29 Best Wedding Gifts for Father of the Groom (2023)

29 Best Wedding Gifts for Father of the Groom (2023)

On the wedding day, people tend to be less focused on the groom’s parents, especially the father. He typically has a key role in your life. Therefore, don’t forget to thank him with a great father of the groom gift. Whether he’s your own dad or your future father-in-law, make sure he feels special on your big day.

Here are some of our favorite sentimental and thoughtful dad wedding gifts. Check them out.

1. Wedding Handkerchief from Son

wedding handkerchief from son


Do you think your father might get a bit misty-eyed during the ceremony? A handkerchief is a very traditional wedding gift for both the father and mother of the groom who may feel sentimental on your big day.

A clean handkerchief is the hallmark of a proper gentleman, making the perfect father’s wedding gift. It’s super easy to surprise the groom’s dad with a gift you can tuck neatly away until the right moment.

2. The World’s Best Dad Mug

the worlds best dad mug for father of the groom


This ceramic mug is such a creative wedding thank you gift for your dad. It is a practical present they are sure to use again and again.

3. To Our Loving Parents Custom Plaque

to our loving parents custom photo desktop plauqe: wedding gifts for father from son

$29.95 $24.95

Weddings always mean the best photos, so consider a photo plaque for a charming wedding gift for a dad from his son.

Why not choose your favorite photos from your big day for a perfect keepsake? Or, try a picture of your dad on his own wedding day next to yours.

4. Tie Patch

Tie Patch - gift for father of the groom


What can you buy for the man who has all the ties he needs? This adorable tie patch is a lovely sentimental gift from the bride to the father of the groom.

Embroidered with a personal message and the date of your wedding, this patch can simply be ironed onto his favorite tie. Your new father-in-law will remember you fondly whenever he wears his favorite tie.

5. Cufflinks

Cufflinks - groom parent gift


What about father of the groom gift ideas where the man you’re buying for prefers more formal wear? Instead of a tie patch, consider these charming cufflinks for a dress shirt. Customize the text and photo on these cufflinks for a memorable present he will treasure forever.

It’s a perfect wedding gift for your father to show how much you appreciate the work he has done raising you.

6. Photo Canvas Print

Photo Canvas Print - father of the groom gifts

$49.95 $59.95

This beautiful photo canvas print makes the perfect gift from son to father. Customize the canvas by choosing a picture to frame and let your dad know how much you appreciate him.

Why not choose a photo from your wedding and turn it into a gorgeous memento? Unique and creative presents are often the most treasured and make the best father wedding gifts.

7. Engraved Custom Watch

engraved custom watch: father of the groom gifts


This is one of the best wedding gift ideas for the father of the groom. If you want to get him something special to wear on your big day, this one is perfect.

The minimalist face will fit any outfit, while the engraved back will melt his heart. It’s one of the best wedding gifts for the groom’s dad.

8. Personalized Pen

Personalized Pen - Gift for father of the groom


What’s frequently used, always on hand, and as close to your dad’s heart as you are? A pen, of course! This stylish engraved pen makes a unique wedding gift for dad from his son.

What a lovely feeling for such an everyday object to remind the groom’s father of your special day! When he’s signing an important document or writing a shopping list, he’ll welcome the memories of your big day.

9. Custom Fishing Lure

father of the groom gift: Personalized Fishing Lure


This creative wedding gift for your father-in-law will leave your mark on his favorite hobby. To make it extra special, engrave the date of your big day and your message on it. Or choose a meaningful quote to make him smile whenever he uses it.

10. Thank You Custom Canvas

wedding gifts for father of the groom: thank you canvas

$59.95 $59.95

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If you want to thank your father for all the things he does, this canvas print is the best way to show your appreciation. Simply change the name and your wedding date and you’ll have the best wedding gift for your dad.

11. Golf Ball Marker Box Set

Golf Ball Marker Box Set: wedding gift for father of the groom


This gift set is perfect when you want to show your appreciation for the groom’s father. It is engraved with his name and makes an excellent gift for your father on the wedding day. It’s sure to be treasured for years to come.

12. I Survived My Son’s Wedding T-Shirt

I Survived My Son’s Wedding T-Shirt


Does your father or father-in-law have a sense of humor? He’ll love this funny T-shirt!

Between competitive cousins and floristry failures, weddings can be stressful for everyone. Make the air a little lighter with this creative wedding gift idea. The funny slogan is sure to get him some good laughs.

13. Pocket Knife

Pocket Knife - gift from groom to father


Every daddy needs a pocket knife and the father of the groom is no exception! Pocket knives are great wedding gifts for dads because they’re so handy.

It doesn’t matter what his hobbies are, from fishing to whittling or simply opening a nice cold beer. There are hundreds of uses for a pocket knife, so it’s one of the greatest wedding gifts you can get for your dad.

14. Grill Tools

Grill Tools


All dads love to get outdoors and grill. These stainless steel grill tools are the perfect gift from the groom to his father who loves to get their BBQ on!

Good quality tools like these make a fantastic father of the groom gift. After all, dad equipped you for your future; now prepare him for his.

