DIY Mother’s Day Gifts: 38 Easy and Thoughtful Homemade Crafts for Mom (2023)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • January 10, 2023
DIY Mother’s Day Gifts: 38 Easy and Thoughtful Homemade Crafts for Mom (2023)

DIY Mother’s Day gifts are extra meaningful. They’ll beat a store-bought present any time! Whether you’re crafty or not, your mom, grandma, or wife will love a handmade gift. They’re bound to get a bit sentimental with crafts that come straight from the heart.

So, if you’re looking for easy homemade gift ideas for Mother’s Day, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best Mother’s Day gifts that you can make to let any mom feel loved.

diy mothers day gifts: photo coasters

Creative Photo Coasters

Here’s an inexpensive yet adorable idea that any mother would love! Keep her tables neat and her heart happy with a handy set of mod photo coasters. They make a fantastic idea for handmade gifts for mom from daughter. Remind her of your favorite moments together every time she’s having her preferred beverage at home!

homemade mothers day gifts from child

Hand-shaped Ring Dish

Who said the little ones at home could not help craft the ultimate present for their mama? A DIY Mother’s Day gift from her kids will make any woman with a pulse incredibly happy! This super easy hand-shaped ring dish requires minimal effort and simple materials. It’s a bulletproof idea that anyone can pull off!

diy mothers day gifts: monogrammed clay trinket dish

Monogram Clay Trinket Dish

All mothers love to stay organized. Help yours keep everything in place with a trinket dish made just for her! If you’re looking for affordable Mother’s day presents to make for your mom, this super simple craft will leave her speechless. Make it extra special by adding her initials to it. She’ll certainly love such a thoughtful piece!

diy mothers day gifts: chunky hand knitted blanket

Chunky Hand-knitted Blanket

Melt your nana’s heart with this warm and cozy keepsake. It’s surprisingly easy to make, even if you have never knitted before! A chunky blanket tops the list of DIY Mother’s Day gifts for grandma. You’ll have the master knitter of the house scratching her head when she learns you made it all by yourself!

last minute diy mother's day gifts: handmade bath bombs

Homemade Bath Bombs

The woman who gave you life deserves some “me time” on her special day! Make it even better with a lovely homemade set of scented bath bombs. They’re a terrific handmade Mother’s Day idea for your friend she’ll undoubtedly appreciate. Pair them with a batch of Epsom salts and a DIY scrub, and you’ll have the perfect gift!

creative mothers day gifts: photo on wood

Photo on Wood

It’s not always easy to make gifts for mom. However, if you set your mind to it, you’ll have a heartwarming piece in little to no time! Just like your love for mom, this crafty wooden present will withstand everything. We’re sure she’ll proudly display this lovely photo gift at home for everyone to admire!

last minute diy mother's day gifts: printable mother's day coupon

Printable Mother’s Day Coupons

Here’s a last-minute DIY Mother’s Day gift that will keep on giving year-round. It’s extremely easy to make, and you probably already have all the materials lying around at home. A coupon book is a fun way to show mama that you care! Get creative with your offers and think of many ideas she’ll surely appreciate!

easy diy mother's day gifts: photo candle

Handmade Photo Candle

There are plenty of simple yet meaningful Mother’s Day crafts for adults to make. However, this gorgeous idea will surely be mommy’s favorite this year. Bring light into her life by immortalizing her favorite moments with you on a magnificent photo candle. It’s such a beautiful keepsake she won’t ever want to burn it off!

mothers day creative gift ideas: diy tote bag

DIY Tote Bag

Your mom would gladly bring you everywhere with her. Turn that sentiment into a reality by gifting her a handy tote for her to parade around town! This useful keepsake is an easy mom gift that almost looks store-bought. It’ll help her keep all of her essentials in one place while she’s out and about!

Rainbow Water Fall Mother’s Day Card

Are you feeling crafty these days? How about putting all of your creative energy into an adorable present your mother will treasure forever? You don’t really need to break the bank with your ideas for homemade Mother’s Day gifts. This beautiful flower card is living proof that less is more. Mom will definitely love it!

creative mothers day gifts: chocolate covered strawberry bouquet

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bouquet

Looking to surprise your wife with a romantic gesture this Mother’s Day? Thank her for all she does with a delicious chocolate-covered strawberry bouquet. It’s one of those easy homemade presents for mom that looks luxurious but won’t break the bank! Even your little ones can help you work on this fantastic idea!

