Father’s Day Gifts for Husband: 33 Thoughtful Gift Ideas from Wife (2023)

Father’s Day Gifts for Husband: 33 Thoughtful Gift Ideas from Wife (2023)

Let’s shower your husband with affection with one of the best Father’s Day gift ideas for him, specially curated for a thoughtful and caring wife like you!

­This day is one of the best opportunities for you and your kids to celebrate your number one guy in the whole wide world: your husband with the most special gifts. Let’s go!

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Husband

1. The Day You Became A Dad Star Map Print

a star map and photo canvas print with the wording the night you became daddy


How about a gift to help him reminisce about the first moment he held his newborn son or daughter in his arms? This print also shows how the stars aligned at that magical moment. Be prepared to see his emotions when he opens the gift!

2. DAD Custom Photo Plaque


Surprise your husband with this DAD personalized desktop photo plaque. This photo plaque was created to melt hearts with its beauty and sentimentality. This personalized plaque would be a thoughtful Father’s Day present for your hubby. With this photo gift, you can show how much you value him in your life.

3. I Can’t Wait to Meet You Daddy Photo Mug With Sonogram

I Can’t Wait to Meet You Daddy" Photo Mug With Sonogram


This is an exceptional Father’s Day gift from a pregnant wife when your little bundle of joy is making its way to you. In other words, it is the first Father’s Day gift from the bump to the expectant dad. How cute!

4. We’re Hooked on Daddy Custom Canvas Print


This custom canvas print is one of the greatest gifts for the husband who has everything! Your man might not need a new tie or shampoo, but he’ll never say no to some words of appreciation. Express your love for him with this special decor!

5. Neck Massager


Treat your life companion to the best neck massages with the awesome RESTECK massager! Perfect to use at home or the office, the massager will relieve your spouse’s muscle pain in no time. What a thoughtful gift for the caring, hardworking husband!

6. “Hot Stuff Coming Through” Apron

hot stuff coming through apron gift for husband on father's day


Does your man love to show you his cooking skills in the kitchen? If so, get him an apron with a funny saying, ‘Hot Stuff Coming Through,’ as a Father’s Day gift. Tell him he looks sexy in an apron just as he looks out of the kitchen. You know what I mean.

7. “To Us You Are The World” Canvas Print

to us you are the world canvas gift first fathers day


Fathers are the pillars of any family, without whom a family can never be complete. He is your husband, your son’s best friend and your daughter’s first love. Make this Father’s Day memorable by giving him this. Express what’s in your heart and make sure he knows his efforts aren’t going unnoticed.

8. Photo Clip Frame


Show your love for your significant other with the perfect gift this Father’s Day, and tell him that being a father to your children is the only thing that feels better than having him as your husband. Customize this photo clip frame with a picture of your hubby and baby to showcase the ultimate gift.

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9. Custom Bracelet with Children’s Names

A Custom Bracelet with Children's Names - father's day gift from wife


You and your husband have turned your family of two into a greater digit after putting in so much love and effort while passing through the obstacles of life. Show him how much you appreciate his lifelong presence with this amazing custom bracelet attached with tiny personalized beads, bearing the name of your children.

10. “I’m An Exhausted Milk Machine” Desktop Photo Plaque

a funny fathers day gift for husband from wife - a desktop photo plaque with a quote


There’s nothing more joyous than seeing the love of your life becoming a new father. As a wife, it makes you forget the growing pains of being a mother for the first time as well. This funny desktop photo plaque is a great gift to give on his first Father’s Day.

11. Custom Photo Canvas Print


Get the canvas print for your husband as a meaningful and unique Father’s Day gift idea. Remind him that it’s because of him that your home is the most special place on earth.

12. “Husband – Daddy – Protector – Hero” T-Shirt

Husband-Daddy-Protector-Hero Father's Day T-Shirt For Husband from wife


This is a simple and traditional Father’s Day gift that’s packed with sparks of love from wife to hubby. Show him how you appreciate him for every role he plays in your life, including a husband, dad, protector, and you and your children’s hero!

13. You Are A Great Dad Funny Father’s Day Mug


Make breakfast great again, and pour on the fun! This is a hilarious Father’s Day gift for your husband that will put a spring in his step. Nothing feels better than making him smile. Boost his spirits! Your hubby is the best father ever. Remind him of this with every sip from this hilarious coffee cup. It’s ideal for Father’s Day or anytime he needs a pick-me-up!

14. Photo Bottle Opener Keyring

Photo Bottle Opener Key Ring Gift for husband on father's day


These customized bottle opener keyrings can also work as tremendous Father’s Day gifts from wife when printed with your favorite picture of hubby and baby in the center.

15. “You Are The Father of My Children And My Hidden Strength” Desktop Photo Plaque

A Custom Desktop Photo Plaque With a quote - a photo gift from wife to husband on father's day


Being parents to your children is an emotion unmatched by any other. Pass this sentimental feeling along to your husband with a heartfelt message, telling him he’s your hidden strength by giving him an incredible desktop photo plaque that says it all!

