50+ First Dance Songs to Pump Up the Wedding Reception (2020)

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50+ First Dance Songs to Pump Up the Wedding Reception (2020)

For a couple, the first dance is one of the most romantic, magical, and unforgettable gestures at their wedding. Therefore, we understand the importance of a first dance song that perfectly complements the emotionally-charged moment.
But the task of choosing a single best song out of the variety of wedding songs can be extremely overwhelming. To help you decide, here is a list of first dance songs that will be perfect for the first dance at your wedding! 

What Does the First Dance at a Wedding Mean?

Traditionally, the first dance of a newlywed couple was initiated by the groom who would steal his bride and dance with her to celebrate the union of the couple. Over time, it was considered to be the official beginning of the dance at the wedding reception after which the guests joined in as well.

This tradition continues to be a popular element at American and European wedding receptions and represents the commitment of the couple to their vows, signifies their acceptance of each other, and demonstrates love and companionship

Perfect Songs for Wedding First Dance

Remember that the choice of the best wedding first dance song reflects how you want your wedding to be. And guess what? Whether you like classics or upbeat music, you will find the perfect one for you in our list of 55 best first dance songs. 

Classic First Dance Songs

If you and your fiancé are old souls, classic first dance songs will genuinely reflect your personality. The best classic songs that promise to evoke the raw emotion of love are: 

Unique First Dance Songs

If you are fed up of listening to the same first dance songs at every wedding and want to choose a unique one for your wedding, consider one of the following songs below. 

Romantic Songs for First Dance

Weddings are all about love and you just can’t go wrong with romantic songs for your first dance! The following are some of the greatest romantic songs of all time that will fill the room with sentiments and love. 

Upbeat Songs

Want to stir up the energy with your first dance? Don’t think twice and choose an upbeat song from our list to go past conventional trends. 

Country Songs for First Dance

Country music is one of the most popular choices at many American weddings. The following list includes a combination of the classic and modern country first dance songs that will add a pleasant background to your dance. 

Alternative Songs

If you still can’t decide a song, you might consider the best alternative song options such as:

Here is our complete playlist of first dance wedding songs on Spotify:

Final Words

The first wedding dance is one of the most extraordinary moments of the entire reception. We hope that our carefully selected collection of first dance wedding songs will help reveal the harmony and profound love between you and your spouse. 

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