If you are still wondering what to get your wife for Mother’s Day, read this article.

diy gifts ideas for mom: mason jar photo frame vase

Handmade Picture Frame Vase

If you have plenty of photos with your grandma and don’t know what to do with them, here’s an idea. Get to work on this vintage DIY project for Mother’s Day! Repurpose your old Mason jars and turn them into a lovely keepsake she’ll love. Don’t forget to pair this gift with nana’s favorite flowers!

mothers day creative gift ideas: diy herb garden planter

DIY Herb Planter

Get down to work on a creative Mother’s Day present to liven up mommy’s or nana’s kitchen! This handmade herb planter will provide her with fresh ingredients for her favorite recipes on demand! A cool Mother’s Day idea from her son! Her already perfect cooking will taste a lot better, so even you will get to enjoy this gift yourself! Isn’t that neat?

mothers day handmade gifts: stenciled tea towel

Stenciled Tea Towel

This last-minute DIY Mother’s Day gift will look like you put in more effort making it than you actually did. Plus, tea towels are super a versatile everyday object she will certainly put to good use. Customize a plain cloth napkin with a cute quote that will remind her of you or even her name!

simple mothers day gifts: 10 things i love about you mini book

10 Things I Love About You Mini-book

Celebrate the woman who’s given you everything with this cute gift idea. It’s a simple but creative way to let her know you appreciate all she does for you. This DIY booklet is an easy gift to make for moms with kids. All you’ll need is cardstock, a binder clip, and lots of love!

homemade mothers day gift: wooden photo block

Wooden Photo Block

Gift your mother a piece of decor she can display both in her living room or her office. Gather your favorite childhood pictures and get to work! These photo cubes will look beautiful anywhere. They’re even suitable for homes with toddlers. Mom will definitely stack these Mother’s Day wood crafts where everyone can see them!

mother day gift ideas handmade: polaroid photo magnets

DIY Polaroid Photo Magnets

Make a gift for mom that will help her flaunt all those cute baby pics anywhere! These old-school photo magnets are the best present for a young mama who loves vintage-looking objects. They will make her fridge or her office magnetic board look just like her Instagram grid! These Polaroid-inspired keepsakes are affordable and pretty.

Cupcake Bouquet

Got a mom with a sweet tooth? Make her a beautiful cupcake bouquet using her favorite flavors! She’ll surely enjoy such a delicious idea. This option is a perfect gift for mom that you can make with older children. However, even toddlers can help mix the ingredients for such a yummy present! Way to go!

creative mother day gift ideas: salt dough footprint heart

Salt Dough Footprint Heart

If you have small children at home, this is one of the cutest homemade Mother’s Day gifts you could make. Salt dough is a great way to immortalize their adorable tiny footprints for posterity. The ingredients are non-toxic and safe to use around your little ones. Mom will undoubtedly treasure this sweet keepsake for life!

creative mother's day gifts: diy brag book

DIY Brag Book

If there’s a present grandma absolutely loves receiving on any occasion, it’s pictures of her grandkids. She can never get enough! Put your cutest selection on this homemade brag book and give the sweet woman exactly what she’s been asking for! This simple baby Mother’s Day craft will definitely put a smile on her face!

diy gift for mom: sharpie dinnerware

Handmade Sharpie Dinnerware

Customized ceramic dinnerware is not as hard to make as it looks like. If you have a sharpie and a conventional oven, you’re on the right path to success already! This practical DIY Mother’s Day gift is extremely useful. You can be sure it won’t end up gathering dust in the back of her closet!

cute homemade gifts: 3d graphic clay mugs

3D Graphic Clay Mug

If your mom loves the gram as much as her daily brew, this is the right present for her. You don’t really need to be an expert on how to make homemade Mother’s Day gifts. These adorable mugs are super fun to put together and will always look good on her social media feed! #MorningCoffeeGoals

diy gift for women: lavender chamomile tea soap

Lavender Chamomile Tea Soap

Make a calming soap with lavender essential oil and soothing chamomile tea for your mom. The relaxing properties of these two ingredients will undoubtedly help her sleep like a baby. Wrap these handcrafted goodies in pretty packaging, and voila. You will have the best gif for Mother’s Day you could give to a busy mama!

homemade mothers day gifts from child: diy hug pillow

DIY Hug Pillow

This cool cuddly present is perfect for those moms who live far away. If you don’t get to see her as often as you’d like, no worries! This cute homemade pillow is a sweet place holder until you can come back. You can mail it over or give it to her next time you’re around!

