35 Best First-Anniversary Gifts for Him, Her & Couples

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • November 6, 2020
35 Best First-Anniversary Gifts for Him, Her & Couples

It’s been one full year since you tied the knot with the love of your life. Congratulations! This calls for a celebration. Whether you are planning to surprise your spouse by throwing a big first-anniversary party or want to take your partner out for a romantic dinner to reminisce old times, you’ve got to get a gift for your spouse. After all, what’s a celebration without a gift? Choosing first anniversary gifts for your better half is fun. But, it can be a little daunting as well, especially when you have no idea about what could make a good gift for the paper anniversary.

Don’t worry, though – We’re here to hold your hand through the first milestone of your new married life! Let’s get to the important stuff without any further delay!

Paper Anniversary

What Is the Traditional Gift for First-Year Wedding Anniversary?

The traditional gift for your first year of marriage anniversary is ‘paper.’ This is why the first wedding anniversary is also often regarded as the paper anniversary.

When you explore a useful resource like an Anniversary Guide, you’ll notice the symbols associated with each anniversary grow more durable as the years together collect. A paper represents the fact that you two have started a new phase of your life with a blank page. You have to write your own story on it. It also reminds you of the fragility of your new relationship. It is a reminder that, although you’ve made it this far, your marriage is still new and requires a lot of time and effort to grow and strengthen. 

Paper also symbolizes natural growth since it is made from wood that comes from trees, and trees start from tiny seeds and gradually grow and become strong. Similarly, your love for each other will grow and get stronger with time. However, just like trees, your relationship needs to be cared for and nurtured to thrive.  yea

What are One-Year Anniversary Modern Gifts?

Just like everything else, anniversary gifts have also evolved with time. So, if you don’t want to give your significant other the traditional gift of paper on your first wedding anniversary, you can choose from the following modern first anniversary gifts:


Modern Gift: Clocks

Symbolizing the preciousness of time as well as the need to invest time to nurture your new relationship, a clock is the best modern first-anniversary gift. Give to your spouse to commemorates the first year of marriage that has passed—and looks ahead to all the years to come


Gemstone: Gold Jewelry, Pearl, or Peridot

While gold isn’t a gem, it is associated with one year anniversary because it symbolizes courage, passion, and compassion; some of the key elements a marriage needs to be successful. Pearl, on the other hand, symbolizes the time it takes to form a relationship as beautiful as a pearl. It is also a reminder that you need to take care of your relationship just like you do of a natural pearl because it is fragile and can lose its shine if not taken proper care of. Lastly, peridot is considered the stone of compassion and believed to bring prosperity into the life of the person wearing it. Peridot is also believed to help in reducing the stress in relationships and heal them.

paper anniversary - flower

Flower: Orange Blossom or Pansy

The delicate and fragrant white orange blossom flowers have long been associated with innocence, purity, and good luck. Hence, it is considered one of perfect first-anniversary gifts, reflecting the purity of the new relationship while also wishing the best for the future. Pansy, on the other hand, symbolizes the strong foundation that you’ve laid during the first year of your marriage.

1-Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Let’s come back to the main point. In this section, we are presenting some of the best anniversary gifts for him. Whether you’re looking for the first-anniversary gift idea for husband or searching for a paper anniversary gift ideas for a friend, all the following items will make great gifts for a man:

paper anniversary gift - custom canvas print

Hello – Will You – I Do – Standard Style – Map Canvas Print, Anniversary Gift


Reminisce about the happy memories of your first meeting, proposal, and the Big Day with this map personalized with the important dates of your relationship journey.

Price: $48.95

Rey and Finn Paper Origami Bride & Groom Shadowbox Frame Art


Is your partner a Star Wars fan? Get this unique origami frame art for him. Featuring handmade origami bride and groom, this personalized frame art takes the traditional first-anniversary gift of paper to a whole new level. Your partner will surely love this one-of-its-kind paper origami gift on this special day.

Price: $77.00 

first year anniversary gifts - framed anniversary burlap print couples

Framed One Year Anniversary Burlap Print 11" W X 13"


There couldn’t be a better way to cherish the time that you have spent together than recounting the blessings of this new relationship. This personalized Burlap print paper frame helps you do just that!

Price: $25.00 

first anniversary gifts - personalized pull out photo album token

Personalized Pull-Out Photo Album Token Gift


Looking for a timeless paper anniversary gift for husband? There couldn’t be anything better than some photographs of the good times you shared during the one year of marriage. This small personalized photo album makes a truly unique gift.

