30 Unique and Creative Father’s Day Gifts From Kids in 2024

30 Unique and Creative Father’s Day Gifts From Kids in 2024

When it comes to showing your dad the love and appreciation he deserves, finding the right Father’s Day gifts from kids can be a great place to start. Your father has likely been there for you through all of life’s ups and downs, meaning you want to put in an effort when it comes to grabbing him the perfect present. Whether you’re looking for something unique that incorporates homemade crafts, a practical present, or a personalized gift, there are plenty of great choices to consider. Review this curated list of the best Father’s Day gifts from kids and find the right fit.

1/ First Father’s Day Photo Collage Canvas Print

First Father’s Day Photo Collage Canvas Print: fathers day gift from kids


The first Father’s Day is an exciting moment in a man’s life. To celebrate a special guy you know, consider a custom photo collage. Featuring a variety of pictures that capture him and his newborn child, this is a special present he will want to display prominently in his home.

2/ Himalayan Salt Cooking Block

Himalayan Salt Cooking Block: happy fathers day 3 kids


For the man who loves to cook, a Himalayan salt cooking block can be a wonderful choice. This salt plate offers a healthy way to infuse meat and other ingredients with flavor, providing him with the opportunity to create delectable and sizzling meals for the whole family in no time.

3/ Large Tumbling Timbers

Large Tumbling Timbers: dad and kid


If your dad has a competitive edge, consider gifting him a present that offers the chance for a bit of outdoor fun. This set of large tumbling timbers can easily be used at his next BBQ, picnic, or backyard gathering. He will absolutely love playing with friends and family alike.

4/ Leather Valet Tray

Leather Valet Tray: father day gift from child


Does your father constantly misplace his keys and other necessities? One way to beat this habit is by giving him a cute and practical present like a leather valet tray. Include a touching personalized message and he will have a perfect way to keep track of all of his essentials.

5/ Make A Mixtape

Make A Mixtape: fathers day gift from kids


The art of the mixtape is said to have been lost with the dawn of digital tunes. If your dad is a big music buff, a present like a custom wooden cassette could be a great fit. Include all of his favorite songs and give him a truly nostalgic trip.

6/ Custom Grill Plate

Custom Grill Plate: fathers day gift ideas from kids


There are many great ways to celebrate an important father figure in your life. One beautiful option worth looking into is a custom grill plate. The next time he’s crafting a delicious meal for the family, he will be able to put this thoughtful and practical present to good use

7/ Personalized National Parks Scratch Off Poster

Personalized National Parks Scratch Off Poster: father's day breakable heart ideas


A dad with an adventurous spirit will always appreciate a present that gives him the chance to track his travels. A personalized scratch-off wall-hanging poster featuring the country’s National Parks is a wonderful fit for this purpose. Each time he scratches off a place he will fill with delight.

8/ Acrylic Handprint Art

Acrylic Handprint Art: gifts from kids to dad


When your dad has a sense of humor, you may want to get him a present that is both sentimental and funny. Acrylic handprint art offers a unique touch for this purpose, providing him with a personalized piece of home decor that he can appreciate whenever he looks at it.

9/ Personalized Drawing Mug

Personalized Drawing Mug: father's day gifts from kid


If your children love to draw, you may want to incorporate their creations in your Father’s Day gifts from kids. A mug featuring a mini-masterpiece is a lovely way to achieve this. When he drinks his morning coffee, he will be able to appreciate their talent and genuine creativity.

10/ Paint A Barn Wooden Birdhouse

Paint A Barn Wooden Birdhouse: gifts for dad from kids


As some men get older, they start to appreciate simple pleasures like watching birds visit their yards. If this sounds like your dad, consider getting him a special present like a wooden birdhouse. Decorated to look like a barn, this present is practical and a unique piece of artwork

11/ We Love You DAD Custom Photo Collage And Name Blanket

We Love You DAD Custom Photo Collage And Name Blanket: father's day gifts kids


Every father likes to be reminded of the love his children have for him. A great way to tell him how special he is is by giving him a gorgeous present like a personalized throw blanket. This is a gift that will easily warm both his body and his spirits

12/ Handy Hammer Multitool

Handy Hammer Multitool: father's day gift ideas for kids


A dad who likes to tackle projects around the house will always appreciate a useful present like a new tool. This handy hammer multitool is a fantastic and incredibly practical present. The next time he’s facing a home improvement challenge, he will be able to put this to good use.

13/ Monogrammed Wallet

Monogrammed Wallet: fathers day from kids


A wallet is one of the most classic Father’s Day presents because it is an item that the average man uses daily. If you want to give him a wallet he will truly appreciate, take this concept to the next level and have it monogrammed for him.

14/ Handprint Heart Shape Board

Handprint Heart Shape Board: gifts to dads from kids


Looking for a way to make dear old dad have a happy cry with your present? This handprint heart-shaped board is one of the most beautiful Father’s Day home and recreational gifts from kids. He’ll easily feel moved when he takes a look at this thoughtful and sentimental present.