16. “One Awesome Husband” Tumbler

This Guy Is One Awesome Husband Tumbler


Your husband is also a fabulous father who you want to appreciate with all your heart. If that’s the case, there’s nothing better than surprising him with a tumbler inscribed with ‘This Guy Is One Awesome Guy’ so he feels proud whenever his gaze lands upon it throughout the day.

17. Fish Key Chain


Your kids are your most outstanding catch in life, and there’s no denying it! Imitate this meaningful thought in the form of a key chain, scribbling your children’s names within fish-shaped charms attached to a key chain that says, “Father’s Greatest Catch.”

18. “You Are A Great, Really Great Husband” Tumbler

You Are A Great, Really Great Husband Tumbler - funny father's day gift for husband from wife


Do it the Donald Trump way when you applaud your husband for being a “great, really great” supporter of you throughout your life! Make him feel extra special this Father’s Day by bringing a beam of affection to his face every time he breaks out this tumbler for his morning coffee!

19. “We Make Ridiculously Good Looking Babies” – Father’s Day Book from Wife

We Make Ridiculously Good Looking Babies Father's Day Book from Wife


This hilariously funny gag notebook is sure to give a good belly laugh to you and your husband, and it can also be used as a terrific alternative to a greeting card on Father’s Day. Moreover, there’s even a blank page at the beginning so you can write your heartfelt emotions for your husband and father of your children!

20. “World’s Best Farter, I Mean Father” Funny Coffee Mug

best farter ever i mean father custom photo mug gift for husband on fathers day


Get this funny mug for him to deviate from the same old types of gifts, that says “World’s Best Farter, I Mean… Father”. This hilarious father’s day gift is sure to make him laugh every time he uses it.

21. “A Few of Our Favorite Things” Throw Blanket

a photo collage blanket as a gift for husband on fathers day


A custom photo blanket is a unique gift for your husband and a great way to keep family memories and his most favorite people in the universe close to him.

22. Wallet


Most of us lead busy lives and find it challenging to make time for some bonding with our spouses. Let this wallet help you do that! Its sentimental message will remind the love of your life that you’ve got each other’s backs no matter what!

23. A Personalized Photo Pillow

a photo collage pillow fathers day gift for husband


Now, if you like the idea of incorporating family photos into the gift but need a more affordable present, this pillow is just what you are looking for.

24. Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur - Surprise Gift for Husband Father's Day


If your hubby is a coffee aficionado, we’ve got the perfect gift for you to surprise him. Made with 100% Arabica coffee with tasting notes of caramel, cocoa, and a shot of liqueur, it’ll be something he’ll remember for a long, long time!

25. “If Daddy Can’t Fix It We’re All Screwed” T-Shirt

a father's day t-shirt gift for the handyman


This is the perfect Father’s Day gift for the ‘Mr. Fix It’ handyman of the house, aka your husband! The funny shirt will surely break out laughs whenever he wears it, and it will make him even feel special and cared for, knowing that his efforts to make his home a better place are appreciated by his family.

26. Bacon Bacon Bacon Gift Box

Bacon Bacon Bacon Gift Box for husband


Give your most favorite man in the world something special if he loves everything bacon, no matter the time of day. As this is an incredibly unique surprise idea for a Father’s Day gift, he would never see it coming from his wife for sure, making the present extra special!

27. Bluetooth Speaker


Looking for some good Father’s Day gifts for your husband? The perfect present for him might be loud, waterproof, and ultra-modern! Check out the JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker. This powerful gadget will transform your laidback yard dates into fun, music-flavored night-outs!

28. Husband Daddy Custom Mug


Some gift ideas make fantastic surprises because of the simple but powerful message they convey. This lovely coffee mug is one of those presents! Cute and meaningful, the cup will remind your soulmate how special being a dad and husband is!

29. Walking Shoe

$37.10 – $154.68

Helping your hubby express his chicness is a great idea, and these sleek Skechers are just right for that. Lightweight and durable, the shoes will provide him with ultimate comfort! With them, you two will be running to your adventures faster than ever!

30. Personalized Song Lyrics Suede Pillow


If you’re still wondering what to get your husband for Father’s Day, take a look at this pillow. You can customize it with the lyrics of your favorite song and sing to that meaningful melody anytime you want! Now, isn’t that lovely?

31. Funny Father’s Day Card


Humor is one of the best tools in marriage. This funny card is perfect for romantic partners who enjoy laughing together and poking fun at each other! Hand this unique present to your one and only, and get ready for a passionate night!

32. “A Guiding Light Whose Love Shows Us The Way” Canvas Print

a photo collage canvas print gift for husband on fathers day


A unique film strip canvas design to show off memories between him and the children. The keepsake comes with a quote: “You are neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.” But you can change it to another message to convey the whole family’s love towards your husband.

33. Personalized Bear Family – Map Canvas Print

Personalized bear Family - Map Canvas Print - fathers day gift for husband


While it is hard capturing something as strong as a family bond in one item, you sure can try making a more personalized gesture. Give the love of your life and the father to your children a bear family-inspired canvas print, as it symbolizes family and faithfulness, making it a present he’ll be sure to cherish for a long time to come.



It’s time to pick out the best presents for the superhero who wears his heart on his sleeve for you and your kids. Select the best Father’s Day gifts for your husband this year to show him he’s loved and cared for by his wife always and forever!



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