30 Engagement Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend (2023)

  • BY Halla Edna
  • November 12, 2023
30 Engagement Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend (2023)

If you’re on the search for an engagement gift for a friend, and you are not ready to splurge on something expensive yet want the gift to be meaningful and heartfelt, our list of the best and most unique engagement gift ideas for your best friend will help you pick out a great gift for them.

On the other hand, if you have recently gotten engaged, first of all, congratulations, and second, if people are asking you what to bring to the engagement party, you can direct them here so that you get what you like.

Scroll down to find the perfect gifts!

engagement gift for friend

1. Custom Star Map And Song Lyrics Framed Print

Stand out of the crowd and gift your best friend this beautiful customized star map and song lyrics framed print that will surely make way into her heart. You can get it personalized to their song choice and the date and place to capture the moment.

engagement gift for friend

2. Engaged Custom Photo Plaque

This beautiful, engaged custom photo plaque will allow your best friend and her better half to have something to look back upon as time only flies after the engagement and years soon pass by. It’s a great heartfelt photo plaque to keep as a memory.

engagement gift for friend

3. Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged Mug

If adorable were a mug, it would be this ‘does this ring make me look engaged mug’! This is the perfect gift for the bride to be. It can be personalized and is a great bridal shower gift for your favorite girl. It is something she’ll truly cherish.

engagement gift for friend

4. Personalized Wine Cork Shadow Box

This personalized wine cork shadow box is the best gift for your best friend to keep track of all the good and memorable times she and her better half had a drink for. It can be personalized with her initials and date. It is the perfect display for collectibles from her favorite occasions.

engagement gift for friend

5. Petite Lucille Lasts A Full Year

If your girl is someone who gets excited at the sight of roses, then this petite Lucille that lasts a full year will soon become her favorite. These gorgeous preserved roses that were once fresh have been treated to last an entire year. It is a great gift for her room display.

engagement gift for friend

6. Congratulations Candle

One of the best just engaged gifts includes this congratulations candle. It is a great way to congratulate your best friend as they embark on this new journey in life. Fizzy notes of champagne are combined with lime and vanilla to create the most delicious smell. It is a crowd-pleaser!

engagement gift for friend

7. Where It All Began Map Wall

Keep the memories alive with this ‘where it all began map wall.’ You can personalize it with the location where your best friend and her better half met or the location of their house. It is a thoughtful present for a big occasion in the couple’s life. It will always remind them of you and their love.

engagement gift for friend

8. Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Blanket

A personalized heart-shaped blanket is, without a doubt, a unique engagement party gift that your best friend will surely love. This cozy and super comfortable blanket will be a dream with her favorite song lyrics printed on it. It will give her a good snuggle-up when she watches her favorite movies or reads.

engagement gift for friend

9. The Boss & The Real Boss Personalized Couple Mugs

Let everyone know who the real boss is: Your best friend! Give your favorite couple these matching personalized couple mugs as a funny reminder that indeed behind every awesome man is an even cooler wife! It is a great gift that will remind her of you.

engagement gift for friend

10. Inspiration and Ideas to Personalize Your Wedding Books

The knot yours truly is a great book with everything your best friend will need for her big day. It will help her envision her celebration from all the big decisions to the smaller ones. A practical and thoughtful gift that will make her decisions and life easier.

Jewelry Cleaner

11. Jewelry Cleaner

If your best friend owns, loves, and wears a lot of jewelry, then this jewelry cleaner is a practical gift for her. Trust us. You’ve never seen your jewelry shine so much. It will turn brand new. Just add in a bit of liquid soap, and you’re good to go. It is indeed a very useful gift.

Argaux Year of Firsts

12. Argaux Year of Firsts

Keep the celebration going by toasting to every exciting milestone throughout the first year of marriage. You can choose your best friends to favorite from the hand-selected lists of wines and make your best friend’s day more memorable. It is one of the best engagement party gifts for any couple.

"She Said Yes" Custom Canvas Print

13. “She Said Yes” Custom Canvas Print

If your best friend has recently engaged, mark this memory by gifting her this ‘she said yes’ custom canvas print. It features the date she said yes, an adorable picture, and a map with a heart signifying the place. It screams adorable, and she will love it.

Instant Camera

14. Instant Camera

If your girl collects memories and loves to take pictures, this instant camera is the best gift for her engagement. She can make as many memories with it as she wants. A great start to her new beginning.

