35 Easiest DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him (2021)

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  • December 2, 2020
35 Easiest DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him (2021)

Are you bored of buying chocolates or roses every Valentine’s Day? We hear you! While there are some cool gift options to buy from for your significant other, they just don’t seem enough to express your love.

The best way to celebrate your love is to give your man a handmade gift. All the time, effort and creativity you put into making it is sure to melt his heart. 

So here are some creatively romantic DIY Valentine’s gifts for him that will make him fall in love with you all over again.

creative valentine's day gifts for boyfriend: bacon roses

Bacon Rose Bouquet

The only bouquet that says ‘I love you’ better than the rose bouquet is the Bacon Rose Bouquet. These delicious flowers will melt his heart, trigger his taste buds and his appetite for a 360 degree experience! Delicious, romantic and thoughtful! What more could a guy ask for.

homemade valentines gifts for him: no bake oreo truffles

No Bake Oreo Truffles

If you want to give him chocolates, with a little twist, go for the homemade No Bake Oreo Truffles. You can add a personalized touch to these by including his favorite liquor to the recipe so your man can really be drunk in love! It is easy to make and it will be a special treat for a special day.

homemade valentines day ideas for him: bacon hearts

Bacon Hearts

You married your bacon loving partner and are looking for cute valentine’s ideas for your husband. Make these cute Bacon Hearts for him to remind him of the depth of you love. Not only will it probably make for a tasty gift, you’ll probably laugh together as you eat up the yummy goodness.

diy valentine's gifts for him: valentine's egg sandwich

Valentine’s Egg Sandwich

Sometimes, the best Valentine’s gifts for him are ones which give routine a romantic twist. For Valentine’s Day, surprise him with breakfast in bed by making a Valentine’s Egg Sandwich. Decorate it extra prettily and watch the delight on his face as he enjoys the special gesture.

diy valentine's gifts for him: diy photo coasters

Photo Coasters

Some of the best DIY Valentine’s gifts for him are those which become keepsakes. Make your handmade gift for him special by giving him a handmade Photo Coaster using a picture which represents the love of your relationship. Years from now, you’ll both look back on it and feel happy about the memories it helped create. 

diy valentine's gifts for him: photo candle

Photo Candle

If you want to do something decorative but unusual, why not make a nice Photo Candle? You can choose your favorite photo with him, get a little crafty with the details and surprise him with the result. His heart will most likely melt like wax.

creative valentine's day gifts for boyfriend: mini love notes

Mini Love Notes

A traditionally romantic gift is sometimes the best way to express your love. Get creative and give him little love notes which tell him just how much he means to you. This sweet gift will be touching and a cute reminder for both of you of the little things that make up your love story.

creative valentine's day gifts for him: open when letters

Open When Letters

Some of the best Valentine’s gifts for long distance boyfriends are ones which keep them thinking about you. Since you can’t hug him every day, send some sweet Open When Letters to him for times when he might need hugs so your words or gifts can hug him for you. They will also be sentimental keepsakes to treasure when you live closer together!

diy valentine's gifts for him: valentine's light bulb

Valentine’s Light Bulb

If you’re one for unique and crafty gifts, this is for you. Nothing says ‘you light up my world’ better than a cheesy little remodeled lightbulb with a little wired heart inside. So make him this adorable gift remind him just how much you love him.

valentine gift for husband homemade: his & hers coffee mugs

His and Hers Coffee Mugs

Couples who drink beverages together, stay together. Make this Valentine’s Day cheesy and cute by creating these DIY His and Hers Sharpie Mugs for the both of you. Nothing keeps the love going quite like a daily reminder of it in a shared routine activity like drinking coffee.  

creative valentine's day gifts for him: photo transfer journal

Photo Transfer Journal

Is your significant other someone who is likely to carry a journal around? Then a Photo Transfer Journal might be just the gift for him. With this gift, he will be able to carry around a memory of your connection as he goes about his day. It will make for a thoughtful and practical gift.

handmade valentine gifts: diy explosion box

Explosion Box

Love bomb him. Literally! Give your boyfriend or husband an Explosion Box to show him the intensity of your love! This will make for an amazingly crafty and creative valentine gift for him. You can fill it up with pictures, meaningful moments and love notes to make it more sentimental.

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diy valentine for him: printable love coupons

Printable Love Coupons

Sometimes life comes in the way of scheduling activities together so plan a gift that will help. Make your significant other feel special by giving him Love Coupons full of fun requests he can make of you like a date night or a home cooked meal. He will be overjoyed with this gift for certain! Tip: use his preferences when making the coupons to make this gift even more thoughtful. 

homemade valentines gift ideas: chocolate crinkle cookies

Chocolate Coffee Crinkle Cookies

Gotta love the edible options on the list because food truly speaks to the heart. Another homemade food which will make him drool is the Chocolate Coffee Crinkle Cookie. Make this quick yummy treat on Valentine’s Day so he can taste the love.

cute valentines day gifts for him: heart shaped tea bags

Heart-shaped Tea Bags

Have the cute heart-shaped the tea bag for your tea loving BF. We mean it. Get creative and associate your love with his love for the beverage. The relationship will certainly soar. It’s not every day that one comes across a heart shaped tea bag so of all the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him, he might love this the most!