Price: $19.57+ 

best anniversary gifts for him - wedding vows for him

“Our Vows” Anniversary Wedding Custom Photo Canvas


A great way to express your love for your husband and reaffirm your commitment is to renew your wedding vows. Get this personalized wedding vows canvas with a custom photo to make all the promises once again.

Price: $42.95

one year anniversary gifts for him - marriage survival kit

Marriage Survival Kit - 1st Anniversary


Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t choose fun gifts. Get this unique 1st anniversary survival kit to remind your husband about all the qualities required for a strong and lasting relationship, in a fun way.

Price: $6.54 

Custom Handwritten Calligraphy Love Letter or Wedding Vows on Handmade Paper


Do you love classic romantic gestures like handwritten letters? Confess your feelings for your partner once again with this custom love letter handwritten in calligraphy style. If this sounds contrived to you, you can also get it customized with your wedding vows.

Price: $38.25+ 

first anniversary gifts - ticket stub diary

Ticket Stub Diary


They say the beauty of life lies in little things. Look back at the little moments of your one-year journey via the ticket stubs you have saved from all the concerts, Broadway shows, theatre plays, and sporting events you attended with your significant other.  This ticket stub diary is inarguably one of unique first-anniversary gifts for husband.

Price: $14.00

first anniversary gifts - letter to my love

Letters to My Love


Share your growing love for your husband by writing letters that detail countless precious moments you’ve shared so far. Present them to your partner in a unique letter-book form. This is one of the best anniversary presents for men who are romantic because no gift in the world can be as romantic as a handwritten letter.

Price: $2.58

Photo Album Scrapbook DIY Handmade


Give your photo collection a makeover by compiling them in this handmade one-year anniversary scrapbook. It’s just like your timeless photo album, but with a little twist.

Price: $25.99 

first anniversary gifts - personalized clock

Custom 1st Anniversary Gift Clock


A clock is considered as one of  the best modern first-anniversary gifts. But, just because it’s a clock doesn’t mean it cannot be unique and interesting. Get this solid oak wall clock personalized with your names and the wedding date.

Price: $54.00+ 

first anniversary gifts - ride clock

“Time To Ride” Clock


Whether your partner loves to ride bikes or you want to motivate him to become physically active, this table clock made of bamboo and recycled bicycle chain is a perfect gift for him. This a great twist to traditional wedding anniversary clocks.

Price: $34.00 

1-Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Looking to impress your wife on your first wedding anniversary? First year of marriage is hard, but you make it. You should toast to that accomplishment by spoiling your spouse with something special. Let’s choose from the following first anniversary gifts to make sure you don’t go wrong with it:

1st year wedding anniversary gift - custom collage canvas print

1-Year Anniversary Photo Collage Canvas Art Print


Win your wife’s heart all over again with this customized photo collage, taking paper anniversary gifts to a whole new level.

Price: $46.95 

first anniversary gifts - personalized photo collage canvas

Personalized Photo Collage Canvas


There is no better way to celebrate your first wedding anniversary than to recall all the good times that you have spent and the memories you have made together. This photo collage wall art makes one of the best sentimental first anniversary gifts. 

Price: $64.00+

1st wedding anniversary gift for her - folded book art book folding large font

Folded Book With Your Wedding Date


Want to surprise your wife with a unique gift on your first wedding anniversary? Get this personalized folded book that displays your wedding date in a truly unique, artistic manner.

Price: $83.00+

first anniversary gifts - soundwave art paper print

Personalized Soundwave Art Night Sky Art Print


This may seem an ordinary art piece, but it’s definitely not. This art piece displays the sound wave of your choice of song or a customized voice message. It comes with a QR code, which will play the song or message upon being scanned. Isn’t that an amazing gift? We bet your wife will love this thoughtful gift!

Price: $34.95+ 

1st anniversary gift for her - hummingbird origami earrings

Handpainted Hummingbird Origami Earrings


Want to give your wife the traditional first-anniversary gift of paper, but in a unique way? Get these handpainted origami hummingbird earrings for her. These are definitely one of the most unique paper gifts. 

Price: $23.49

first anniversary gifts - flower bouquet

Paper Flower Bouquet


Combine the modern and traditional first anniversary gifts of flowers and paper with an origami paper flower bouquet. It makes a simple yet timeless gift for your wife. 

paper anniversary gifts - one year dating gift box

Personalized Surprise Gift Box


Share some of the best moments of your one-year journey along with small heartfelt messages in the form of a personalized surprise gift box. We hope you know by now that girls just love surprises, and she’ll surely love this little box of surprise. This is a simple yet beautiful first anniversary gifts for wife.