15. Wedding Guest Book

Everyone needs a wedding guest book – it is one of the most practical gifts to give. This Disney wedding guest book will be the best gift for your best friend. She can save all the warmest and unforgettable moments of her wedding life in this.

engagement gift for friend

16. He Asked She Said Yes Calendar Canvas Print

If you wish to give a cute and memorable gift, this ‘he asked, she said yes calendar canvas print’ is the perfect one for your best friend. It will keep all the memories frozen in time and is classic wall art that will soon become her favorite one. Get it personalized as per your requirements.

engagement gift for friend

17. Keepsake Library

A wedding keepsake is one of the best gifts to give a newly engaged bride. She can organize and preserve all her cherished wedding mementos in this. From wedding photos to dried flowers, she can keep anything she wants. A useful gift that will remind her of you.

engagement gift for friend

18. Signature Layflat Photo Album

Keep the memories alive with this signature layflat photo album. It will give her the best album experience and double the happiness. It is surely made to honor the best moments of life. You can get it customized for her and make it as unique as she is.

engagement gift for friend

19. Personalized Street Sign Canvas Print

A personalized street sign canvas print is one of the unique gifts you can give to your best friend. It gives a true depiction of how the two were on different paths in life, and now they’ll have the same path forever. Both roads have led to the joining of their hearts, and there is nothing more special.

engagement gift for friend

20. Super Smooth Eye Mask

If she’s big on sleep, this super-smooth eye mask is just what you need to give her. It is breathable and gives you the ultimate sleep thanks to its silk properties. It is a thoughtful gift that will make sure she is well rested for her big days.

engagement gift for friend

21. Embroidered Waffle Spa Robe

Wrap your best friend in a soft and embroidered waffle spa robe perfect for her big day festivities. Not only is this comfortable, but it is stylish. You can get it customized for her however you like. It is an inexpensive yet great gift for her.

Kitchen Linens Starter Set

22. Kitchen Linens Starter Set

If your girl is the kitchen queen, then this kitchen lines stater set is a cool gift for her. It is equipped with everything she’ll ever need. Featuring tea towels, linens, aprons, and whatnot. It will allow her to have a safe kitchen experience.

Custom Map Engagement Ornament

23. Custom Map Engagement Ornament

The venue that your best friend gets engaged at will be one of the few places she loves deeply. This custom map engagement ornament will always remind her of that. It will help recapture the magic of the event and display it for all to see.

engagement gift for friend

24. Couple Pillow

Made of a soft and creamy material, this couple pillow is an adorable gift for your best friend to have and hold in all her moments. It will be a great gift to celebrate her engagement. Her fiancé will like it as well. It is a great décor piece as well.

Wedding Countdown Calendar Wooden Blocks

25. Wedding Countdown Calendar Wooden Blocks

How many more days until the BIG day? With this wedding countdown wooden blocks calendar, your best friend will be able to tell. It makes for a great décor gift as well. She can display it with her in her new house and always be reminded of you.

engagement gift for friend

26. Engagement Card

Show off your creative side and win her heart with this handmade engagement card. Cards have a special place of their own. Personalize it however you want and write down all your feelings towards her. Let her know it all before she becomes a Mrs.

One Great Fisherman & Best Catch of His Life Couple Mugs

27. One Great Fisherman & Best Catch of His Life Couple Mugs

If your best friend loves fishing, he will find this eye-catching and unique. It will be a great memory to keep in the kitchen or his workplace that will always remind him of you. Each time he enjoys a coffee or a beverage in this, he will remember you.

engagement gift for friend

28. Engagement Ring Dish

An engagement ring dish is a cute gift to give your best friend. It is a great gift for a couple as both can place their rings at night. These gorgeous ring dishes are loved by all and are extremely useful—a great way to express your love for your best friend.

Wedding Fund Money Box Stars

29. Wedding Fund Money Box

Congratulate your newly engaged best friend with this adorable money box. It will inspire the couple to save up for their big day. Personalized with the details of the happy couple, it will make for a great gift. It is a beautifully simple gift but one that they will get the most use of.

Picnic Table Wine Carrier

30. Personalized Picnic Table Wine Carrier

This personalized picnic table wine carrier is the perfect gift for a couple of the hour. Made from beautiful cherry wood. It is engraved with the family name and special date. It is sure to make a sweet engagement gift for your best friend and her partner.




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