15/ Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

Desktop Vacuum Cleaner: surprise dad


These days, plenty of people work from home. If your dad could use a helpful way to keep his home office tidy, consider a useful present like a quality desktop vacuum cleaner. With this, he can easily clean up everything from his desk to his keyboard in one simple swing.

16/ Love Notes To Our Dad

Love Notes To Our Dad: father's day gifts for your son


Seeking out a present that you and the kids can create together? Love notes are a great fit for this purpose. Grab pieces of scrap paper and write a thoughtful message on each, then sit back and smile as he goes through each note and feels your love and appreciation.

17/ Griddle and Pancake Kit

Griddle and Pancake Kit: father's day gift ideas for my son


Starting the day with a delicious breakfast is important for many reasons. If your dad likes to make meals in the morning, one sweet gift to grab him is a griddle and pancake kit. He’ll love making the experience more fun by creating silly and unique pancake art for everyone.

18/ Dad I’m Your Favorite Child Photo Mug

Dad I’m Your Favorite Child Photo Mug: fathers day ideas from kids


A customized mug is always a perfect fit for a man who likes to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee every now and again. Make this present special by personalizing it with a sweet and silly message that he will appreciate each time he goes to take his next sip.

19/ DIY Oil Painting

DIY Oil Painting: fathers day gifts from sons


A present that incorporates an activity is a great way to give your gift more meaning for father and child alike. One popular way to achieve this is by creating a DIY oil painting with your little one. This kid-friendly idea helps you create a unique and memorable present.

20/ Dad Bucket List

Dad Bucket List: gifts from kids to dad


In search of a gift that will bring your family closer together? One great idea for this is to create a bucket list of everything Dad wants to see or do in his life and tackle some of the ideas together. This is a meaningful present that he will cherish.

21/ Dad Measuring Tape

Dad Measuring Tape: father's day gifts from kid


Some guys spend all of their free time fixing various issues in their homes. If you’re looking for a way to remind your dad of how much work he puts into keeping his home together, consider a thoughtful present like Dad’s measuring tape. He will surely appreciate this practical tool.

22/ Kid’s Artwork Dress Socks

Kid's Artwork Dress Socks: good fathers day gifts from son


Another creative way to incorporate your children in a Father’s Day present is by including their artwork. Dress socks that feature a print of drawings that your little ones have made can be a fashionable idea. Dad will love wearing the socks and the kids will absolutely love feeling included.

23/ The Most Amazing Dad Custom Photo Pillow

The Most Amazing Dad Custom Photo Pillow: father's day gift ideas for young dads


Want to make your dad smile with a present that reminds him of how much his children care about him? Bring on a cheerful energy with a personalized photo pillow that includes all of your favorite pictures. This is a special gift that will help him feel loved and appreciated.

24/ Footprint Art Keepsake

Footprint Art Keepsake: fathers day gift ideas from sons


A DIY present is a fun way to make sure that your children are involved in the process of picking out the right thing for dad. A perfect way to include the kids is by making footprint art. Find the right frame and you’ve got a gift he will adore.

25/ Dad Suncatcher Kit

Dad Suncatcher Kit: fathers day gifts from son


There are plenty of excellent Father’s Day crafts from kids that you can explore for this special holiday. A suncatcher kit is an eye-catching way to show Dad how much he means to you while also dedicating time to the process of making something that is special and sentimental.

26/ Cute Banana Pen Holder

Cute Banana Pen Holder: father's day gift ideas from son


If Dad spends a lot of his time in the office, you may want to find him a present that offers a taste of home. A great way to go about this is by giving him something silly like a quirky pen. A great way to remind him of home.

27/ Comfort Fit Socks

Comfort Fit Socks: fathers day gifts ideas from son


Is your pops constantly losing his socks? A great way to help him with this struggle is by giving him a practical present like a multi-pack of comfortable-fit socks. When he has plenty of great socks to work with, he will not stress over misplacing a pair or two.

28/ Personalised New Dad Book


A man who has just become a father will definitely appreciate a fabulous present that highlights this milestone in his life. A personalized book is a personal choice that will easily make dad cry and fill him with positive feelings about his new role as a parent to his beautiful baby.

29/ Thank You for Being the Dad You Didn’t Have To Be Desktop Plaque

 Thank You for Being the Dad You Didn’t Have To Be Desktop Plaque: gift ideas for father and son to do together


Biological fathers are not the only people to remember when Father’s Day comes about. If you have a special man in your life who stepped into the role of dad for you, a custom desktop plaque is a lovely gift that will show him that he was worth the wait.

30/ Matching Aprons


A dad who enjoys cooking will love teaching his little ones how to make creative meals in the kitchen. Make this experience more special by giving him adorable aprons in matching colors. Whenever he wants to include the kids in his culinary creations, they will all have something to wear.


The perfect Father’s Day gifts from kids can show Dad how much his family cares about him. Whether he is someone who will appreciate a present that is silly, practical, or personalized, there are some fantastic options available. Take your time during the search and find a present he’ll love.



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