15 Thoughtful Father’s Day Gifts for Single Moms

15 Thoughtful Father’s Day Gifts for Single Moms

There are plenty of reasons to look for the best Father’s Day gifts for single moms. A single mother often has to play the part of both mom and dad for her children, which means she can always use a reminder of how special she is. To properly celebrate single moms on Father’s Day, there are plenty of great presents to consider. Whether you’re looking for something thoughtful or practical, we have curated a list of the best gifts to show an important woman some extra appreciation. Look over this guide to discover an ideal present she will absolutely adore.

Best Gift Ideas For Single Moms On Father’s Day

When it comes to finding presents to show mom that all her hard work is appreciated, it can be best to look at items that hold special significance. This curated selection of thoughtful gifts includes a variety of sweet options that will work for a number of different personality types.

1. Mama & Baby Bear Mug

father's day gifts for single moms: bear mugs


Most moms have a fierce and protective attitude when it comes to keeping their little ones safe. If you’re seeking a cute option for a robust woman in your life, a custom mama and baby bear mug is a fantastic way to capture the spirit of motherhood for this holiday.

2. The Night You Became My Mommy Star Map Photo Canvas Print

star map photo canvas print


If you’re a child looking to show your mom how special she is to you, a personalized star map photo canvas print is an ideal choice. This beautiful custom canvas print showcases the stars on the exact night your mom had the joy of welcoming your presence into her life.

3. Custom Name Necklace

Custom Name Necklace


Jewelry is a great option when you’re trying to find the perfect present for a special woman you love. A custom name necklace is an accessory that stands out from traditional jewelry because it has been personalized to fit her tastes. A beautiful piece for formal and casual events alike.

4. Mom For All You Do With Love Custom Blanket

gift idea for single mom: blanket


Since your mom likely does everything for you, it can be smart to get her a present that shows how much you appreciate her. A custom blanket with a meaningful message is perfect for this purpose. Whether she uses it as decor or to keep warm, she’ll love this present.

5. Birthstone Bracelet

Birthstone Bracelet


Another way to go about the custom jewelry route for your present is with a bracelet that features her specific birthstone. This is an adorable accessory that will remind your mom you pay attention to the special details of her life. Plus, she can wear it anywhere she might go!

6. Mother Heart Shaped Word Art Pillow

Mother Heart Shaped Word Art Pillow


Looking for a present that is as unique and special as your mom’s? A customized pillow featuring thoughtful word art can perfectly capture how you feel about her. This is a piece of decor that will look truly beautiful when displayed on a couch or chair somewhere in her home.

7. T-shirt



There are plenty of funny parts of being a single mother. If you know a woman who appreciates a good laugh, consider gifting her a silly t-shirt that captures how bizarre this role can be. When she sees it, she will definitely burst out into a fit of genuine laughter.

8. Fingerprint Ring

Fingerprint Ring


Searching for a special present that has a sentimental edge? A personalized piece of jewelry like a fingerprint ring can be a wonderful choice for this purpose. By including a custom fingerprint on the accessory, you can capture the feelings of just how unique your mama actually is to you.

9. Keychain

father's day gifts for single mom: keychain


If you need a present for moms who do it all and are working with a limited budget, a simple item like a keychain can be a wonderful idea to consider. Though it might seem like a small gesture, this is a gift that will easily show her your appreciation.

10. Gift Box

gift box


Sometimes, the most thoughtful present is one that contains a variety of different components. A gift box that has been crafted specifically for a mom is one that she will easily adore. Containing a variety of essentials, she will not be able to wait to try each product included inside.

11. Card

funny card


When you’re working with limited funds, it can be useful to think about presents that are both cheap and thoughtful. A card that contains a sweet handwritten message is the type of gift that doesn’t cost much but still delivers a powerful punch of emotions for a very special woman.

12. Funny Candle



For a woman who appreciates a good laugh, there are plenty of silly gift ideas for a single mom on Father’s Day. This candle is a perfect example of a practical present that also contains a humorous message she will easily get a kick out of and make her smile.

13. Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy Journal


Do you know a soon-to-be mom who will be raising her child alone? Consider giving her a thoughtful present like a pregnancy journal. She will be able to use this book to write down all of her thoughts and emotions as she prepares to welcome her baby into her life.

14. Funny Single Mom Mug

Funny Single Mom Mug


A mom who needs a strong cup of morning coffee to start her day will always appreciate a new mug as a present. This amazing mug not only offers her another way to enjoy her caffeinated drinks, it also contains a funny message that will give her a good laugh.

15. Custom Photo Desktop Plaque

I Believe In Love At First Sight Because I Have Been Loving My Mom Since I Opened My Eyes – Desktop Photo Plaque


Sentimental presents are always a good choice when you’re looking to make mom smile. One way to achieve this is with a personalized desktop photo plaque featuring your favorite pictures of the two of you together. She won’t be able to wait to display this in her home or office.

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There are plenty of interesting options to consider when you’re seeking out Father’s Day gifts for single moms. Explore a variety of gift ideas to show proper love to a special and strong mother who means the world to you.



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