homemade valentines day ideas for him: 52 things i love about you cards

52 Things I Love About You Cards

There’s nothing sweeter than reminding your boyfriend of all the little reasons that make you love him so much. It will be romantic, personalized and a memorable gift for the love of your life! Writing them up will also remind you of the ways he makes your life special so it is a double win!

homemade valentines day ideas for him: heart map art frame

Heart Map Art Frame

This is a unique one which will also be a relationship keepsake. Have your significant other relive the love of the relationship by mapping out your major relationship milestones. I will not only be meaningful but also make for a great decoration piece. 

diy valentine's gifts for him: diy ticket stub box

DIY Ticket Stub Memory Box

The best DIY Valentine’s gifts for him are ones which will help you both relive the magic of the relationship. And this DIY Ticket Stub Memory Box will help you achieve that! Make a little box of memories and put all the tickets saved up from date nights, train rides and vacations that have brought you 2 to the present day.  

homemade valentines day ideas for him: homemade cough drops

Homemade Cough Drops

There’s something about a homemade remedy that just touches the heart differently. We need the most comforting when we are sick so make some DIY cough drop for him. This way, he will be reminded of your love and care whenever he reaches out for them.

diy valentines gift ideas: diy conversation hearts

DIY Conversation Hearts

If you’re looking for cute Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend, make him some Conversation Hearts with bite sized messages on them. They will be edible little reminders of the love and can will last well beyond that special day.  

hugs and kisses mason jar diy valentines gifts

Hugs and Kisses Mason Jar

If you two don’t live together yet or have to be apart for durations, you should opt for this idea. Take a mason jar, decorate it and fill it up with Hershey’s Valentine Kisses and Hugs chocolates and you’re good to go. It is crafty, fairly easy to make and the perfect gift for when he is missing you.

valentine's day gifts for him homemade: diy date night in a box

Date Night in a Box

Go for the Valentine’s Day Date Night but make it creative! Blow his mind by planning a romantic date night for you both. Take the wine, the meal plan, decorative items etc. and put them all in a DIY box. Gift it to him and enjoy the surprise on his face when he does.

valentine's day gifts for him homemade: map photo frame

Map Photo Frame

Map is definitely a popular DIY essential when thinking of first Valentine’s day gift ideas for him. Make a typical gift novel by getting crafty! Give him a handmade photo frame with your favorite picture together. Make the frame borders with a part of the map with a special memory for you both. 

diy valentine's gifts for him: diy photo magnets

DIY Instagram Magnets

Gifts which become daily reminders of the love are the best! You can make such a gift by going for DIY Photo Magnets which you can make with your most memorable couple photos. He will see the love every time he opens the fridge!

diy valentine's gifts for him: stamped leather keychain

Stamped Leather Keychain

Of the best DIY Valentine’s gift ideas for him, this one is probably the most useful. Craft a leather keychain for his car or house keys with his name and a little message of love. He will carry around your love with him all day and it will be the sweetest personalized gift. 

valentine day gift ideas for boyfriend homemade: map coasters

Map Coasters

Turn your creative bulb on for this romantic gift. Give him handmade coasters which hold the maps of the places where you made your favorite memories together. Not only will they be a loving reminder of them, they will also serve as relationship keepsakes.

homemade valentines gifts for him: diy carved candle

DIY Candle Carved with Initials

If you want a more minimal candle idea, why not make a candle carved with both your initials? It will be elegant and special a good decoration to commemorate your love and relationship.

homemade valentines day ideas for him: date night jar

Date Night Jar

Add some DIY funk to your date night by making a jar full of things to do on it. Get creative and look up some fun activities and let your boyfriend have fun with it. It will be exciting and entertaining!

homemade valentines day ideas for him: love potion kit

Love Potion Kit

There’s nothing wrong with bewitching a boyfriend who is already in love with you, right? Create a box full of ingredients to make him a love potion drink to make him fall in love with you all over again!

homemade valentines day ideas for him: wood heart coasters

Wood Heart Coasters

Take out those paints and make DIY coasters for your BF with cute hearts painted over them. Not only is this creative but also super affordable. They also make for great decoration!

valentine gift for husband homemade: seed starter

Valentine’s Seed Starter

If your man is a plant enthusiast, a DIY seed started should be the top of your list. This thoughtful gift requires minimal effort but will successfully pull at his heart strings. Nurturing the plant together will also help strengthen your bond.

cute valentines day gifts for him: heart blanket

Heart Blanket

Don’t worry, you don’t need to sew anything! Paint up some hearts on a plain throw blanket and you will have the perfectly romantic and cozy gift ready for your man! A gift that brings warmth is the best gift.

valentine gift for husband homemade: balloon chandelier with photos

Balloon Chandelier

Add some flare to your Valentine celebration with your boyfriend with some DIY Balloon Chandeliers. It is super easy to make and will make the date night at home fancy and extra special.

cute valentines day gifts for him: candy bar card

Candy Bar Card

A sense of humor goes a long way. So use this cheesy and funny Valentine’s gift idea and make him laugh with your quirky way of appreciating him. It will be comically delicious!

homemade valentines gifts for him: edible matches

Edible Matches

Remind him that you 2 are a match made in heaven by making Edible Matches to celebrate your relationship. It’ll be an unusually yummy treat and will stay on his mind long after the special day.

Final Words

This completes our list of 30+ DIY Valentine’s gifts for him. Homemade gifts are more meaningful and romantic so we hope you found your perfect gift here. We hope your significant other enjoys his V-day gift and wish you the best for whichever one you choose to make. Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo

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