print that we suggested above, this one is more simple and suitable for daddy and daughter. You can change the “Daddy” title and add a custom message above the heart.

7/ Baby Footprint Cufflinks

Custom baby footprint Cufflinks

$18.86 on Etsy

These footprint cufflinks will be a great addition to his collection. He will be so eager to wear and show off these cufflinks at his next events. You can add a custom message to the top and bottom of each cufflink.

8/ Engraved Pocket Knife

an engraved pocket knife - first father's day gift for a new dad

$32.95 on Etsy

A lot of men find pocket knives useful and practical. So, isn’t it clever to give him one with his son or daughter’s name on it, with the year he became a father?

9/ Daddy and Baby Brass Keychain

a personalized keychain with dad and baby's names

$24.50 on Etsy

If you want to get the first-time dad something simple, then this cute, dainty brass keychain is perfect to give. The Etsy vendor is also willing to accommodate your request if you need to change the name and the quote around the bottom of the item.

10/ Baby Footprint Glass

a beer glass with baby footprint

$25 on Etsy

You can choose to have the footprint and text engraved on pint glass, wine glass or coffee mug. Then send a photo of the baby footprints and the custom text to the vendor as you purchase it. The result is a beautiful, unique glass that will become his new favorite!

11/ DIY Handprint Baseball

a baseball with baby handprint

His baby will grow up in no time. Therefore, give him something that captures this fleeting period of life, like this DIY handprint baseball with his baby boy’s handprint. The first-time dad will be so eager to use the ball to play with his son when he grows up!

12/ Father And Baby Portrait

a portrait of daddy and baby

$30 $27 (10% Off) on Etsy

A father-and-baby portrait is a simple gift to get a new dad on his first Father’s Day but will deliver intense sentiments. You get to have the print delivered framed or unframed. The picture frame is also packed with bubble wrap to protect the picture during delivery.

13/ DAD Photo Letter Canvas Print

DAD letter photo canvas print

$79.95 $59.95 (25% Off) on 365Canvas

Do you have tons of photos of the first-time father changing his son’s diaper or him resting next to his baby, both of whom sleeping like a rock? Then transform those photos into a sentimental print that he’ll proudly hang in the living room. You can change DAD letters to DADDY or a custom word of your choice.

14/ Baby Book – The Story of You

a baby photo book for first Father's Day Gift

$89 on artifactuprising

This book is a sentimental gift that he will love to receive on this occasion. Another reason to get the book is the making process that follows. The photo journal is filled with thoughtful prompts, allowing him to document his child’s first year. If you are his wife, start it off with a few basic details, and let him complete the book.

15/ “To Me You Are The World” Photo Canvas

to me you are the world daddy photo canvas print gift

$79.95 $59.95 (25% Off) on 365Canvas

This listing has received over 900 reviews and is also perfect to give a new dad on Father’s Day. The word DADDY is not made of actual scrabble blocks, but it looks great on canvas material in real life. You can change the title to DAD or PAPA and then upload photos.

16/ Dad Est. 2022 Tumbler

dad established 2022 tumbler

$27.99 on Amazon

Another great first Father’s Day gift that you can get last-minute: a tumbler that signifies the established year that he takes on the journey of fatherhood. This tumbler is a nice sentiment but also useful and practical for everyday use.

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17/ “Leveled Up to Daddy” Mug

leveled up to daddy photo coffee mug

$26.95 $22.95 (15% Off) on 365Canvas

If he is into gaming, this coffee mug is the perfect gift to give this first Father’s Day as he is now leveled up to Daddy. You can choose from 6 colors for the mug, or get a magic mug, which reveals the photo when he pours hot water in!

18/ Daddy – Daughter Desktop Plaque

a desktop photo plaque that says daddy's little girl

$29.95 $24.95 (15% Off) on 365Canvas

A dad can never let his little daughter out of his sight. Even when he is at work, he will miss her dearly. Give him this desktop plaque with a photo of his little daughter so he can always keep her close.

19/ “Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA” Book

your baby's first word will be dada book - a first father's day gift

$11.66 (hardcover) on Amazon

This book is a unique gift that he will be super happy to receive. Most men secretly want their child’s first word to be “Dada!”. Let this book, from the famous television host Jimmy Fallon, show him how!

20/ Matching Daddy and Baby Bodysuit

matching daddy and baby bodysuit

$34.50 $31.05 (10% Off) on Etsy

What’s more adorable than a man wearing a matching shirt with his baby? This shirt and onesie are super cute. He and the newborn will look so adorable on their first Father’s Day together.

21/ The Dad Hoodie

a multifunctional hoodie - a father's day gift for new dads

$98 on thedadhoodie

Take his fatherhood duties to the next level with this hoodie. Praised by The TODAY Show as “The Best gift for every new Dad!”, this hoodie provides room for all needed items, making things less bulky when he is out with his buddy.

22/ Dad Bods Are Dad Sexy T-Shirt

Dad Bods Are Dad Sexy T-Shirt

$21.99 $18.99 (15% Off) on Lookhuman

Now that he is a dad, he is ready to dedicate all his time and throw himself into taking care of his little one. So, maintaining his physique seems like an impossible task. But who cares? Dad bods are dad sexy, right?

23/ Daddy’s Diaper Duty Tool Belt

Daddy's Diaper Duty Tool Belt

$39.95 on Etsy

The “tool” belt is perfect to give not only in a baby shower but also on the first Father’s Day. He will be cracking up at this gift and also appreciate the 27 items that will help him do his duty properly.

24/ 1st Father’s Day Beer Holder with Bottle Labels

first father's day beer holder and labels

$8 $6.8 (15% Off) on Etsy

This is a fun and unique gift idea! You will receive a custom printed kraft 6-pack bottle holder and the optional 6 labels. Add his favorite six-pack and the first Father’s Day gift is ready for giving. Remember to add personalization details (i.e., title if other than Daddy, baby’s name, etc.) when ordering.

25/ Baby Go to Sleep Book

Go To Sleep Book for First Father's Day Gift

$14.35 (hardcover) on Amazon

This is not a book that he should read to his child, but a bedtime book for him! According to the New York Times, the book is “a new Bible for weary parents”, a beautiful, subversive, and “pants-wettingly” funny book for new fathers.

What is a good first Father’s Day gift?

Something personalized

A custom gift with photos or texts will make his day more special and memorable. However, as you might spend a lot of time personalizing or changing your customization (we all are!), make sure to allow extra time when placing an order. We never want the gift to arrive late.

A practical gift that aids his new journey into fatherhood

While some men have the natural ability to take care of a child, a lot will struggle in the first months. Therefore, giving him a practical tool or guidebook is a thoughtful gesture he will appreciate.

An experiential gift

You might want to avoid extravagant material gifts as you have just started a family. So simply let the man have a day off, be freed of childcare responsibilities and hang out with his friends. But we are sure he will stick around with you and his child, as having both of you is the best first Father’s Day gift to him already!


That concludes our list of the 25 best first Father’s Day gifts to give first-time dads on the major milestone. Let us know which idea is your favorite, and happy 1st Father’s Day!

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