Dried Flower Candle

Need more unique ideas on crafts to make for your mom? Give a beautiful twist to your typical DIY candles. Add dry flowers to this classic present, and you will have a recipe for perfection! These gorgeous pieces will liven up any room in mom’s house. You can even make them scented for extra awesomeness!

creative homemade mothers day gift: popsicle stick photo frame

Popsicle Stick Frames

Here’s the classic homemade Mother’s Day gift from toddlers by excellence. Every mom should get one of these at least once in her lifetime! Listen, we don’t make the rules. A popsicle stick photo frame might be a perfect cliche. However, you can always go the extra mile and add a little bit of spice!

diy mothers day gifts: coconut rose body scrub

Coconut Rose Body Scrub

This last-minute craft is great for those moms who are all about self-care. Make her happy with just a few ingredients that you probably already have at home. Outdo yourself by adding a few of the different items in our list to create a DIY Mother’s Day basket. You’ll definitely get an A for effort!

easy diy mother's day gifts: blooming monogram

Blooming Flower Monogram

Admit it. Flower bouquets are so yesterday! This year, give your mom something more original and stand out from the crowd! A blooming monogram is the perfect DIY Mother’s Day gift. It’s a lot more personal than your typical floral arrangement, and you can use both natural or silk buds. It’ll look gorgeous either way!

simple mothers day gifts: bottle cap keychain

Bottle Cap Keychain

Help your little ones make something special for their mommy. Here’s an easy Mother’s Day idea she will treasure for years to come. There’s nothing mom will appreciate more than a thoughtful gift made with love. Your kids can even add their personal touch to it. This sweet keepsake will melt her heart, for sure!

diy gifts ideas for mom: diy photo flowers

DIY Photo Flowers

Why go for a boring bouquet when you can give mom these lovely photo flowers instead. Make her heart bloom with pictures of her little ones! The kids can decorate this crafty gift for mom and make it as unique as possible. It’s an easy way to make any proud mamma happy this Mother’s Day!

Heart Notebook

Check out this creative take on the classic Mother’s Day card. Have your children make this adorable heart notebook and fill it in with love. Mom’s bound to get a bit sentimental when she receives it. If you’re looking for a quick and easy Mother’s Day gift to make with the kids, search no more!

diy mothers day gifts: herbal bath tea

Homemade Herbal Bath Tea

If you think bath bombs are a bit too messy to put together, here’s another option. Indulge mom on her special day with a bath set! Making Mother’s Day gifts has never been easier. You can craft as many blends as you want with different ingredients. It’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift for a mom-to-be as well!

simple mothers day gifts: diy monogram keychain

Monogram Keychain

A cute present for your favorite lady shouldn’t always take ages to make. This personalized five-minute craft will become an instant favorite. You can never go wrong with such a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift idea. This meaningful keepsake will allow mom to carry a piece of you with her all the time. That’s just lovely!

homemade mothers day gifts from child: tulip in a heart card

Tulip in A Heart Card

Don’t beat yourself up if you forgot to get something to celebrate this Mother’s Day. Get down to work on a heartfelt keepsake, and mamma won’t be able to tell the difference! If you’re not sure what to make for your mom, we’ve got you covered. This quick and colorful craft is an absolute lifesaver!

cute homemade gifts: heart fingerprint tree

Heart Fingerprint Tree

Maybe your kids are too young to put their love into words, but they can still put it on paper! Mommy will be thrilled when she gets this lovely DIY Mother’s Day gift crafted by her little angels! It’ll go straight to the fridge door, that’s for sure! Where else would mamma flaunt this masterpiece?

diy gifts ideas for mom: home is where your mom is mug

‘Home Is Where Mom Is’ Mug

Every adult that’s already left the nest knows one thing for sure. No matter how far away life takes you, home is always where your mom is. Immortalize this adorable sentiment on a ceramic mug and gift it to your first true love. This craft for moms will warm up more than her morning coffee!

cute homemade gifts: unicorn planters

Unicorn Planter

This practical keepsake is simply adorable. If you think your mom is a mythical creature, this might just be the right thing to give her. A unicorn planter is extremely easy to make. Maybe your kids can take on this project and craft the perfect homemade gifts for your mother in law. She’ll love it!

diy gift ideas for mom: crocheted washcloths

Crocheted Washcloth

If knitting is your thing, get creative with these crocheted washcloths. The blossom stitches might look a bit elaborate, but they’re so simple that even beginners can give them a go! You could pair this easy handmade gift for mom with the lavender and chamomile soap bars we mentioned before. It’ll be an instant hit!

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Final Words

It’s time to get down to work on your DIY Mother’s Day gifts. Hopefully, our comprehensive guide will make it easier for you to find exactly what to get mom for Mother’s Day. These presents don’t need to be perfect. As long as they’re heartfelt, they’ll go a long way!

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