15. Dad, You Are Appreciated Plaque

dad You Are Appreciated plaque: what to give the father of the groom

$29.95 $24.95

With this personalized wedding gift for dad, you can remind him of the special place he holds in your heart. Coupled with a beautiful message, it’s a wonderful way to thank him for raising you. Simply upload your favorite photo with him for an added personal touch.

16. Great Son Greater Dad Socks

great son greater dad wedding socks


Go the extra mile with these meaningful socks for your dad. The sweet phrase “Behind every great son is an even greater dad,” will help you say it all.

17. Toiletry Bag

Toiletry Bag: wedding gift for father


A leather toiletry bag is a good gift for the father of the groom. It will help keep all his toiletries for the wedding in one place. Plus, it will come in handy on holidays or on a business trip.

You can also customize this toiletry bag for an extra personal touch. So, this leatherette bag is a wonderful wedding gift idea for your dad!

18. Monogram Whiskey Set

Monogram Whiskey Set - father of the groom gift


Looking for a great father of the groom gift ideas for someone who loves whiskey? This personalized gift box set is the perfect thank you for him.

A stylish monogrammed decanter and whiskey glasses are thoughtful expressions of appreciation. With every sip of his favorite drink, he’ll think of you and your happy day.

19. All-new Echo

All-new Echo


Looking for cool gifts for the groom’s dad that will totally spoil him? The all-new Echo is a fabulous tech gift from a child to his father on your big day. Just say, “Alexa, play our wedding playlist,” and you’ll be partying in no time!

Plus, the Echo is easy to use, so your father will have no trouble getting used to their new gadget. He’ll probably ask for another for Christmas!

20. Seasoning Set

Seasoning Set


Does your daddy like to cook? This seasoning set is sure to bring him a good time in the kitchen! These are lovely wedding gifts for dad as they’ll enjoy them long after the ceremony is over. And with a range of flavors, there’s something to please everyone.

Mealtimes are important family times. This gift will give your dad a feeling of familial togetherness with you even when you’re gone.

21. Beer Glass

Beer Glass - wedding gift for father


This charming beer glass will let everyone know who’s the boss! This creative gift from a son to his father is the perfect drinkware that your dad will treasure for years.

Raise a toast with this beer glass and settle down to listen to the father of the groom speech. Whether he prefers lager or stout, this unique wedding gift for father in law will go down a treat.

22. Cigar Case with Cutter

Cigar Case With Cutter: wedding gifts for your dad


One of the best father wedding gift ideas is this lovely cigar case with a cutter. Smoking cigars is a popular way to celebrate many special events.

This wedding gift for a father-in-law shows that you’re also thinking of his role on your big day!

23. Tie Clip

tie clip: wedding gifts for dad


Choose this wedding gift for the father of the groom if he loves golf. He will feel special when you give him this lovely golf gift and show you care about his interests. It’s perfect for wearing to the club, the office, or even on the big day! Wherever he wears it, this gift will be a hole-in-one!

24. Bottle Opener

bottle opener: things to get father of the groom


Bottle openers often tend to wander off, don’t they? Ensure the groom’s father is equipped for your wedding party with this stainless steel bottle opener. Wedding gifts for dad don’t come much more useful than this handy little keepsake.

25. Dominoes Set

Dominoes Set - father of the groom giftw


Picture your wedding day. The groomsmen are in the get ready room, but your fiancé is getting nervous because his dad won’t stop pacing! Inject a little calm energy into the big day with this lovely dominoes game set. The groomsmen will feel relaxed and entertained so the bride can take her time primping like a princess. Relaxing games like these make great wedding gifts for fathers.

26. Whiskey Flask Set

Whiskey Flask Set


If you know that your father or father-in-law loves fishing and drinking whiskey, this is one of the best father of the groom gift ideas.

It combines two of his favorite things, so he’s sure to fall in love with it. He’ll feel like you understand him well and will happily welcome you into his family. You can also personalize this unique gift so he knows you picked it out especially for him.

27. Money Clip

money clip for father of the groom


Make sure you thank your father for helping make your dream day a reality. This money clip ensures your dad knows that he is appreciated. And it can be personalized with your wedding date, so he always remembers it.

28. Engraved Hammer

Engraved Hammer - father wedding gift


A laser engraved hammer makes a great appreciation gift. Your dad won’t have another one like it! A hammer can also symbolize the fact that your father has helped you build your life.

Every time he reaches for his tools, your dad will be reminded of how proud he is of you. Personalizing this present makes it the best father of the groom gift.

29. Family Like A Tree Photo Collage Canvas

Family Like A Tree Photo Collage Canvas

$52.95 $59.95

Just like tree branches, your family members spread around the world in different directions. Yet, their roots rest firmly with the ones they grew up and braved life with.

Gift this meaningful wall art to your dad as a symbol of your beautiful bond with them! Tell your dad how much you cherish him and your family when you’re going to start a new chapter of your life.

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Final Thought

We’re sure you’ve found the perfect idea from our gift list for groom’s father.

Whether you choose something personalized or something that reflects his interests, he will appreciate a nice wedding gift on your big day.



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