Price: $34.00+ 

first anniversary gifts - ticket to the concert

Tickets to a Concert


Looking for unique ways to give paper gifts? Well, we’ve got one of the best options for you – tickets to a concert. If your wife loves music, she’ll love this paper gift. 

first anniversary gift for her - pearl necklace

“Mother of Pearl” Clover Necklace


Want to wow your wife on the first anniversary? Forget diamonds, get her this mother of pearl necklace! It’s not only beautiful but is also a modern first-anniversary gemstone. 

Price: $52.00 

Personalized Map Clock


Is there any place that holds special value for you and your wife? There must be! Take its map, and get it converted into a custom clock. This is truly a unique first-anniversary clock.

Price: $75.00 

1st anniversary gift for her - digital kitchen timer

Kitchen Timer


Want to give your wife a gift that she can use in daily life? This kitchen timer is a great choice for first anniversary gifts!

Price: $8.97 

paper wedding anniversary - carnations bouquet

Bouquet of Carnations


Searching for first wedding anniversary gift ideas for her but can’t think of anything that she doesn’t have? Give her Carnations! They are not only beautiful but also have longer shelf lives as compared to other flowers. Needless to say, flowers make one of the best timeless gifts.

first anniversary gifts - love notes

Custom 365 Love Notes, Editable, Love Cards


Is your wife of an old school attitude or a hopeless romantic? In both cases, these small love cards that look like postage stamps. The messages can be customized, making them one of the best paper gifts for her.

Price: $17.99

1st Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

The following gift items are perfect for both men and women. They are also great options for first-anniversary gifts for friends and family members:

The Personalized Anniversary Journal


A nice piece of decor can go a long way when you need a gift. This Personalized Metal Clock is both symbolic and customizable so you can create the right look for your friends. 

Price: $115.00 – $130.00

paper anniversary gifts - newyork times

A Subscription to The New York Times


For couples that like to stay on top of the news, there couldn’t be a better paper gift than the New York Times subscription.

cooking classes - first anniversary gifts

Cooking Classes


Taking part in cooking classes is a great way for a couple to bond and have fun. Whether you’re looking for an anniversary gift for your partner or someone else, this relaxing gift is a unique idea for a paper wedding anniversary.

Our Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal for 2 People


This unique paper gift helps a couple create a notebook of memories for three years. It includes a variety of interesting questions to encourage partners to take out some time every day to jot down little things about each other and their relationship.

Price: $19.99

anniversary gifts for couples who have everything - family clock personalized

Oversized Family Clock- Personalized Clock


This personalized family clock takes the modern wedding anniversary clocks to a whole new level. No matter how picky a couple is, they will love the sophisticated design of this clock.

Price: $45.70+

"Love Coupons"


Want your first-anniversary celebration to continue for a long time? Get this love coupon book with 60 printed and 6 blank cards and let the fun continue for the next two months.

Price: $18.00

One Year Anniversary I Love You Mug – Custom Photo Collage

One Year Anniversary I Love You Mug – Custom Photo Collage


A customized mug is an ideal gift for a coffee aficionado. Get it custom printed with photo collage of your choice to make it extra special.

Price: $22.95

first anniversary gifts - custom photo wall clock

Personalized Photo Accessories, Custom Photo Wall Clock


What could be one of better first anniversary gifts than a wall clock with a photo of the couple? This one is available in five sizes, giving you a wide budget range.

Price: $149.00+

Our Bucket List: A Creative and Inspirational Journal for Ideas and Adventures for Couples


Just because you’ve gotten married doesn’t mean you have to throw away your bucket list. Instead, make a new and better one along with your partner. Note down all your dreams and goals in this bucket list journal to make sure you remember them.

Price: $1.51

1 year marriage anniversary - toilet paper

Happy Paper Anniversary Toilet Paper


Who could think of giving a toilet paper as an anniversary gift? Well, this is no ordinary toilet paper. It’s a customized embroidered one that is meant to be used as a decorative item in the washroom. If you’re looking for a unique and fun first-anniversary gift, there can’t be a better option than this.

Price: $14.75

Ready to Celebrate a First Wedding Anniversary?

There you have it – top 35  paper anniversary gift ideas for him, her, and couples. Whether it’s your own anniversary or someone else’s, choose a gift from the ones mentioned above, and we bet the person receiving the gift will love it.


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